Picture Perfect (Limelight, #2)

Picture Perfect (Limelight, #2) Being The Daughter Of A Big City Mayor, Twenty One Year Old Skye Summers Has Giant Shoes To Fill In Her First Real Job Out Of College With The Public Spotlight On Her Family, And Her Dad S Expectations Running High, She Jumps At The Chance To Work Side By Side On An Important Project With Her Sexy New BossPlayboy Entrepreneur Landon Steele Has Built A Successful Entertainment PR Firm And Broken Than A Few Hearts Along The Way He S Counting On His Enthusiastic New Assistant To Help Him Expand His Business Into LA Until He Discovers She S A Pampered Rich Girl Who S In The Public Spotlight As Much As His Famous Clients Still, He Agrees To Give Her A Chance, And Soon The Two Are Heating Up The Bedroom As Well As The BoardroomBut When Skye S Ex Boyfriend Threatens To Reveal A Dangerous Secret From Her Past, Her Job, Relationship With Landon, And Her Father S Career Are Suddenly All On The Line Will She Be Forced To Leave Landon Or Will She Pursue Her Heart, Regardless Of The Cost Due To Strong Language And Sexual Content, This Book Is Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of

USA Today Bestselling author, Elisabeth Grace, has a soft spot for romance novels with happily ever afters and a hot spot for alpha males She currently lives outside Toronto, Canada with her hubby and two small children Life is busy, but never too busy for a good story and to share her love of reading and writing with others.For of the lowdown feel free to visit her author website at

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    BIG 4 STARS READ This is really nice and hot read Surprisingly,this book had me hooked from the very first page My first thought was Oh,another FSOG type of book ,but I was so wrong This is a story about Skye and Landon,two very diferent kind of personality,but still enough similar to work perfectly together Sky is smart,nice girl who comes from very politically involved family.Her ex boyfriend is abusive and a major asshole,so she dumped his sorry ass and started working for our hero Landon.Their sexual chamistry and all that tension between the two of them is amazing It s so well writen that I had problem with wet panties This was a great read

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    4.5 hearts So first I have to admit that when I read the synopsis and signed up for this blog tour, I immediately purchased Rumor Has It because I NEVER trust that something can be read as a standalone when it is part of a series But, both of these really can be read on their own but Since I give them both 4.5 hearts, I recommend you go ahead and one click them both at the same time In Rumor Has It, Ellie and Mason s love story was perfect I loved it One of the great parts of the story was Ellie s support system in her friends Skye and Katie To see Skye get her own story, WOO HOO Picture Perfect is not a carbon copy of Rumor Has It Skye s story is amazingly different but just as capturing Skye is reeling from a recent breakup from her controlling and mildly abusive ex boyfriend Peer pressured into getting out of her slump and going out, Skye encounters this delicious man that makes her insides do all kinds of crazy things Acting on impulse, she kisses this stranger hard before leaving him high and dry, knowing this isn t the type of girl she is.To read the rest of my review, please visit the blog at A Love Affair With Books.

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    Limelight Series ReviewI discovered Elisabeth Grace while going through the roster of attending authors for The Novel Experience book signing in Atlanta on March 28, 2014 I was trying to familiarize myself with several of the new authors attending I researched all the major review sites, social media and major retail sites to select some of these new authors to read The one author that stood out, with an outstanding review rating was Elisabeth Grace I downloaded Rumor Has It and dove into the book before I attended the signing I was astounded by the excellence in her writing Upon meeting Elisabeth, I found that not only is she a very charming and gracious lady, she is also a very gifted writer with the ambition of building a strong and entertaining book series The series she is creating has all the elements a reader wants Each book will be connected by the characters but will feature a different couple Each book can be read as a stand alone book There are no cliffhangers that leave the readers frustrated and sitting on pins needles.Her writing style is crisp, clean, imaginative, original and fresh Her characters were quirky, charismatic and very real She delivered just the right amount of angst without weighing the story down She added loads of humor that humanized her characters The characters had tons of steamy sexual tension that progressed into a blazing love affair that happens only once in a lifetime Through it all, the story kept the reader captivated.I was thrilled to find out that her second book would be releasing within a few days after the book signing event I couldn t wait to get my hands on Picture Perfect The anticipation was well worth it and I am very pleased to be reviewing the Limelight series.Rumor Has It was an amazing debut It was refreshing to read a book, in NA genre, that the characters were strong, secure people that have had some bad experiences that could have left some lasting scars Rather than dwell on these bad experiences, they are both moving forward in life with a positive outlook and a healthy dose of caution and control.Ellie is a college graduate that cannot find work in her field She is biding her time working in a real estate office until something opens up She is not doing much better in romance field either A previous relationship that ended on a very bad note has been splashed all over YouTube She has gained the reputation of being a pariah that feeds on men It is the exact opposite of what she is in real life She is cautious of dating and has focused her energy into finding a good job in her field She has two great friends that are her lifeline of support and her only social activities They are loyal, protective and pushy when Ellie needs it most.While dealing with her crappy job she meets the sexy Mason Nash She has no idea of who he is or what he does She just knows he has the right amount of sexiness to bring her out of her seclusion It is quite obvious these two are from completely different worlds They have just as much in common as they do in differences This works in a positive way for them and it makes their attraction to each other stronger As the relationship progresses, Ellie will find out exactly who Mason Nash is She will have to choose between dealing with the limelight or letting go of something good.This story was consuming I could not put the book down I loved the humor and the quirky personalities And talk about a steamy romance that will have you wanting to sit on ice cubes, this book has it The story is fun loving, charming, sexy, and very realistic.Picture Perfect is the latest release in the Limelight series The story is completely original and can be read as a stand alone rather than in series order This book heroine is Ellie s best friend, Skye Summers She is the daughter of a politician and has been trained throughout her life that she has to be conscientious of her public image She is fiercely independent and has just landed a great job as an assistant to the president of one of the leading PR firms in the city Steele and Associates can be real stepping stone for her future career.After a recent breakup from her over possessive boyfriend, Skye s friends convince her to a night out on the town While out she encounters a sexy man that almost leads her to making some very bad decisions These decisions could be very detrimental to her father s career, as well as her own upcoming career Luckily she comes to her senses before anything major happens On one hand, she is thrilled that she can be attracted to another man after her ugly breakup On the other hand, she is determined to stay away from any romantic entanglements until she has her new job and future career firmly under control.When she meets her new boss, he is non other than the sexy man she met while out with her friends The very sexy man that she almost had an illicit encounter, compatibility and blazing sexual chemistry with Once they decide to give their relationship a go, it is the best thing that has happened to either one of them.A combination of bad publicity, hidden secrets and bad choices will begin to surface When they do, it will pull this couple apart It could destroy Landon s company It could destroy Skye s father s political career It will destroy their trust in one another and the relationship they have built.Together these two will have to find resolutions that will protect all parties involved They will have to learn to listen to their hearts.Picture Perfect is a fun, compelling and romantic book It will show just how much social media can affect your life outside of your inner circle.I loved Rumor Has It and Picture Perfect I cannot wait for the next book in this series Elisabeth Grace has some other upcoming releases, not in this series, that look very promising I know I will read them because I am hooked on her writing style and gifted craftsmanship.

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    This is a fantastic second book from Elisabeth Grace If you read Rumor Has It which I HIGHLY recommend , you will know that this story is going to be a humorous story about finding love in a crazy place Elisabeth has me laughing hysterically throughout this book Both books work the perfect amount of humor and romance in them They have the right formula for a perfect story Picture Perfect tells the story of Skye She is an independent women whose parents are in the spotlight because of politics When the story starts, Skye has just broken up with her abusive boyfriend She doesn t tell anyone the real reason why they broke up She is a private person and wants to keep things to herself and also not worry anyone After the break up, her friends make her go for a Girl s Night at a local bar club Skye is starting to get back in the swing of being single again She is actually having fun Dancing, drinking, flirting Just when she thinks she is going to talk to the perfect guy the grossest things ever happens to her OMG I was laughing so hard I cant even share it because I don t want to ruin it Skye suddenly finds herself being helped out the gross situation by a hot stranger Throwing caution to the wind, Skye and Mr Tall, Dark and Handsome began to go at it in the bar bathroom When Skye realizes this could be a bad idea, she runs Never getting the guys name.Skye doesn t have to look far for her sexy knight in shining armor, because he ends up being her boss at her new job Landon is one of the sexiest CEO s in town He is rich and single and everyone loves him Especially the ladies Skye decides that she as Landon need to keep things professional, forget about what happened and move on from there But that is easier said than done These two have unbelievable chemistry It was seriously off the charts When Skye s ex starts turning up again, Landon becomes her protector Landon is super sweet and unbelievably sexy the way he takes care of Skye.Without giving the story away, there is drama all over the place in this book Skye and Landon both has crazy ex s while onto of their professional relationship and family situations I am pretty sure Landon in my new Book Boyfriend He has everything you want all wrapped into one package.This book has be laughing throughout It was a great read Elisabeth writes a great story Both books I have read are serious must reads She is one author I keep checking when her next book will be out next

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    Secret forbidden love stories are a real guilty pleasure for me and I really enjoyed this.Girl is attracted to a handsome, hawt stranger she meets in a club, they have a scorching hot moment, she flees and they re both left wondering what if Days later she starts a new job and have a guess who her boss is AwkwardCue lots of lust filled stares and a little office based flirting Definitely my favourite type of story To add a further level of complication, the girl is a politician s daughter and someone who s supposed to avoid scandal and he s owner of a PR company who can t be seen to be taking advantage of his employees.I loved that there was romance in this too, it wasn t a story where they re humping from the get go and the anticipation builds nicely because of that There isn t as much creeping around and illicit liaisons as I d perhaps have liked in a story like this and that really is the reason why it s not a five star read, but I enjoyed reading about them getting to know one another in private The sex scenes are really hot and I m happy to report he s a dirty talkeroh yeah.Although this is the second in a series, I read it as a standalone and it worked perfectly well Recommended

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    I was lucky enough to receive a gift of this book I thought Ellie and Mason s story was amazing I was worried that Picture Perfect would be a carbon copy of what happened, and I couldn t have been wrong I am pretty sure that I love Skye and Landon , the characters fit together better I love how protective Landon is of Skye, and even though she is going through her own personal problems, she is strong willed, and so thoughtful of her loved ones This book was steamy, and I didn t want it to end My stomach kept getting tied up at various parts, and I had to put the book down and pace around my house a few times, sometimes because I was nervous for the characters, and other times because I couldn t believe what was happening Elisabeth made me so invested in the characters that I was feeling the same emotions they were I thought this was a emotional book than Rumor Has It, but the funny parts had me cracking up and sometimes cringing in public Even so when I read the note to the readers at the end I m excited to see what the follow up to Picture Perfect is, there are so many wonderful characters, and I can t wait to see what everyone is up to

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    That was PRETTY AMAZING Landon was such a SWEETHEART

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    I really enjoyed this book I love this Limelight series and have been anxiously awaiting this books release it did not disappoint I love the way Skye and Landon meet I m a sucker for a good boss employee romance and I love how these characters relationship developed This book also had some good steamy scenes I really like this authors writing it keeps you interested, the characters are easy to like and the book flows nicely and you can t put it down Looking forward to the next book in this series Highly recommend

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    I fell in love with Elisabeth s writing in her steamy debut, Rumor Has It She hit it out of the park with the second book in the Limelight Series and has a fan for life Elisabeth s writing is quirky, engaging, flawless and effortless The chemistry between her characters grabs you from the very first pages and keeps you rooting for their sexy as all hell happily ever after I definitely recommend anything by this up and coming author

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    I got a copy of this in a contest and loved it Definately recommend Landon is definately swoonworthy I loved how him and Skye had the sexual tension and when they finally let it out wow Did they ever Just be prepared to go out and get a bottle of champagne and reinact a few scenes

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