The Malloreon, Vol. 1: Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos, Demon Lord of Karanda (The Malloreon, #1-3)

The Malloreon, Vol. 1: Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos, Demon Lord of Karanda (The Malloreon, #1-3) Discover The Magic Of The Malloreon David Eddings S Acclaimed Series, The Sequel To His Bestselling The Belgariad Now The First Three Malloreon Books Appear In A Single Volume, Taking Us On An Epic Quest Across Strange Lands Among Gods, Kings, Sorcerers, And Ordinary Men It Is A Gripping Tale Of Two Ancient Warring Destinies Fighting A Battle Of Good Against EvilGarion Has Slain The Evil God Torak And Is Now The King Of Riva The Prophecy Has Been Fulfilled Or So It Seems For There Is A Dire Warning, As A Great Evil Brews In The East Now Garion Once Again Finds Himself With The Fate Of The World Resting On His Shoulders When Garion S Infant Son Is Kidnapped By Zandramas, The Child Of Dark, A Great Quest Begins To Rescue The Child Among Those On The Dangerous Mission Are Garion And His Wife, Queen Ce Nedra, And The Immortal Belgarath The Sorcerer And His Daughter, Polgara They Must Make Their Way Through The Foul Swamps Of Nyissa, Then Into The Lands Of The Murgos Along The Way, They Will Face Grave Dangers Captivity, A Horde Of Demons, A Fatal Plague While Zandramas Plots To Use Garion S Son In A Chilling Ritual That Will Make The Dark Prophecy Supreme

David Eddings was an American author who wrote several best selling series of epic fantasy novels David Eddings wife, Leigh Eddings, was an uncredited co author on many of his early books, but he had later acknowledged that she contributed to them all.David Eddings first books which were general fiction sold moderately well He later switched to writing epic fantasy, a field in which he achie

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  • The Malloreon, Vol. 1: Guardians of the West, King of the Murgos, Demon Lord of Karanda (The Malloreon, #1-3)
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  • 01 June 2019
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    The main argument given by Eddings readers against the Malloreon series seems to be that it is the same story as the Belgariad something is stolen, after which Garion, Polgara, Belgarath, Durnik, and some others go on a quest to try and retrieve it On the way, they encounter and overcome a lot of different problems, meet new people some of whom join the group in their search , and learn things along the way about sorcery, magic, politics, relationships, and any other topic you could probably think of.For me, that is what I like about the Malloreon although that could just be me Every time I finish a good book series, I find myself sad at the fact that I won t see these characters again in a different story and that I won t know what happened to them after the series ended In the Malloreon, that is exactly the information we get with a similar, yet new adventure on top of that I loved reading about the characters from the Belgariad at a point later in time, seeing how they grew up and in which ways they are the same, how relationships have evolved and young people matured.Aside from all that, the new characters introduced are great in my opinion especially Velvet, who is a personal favourite of mine and really help the story along The plot is interesting, even if it reminds the reader a lot of the Belgariad, and I never found it predictable despite that fact Of course things can be said against these books can t things be said against every book one could possibly think of but both the Belgariad and the Malloreon series are personal favourites of mine and I am very much enjoying reading them again.

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    Even my seventh grade self found this sequal to the Belgariad to be laughably self derivitive, and seeing that Eddings is perhaps the poster child for derivitive fantasy to begin with, that means this book is about as un original as it gets Its the same characters, the same setting, and this is when the snickering comes in , the same plot The fact that the characters themself are aware of this at one point, one of them asks If feels as if we ve done all of this before doesn t help, as the in book explaination is just overly defensive on Eddings part some crap about an unbroken, mystical cycle, having to break some pre historical curse of dark gods etc etc I was only 12, but I still could see bull shit when I saw it.

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    Sequel to the best farm boy saves the world series Said boy has grown up, unfortunately his wife s character hasn t and remains an annoyance for much of the series Luckily my favorite oily efficacious eunuch plays a much larger role and is a constant source of amusement.

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    Quite a good series so far, lots of surprises and new characters, also old characters coming back to play a formative role in the story The writing style has definitely improved I m torn as to whether this, or the Belgariad are better, but I guess I still have two books left to figure that out

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    Great adventure A little slow moving and repetitive, but good nonetheless.

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    Very good Here was a little repetition of the plot, but I loved being with all the characters again I can t wait to read the next volume

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    Essentially a rehash of The Belgariad even the characters say so but Garion and Ce Nedra have become less likeable since then A decent addition to the saga but nothing groundbreaking.

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    Je ne sais pas si vous le saviez mais je suis un fan des suite et des crossovers Quand on annonce un sequel d un film ou d une s rie ou de quoi que ce soit, a m attire tout le temps sauf si c produit crit par un auteur producteur graine ti budget J aime revoir les personnages, j aime qu on nous rappel que les personnages secondaire ont une importance eux aussi, surtout quand ils prennent m me plus de place La seule chose, il est rare qu une suite est aussi bonne que l originale M me que je crois qu en g n ral, l original gagne toujours.Cette suite ne fait pas exception cette r gle Cependant, on est pas loin Les deux premiers ouvrages de ce recueille sont carr ment la hauteur de ce qui s est fait de mieux dans la Belgariad Guardians of the West nous d montre comment Belgarion reigne sur les terres et s arrange pour garder la paix Compar Pawn of Profecy le premier de la Belgariad ce roman est beaucoup plus rapide et on se fait un bonheur de revoir d anciens amis qui ont volu et qui ont maintenant soit des nouvelles responsabilit en lien la derni re guerre et d autre qui n ont tout simplement pas chang.Dans King of the Murgos on se fait introduire le nouveau continen de la Mallorae et on y rencontre le personnage que j ai trouver le plus cool de la Belgariad mais qui fut laisser pas assez longtemps L Empereur des Angaraks On le voit interagir et m me participer l aventure, ce qui a t pour moi un cadeau qui m a fait chaud au coeur Je voulais en savoir plus sur ce personnage et je me fait donner le tout sur un plateau d argent En plus de nous introduire de nouveaux personnages qui sont eux aussi tr s int ressant.L ou sa se g che un peu c est dans Demon Lord of Karanda Voir m me un peu avant Rendu cette partie on voit tr s bien que les auteurs he oui ils sont deux m me s il n y en a qu un sur la couverture n essaieront pas de modifier la recette qui les ont fait devenir riche Le groupe, form de puissant h ros fera le tour du continent pays par pays avec un pr sentation de tous ceux ci avec l id ologie de chacun Dans la Belgariad sa faisait rafra chissant et sa faisait du worldbuilding , dans ce livre l a fait carr ment r chauff et fade Pourquoi, car cette fois ci les auteurs on pass de fa on vidente moins de temps b tir le continent de la Mallorae En plus chaque jour du voyage est quasiment trait avec les dialogue qui commence un moment donner faire on sait pu quoi dire faque on va parler de tout et de rien Oui sa d montre c est quoi de jaser quand on va l aventure, mais dans Demon Lord ils auraient pu coup.Je crois que les auteurs ont trop voulu moins que ce soit les diteurs que la s rie fasse 5 volume comme la premi re s rie Donc ils ont du faire du filling pour combler les trou et le manque de pr paration avant d crire une suite qui avait la m me recette qui donc aurait d demander la m me pr paration Au moins la fin du roman rattrape ce probl me et nous raccroche l histoire Donc pour moi c est une bonne suite, qui n est pas la hauteur de la premi re mais qui s en approche assez pour dire que c est aussi un Must lire Alors comme disait l annonce de chip betcha you can t just read one.

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    Omnibus edition, books reviewed separately below Guardians of the West This is such an oddly structured book, and yet it s easily my favorite of the entire ten book series The whole first section is just a gentle, peaceful refresher of what all of Our Heroes have been up to since the events of the Belgariad that I find it immensely relaxing, and the middle section, covering Garion s exploits as King, is equally soothing in a episodic sort of way And then bam the last third of the book is All Action All the Time, and serves as the lead in to the whole narrative arc I can understand if people found this volume boring unto death, but I like it rather a lot.King of the Murgos The first half or so of the book tends towards the tedious it s a rehash of Queen of Sorcery to the point where the characters are remarking on it The fact that Eddings made this into an actual plot worldbuilding point is sort of clever, I guess, but given the fact that his entire oeuvre consists of the exact same plots themes characters, it comes across as retconning rather than planning It is a trifle grown up, though the violence isn t nearly as underplayed, and the villain does some pretty horrific things, if always offscreen.The second half, involving the titular King, works much better If you can ignore the problematic implications of the pervasive race as destiny assumption, Urgit s story is unexpected and rather delightful, and while it doesn t really undercut the core the slanty eyed people are bad premise, at least they become rather human than they were The various adventures are entertaining enough that I was mostly able to block out some of the gender related twitching, and while the ghouls rang particularly false just needed to move that section along, huh it remains a solid entry in the series.Demon Lord of Karanda Demon Lord is a rather disjointed book there are several episodes that don t really hang together in theme or narrative drive None of them are bad in themselves, really, they just don t come together to make anything that feels like a stand alone volume Definitely a middle book.

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    I read Edding s novels with great relish when I was much younger His characters were easy to engage with and the plot moved with swift pace through various exciting scenarios Best of all was his great attention to detail in the creation of his fantastical world It was, as one of my first introductions to fantasy a primer in how magical and strange civilizations are built off and grounded from the real world.I did however despise his characterization, while some of the minor characters were interesting Silk, Mandorallen and Barak for instance, his protagonists quickly became clear stereotypes instead of effectively building upon their archetypal bases Belgarath as the mentor and Garion as the Child of Light are most clearly guilty of never quite becoming three dimensional rather than just filling in roles to serve the overarching plot The female characters, and in particular Polgara and Ce Nedra were also extremely irritating, as they were to all intents and purposes identical in both speech, beliefs and customs The only thing that would allow one to differentiate from Eddings s irritating women was their appearances and names This became and apparent as the story slowly progressed into the later novels as neither of these characters and particularly Polgara showed absolutely no evidence of change in character, instead remaining as, vain, annoying and shallow as when they were first introduced.As a primer or first reader in fantasy The Belgariad, and The Mallorean are excellent introductions to the genre, for their obvious use of standard tropes that make the fantasy genre distinct from others, but it won t offer readers much beyond that.

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