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Control Burn Resist This Is A Previously Published Edition ASIN BGOZXMControl What You Re Breaking Isn T Some Little, Meaningless Coupling We Aren T Some Casual Screw, And We Never Were Not From The First Night Not From The First Time I Laid Eyes On You You Were Built For Me I Denied It As Long As I Could, But We Were Meant To Be Together You Are The Sea Under My Sky We Are Bound At The HorizonBurnHere S How It S Going To Be, Goddess Until You Surrender Yourself To Me Fully, I Will Not Touch You Until The World Can Know You Belong To Me, I Will Not Kiss You I M Going To Be Inches Away, At Your Side I M Going To Whisper In Your Ear And Put My Breath On Your Neck, But The Heat Of My Skin Will Not Feel The Shudder Of Yours Until You Commit Yourself To Me CompletelyResistI Looked Down At Him, With His Tourmaline Eyes And Copper Hair, And Believed Him Despite My Better Judgment I Forgave Him Despite My Misgivings I Loved Him Just Because I Did My Heart Wasn T Sensible Or Guarded Enough Not By A Sight I Was A Walking Raw Nerve Ending Of Emotion, As If The Years I D Spent Away From Men And Sex Had Made Me Emotional, Vulnerable, Foolish I Ran My Fingers Through His Hair, Feeling Like The Victim Of A Crime Of Consent

CD Reiss is a New York Times bestselling author She still has to chop wood and carry water, which was buried in the fine print Her lawyer is working it out with God but in the meantime, if you call and she doesn t pick up she s at the well hauling buckets.Born in New York City, she moved to Hollywood, California to get her master s degree in screenwriting from USC In case you want to know, that

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  • 24 November 2019

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    Songs of Submission Sequence 2 Book 4 6 Playboy mogul Jonathan Drazen s seduction of aspiring singer Monica Faulkner The Submission series is the whirlwind saga of aspiring singer Monica Faulkner and hotelier and real estate magnate Jonathan Drazen Books novellas should be read in order 11 novellas total, my reviews Book 1 BegBook 2 TeaseBook 3 SubmitBook 3.5 Jessica SharonBook 4 ControlBook 5 BurnBook 5.5 RachelBook 6 ResistBook 7 SingBook 7.5 MonicaBook 8 DominanceBook 9 CodaBook 10 BreatheBe sure to sign up for C.D Reiss Newsletter

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    An powerful continuance to a series which seems to seamlessly blend the erotic with the emotional I forgave him despite my misgivings I loved him just because I did My heart wasn t sensible or guarded enough Not by a sight I was a walking raw nerve ending of emotion, as if the years I d spent away from men and sex had made me emotional, vulnerable, foolish. In this installment of the Songs of Submission Series, we have the opportunity to delve deeply into the psyche of Jonathan Drezen The POV is no longer exclusively Monica s, Jonathan is now an active voice The addition of his POV is fantastic, he gives us a slightly damaged but poignant perspective on the fragile yet volatile couple.MONICA FAULKNER I never made the decision to love you But I decided to trust you That was a choice Monica remains one of the most level headed heroines I ve read in ages She is struggling in these books, and the angst is off the charts, but she remains a fantastic characterJONATHAN DRAZEN Her sexuality wasn t coy or cute She wasn t saucy she was feral Her very presence on the earth stirred me. Jonathan and his haunted past make him an intriguing and mesmerizing character to follow His point of view is raw and an absolute joy to readTHIS SEQUENCE CONTAINS BOOKS FOUR THROUGH SIX OF THE SERIES BOOK FOUR CONTROL The series shifts into high gear with the fourth book Outside forces are threatening to tear the couple apart, but it s one act of honest artistic expression which could shatter them both I am completely enthralled with the Songs of Submission Series BOOK FIVE BURN The fifth book in the Songs of Submission Series adds an extra helping of angst and sexual tension to complicate an already emotional tug of war between Jonathan Monica BOOK SIX RESIST The emotional up and down between Monica and Jonathan is overwhelming Factor in all the outside forces pushing them apart, and it seems nearly impossible for there to be a satisfactory outcomeI encourage you to click the links below to see my full reviews on each book My Full Reviews in the Songs of Submission Series I will update links as reviews become available 1 Beg Read my review here2 Tease Read my review here3 Submit Read my review here3.5 Jessica Sharon Read my review here4 Control Read my review here5 Burn Read my review here5.5 Rachel Read my review here6 Resist Read my review here7 Sing Read my review here7.5 Monica Read my review hereMy Reviews of the Songs of Submission Sequences Songs of Submission Sequence One Read my review hereSongs of Submission Sequence Two YOU RE READING ITMy Reviews of the Songs of Dominance Duo 1 Jessica Read my review here2 Sharon Read my review here

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    I m writing this with a very clear head I left my anger and disappointment at the door.As a reader, I ll say the story from book 1 6 is okay.As an individual, I m deeply offended This is the first time a book offends me so much I m not easily offended, to be frank.I ve noticed that the author tends to general stereotype people of color throughout the story Chinese, housemaid Filipinos, housemaid Italian, gangster Korean, irritating business manager Hispanics, poor Guessing from Rachel s last name, her character is Hispanic I ve noticed those things since the first trilogy, but I let them slide because I understand sometimes generalization is inevitable As the story progresses to the second part of the trilogy, the stereotyping gets worse.The author likes to use Asia A lot In than one occasion, the male character, Jonathan Drazen, views the time difference between L.A and Asia as irritating It s not Asia s fault that they live on the opposite side of the world, Mr Drazen If you can t handle the pressure, please just do business with the people of Los Angeles Besides, I doubt that the people in Asia demand you to answer their calls or emails right away I m sure they can calculate the hour s difference and would totally understand if you didn t answer them right this second According to Wikipedia, Asia is the largest and most populous continent, located primarily in the easter and northern hemispheres So, when the author conveniently groups everything under Asia in the story, or when the author comfortably belittles Asians as the story suggests, I can only assume that the author 1 Doesn t care about Asia2 Doesn t know about Asia3 Arrogant, ignorant, and insensitiveI m guessing all of the above.Asia is big and beautiful, do you know If you re so interested in incorporating Asia into your story, please do a little research Pick a country or two learn a few things about the people who live there.Despite all that, I swallowed my annoyance and continued reading.But then I arrived at this page, Chapter 26, book 6 Resist The sentences read Fucking Asia The whole continent should fall into the sea, and by the urgency of the dinging, it sounded as if it was Too harsh even for a fiction, don t you think Again, if the male lead can t stand doing business with Asia because time difference inconveniences him, then just don t Real people live in Asia, you know, I don t care if you write non fiction or fiction, those sentences are offensive The stereotyping is offensive The generalization is offensive It shows how insensitive or misinformed the author is Not all Chinese or Filipino are housemaids, you know.Not every Koreans are dumb, you know.Not every Italians are mobs, you know.Wait Do you know What did Asia do that was so horrible that they deserve to be sent into the bottom of the sea As I said earlier, some level of generalization and stereotyping is still acceptable But if they were done repeatedly in a negative manner, it s unfair And cruel.After those harsh sentences, I force myself to finish the book I m hoping the author through the characters would redeem themselves, giving me something to understand those words in a greater context.Nope Nothing The stereotyping continues in a manner that s not acceptable to me.I m an Asian I live in Asia This is my home I am proud of who I am, but I am smart enough not to twist my pride into arrogance and use it to look down at other people s continent, other people s country, other people s race, other people s religion, other people s sexual preferences Fictional or real, that behavior is NOT acceptable.It s sad that when organization like We Need Diverse Books campaigns very hard to bring diversity into our bookworld, when big and indie authors join hands in bringing diversity into their creations, when stories are created to INSPIRE, some author blows it by being insensitive.I will not change the ratings I ve given to the first trilogy Fair is fair But this review is the summary of what I feel toward the Song of Submission series as a whole, from book 1 6.No matter how captivating the story is, it means nothing when it hurts my feeling and insults my intelligence.

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    We are introduced to the pivoting point of views as Control begins After reading the bonus installments from Jonathan s POV I was excited to venture further into his mind although it took me a while to adjust to change in voice this series had I was greedy for Monica s thoughts Monica hadn t time to fully consider the weight of Jonathan s declaration until now But with new eyes she tries to envision what submitting to him will turn her into What parts of her she stands to lose by releasing the control to him so easily Too swayed by the thoughts of how others will view her, Monica fails to see the beauty that can come from her surrender Jonathan has already lost one woman by voicing the desires he had struggled to push down for years Monica has given him something beyond what he ever imagined but just as she struggles with what the outside world would see her as, Jonathan has his own fears As they both clearly see the lines that are drawn they find themselves at opposite ends With Monica walking away from Jonathan, unable to accept the idea of what others will see when the look at her, if she s with him she is lost Jonathan became a part of her and leaving did not extract him from her soul, it just left a hole that was inescapable Jonathan is bound and determined to wait for Monica to realize what she wants and just how far she s willing to go to take it He knows he can t force her or her submission won t be an honest decision but only one made to calm the ache With the Vancouver exhibit taking place, Jonathan realizes that he has to form a plan in order to keep Monica Leaving her to her own devices for too long will just make it easier for her to close herself off But he isn t willing to take just her body, he wants it all and he won t settle for anything less With the adjustment period over on the pivoting point of views over I could not have enjoyed this installment without Jonathan s POV There was so many things that could have been misunderstood without having his voice involved in the story Having read this again, I can appreciate that we had the warm up of Control in order to fully adjust to this shift After the first few chapters of just Monica I found myself craving seeing the typed word Jonathan at the start of the chapter I needed to experience what this separation was doing to him I needed it to match the longing in Monica s story, the longing that I was experiencing in my own head knowing that he was not going to fold that he was going to not give up on what he knew they had found together After the shocking conclusion to Burn, Resist picks up just a few days after their plane lands in LA Monica finds herself at his door with questions she needs answers to but Jonathan has other plans As Jessica strikes out, Monica is forced to take a stand to fight for Jonathan For the first time, Monica is the person watching someone walk away But it s never that simple Jonathan s secrets have been told in half truths thus far, Monica wants to hear them from his lips and he wants to protect her from them Protect himself from the chance of losing her because of them Monica committed to Jonathan She loved him and she willingly gave herself to him, she isn t about to go down without a fight She just has to wait him out, let him come back Of all the books in this series, Resist holds a special place in my heart There was something about this installment that just stuck with me From Jessica and the famous two words Do it to the pick a verb line there was something so primal about the feel of this Monica and Jonathan s love had always been intense, but it was like once they both admitted it to themselves it reached a new level I had originally thought it was about the answers to all the questions I had, during the first read experiencing it again I found that I was just as captivated.I remember in my original review mentioning how important I felt reading Rachel was to this story That scene still gave me chills part of me loved that CDR gave us that little secret and the other still wishes that it would have been something that Jonathan realized in a conscious state If I d ever seen anything as sexy as Monica Faulkner in a stretched out T shirt and wielding a stringed instrument, I d be at pains to remember it The second sequence is a powerful experience Between moments of pure animalistic passion and the brilliance of poetic writing there was not a moment that you felt like your mind could wander from the story CDR has a style that is so different from the thousands of authors out there It s not anything about someone being a better storyteller than someone else, it s just a different tone and the way to tell the story I ve been entertained, gutted and made weak in the knees by all sorts of writing it doesn t need to be complex or over dramatic for me to latch on to it But SOS was just so different, something that set such a stark contrast to everything else Although the idea of a rich guy that is a little kinky who falls for the younger struggling girl is not a new idea in a romance book, this was not a recycled version of a used plot Who the characters were, the roles they played didn t matter Their love mattered, the story was them their passion, and everything else was just there in the back ground.Rudyard Kipling said Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind Now I know when he uttered these words he wasn t imagining them used in the context of describing an erotic series But the sentiment is the same CDR used her words to captivate the reader, to bewitch the reader into falling down the rabbit hole and making us forget for the hours spent in the company of Jonathan Monica that they did not exist beyond our imaginations A story told with such conviction there was no ability to deny it was real The ability to turn fiction into something that feels so real that you can almost hold it in your hands may be a talent that many possess, but for CDR, it s a talent that she has mastered Songs of Submission will remain one of my favorite series of all time Authors often take time to thank the readers for buying their books I feel that in this case, as the reader that I should thank C.D Reiss for writing.

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    i was right.Mon has a brain damage sarcasm cuz i cant explain to myself her acts any other way.if you think he s ruining your career, then why you opening your legs to him if you think you may be a sub but not obedient, then why u r on ur knees if you think these ways, why you suddenly agreed to commit to him and admitted u love him AFTER u had a good proposition for ur career i m a rebel in relationships this doesn t change the fact that i fall for every alphas in real life too shut up hard to believe i know and i know difference between rebel and pain in the ass Mon is worst and Jon is not the best btw.maybe i can think as she is consistent at least but NO he asked politely, persistently, patiently her to not to meet with Jess and she did and tried to find a way for like 98416 times consequence may be great for him but, oh god i m tired you are not a child for fuck sake Goddess You re beautiful Let me be yours she dont have respect for people who close to her view spoiler the bondage music,,, she hates that title, but had record, without thinking him cuz you know Jess had told everyone as he beat me at past and there is a court process now hide spoiler

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    Of Course Loved It

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    Control Part 4 of 9 More drama with the ex wife Jonathan just confuses me I can t tell if he finally acknowledges his love of Monica and wants or if he just wants to keep her but at arms length Monica is still being stupid about her ex, Kevin That guy is a sleaze ball and she s crazy for not cutting ties I m still loving every bit of of these two.Burn Part 5 of 9 The ex wife finally made her play and it s a big one The ex boyfriend is even of a sleaze Monica is still clueless about him And how can the other ex boyfriend best friend think Kevin is better than Jonathan Was he never around during their relationship I like Jonathan and with each book.Resist Part 6 of 9 This dealt with the aftermath of the ex wife s power play We get the dance of Monica wanting to help Jonathan out of what Jessica got him into, and Jonathan trying to keep Monica away from Jessica I find it funny that his distraction technique is sex Like that will make her forget everything Thankfully we have no Kevin, the sleaze, in this episode Once again it ends on a big cliffhanger.

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    This was another compelling read butidk, I think the serialization format forced unnecessary drama into the story so that each part ended on a cliffhanger So they split, reconciled, had hot sex, split etc etc on repeat At first it tore me up while I was reading it, but every time it repeated, it lost a little of its potential to shock, which was a pity when the writing was so good the sex scenes in this are off the charts.There is another, final part that concludes this story and this ends on a huge cliffhanger.

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    The story was good, but I so hated Monica I don t like how she thinks and acts and how she sees herself if she accepts something from her boyfriend and how she sees submission For me she is the main problem in this series.

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    STORY 4.5 starsPERFORMANCE 5 stars OVERALL 5 stars STORYMonica and Jonathan s saga develops into a intricate web in this second sequence We still get plenty of hot and heavy kinky sex yet fortunately, there s going on than just that, especially in the last 1 3rd I think I enjoyed these three books than the first three because Jonathan is involved, giving us his direct point of view Whatever the reason, I m glad I continued listening and look forward to the next three books.PERFORMANCEAlthough sequence 1 was entertaining, I didn t find it so enthralling that I felt the need to listen to SEQUENCE 2 However, when I realized that this second installment was narrated by both a male and female narrator, I decided to give it a chance I m glad I did Male narrator Christian Fox brings a whole new dynamic to this production His manly, sexy voice perfectly fits our Alpha main character jonathan And, when I use the term, production , I m being literal this is a true production Extra time and energy was put into this audiobook to make it believable For example, when playing back a secret recording, we get static and everything I was very impressed with the performance of both narrators

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