The Malloreon, Vol. 2: Sorceress of Darshiva, The Seeress of Kell (The Malloreon, #4-5)

The Malloreon, Vol. 2: Sorceress of Darshiva, The Seeress of Kell (The Malloreon, #4-5)Finalmente la fineFine della Saga, finalmente Nessun entusiasmo, perch banale di una banalit che incupisce lo spirito e la fantasia.Le caratterizzazioni dei personaggi sono superficiali e prive di nerbo nessuna evoluzione rispetto al romanzo iniziale , la trama gira intorno a se stessa con la scorrevolezza di un fiume ma senza nulla travolgere L umorismo che qua e l si intravede risulta spicciolo, senza aggiungere incisivit alle vicende, peraltro piatte di suo.Tempo perso. Here Is The Epic Conclusion Of David Eddings S Enthralling Series The Malloreon Two Magnificent Novels In One Volume This Monumental Fantasy Follows The Story Of Two Age Old Opposing Destinies Locked In A Seven Thousand Year War For Control Of The World, Its Gods, And Its Men Indeed The Victor Will Determine Nothing Less Than The Fate Of All CreationTroubles Mount As King Garion, Belgarath, And Polgara Pursue Zandramas, The Child Of Dark, Across The Known World The Wicked Creature Has Abducted The King S Infant Son For Sinister Purposes If Garion And His Companions Cannot Reach The Place Which Is No More, As The Seeress Of Kell Has Warned, Then Zandramas Will Use Garion S Son In A Rite That Will Raise The Dark Prophecy To Eternal Dominion Over The Universe Only The Seeress Of Kell Can Reveal The Mysterious Locale, But First Garion And Polgara Must Fulfill An Ancient Prophecy In The Mountain Fastness Of The Seers Although Kell Is Closed To Zandramas, Her Dark Magic Can Forcefully Extract The Intelligence She Needs From One Of Garion S Party Setting Traps And Dispatching Her Foul Minions, She Is Determined To Claim The World For The Dark Prophecy But Garion Will Let Nothing Stand Between Himself And His Son Why are there four separate instances of old dudes signing up with young hotties on the short side of half their ages it is TOTALLY NASTY.Also that is the smuggest is that a word ending I have ever seen to anything The constant manipulation of every event by higher powers suffocates the narrative and robs it of any power it might have had. This was so good I loved how it continued the story of the first series, and the books that came before it The ending was really good, even though I m sad that its over I have grown so fond of the characters, and I know that this is one of my favorite books I am going to read the 2 prequels now, because I can t get enough of the series My main complaint against arch paleoconservative Eddings isn t of an ideological standpoint even though his dated worldview is racist, sexist, etc What is unforgivable about his writing is that it s so terribly boring The whole thing is mainly repetitive dialogue where events are explained, not even described It s predictable, annoying and juvenile Mind numbing, coma inducing boredom. Favorite Books of all time. One s childhood favorites almost invariably end up wanting in some fashion upon later revisitation, but this epic is almost a comfort read to me by this point. Omnibus, standard drill.Sorceress of Darshiva Like Demon King, Sorceress is a little disjointed it s very episodic, and the episodes don t have a ton of narrative or thematic flow to them But on the whole I find thementertaining than the previous volume, and while it s not quite up to King of the Murgos on my fondness scale, some bits the Senji sidebar, the injured wolf, the last ridiculously dramatic scene are personal favorites I do get a little tired of the insufficiently varied random refugee seaman peasant exposition vehicles Eddings can do about two dialects, neither particularly charming, and he uses them way too often Also, the one that s explicitly bad Western Texas is particularly jarring because it s so specific and familiar it always jerks me entirely out of the story And there s just not a ton of narrative tension, because the story is so prophecy driven it s very clear that things will work out precisely how they re supposed to work out, and so no incidental danger is actually a threat.This is also a good place to rant about Vella Like Taiba in the first series, she s an attractive woman who s aware and in control of her sexuality She has a bitpersonality than Taiba ever did, but she is still explicitly being groomed to be a reward for one of the male characters there s the instant obsession factor that s frankly creepy and she has no other goals or desires at all Other than wanting to be worth a lot of money when she s sold Because she s a Nadrak woman, and therefore property, but not a slave, really, it s fine gah Plus, just as a bonus irritation, this volume has a detailed sidebar of her feminization she can t just be a really hot armed badass, she has to wear dresses instead of leather and realize there sto being a woman than she could possibly have known Despite, you know, being an at least thirty year old widow Gah I like Vella a lot I have a weakness for leather clad knife wielding foul mouthed badasses and I really wish she could slice her way out of this story and find one where she s taken seriously.Seeress of Kell As with Enchanter s End Game, I like the climax and the leisurely happy ending a lot, and I am much less excited about all the random filler beforehand The adventure on Perivor in particular was just egregiously pointless it might have made a decent stand alone short story, but there s no tension, no mystery, and a whole lot of wasted time The Poledra reveal should have beeninteresting, but it was set up so there was no tension for the reader, so all of the shocked characters just looked rather thick.I do like the Malloreon somewhat better than the Belgariad it s denser and aimed a littlecarefully at adult readers But neither series is shooting for a particularly high bar the writing is understandable but hardly elegant, the plots transparent, the narrative tension nonexistant, and the characters lovable without being all that deep And the surface feminism is badly undercut by the core gender essentialist sexism that pervades the entire work And the Malloreon in particular is plagued by what feels like a fundamental lack of plot there s just not enough to do to fill five books, so Our Heroes have essentially random adventures while on rails towards the final event The fact that this is considered a point of worldbuilding is unconvincing.So, short version, these are beloved childhood books for me, and I d consider giving them to an interested ten year old who was excited to read Adult Books, but otherwise, these are firmly Nostalgia Only. Apr s avoir suivi les aventures de Garion et ses amis depuis si longtemps, il serait triste d abandonner Surtout que c tait clairement dans les meilleurs roman que j avais lu jusqu maintenant Donc, un dernier recueille qui contient les deux derni res histoires bien sur je ne compte pas les auto biographie de Belgarath et de Polgara ainsi que le Rivan Codex.Sorceress of Darshiva fait suite Demon Lord of Kandara et repr sente le centre de cette histoire, quoi qu int ressante, est un peu trop pr visible mon go t La seul chose qui laisse le 5 toiles que j ai mis sur la s rie enti re c est la qualit avec laquelle l histoire est cont M me avec des r p titions, m me avec de long passages vide, m me avec certaines longueurs et m me avec l histoire que l on voit d filer devant nos yeux en sachant ce qui risque d arriver court et moyen terme, m me avec tout a j ai embarqu et j ai lu jusqu au bout en me disant que j tais rassasier Dans Seeress of Kell on arrive au bout de l aventure et les h ros devront faire face la proph tie Quelqu un de leur groupe devra mourir s ils veulent que leur aventure soit un succ s Bien que j avais deviner ce qui se passerait ce sujet, ce bout d histoire a bien t trait et ne m a pas laiss froid Apr s avoir fini l aventure, les auteur m ont fait le bonheur de me donner une finale bien crite et bien d crite a ne fini pas sur un ils sont heureux et puis fin On apprend ce qui arrive et on se fait laisser sur une belle note.Donc l histoire ce fini l et quand a fini j tais pr t passer autre chose J ai t incroyablement satisfait et je recommande cette s rie ainsi que la premi re tout le monde Vous ne serai pas d u, si vous l tes dite le moi et je trouverai quelqu un pour vous acheter le livre, c est facile car cette histoire est et restera un classique que les gens du future pourront d guster encore et encore.N.B Advenant que vous en vouliez plus vous pouvez toujours lire Belgarath et Polgara qui sont des suite et pr quels en m me temps 10% suite et 90% pr quels Je ne les ai pas encore lu mais j ai entendu dire que s tait aussi bon que le reste Pour ma part je vais les lire quand je voudrai lire pour la deuxi me fois cette s rie. I really enjoyed this book series It came recommended to me by a friend Let s just say the author was a HUGE fan of Lord of the Rings There are tons of similarities I went for 4 stars instead of 5 because the books became progressively long winded and could have been edited down a little There were a few scenes I read and thought What was the point of this scene Sometimes there wasn t one The series leads up to a climactic event that happened 70 pages before the book was over It took way too long to wind down at the end One other nitpicky thing that bugged me was about the main couple They are supposed to be young but they talked to each other like they were ancient Come sit by the fire, dear I realize this is a different world and all but the young leads didn t feel young at all And all of that is beside the point This book and the whole series was a lot of fun.

David Eddings was an American author who wrote several best selling series of epic fantasy novels David Eddings wife, Leigh Eddings, was an uncredited co author on many of his early books, but he had later acknowledged that she contributed to them all.David Eddings first books which were general fiction sold moderately well He later switched to writing epic fantasy, a field in which he achie

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  • The Malloreon, Vol. 2: Sorceress of Darshiva, The Seeress of Kell (The Malloreon, #4-5)
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