Autumns Blood (The Spirit Shifters, #1)

Autumns Blood (The Spirit Shifters, #1) You always know that when you read marissa farrar s work how amazing it is going to be and also how unique this one just set the bar even higher I loved this books so much, i was compelled to just keep turning the pages to find out what was going to happen.I loved the idea of the spirit shifters, i have read a lot of books about shifters in many different aspects but the idea of spirit shifters just sang to me, it was just so unique and original Having a spirit choose you is such a compelling read Autumn s charachter was so well written, it is always so nice to read about a strong capable woman in books, what can i say i like strength in woman and the way she has been written captures her inner beauty and strength SHe matches up to Blake so well, they are both so strong in completely differnet ways Blake is such the Alpha male in his caring and protective manner although he tries to cover it all with a mask, this ws portrayed so well.One of the things i found the most appealing in this book is when they go back to the reservation There is just such a feeling of family and home there and although Blake hasnt been back for 10 years they all want to help This is the part of the book that o feel is just so well written I just cant wait to take on the next book.As always this deservesthan 5 stars and everyone should read this. Fun urban fantasy book, but i would not call it paranormal romance by a long shot Hard to get in to when the character never have to regular stuff like showers, eat or go to bathroom.I don t want to read that a couple of days have passed by I want to experience it.The book had one main event, hopefully the next one will be a little editpacked. In a discreet government facility in Chicago scientists are trying to unearth the truth behind a group of people who appear to have the ability to shift into the form of an animal OMG Wow Absolutely fantastic read CNPID I loved the story and the characters Blake and Autumn are my favourite characters I knew this would be a page Turner Lots of action from page one Can t wait for book 2 This is a must read and I would highly recommend this book 5 although I would have givenif I could. a wonderful start to a series that has such potential love thr native motif she has used with imagery Blake a strong enforcer and gifted as a shifter is out in a horrid spot where he must put his honour to the test.the Dr is interesting and can t wait to see what happens next with herChogan cousin or betrayer what is he really his story has just begun This is the first book I ve read by this author and I have to say it won t be the last Autumn s Blood is full of tension, romance and a bulked up hottie who shifts into a wolf what s not to love The storyline is full of intrigue and had me hooked The characters are interesting and even though we learn a lot about them, I know there s still so much to come It s an exciting start to a series I thought a paranormal romance would be out of my comforting zone, usually preferring crime and thriller reads, but then I remembered what a fan I am of the Twilight Saga and began Autumn s Blood with high hopes This author does not disappoint and I m looking forward to reading the second in the series characters lack depthNot appealingselfish, narcissisticNo emotional maturityplot not well planned.backstory not explained enough If you re looking for a shifter story with a difference, then this is it Unlike other stories whereby you are born a shifter or are infected by a bite, the shifters in this series are actually animal guides According to Native Indian legend, we all have an animal guide and in this series reality, some shifters integrate with their animal guide from birth making them much stronger whilst others are introduced to their animal guide in their teens.Dr Autumn Anderson is a world renowned geneticist who is something of a genius She attends an interview for a job with a secret government department but she isn t told exactly what the top secret project is about The project is run by a General Maxim Dumas and his head of security is Blake Wolfcollar Dumas has discovered that shifters exist and he has captured three of them to study It is his intention to create an army of shifters but first, he must discover what it is that makes them shift Although he runs a tight ship, Dumas is unaware that his head of security and head of research are both shifters who have infiltrated the team to try and keep one step ahead.On her second day at work, Autumn has a laboratory accident which reveals that her blood is special to shifters Blake is informed and they both go on the run even though Autumn doesn t know what she is running from Blake tries to explain what the project is about but she just scoffs at him believing that shifters are just a myth He decides that the quickest and easiest way to persuade her of the importance of them staying hidden and on the run is to shift in front of her From then on, her life is never the same again Staying one step ahead of Dumas team is a mission in itself but throughout it all, Blake keeps her safe Despite being on the run, they also decide that they have to go back to the laboratory to free the shifter captives They are assisted by Blake s cousin Chogan and other shifters from his old reservation but there is animosity between the two which Autumn finds herself caught up in This is book one of the trilogy and I can t wait to read the other two, although I may wait until book 3 is released before reading book 2 as I hate having to wait ages for all the books to be written released I received this book from the author for an honest review I hope book 2 comes out quickly, the exciting story has to go on There is still so many possibilities for this story s development Well written and fast paced the author has your attention very quickly Drawn into the world of corrupt military men, DNA alterations and shifters, you get lost in the pages of the book Filled with excitement, adventure and romance to keep you engaged till the last page The characters believable as we explore this world of the paranormal, a great fictitious story.In Autumn s quest, to find the missing boy and her missing friend she experienced things vastly different then in the lab she normally worked in She had to trust men that came to her rescue And, did I mention that said men were drop dead gorgeous, not Well ladies, it is true Tall, dark and extremely handsome with enough testosterone to keep you melting Not to talk about the bulging muscles, the wide chests and tree trunk thighs on regular display.As the story progress, you learnabout Blake, a Native American, ex marine and now head of security as he tried to save the day His brooding composure a constant reminder that not all was well, as he devoured Autumn with his eyes Doing the right thing even when his family disagreed.Chogan, his cousin came to the city to find a missing woman from the reservation, and this is where all the fun starts.The author did a wonderful job, creating this unique story, your imagination running wildly as shifters appeared, mesmerizing you as they fight for their cause From eagles to bears, mountain lions and wolves, your attention are captured till the very end. I was given this book by the author in return for an honest review.What an exciting story I have always loved shifter stories but this was something a whole lotAutumn is a fantastic main character and is made to realise rather quickly that shifter s exist and that SHE is the key to the government being able to build a SUPER army Blake a shifter helps Autumn to escape her fate of being locked in a cell and having her blood taken and used against her will The two with the help of other shifter s plan to rescue the shifter s that a re being held and tortured In the midst of all this Autumn and Blake realise that they have fallen in love with each other I cannot wait to read the second book to see what happens after Blakes cousin Chogan has tried to announce to the world that shifter s do indeed exist Excellent book and well worth anyones time to read it In A Discreet Government Facility In Chicago, Scientists Are Trying To Unearth The Truth Behind A Group Of People Who Appear To Have The Ability To Shift Into The Form Of AnimalsEnsconced Among The Government Officials, Blake Wolfcollar Hides The Truth Of What He Is, Struggling Between His Desire To Help Those He S A Part Of, While Remaining Undercover In His Position The Last Thing Autumn Anderson Expects Upon Starting Her New Job Is The Dangerous, Sexy Man Whose Touch Seems To Burn But An Accident Unleashes A Potential She Never Knew She Held Inside Her, And Autumn And Blake Find Themselves On The RunAs Their Feelings For One Another Grow, They Must Fight To Preserve The Secret That Could See The End Of Them Both

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