Tears of Endurance

Tears of Endurance Both Burned Tears Of Endurance by Dawn TorrensBen Fielding, a workaholic is recovering from a work accident that almost took his life, his so called girlfriend left during this time, he thought they had something, but when he needed her the most she fled Then there s Arianna Ferria who is doing what she dreamed of, owning her own art gallery, also burned by her boyfriend As Ben is healing he decides to go to Arianna s art gallery Ben finds Arianna very attractive, he has a bad headache and Arianna comes to his aide They really hit it off, both falling for each other fast and hard Ben is keeping a secret from Arianna and his brother Tristan whom is very close to him Tristan is also falling for Arianna, feeling awful about this he stays away from them as much as possible Arianna and Tristan have a lot in common I ve said enough You have to read this book to find out what happens with this trio I ll tell you I was in tears reading this book Grab a box of tissues A Secret Can Tear You Apart Or Bind You Forever For Arianna Ferria, A Satisfying And Challenging Life As An Art Gallery Owner Takes An Unexpected Turn Into Burning Romance When She Falls For The Handsome And Successful Ben Fielding Soon, Their Relationship Blossoms Into Than She Could Ever Imagine, But When A Black Secret Comes Crashing Down Around Them, Their Love Faces The Ultimate Test As They Come To Grips With A Tragic Fate That Will Bring You To Tears Tears Of Endurance 4.5 emotionally drained stars I just want to keep on crying I couldn t help it towards the end of this book my eyes literally watered but I didn t want to get my kindle wet with tears lol.Good amount of romance not detailed steamy scenes read to many books that had enough so glad I got a break from itfast paced detailed and organized although it took me a while to finish this since school started againanyways it had a slow start but since it was the beginning introducing the characters but picked off towards the middle of the book building Ben and Arianna s relationship including Tristan s fascination with Arianna as well..Book 2 will see how Tristan and Arianna are doing with baby Ben have a feeling it s going to be an emotional wreck as wellGood emotional book for a few shed tears I have to admit that even though the pace of the book is slow at times, and full of ideological romance, I was in tears by the end I suspected something was going to happen, and without giving spoilers, I was not wrong.This is a story about hope against the odds Love comes in many guises Sometimes a story is not about how sensational it is, but about how true to life it can be Having seen a similar situation happen to a family member, I think stories like these remind us that life is a gift We need to make the most of it. Tears of Endurance is a wonderful romance drama dealing love, loss and hope The story begins with a successful young man, Ben, recovering from a severe accident at work While he s recovering he meets Arianna, the beautiful owner of an art gallery and they soon fall in love However, Ben s brother, Tristan, also falls for her and Ben s recovery isn t as complete as it first seems.This was an extremely moving story, brilliantly told I can t wait to read the sequel If you re looking for a great read, I highly recommend you get this book Tears of Endurance is a happenstance romance that blooms into love D.G Torrens has a skill for turning even the simplest scenes into meaningful emotional roots of the story I loved this book and will be readingfrom this author A well crafted realistic romance. After reading the reviews I downloaded this book, how sorry I was Five minutes in and I could figure out this tired old story that s been done for years and years Add insult to injury, this author may think she s Einstein, but I have never seen part 2 in a series selling for 4.19 Most of the time there are offers for boxed sets for half this price or less.Don t waste your time. The s sorry line was goodWhat was hard for me to get past was the often stilted language I felt like I was being lectured That made it hard for me to stay in the story I found that very distracting I it is also a kind of a cliffhanger I would love to know what happens to Tristan and Arianna just not hard enough to wade through another book. A love story which tackles difficult subjects yet the strength of the human heart It is well written and pulls along the reader, where realistic characters play out the fortunes that are thrown at them.Full of romance, yes, but like real life, nothing is ever that straightforward.A good, touching read for those who like the romance genre. Tears of EnduranceA very well written story about finding true love and friendship Two brothers and a beautiful woman survive through the happiest as well as the worst time of the lives.

D.G Torrens is a prolific author who also lends her time as a Headline Reviewer for BBC WM 95,6 FM Radio.D.G has written and published 14 books since 2011 The author s love for writing began at a very early age She would pen poetry in her spare time and then graduated to short stories by the age of 12 years old A mother to a 7 year old daughter and full time writer, D.G Torrens likes to powe

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 156 pages
  • Tears of Endurance
  • D.G. Torrens
  • English
  • 12 April 2019

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