Dead Shambles

Dead Shambles I won this book on first reads.I liked the songs but couldnt engage with the characters if you like a stage play and zombies then this is the book for you. Dead Shambles Dead And Still Singing First Of My Amateur Vile Horrors Trilogy Of Stage Plays Dead Shambles Is About Seven Survivors Of A Zombie Apocalypse Who Have Retreated To Their Local Police Station In The Hopes Of Finding Safety However, Once Behind Safe Firm Walls They Realize That There Is To Fear In Post Apocalyptic Britain Then The Hoards Of Undead That Are Waiting For Them Outside Who Are The Real Monsters In This Tale And Are They On The Inside Or The Outside This Play Is Written For A Large Non Professional Cast And As Such I Will Not Be Seeking Royalties For Non Profit Making Amateur Productions Please See The Previous Copyright Section At The Beginning Of This Book For Details I Have Tried To Create An Adaptable Cast Of Characters, With A Script That Gives As Much Flexibility As Possible For Casting Within Existing Drama GroupsOver All Dead Shambles Is Designed To Give Actors, Musicians, Dancers, And Technicians An Opportunity To Experiment, Explore And Above All, Have Fun It Is Also A Great Opportunity To Play A Zombie I Have Provided Song Lyrics, But It Is Up To Your Production To Adapt The Play To A Specific Music Style Is Your Production A Big Number Style Musical, A Rock Opera, A Jazz Fest, Or A Rap And Street Dance Bonanza Maybe You Prefer To Perform The Lyrics As Poetry Instead, Or Even Omit The Songs Altogether Either Way, You May Adapt The Lyrics To Reflect Your Chosen Style And The Music You Have Chosen To Accompany Each NumberI Have Also Tried To Pitch The Use Of Bad Language In This Play To Be Reasonably Acceptable To Audiences And Players Who Are Aged Fifteen Or Older Please Feel Free To Tone Language And Content Up Or Down According To The Needs Of Your Production Original and Fantastic 5 Dead Shambles The Stage Play is a superb piece ready to be opened and displayed to the world Many groups will find this useful with its clever construction and usability for the stage After recently having involvement with stage management I can see its full potential.Unusual, creative and bizarre nothing like it since Little Shop of Horrors great stuff Open it and take a look sure to stretch your imagination a strong 5 Dead Shambles by Chris Raven is an exciting new stage script with song lyrics for a Zombie musical.Not only is this a great idea, Raven has executed this with obvious expertise and sound knowledge of the theatre business.The lyrics are in perfect rhyme and rhythm yet the style and exact interpretation of the play is left open for various possible adaptations.While reading the play it began to come to life in my mind and while I envisaged itlike a rock musical I can see how this could be staged with camp disco music or many other colourings.Raven s creativity is inspiring and reminds me how much fun musicals and stage plays can be.I am sure the theatre world is grateful for his offering and I hope to see it on a stage near me soon. I actually rather enjoyed this book I did a LOT of am dram when I was younger so am used to reading scripts It was well written not entirely sure about the musical interludes but I guess with the music and in sequence it could work I liked the subject matter, even though I think this theme might be limited to an older showing and at certain times of the year I have a couple of friends who are playwrights and lots of actor friends so I ll be sure to tell them about it I also have a friend who just loves zombies so I shall happily pass it on to her.

author chrisraven.

❰Reading❯ ➶ Dead Shambles  Author Chris  Raven –
  • Paperback
  • 72 pages
  • Dead Shambles
  • Chris Raven
  • English
  • 13 June 2018
  • 9781494788971

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