The Survivors Club

The Survivors Club Detective Tess McCrae Investigates A Grisly Crime Scene In The Ghost Town Of Credo, Arizona To An Ordinary Investigator, The Evidence Suggests A Cartel Drug Hit But Tess, With A Nearly Faultless Photographic Memory, Is Far From Ordinary, And She Sees What Others Might Miss This Is No Drug Killing Someone Went To Gruesome Lengths To Cover Up This Crime The Killer S Trail Leads Tess From Tucson To California From Anti Government Squatters In The Arizona Mountains To The Heights Of Wealthy Society, Including The Rich And Powerful DeKoven Family, Who Ve Dominated Arizona Commerce And Politics Since The S But As Tess Follows The Trail Of Gore And Betrayal, Perfect And Indelible In Her Memory, She Uncovers Far Than One Man S Murder, And Solves Much Than One Isolated Crime The Survivors Club Is A Serpentine, Stay Up All Night Thriller From New York Times Bestselling Author And Master Storyteller J Carson Black

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Survivors Club book, this is one of the most wanted J. Carson Black author readers around the world.

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  • 366 pages
  • The Survivors Club
  • J. Carson Black
  • 09 July 2017
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    J Carson Black has written another TREMENDOUS book This stand alone book follows the police as they try to solve the murders of persons that should have died previously It kept me very interested from beginning to end J Carson Black is fast becoming one of my favorite authors I love her Laura Cardinal and Cyril Landry series and I feel my GR FRIENDS will too.

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    As mysteries go this one is solid It has pretty much everything you could ask for from a who done it and avoids a lot of the pit falls I have seen in other mysteries lately The mystery itself is very well conceived There is just enough information to keep you guessing but a tough enough puzzle that you don t figure it out till the very end I particularly liked how the various murders were all connected together and I doubled back on my guess several times as parts of the story were revealed.J Carsen Black is not an author I was familiar with prior to reading this book, but she certainly has a deft hand at story telling Her writing flows naturally and the story progresses at a fairly even pace, at least until the very end She also managed to avoid the pitfall of trying too hard to keep the villains in shadow While you go about half the book before the culprits start getting unveiled, that first half doesn t feel convoluted I have seen other mysteries where the author twists the story in knots to tell what is going on without revealing who the bad guy is Thankful when the story goes far enough to require the villains to step up Black allows them to act in the clear rather than artificially keep their identities secret My one complaint about how this story is written is the end of the climax and the denuma The story was so well paced until the end that when it came time to wrap everything up it felt incredibly rushed The ended felt pretty unsatisfactory and left me wanting , but in a bad way Not wanting another book but rather where are the last 15 pages .The characters are decently interesting and well conceived I was impressed that while Black gave the lead the standard amazing ability , she then didn t keep hitting that over and over again Her gifts felt like texture rather than a contrived story device that predictably plays out in act three I was happy to see that level of restraint in an author The villains are appropriately evil, although perhaps a little to evil, and the rest of the cast were fairly two dimensional That isn t really a knock against Black however This is not a terribly long book and there wasn t enough room to both flesh out the full cast and tell a compelling story If this ever becomes part of a Tess McCrae series then I would hope to see her friends and colleagues get attention.http the survivors club

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    3.5 StarsIt seems I ve been on a suspense mystery thriller kick lately That s fine as thanks to NetGalley and some blogger friends, I ve found plenty to read.J Carson Black will now to be added to my check out her books list What I liked There wasn t much not to like in The Survivors Club The writing flowed and the descriptions kept my interest The characters were interesting and very human No kickass, super human heroine, although she does have what I will call a photographic memory Tess isn t a know it all and doesn t seem to have problems interacting with others I loved the opening because basically you knew it was important to the story but it was a mystery within itself and that s all I can say about that.There was a clear line between the good guys and the bad, that was different While you know pretty soon who the bad guys are there is a twist that Ms Black puts in place to stir things up Take my word for it, you don t know what you think you do.If you love well plotted mysteries and good writing, you ll enjoy The Survivors Club.What I didn t like This is becoming key to me, the I read There was a prequel to The Survivors Club, called Icon, that I would have loved to have read before reading this one It would have added not only to Tess character but her love interest Neither GoodReads nor indicated this was the second book in what I now can see becoming a series I want to read a book, not research it and the author first.I bought The Survivors Club when it was on sale on for 1.99, it is now 4.99 The paperback edition is 8.97 I would not have paid the 4.99 since I had never read this author before, now, I might.Highly recommend

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    This book was awful I am not sure why I even finished it.I found it lacking in story, the characters were shallow and simple, and the language was too clich d Poor flow, and everything was tell, not show Not to mention all the he grinned , she grinned , we all grinned a lot even though this was supposed to be suspense or a thriller Where was the suspense The character development The twists Sorry, but no.

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    OVERVIEW The Survivors Club was the first novel that I read by J.C Black, the protagonist of the story is Detective Tess McCrae, who was introduced in a previous book of hers titled Icon The hook about the story and protagonist is that she has an eidetic memory which makes her an absolute asset in her line of work This element sounds a lot similar to the TV show that has been mentioned in almost all the reviews of this book What also separates the book from the TV show is the main character just doesn t rely on it entirely The plot has her working the mystery using solid police work and her mental acumen as well.She is currently investigating a Cartel murder which soon turns out to be not the case This book is a police procedural and Tess has to focus on solving the mystery of all the deaths that seem to be staged and also focus on her relationship with the actor Max who was the focus of the book Icon I liked how the author juxtaposed the protagonist s personal and professional lives and made them both relevant The pace and plot twists are reasonably mixed within and it makes for a fascinating read overall.The Survivor s Club is a very good introduction to Tess McCrae as a character and J Carson Black as an author This book essentially reads as the first book of the series and can be enjoyed even without reading Icon Though once you have read an enjoyed it, like me, you ll want to read Icon as well I very much enjoyed this story and would heartily recommend it to mystery thriller fans especially those who enjoy the works of Michael Connelly, Mark Billingham Phillip Margolin.

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    Another excellent read from one of my favorite authors, J Carson Black The Survivors Club opens as a murder mystery that develops into much From a bullet ridden body in the desert of a retired cop, this yarn expands outward The plot expands when several other murders that are seemingly unrelated somehow fit in with the body of the retired cop Then we have the super rich family, the DeKovens Somehow there must be some connection into these murders, or do they With the murder of the son of a powerful judge the intense pressure mounts on protagonist Tess McCrea Set in and around the area of Tuscon, Arizona this novel has a distinct flavor of the old west at times Author Black is so adept at capturing the flavor of really being in the outskirts of Tucson itself Black s Sheriff s Deputy McCrea is a strong lead to push this story at a very quick pace Was a very difficult book to put down right from page one Having now read several of J Carson Black s novels, I can see they get better and better every time out Do not miss this novel 5 stars out of 5 Pick it up and travel to Tucson with J Carson Black for a superb tale of mystery and murder Try it, you ll like it

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    Tess McCrae and her partner, Danny, are called to investigate the murder of a retired police officer He was found in the ghost town of Credo, AS and it looks like a hit by a drug cartel As soon as they eliminate that, they start investigating, people keep turning up dead and old cases from all over the US may be related The very wealthy DeKoven family seem to be at every turn of the investigation Could they be involved Why are seemingly random people from all over turning up dead I have read most of Ms Black s books I absolutely loved the Laura Cardinal series I think this book lacked a little It didn t have the believability factor for me There were times when I felt the book really dragged and it just didn t seem put together real well That being said, it s an ok book After reading the other series, this was somewhat of a let down for me It felt like the whole book felt forced Not one of her best it does pick up at the end so it does have some excitement If she adds books with these characters I would probably read the next one to see if it picks up some.

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    Plot, characters, setting It s the setting that was most wonderful for me in this fairly grizzly mystery in and around and south of the streets and mountains I know so well from the Rincon foothills of Tucson to Patagonia and Nogales, even the lonely close to the border ghosts towns where I snooped when I first arrived in this city in the desert I never realized the danger I might be in until a few years later, but that s another story The protagonist is okay, quite smart and real, making occasional choices that might be a bit questionable, which makes her even believable The plot, although interesting, is difficult to totally believe, since I don t think Ms Black ever really gave enough information about why this family did what they did all as adult siblings I can understand one of them, and maybe two, but I needed proof as to how the other two might have been motivated to participate in some of the things they took part in All in all I enjoyed its many facets, its many personalities, and its many stops along the route

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    2.5 First the animal doesn t die, but is severely wounded That costs the story one half star for me This is a fine, fast paced, read in one sitting type of thriller It does get very gory at the end, and I had to skim a couple of passages One thing I don t get about this book at all The author makes a big deal in the opening chapters about the lead s super autobiographical memory Yet the SAM never really plays a pivotal part in the solving of the case It s especially annoying because the author doesn t seem to understand SAM Most of the time she has the lead do things that are eidetic, not super autobiographical Yet even the eidetic recalls are nothing earth shattering or case solving At best having her remember a news article just saves a paragraph here and there where another cop would look something up on a computer If you want a book to read on a short plane trip, this is an ok choice.

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    My View Simply stunning This murder mystery thriller sets the standards for this genre J Carson Black is a brilliant story teller, she weaves an extricate tale of deception, thrill kills, greed, blackmail and murder Carson Black s characters are complex, realistic and genuine Detective Tess McCrae is a wonderful protagonist smart, dedicated, grounded and passionate about her work and a decent person to boot It is a well written, beautifully crafted narrative This writer brings alive the characters, the setting and tells an interesting and complex story effortlessly A perfect read This book has everything you need in a thriller and Add this author to your reading list you, will not be disappointed.

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