Old Loyalty, New Love

Old Loyalty, New Love When Jackal Shifter Quade Danas Was Banished From His Pack For Being Gay, He Spent Years In The Military Escaping His Father S Prejudice Before Returning To Civilian Life As A Bodyguard For Roman Howell, The Teenage Son Of A Very Rich Man After Roman Is In An Accident That Leaves Him Physically Scarred And Emotionally Distant, Quade Is The Only One Who Can Get Through To Him As Roman Becomes A Man, He Realizes What He Wants His Bodyguard By His Side And In His Bed Unfortunately, Quade Can T Seem To See Past The Kid Roman Once Was To The Man He Has Become, Certain Roman S Feelings Are Merely Misplaced Gratitude But Roman Knows A Lot Than Quade Realizes, And He S Used To Persevering, No Matter How Many Impediments Life Throws His Way He Wants The Chance To Prove To Quade That He S Strong Enough For A Jackal Alpha To Call Mate Despite The Decades Quade Has Been Away, And The Heartache Of His Father S Rejection, His Inborn Loyalty To The Pack Remains, And His Abrupt Departure Left The Jackal Shifters Without An Alpha Heir As A Psychopath Shifter Staking Claim As Alpha Draws Quade Back Home, And Quade Feels Compelled To Heed The Call, He May Be Forced To Make A Choice He Never Anticipated But Doing So Means He Must Leave Roman Behind Unless Somehow They Find A Way To Make Loyalty And Love Work Together

Mary Calmes believes in romance, happily ever afters, and the faith it takes for her characters to get there She bleeds coffee, thinks chocolate should be its own food group, and currently lives in Kentucky with a five pound furry ninja that protects her from baby birds, spiders and the neighbor s dogs To stay up to date on her ponderings and pandemonium as well as the adventures of the ninja

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  • ebook
  • 246 pages
  • Old Loyalty, New Love
  • Mary Calmes
  • English
  • 04 March 2019
  • 9781627984751

10 thoughts on “Old Loyalty, New Love

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    oh, hey.remember that time mary calmes set a 17yo boy on fire so that his bodyguard would be the only one in the world who could love him despite his melted face OMG SO ROMANTIC view spoiler it s not romantic it s fucking disgusting.because that kid s disfigurement is nothing to the disfigurement you invite upon your soul when you indulge in a fantasy this petty, childish, and vindictive.not even kidding.don t do it to yourself.this world can be about getting back at all the people who ever made you feel bad.it can.but it can also be about, you know, living a good life.instead of grinding your exes under your heel, or trying to leash people to you with blackmail so they can never, ever, ever leave you.only kids and deranged romance novelists think that way.my mom used to read me that scripture right up until the day she kicked me out of the house for being gay.open to interpretation, obviously.my interpretation be kind to people.keep record of wrong in books.and hope for many, many of each that you can love with all your heart hide spoiler

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    4.5 Stars Mary Calmes slung her book crack shifter style with this one To which I say I know what I wanted when I came to this party I wanted possessive claiming I wanted mine I wanted a little cray cray that seemed to surround the main characters but somehow fucking worked for them And I got it.Crackish Fiend is Happy.I got a lot of Yeah and What dialogue too That could count toward the Con pile but the motherfucking Pros outweigh that con in this one for me.Yes, the Calmesian formula struck again and it was smelling like pie Not any kind of pie mind you, oh no, this book extols the miracles of cherry pie Sweet Cheesus, save me from pies I m eating a slice of apple crumb as I write this review as a way to toast Quade and Roman and their jackal alpha fucking PRoman Howell is super rich, lives in a chateau aka castle mansion in Maine He has been burned significantly on his face and body during a bus accident while a teenager Now at 27, his face is permanently scarred Instead of letting his disfigurement control his life, Roman lives life with the help of his longtime bodyguard Quade Quade is over six feet tall, Greek, older and a walking wet dream Plus, he s a alpha jackal shifter Roman and stubborn Quade have been circling around falling for each other for too many year, Roman finally makes his move and offers something the alpha can t resist love.Points to the author for choosing a unique shifter, a jackal and the sprinkling of Egyptian mythology That was different I like the jackal society she created While I would ve loved some action especially against the villain, I mean there was blatant build up for some primo ass kicking, Calmes doesn t have time for that because there are pies to eaten, coats to be worn, food to be cooked, touching to be done, kisses to be given and alpha fawning that needs constant attention No time for the drinking game with this one, I d need a new liver if I played with this book At first, I thought Roman was the Jory of the book But it was a shared effort between Roman and Quade EVERYBODY wanted Quade once he left Maine the tops only but would bottom for Quade only rent boy not included purses lips Quade didn t really have to flex his shifter muscles around because he exuded so my alphaness people couldn t fucking handle themselves around him including Roman who kept rubbing on him and grinding And I wondered WTF is with everyone and their fucking hands But you know what All of it The crazy shifter duel that was over in two blinks because there was important business to get to The important business being Christmastime and if there is anything I know MC loves, it s Christmas The Santa jizz was abundant And I found myself not giving a flying shit As long as Quade kept biting Roman and filling his hole with alpha cock, claiming his mate over and over again, I didn t care Somehow all of the talking about mundane shit, shifter shit, longing shit, returning back to your roots shit, friends to lovers shit, pie motherfucking baking shitit fucking worked Praise be Calmes Because I m reading 2 with bells on They might even possibly jingle view spoiler No, they will not Kris Kringle would melt before that happens but it s nice to dream P hide spoiler

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    My Mary Calmes Addiction, or Why Jory Likes PieMary Calmes s books are apple pies They re all apple pies Sometimes they have allspice in the apple mix, sometimes sultanas, sometimes they have a crispy crumble top instead of pastry Sometimes they re tarte tatin If apple pie doesn t do it for you if you try one of her apple pies and think, Bleurgh, apple, then a different apple pie is probably still not going to be your thing.But sometimes you just love the warm homey feeling apple pie gives you, even if you don t, objectively, like apple filling all that much And the pastry is a bit thick Or, even, occasionally, lumpy and still raw in patches.I read A Matter of Time first It was then five books At the end of book one I was not enjoying the pie It was oversweet and cloying But it was a two in one book, and I had to finish, for the sake of completeness And by the end of book two I was addicted to apple pie After Matter of Time I read Again, and I was pissed off This is another apple pie I cried I d been expecting carrot cake, or at the very least blueberry pie.But one night I re read Again, and I suddenly got it There s no point being annoyed at apple pie You appreciate it was what it is, not what you want it to be All at once, because, in truth, Mary Calmes makes her apple pies with spoonfuls of both love and crack, I just embraced the sugary squishiness It s very hard to explain or justify.If you are not yet addicted to apple pies, I can t in honesty recommend them There is not one single book I can point at and say, This one This one is actually a good book I love Again because it s a wish fulfillment fantasy about being dumped but you re really still loved after all I love Mine because it s a wish fulfillment fantasy about being completely dysfunctional but someone loving you and saving you and looking after you despite this I love What Can Be because it s a wish fulfillment fantasy about leaving someone who loves you so much they refuse to be left Running away, and knowing they will always chase I think Mary Calmes knows all my secrets that I am flaw than substance and deeply unlovable, and so she writes these utterly unbelievable books that work as emotional fracking filling in the cracks and bringing remnants of trust and hope and joy up to the surface so I can savor the biochemical sips When I am dying in my last days and they are cold and dry and without emotion I ll know it s because Mary Calmes used her apple pie voodoo to wring those final drops out of my cynical brain forty years earlier Worth it.

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    4 Stars Well that certainly hit the spot for some yummy shifter goodness Props to Calmes, who of course brings her classic brand of over the top possessiveness, with some crazy ridiculousness, that simply works perfectly when it comes to the paranormal setting Throw in her trademark, irresistible MC, and you ll be hard pressed to not finish this in one go, as shenanigans ensue.For me, the blurb hinted at something far angstier than what I got, and I m totally fine with that Quade is a jackal, one of the most powerful of his kind, but instead of being the leader of his pack, he was kicked out prematurely by his father who could not accept his sexuality Though he misses his shifter life, he s made his own by being the bodyguard of rich, influential Roman, who basically runs a business empire in small town Maine Quade loves Roman but feels he must leave the young man soon, believing his feelings inappropriate and thinking his presence is holding Roman back from settling down with the right man What Quade doesn t fully comprehend is that Roman is ready to be all in with him specifically, a concept Quade just can t quite grasp When his pack calls for help, it sets in motion the revealing of secrets both he and Roman have been keeping, making it that much harder for Quade to leave Roman to fulfill his innate duty.What results is some nicely done pack politics, power plays, and hot smexy claiming, as Quade and Roman negotiate their new lives and responsibilities No where near confounding as Change of Heart though that series is amazing in its own right , I enjoyed the setup of this and really look forward to the sequels It s been hinted at from various reviews and updates from future books that there s some intense, violent, possibly heart stopping badassery coming, and I look forward to the ingenious reveals regarding this unique world that is to come I don t expect any less from a Calmes shifter book My mind and body are ready

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    SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT BOOK The Story 2 Pants Off I read this book a few years ago and I didn t hate it, gave it a 3 s I m sure I m being very generous with my new rating because something must have happened and I really kind of hate this.The story is irritating, Quade is irritating even so than Roman Like how you gon have this poor boy disfigured badly and include the narrative that everyone else is like ewww except for one man who can see beyond his scars That shit is hella played Not to mention the story is jumbled with no clear plot point but, to show Quade s relevance at being awesome and looking skin deep Then the nonchalant dialogue really fucking pissed me off I freaking get it, you guys are so cool and can never get riled but for me it came off like a airhead Pay the fuck attention and stop being like a leaf in the wind actual depiction of their thought process.Gist of the matter, Quade the alpha he also the best cus he a special alpha He found love in a hopeless place and now they all live happily ever after The Narration 1.75 Pants OffWhat the heck was this Before I begin my rant let me say I like Tristan James voice it s nice and soothing, but I did not like Tristan James narration of this.First, every damn character sounded the same There wasn t even trying or any form of imagination on this Just someone reading the book out loud and making me realize how much of a hot mess this story is If there was a little showmanship I might have enjoyed it .Second, everything came off sounding like he was reading in disbelief Like Tristan couldn t believe the story he was reading and because he couldn t sell it, I wasn t buying it What a mess Overall, this audio might have been a bad idea I should have went on thinking the story was ok from my fist read Having someone read it out loud made me realize that it really pissed me off Like who in their right mind is gonna sit down with the ex that cheated with the best friend, and then have them say some fuck shit about the man you love and allow them to walk away with all their teeth and limbs Gawww, I m so fucking irritated Another case of SSDB SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT BOOK

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    I needed something sweet and simple that I d already read so I wouldn t feel the need to review it However, I think it s only fair to share that view spoiler although so many people coughed in this book they should either purchase stock in Ricola or die of consumption hide spoiler

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    Written January 6, 20143 1 2 Stars A witty, romantic and really entertaining shifter story although I lacked that extraIt was time for a completely new shifter romance by the well established author Mary Calmes and, as always, I had high expectations First of all, Old Loyalty, New Love is really a very enjoyable PNR romance and it s nicely written But I have still some ambivalence and mixed feelings about this book I really don t know right now, if I like it quite a lot or just like okay but not , ie as just approved On the one hand, is this story actually really, really good, with a lovely, witty dialogue and plenty of fun banters It is also very sensual, romantic and wonderfully yearning and hot On the other hand, it feels like I started reading into the midst of a long time ago already started book I kind of missed a lot of initial pages which didn t exist You become as embroiled in the middle of a dialogue, and in the beginning of the book it felt very confusing and it took quite some time before I began to feel with, and for, the characters The plot in Old Loyalty, New Love is about the jackal shifter Quade Danas He has when the story begins been an ever present bodyguard to a younger very wealthy man in eleven years Quade is not only a bodyguard, but also friend and support to Roman Howell, the young beautiful inheritor, who when he was only seventeen, was severely burned on the upper body and in his face at a traffic accident Just a few years later, as a 22 year old, he also sadly became an orphan and inherited a huge property and great wealth Seeing him with his hands fisted at his sides, eyes blazing, jaw clenched, face flushed, sent a jolt of fear down my spine Quade and Roman talk about everything and nothing, and below the surface is also a rapidly growing attraction A single topic, however, is completely forbidden and secret, the fact that Quade is a jackal shifter and a seer Something that is so cozy is that they are also quite physical and touch each other all the time, without in any way sexually, but the emotions and the heat is rising Then one day everything changes There is also a nineteen years age difference which I just think makes the whole love story so much interesting and even cute and romantic What is cozier in a good romance than long, and in some ways also faithful, very wistful longing for the very best love and this story becomes very yummy in the end You re so beautiful, I uttered, my voice low and hoarse And you beliving that makes me feel that way, he confessed The way you look at me, like you want me, have to have me, might die without me you re my miracle For once, in a gay romance, is this story only told in the voice of one character s POV Quade s , which sometimes is a pity in books But overall I learned yet, in the end, to know them both very well Moreover, both these men, and quite a few other lovely characters, are both interesting to meet and exciting to hear for there is a lot of talking , and I always love that in the romances I read Thoughts and feelings are not described again and again They are spoken instead, and they are pronounced with both words and actions by the characters Nicely done and just this providing a glimmering star from me He needed me I belonged to him What I tought or felt had no consequence, no bearing on anything Only what he wanted mattered, and what he wanted was me This romance is also about making up with the old, forget and forgive and move on Sometimes you need to reevaluate old assumptions and decisions, and take a chance on something new that can make everything so much better for many.There is of course a lovely and grand HEA as in all romances but I sense a sequel about Quade and Roman and all their friends, and the two characters and maybe new lovebirds view spoiler Arnan and Tucker hide spoiler

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    4.5 StarsSurprise, surprise, I loved it I read a lot of shifter stories and I love the possessive qualities of the romances within such stories I crave all the epic mate bonds and the mine, mine, mine vibes, and thankfully all of that was present and accounted for in this first story within Calmes L Ange series Uniquely, the shifter kind explored here was that of the jackal, tying back to ancient Egypt and the Greek God Anubis I loved the deviation from the all too popular wolf werewolf shifter stories that I often read, and although the shifter world building didn t get too in depth here, I liked what I did learn and I m hoping background information is revealed in the sequels What I particularly enjoyed was the fact that the MCs, Quade and Roman, had a long term established relationship in the form of boss and employee, and also closest friends and confidante s, before the story even began Even though they d known each other for eleven years, there was no insta love between these two their bond was built and strengthened over time, so when they did admit their long harboured feelings it all felt like a natural progression in their relationship Then, of course, all the mating and mine, mine, mine happened, AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT This still had that wacky, almost ridiculous, quality that so many of Calmes books have, but I wasn t as astounded by it here it was either tamer than the dramatics and silliness of some of the books I have previously read by Calmes, OR I m becoming completely immune to her brand of madness Either way, I found this story completely addictive and I eagerly look forward to seeing what comes next for Quade, Roman and their newly established pack.

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    Kinda a Beast and the Beast story Nice sense of setting Not that I know jack about Maine, but it sure did seem pretty Plus, Roman living in the fairy tale castle on the hill sorta made it even prettier Okay, so yeah, I guess I just flew with the fantasy world of Quade and Roman in this one.Quade is hot, experienced and a lot than he seems I liked the little extra twist from a wolf shifter to jackal it added a little pizzaz and fun background I liked him, a lot Understood honor and duty.Roman, the beautiful heir tragically scarred He was lovely, and determined Once he knew what he wanted and knew he could have it He chased Nice Unfortunately, he really didn t add much to the story except for some shopping and arm candy for Quade The whole drama with Quade definitely took this a slightly different direction than I was expecting In fact, it added two whole other stories which seemed a bit odd, but I just kept rolling Anyway, this wasn t amazing it was a sweet and entertaining moment.Favorite quote No shifter will ever think I chose you out of anything beyond simple want Do you understand that A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews

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    Re read 12 16 16 Loved it just as much, if not , than the last time I read it Did I love it Duh It s Mary Freakin Calmes Nuff said.

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