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Danger in Cat World On The Verge Of Losing Himself In His Work, A Homicide Detective Investigates The Murder Of A Reclusive Heiress, But When He Discovers A Window To Another Universe And Dozens Of Cats Begin Appearing Out Of Thin Air, He Must Embrace The Unknown To Solve The CaseDanger In Cat World Is A Quirky Procedural Murder Mystery About An Isolated Homicide Detective And His Cat Problem

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 236 pages
  • Danger in Cat World
  • Nina Post
  • English
  • 19 March 2017

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    Book Info Genre Procedural murder mystery urban fantasy crossReading Level AdultRecommended for Cat lovers, people who like mysteries, urban fantasy, great twistsTrigger Warnings MurderAnimal Abuse tortoise murder, catnappingMy Thoughts I ve been looking forward to this book for months, ever since hearing about it in the author s newsletter back around Thanksgiving I love cats, I love mysteries, I love urban fantasy what could go wrong Shawn is awesome I love the way he talks to Comet which is pretty much how I talk to my cats , and I love his sense of humor When he meets the small, but very aggressive, Sarah Baio, he had a great reaction Shawn grinned, and tried not to say that she was adorable and he wanted to put her in his pocket She would probably punch him in the throat. What is awesome about that is that he realized her strength and could still see the woman behind at the same time without some idiotic need to try to protect her in some way I also loved Shawn s reaction to loads of strange cats showing up in his place, which was essentially, I m going to need food He doesn t even consider putting them out for a moment, and I just thought that was awesome Speaking of the mysteriously appearing cats, they are described as big, fluffy, dark brown, and having mismatched eyes It sounds like maybe Maine Coon cats since he called them coon cats , and I wanted to try to find a picture, but I cannot find a solid brown Maine Coon, let alone a brown one with mismatched eyes those are usually found in white cats The only solid brown cats of which I m aware are Havana Browns.The Sylvains are a real piece of work I felt really badly for poor Haviland having to deal with that family of jerks Some of the things they did wow Shawn Danger s family was almost as bad The characters in this book are a lot of fun, and the interactions are so funny.Unlike Nina Post s other books, this one isn t quite as silly overall not that this is a bad thing either way , but it is still very humorous If you like Nina Post s style, be sure to check out her other books, Last Condo Board of the Apocalypse , Last Donut Shop of the Apocalypse , and One Ghost Per Serving Links on the titles will take you to my reviews on sites where formatting is allowed.Recommended for people who love cats, for people who enjoy a good mystery, for people who love a funny story, and for people who love a terrific twist at the end of the book Understanding of quantum physics is optional Great fun Disclosure I received a copy of this e book from the author No review was requested, but I m happy to provide one All opinions are my own.Synopsis On the verge of losing himself in his work, a homicide detective investigates the murder of a reclusive heiress, but when he discovers a window to another universe and dozens of cats begin appearing out of thin air, he must embrace the unknown to solve the case.

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    A review for the publisher Curiosity QuillsWhen asked to describe what Danger in Cat World is about during an interview Nina Post replied Danger in Cat World is a procedural murder mystery about a homicide detective who feels isolated by his work and investigates the murder of a reclusive heiress When he discovers a window to another universe and dozens of cats begin appearing out of thin air, he must embrace the unknown to solve the case.Now this is a different take of course on the idea of Schrodinger s Cat I must assume mixed up with the latest physics about we are living in only one of many multiple universes each of which contains the same matter but has deviated in its pathway due to a different decision made at a crucial point It seemed to me that I d better explore this theory and so found a for Dummies site The multiverse is a theory in which our universe is not the only one, but states that many universes exist parallel to each other These distinct universes within the multiverse theory are called parallel universes Every single possibility exists somewhere and has happened somewhere thus Hitler won WW2 in several and or invaded Britain and so on.If there are multiple universes then it stands to reason that at times our universe may interact with other or cross over or thus if you are clever enough you can build a machine that can make these interactions take place And a Coon cat can therefore multiply in our universe as all these other universes all have such a cat, and they can all cross over into ours every hour if the rather clever machine is still operating.A Coon cat is an American breed that is rarely seen here in the UK, so I needed a picture of one and to learn a little about them being a cat lover, of course.Maine Coon cats are among the top 10 breeds in the US I read It weights between 12 and 18 pounds and is very large looking at the photos, and shaggy, and a good mouser apparently It is hardy too and thus very much an outdoor cat I would assume You can buy them in the UK of course but I personally have never seen one.So what did I think of the book Well Nina has a rather zany imagination as evidenced by her book titles.And this zaniness is reflected in her writing style which I thought refreshing and different and amusing I thoroughly enjoyed this book in a very light hearted way and loved the detective named Danger and his I think I need about Danger to read and I see he a new book will come in February next year I am definitely going to check out her other books too as she seems an author worth following

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    As a fan of Nina Post, I ll give anything she writes a try including following her down the genre hole into procedural mystery though I m still not sure what exactly that means And though the label mystery would ve kept Danger in Cat World off my radar, I m glad I picked it up, because it was a highly enjoyable read At the heart of this book is Post s wit and penchant for the offbeat which makes one want to keep reading, and which never fails to keep me smiling.Plotwise, Shawn Danger is a detective investigating the death of a wealthy heiress and her pet tortoise which has been in the family for generations and which, at one point, Shawn envisions driving around in a little car, which is precisely how I like to envision my tortoises All the while, Shawn deals with his own interpersonal frustrations, and the mysterious appearance of cats in his apartment one new cat every hour each one identical to the one that preceded it The book is full of a kind of low level funky energy that draws one in right along with the plot.Though I won t give away the surprise twist, the real surprise for me was that in addition to the mystery element and Post s humor, Cat World is a work of science fiction in the traditional sense In the science fiction of Wells and Lugones, some new technology or scientific theory is introduced, and the rest of the work teases out what effect it has or would have on humanity, either at the individual or a societal level Cat World does precisely that In a sense, the murder mystery itself is a red herring, there to throw the reader off the scent as they try to figure out just what the heck is really going on and the answer is far from simple.Fans of traditional science fiction will find Danger in Cat World interesting, just as fans of offbeat dry humor will find it amusing Fans of books in general should give this one a try, as I believe the read was quite worthwhile If you ve enjoyed any of Post s earlier works, I encourage you to keep following her progress and growth as a writer, whether or not whatever genre she happens to be working in lines up with your usual tastes Her unique voice the quirkiness that makes a Nina Post book truly Postian remains and, if anything, is growing stronger as time goes on She s an author on the rise, and well worthy of our attention.

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    A wonderful, if slow starting tale of murder and that which can be seen but not explained Dive into the world of Shawn, the detective whose only friend is a cat and whose family has taught him alone is better than unhappy All of that changes as he is called to the case of a mysterious recluse who rescused strays of the human variety and mastered physics in ways one probably will never be able to actually master When she and her beloved, boarding school educated tortoise are murdered life turns upside down for Shawn Along with his cat Comet who oddly travels not only to the station but to the crime scene as well and a not so suspect person of interest the crime is solved but not until the earth literally shakes and an old TV set reveals important clues too amazing to almost be believed Overall, I completely enjoyed this book and look forward to reading from the author The characters had the kind of sarcastic banter and black humour which I adore and don t see enough of in books I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    3.25 Stars

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    This was an okay book for me not sure if it was the sci fi mixed in type theme but for me it was just okay.

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    Meet Detective Shawn Danger and his cat Comet Shawn is a homicide detective a relentless, detail oriented, homicide detective whose entire life revolves around his job, his trampoline, and his cat After the murder of a reclusive heiress and her pet turtle, Shawn may face his toughest case ever that is if he can survive the mysterious cats taking over his house, the earthquakes, and attacks on his home and car What will happen if he can t solve the case And, how on earth will he solve the case now that the cats have taken over his trampoline Detective Danger, if a trampoline can make me half as observant as this man, I m putting one in my living room tomorrow He s determined not to miss a single detail of the crime scene, taking notice of everything down to the type of wood used in furnishings Surely those skills make for great detective work but they make for some very detailed scenes, but once we move past his initial inspection of the house, the story picks up pace What I loved about Shawn, was his attitude toward everything He s a workaholic, yet he takes even the strangest events in stride a trait that allows him to keep his wit when all else around him falls into chaos.If there was anything I could say the book needed of, it was Comet He makes me miss my cat, Hawkeye Like Comet, she had a way of communicating and a lovable yet strange, personality although, I must also admit that Hawkeye also had a vengeful streak and a propensity for attacking my sister, but I digress Even though the book isn t a comedy, it s not entirely straight laced either, but what else would you expect from Nina Post I have numerous excerpts highlighted on my Kindle, and I m sure my husband got tired of me shoving the computer toward him to read random passages that I couldn t keep to myself So, I had quite a difficult time choosing my favorite quote to share with you, but I ve decided on this mini pep talk Pathetic, Shawn Think of those guys in Homicide Life on the Streets Think of those guys on Law Order Did you see them on the floor under a trampoline, a giant cat cutting off most of their oxygen No Nina Post, Danger in Cat World, Curiosity Quills Press.Nina delivers a wonderful spin on the procedural murder mystery, keeping many of the same attributes I ve loved about her other books witty dialogue, quirky but loveable characters, and insane situations.Check this one out, and add it to your bookshelf.

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    Detective Shawn Danger lives alone with his cat Comet At the start of the book he is called upon to investigate the murder of Haviland Sylvain, a reclusive heiress, and her tortoise As he leaves his house to head to the crime scene he notices that a cat not his own has shown up in his house He doesn t really think too much about it at the time but as the story unfolds he determines that for each hour he investigates the murder a cat appears As he searches for the killer we meet the very mysterious group of strays that Haviland has hired to work for her Strays of the human variety Early on they become the main suspects in the case Detective Danger also encounters Sarah who is the daughter of Havilland s lawyer The in laws of the victim arrive but not because of her death but because of the tortoises death At times it felt like Sarah s presence in the story was added in for additional humor and that she took away from the main plot Aside from Detective Danger s attraction to her it seemed to me that she was only really there to help with the cats and it felt sort of random and didn t really fit into the plot I felt like the investigation was rushed but I believe that was due to the extensive detail the author went into at the beginning of the book There were plenty of places in my mind that could have been removed or shortened to expand the investigation itself There was too much time spent on Detective Dangers canvas of the home I do understand that detectives have to be thorough but in the case of this book I felt like there could have been less time spent on the descriptions of the house, and also on everything he discovered, including the trash The hints of an alternate universe seemed odd to me and his theory after the case was solved as to why the cats appeared or why he was seeing himself on an old TV seemed random It was a fast read but in my opinion not until after the initial canvas of the home was done This isn t the book for you if you have an aversion to cats I can see how some fans who like science fiction books would like this book but it just didn t do it for me I was given this book for an honest review but the opinions are my own and didn t affect my rating.

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    I received this as a review copy I have to admit, until I saw it, I had never even heard of Nina Post let alone read any of her books of which there appear to be four but i will be very happy to read others at some stage Perhaps when my massive To Read pile has dwindled somewhat The Danger in cat world actually refers to Detective Shawn Danger a homicide detective brought in to investigate the murder of a rich paper heiress who has been found with her head bludgeoned in.In an attempt to solve the case, Shawn also has to investigate the apparent murder of the heiress 50 year old tortoise who had once attended boarding school , work out why she had been obsessive about the weights of her collection of anvils and get to the bottom of why she hired such a bunch of misfits to work in her mansion on such odd tasks as investigating coincidences.Not only this, but Shawn s is trying hard to avoid his own family who wouldn t want to avoid sisters that used to make him play North Korean Dictator , has found a potential love interest and is having to placate his cat Comet who is a little put out when a number of ideantical cats seem to be appearing at Shawn s house every hour.I love a little bit of surreal, and this certainly does contain a bit of surreal.Shawn is a fantastic character he s a bit of a loner, at loggerheads with his family, only has Comet for company and really throws himself into his work which results in him being a very good detective However, he is extremely likeable, and a bit cocky The dates he goes on are very amusing I would have enjoyed those kinds of dates Can t you get in trouble for taking me on a wretched, terrible date The department doesn t have rules in place for date quality We re free to go on whatever quality of date we like When you take the slight oddities out of the book, and the other world and another Danger that Shawn often sees on an old TV he can t stand the other smug Danger , this is just a plain and simple detective story But it is one with very strong characters, a likeable not too damaged hero and quite a few grin moments, if not laugh out loud.I really enjoyed it.

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    About the book On the verge of losing himself in his work, a homicide detective investigates the murder of a reclusive heiress, but when he discovers a window to another universe and dozens of cats begin appearing out of thin air, he must embrace the unknown to solve the case Shawn Danger is the hardest working homicide detective in Jamesville County His job means everything to him, and when he s working a case, he barely has time to feed his cat let alone mess with frivolous things like his family or a love life.After a reclusive heiress is murdered, Shawn begins an intense pursuit of the killer As he combs through the crime scene and interviews the suspects, he discovers a mysterious object that lets him see into another eerily similar universe A terrible crime was committed in that world as well, and Shawn can t help but wonder if the two are somehow connected Meanwhile, he must deal with an equally peculiar problem dozens of cats are appearing in his house out of thin air Plus, earthquakes are shaking the town, and he s not the only one who senses that something ominous is coming Can Shawn embrace the unknown and find the answers he needs to solve the case, and can he act quickly enough to restore balance between the two worlds My review This fantastic book has a mix of mystery, murder, danger, little romance, and tons of cats It is a fun, fast read This is the first book of Nina Post s I have read, but I will be looking for in the future If you like fantasy, mystery and cats give this fun exciting read a try I was given this book for an honest review.

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