Captain Cook - His Life, Voyages and Discoveries

Captain Cook - His Life, Voyages and DiscoveriesThis Book Is Not An Adventure Story With A Fictitious Hero, But Is The Story Of One Of The Great Nautical Heroes Of The Eighteenth Century, A Man Who Discovered Many Of The Islands Of The Pacific, To Say Nothing Of The Great Lands Of Australia And New Zealand

Writer of tales for boys, William Henry Giles Kingston was born in London, but spent much of his youth in Oporto, where his father was a merchant.His first book, The Circassian Chief, appeared in 1844 His first book for boys, Peter the Whaler, was published in 1851, and had such success that he retired from business and devoted himself entirely to the production of this kind of literature, in whi

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  • Captain Cook - His Life, Voyages and Discoveries
  • W.H.G. Kingston
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  • 15 June 2019

10 thoughts on “Captain Cook - His Life, Voyages and Discoveries

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    I really enjoyed reading this book A distant relative of Captain Cook i wanted to know about his life This book certainly gave me that as well as insight into the pacific islands culture at the time that Cook was doing his voyagers.I am from New Zealand, and I found his encounter with the Maori really interesting, not to mention the other island groups.Kingston brings this all together at the end of the book by explaining how these islands changed through the immigration of missionaries to these islands.

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    An interesting extract from the logs of Captain Cook himself describing life in the south pacific in the 18th century Quite an extraordinary narrative of life, trade and discovery His success at preventative measures in the prevention of scurvy His ability to create long lasting respect from islanders, kings and chiefs from Tahiti to Hawaii.Very much taken from his own notes up until the day of his death in a bay south of Kona, Hawaii.

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    A missionary view of CookAn interesting perspective The rate of killing of native people s by cooks expeditions is often ignored And this account ius also critical of the fact that Cook and his crew didn t seem to be very religious

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    Am now looking for a modern interpretation of his discoveries as this book written hundreds of years ago.

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