Deborahs Secret

Deborahs Secret Twice Forced To Marry A StrangerDeborah Asberry S Father Picked Her First Husband Now She S Widowed, And Her Father Is Forcing Her To Marry Again This Time To A Widower With Two Small Children Who Lives In Southwest Missouri Far From Her St Louis Home If Only She Could Love And Know The Love Of A Gentle Man, But She S Never Disobeyed Her FatherDane Stark S Wife Died In Childbirth Two Months Before He Needs Help With His Children, But He Will Never Place Another Woman In That Same Danger By Marrying A Stranger, He Believes He Can Keep His Distance Then He Meets Deborah, And He Soon Longs For A Normal Marriage With HerBut Deborah Harbors A Secret That Could Tear Apart The Fragile Thread That Holds Dane S Heart To Hers When Another Woman Interferes, Deborah Doesn T Know What To BelieveOnly True Love Can Overcome The Odds Dane And Deborah FaceBrides Of Cedar Creek Book Christian Historical RomanceNote Deborah S Secret Is Rewritten From Deborah, Formerly Published By Barbour Books Now , Words

Jonathan ColvinAlso writes under the name

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  • 08 December 2019

10 thoughts on “Deborahs Secret

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    I can t say why I enjoyed this so much I guess because the main characters were so sweet No matter what happened, they never took it out on the people around them they continued to be kind I sat down and read this in one sitting it was such an easy enjoyable read.

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    Historical fiction, Christian romance Very nice book YAY No sex Sweet story Appropriate for teenage girls as well.

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    Loved it

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    Not quite sure how I feel about this book The story was touching, but SO predictablewhich made it kind of boring.At first I very much disliked Deborah s father How could a parent force their daughter into marriage without asking if she was agreeable to it not once but twice After I learned horrible her first husband was my dislike of her father increased However, when I read that he was doing what he truly thought was best for her, and that was why he arranged these marriages not any other reason, I didn t dislike him that much any hardly at all.Dane was almost too perfect, which is something I really dislike in book characters His only fault seemed to be his fear of losing another spouse in childbirth It was an understandable fear, but to make that be the only thing bad about him was just unbelievable.Also the whole drama about certain things could have all been avoided if they both would have been honest with one another, but that was something that was true to life I guess that just shows people should be willing to be honest with people, especially their spouse.There were some very sweet scenes and overall it was an enjoyable story So if Deborah sounds interesting to you give it a shot, but I would just say be prepared for a somewhat average story On the plus side it s a very quick read.

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    I loved this book It is wonderful to read it, as it is book three in a favorite series of mine I have enjoyed Cora and Eliza for years now, so it was nice to read the conclusion of the series It was strange, however, to read about a place that I once knew this book takes place about thirty years after the others Several characters now have gray hair and laugh lines, and they re grandparents All in all, it was a good book, which I recommend However, a word of warning this book is about a marriage of convenience couple falling in love with each other I found it had slightly descriptions of the physical, but all descriptions were handled well and not in a manner that would stir up emotions and thoughts unlike most other Christian romances However, that lies in the reader than the author in this case Out of the three books, Eliza book 2 was my favorite

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    I thought this was a well written, heartfelt book The characters felt like real people with flaws and fears the emotion was real, in fact I teared up in a few places always a plus I do like a gutsy story There is no sex or cussing and only minimal violence bad guys do get knocked out and tied up and although the characters are portrayed as religious I didn t feel that the book was in any way preachy It was just part of the characters themselves However,If you don t like your characters to pray or even mention God then you won t like it, but I didn t find it in any way offensive The book is of a character study than an adventure so don t expect loads of excitement but it held my interest from page one and I had a hard time putting it down.4 1 2 stars

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    gentle read after other books.Deborah was frustrated by being a commodity her father can place into other men s hands arranging marriages with men Her first husband had only been her husband 4 weeks n killed in the war Second one was a childhood friend of her father s who had seven sons but the older son just lost his wife in childbirth n needed a other to his young children that marriage was to be in name only as Dane couldn t go through another woman death through childbearing A spoke in the wheel Lenore used her words to hurt n manipulate Deborah in that Dane wouldn t love her This then motivated Deborah to keep her secret as long as possible.

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    a sweet story This story does not need to be read in sequence.

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    Good story

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