What You Leave Behind

What You Leave Behind Ten Years Is A Long Time And Even Though I Love You, I Don T Think This Is Best For Us Any Those Are The Words That Fall From Liam Barnes Lips And Leave Harper Reed S Heart In Ruins On The Side Of Interstate He S Lost And He Thinks Leaving Her And All Of Oregon In His Rear View Is What He Needs To Find Himself, Dragging Her Heart Right Along With Him As He Goes Blindsided And Devastated By The Loss, Harper S Life Crumbles Around Her, But She S Not The Only One Rocked By The News Of Liam S Departure Austin Hayward, Liam S Best Friend And Her Long Time Admirer, Handles It About As Well As Harper Not Well At All He Is The Only Other Person Who Understands The Abandonment And Helplessness She Feels, And She Finds Comfort In Their Common Sorrow And, Unexpectedly, In His Arms It S Where Austin Has Always Wanted Her And Where Neither Of Them Predicted She Would End Up But Is It Where She Ll Stay Is A New Spark Enough, When Compared To An Old Flame, Like The One Austin Can See Still Flickering In Her Eyes Toward The End Of A Downward Spiral Lie The Answers What You Leave Behind Is A Story Of Anxious Hearts, The Deceitful Self, And What It Means To Be Lost And Found Again

Jessica Katoff is a boring Digital Marketing Manager by day and a fiction novelist, contemporary poet, screenwriter, and songwriter on the side Since 2014, she has released four poetry collections, Love like Arson, Vessels, These Wild Bones, and Words You Will Never Read When she isn t pretending to be a professional or staring hopelessly at the blinking cursor on her laptop screen, Jessica love

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  • What You Leave Behind
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  • 14 May 2019
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    Another P2P Fanfic Just based on the quotes alone, this book is not for me There s also a rumor it was once a fanfic, and judging by the quotes listed for this book, I wouldn t be surprised The writing in those quotes is awful, all telling, no showing, and the blurb is full of cliches Not my thing, thanks.ETA I have confirmation that this book was once the Twilight fanfiction Porcelain Heart by queenofgray I read this once already, no need to read it in a regurgitated fashion One star for you, book.

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    ummmwhat the hell was thisthe whole book passed with building Harper Austin s relationship and then bamshe goes back to her loser exWTF

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    I m on the fence with this one I have a few mixed emotions. Liam is Harper s boyfriend of 10 years, and on their anniversary she thinks that he is coming to propose to her, instead he breaks up with her and leaves her on the side of the road Of course like any girl would she totally breaks down.This brings us to Austin, who is a friend to Harper and Liams Best friend He is upset that his friend left without so much as a word as to where he is going, but also that he hurt the very girl that Austin has always been in love with, but had to pass by because he is a good friend He s a really good guy, so when Harper leans on him to get through losing Liam, it s not hard to see how and why he falls so fast..I liked that Liam wasn t just over Harper, that we find out that he loved her This wasn t a guy who left his long term girlfriend and went on a screwing spree He was broken, although the reasons why he was broken I think escaped me, I felt bad for him but at the same time I kind of felt that he had no right to feel like he had any right to Harper Even when he comes back to town and tells her to be with Austin, you know he wants her for himself, and that just made the story line hard for me I wanted her to be with Liam, because she loved him and he loved her, but she loved Austin too and Austin was there for her when Liam had to find himself I think my issue was that I didn t know who I wanted her to end up with. Even in the end when she chose one of the guys, I still wasn t sure that I wanted that guy to be the one who ended up with Harper..

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    Jessica Katoff s debut novel captures heartbreak so achingly well, yet creates a balm over that pain in her story to remind readers that hope is not always lost Beautifully written and devastatingly good.

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    I finished this book about a month ago after reading the entire thing in less than 48 hours I waited until now to post a review because I am STILL hashing through my feelings STILL Frankly, this is not Disney, it is a adult literature In adulthood things don t always turn out the way we want them too I can t say anything about the plot without giving things away I had all sorts of feelings while reading this book and I wish not to rob anyone of the opportunity to experience those feelings for themselves A good book is not determined by a happy or unhappy ending, It is determined by it s ability to get inside you and make you feel This book does that.

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    After being together for over ten years, Liam Barnes blind sides Harper Reed by telling her he is leaving to find himslef and to find out if he really loves or wants her This poor young thing is in ruins and who does she tuirn to Liams and her best friend Austin Hayward, who has secretly been in love with her for years This could have been a fantastic story line and book, but it became too whiney and feel sorry for me book Yes, we all get blind sited sometime in our lives, some of us thatn others, and we all get hurt, betrayed and trashed by someone we love This story brought out the worse of the characters for me instead of showing how strong, and independent they were and if I ever called my mother a bitchWHOA Sorry,but was not impressed I didn t find it romantic at all.

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    Wow Very detailed and heartwarming book I couldnt put the book down I have to admit, I read this book in record time by my standards This being the first book by this author, I hope there many to follow My hat goes off to ya along with a shot of whiskey

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    Soapy, and so o melodramatic Despite writing that is too wordy, the characters remain flat, clich and unlikeable, in my opinion Poorly done.

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review I finished this book last night and have been sitting on my thoughts since This is a hard book for me to review I usually don t like love triangles so I try to avoid reading a book based on a love triangle all together The synopsis of What You Leave Behind wasn t completely indicative of this being a love triangle Often, I find myself rating books on the feeling I get when I read them so than the plot, writing, themes, etc This is especially true if something in the book I ve experienced or can envision myself experiencing With that said, I have nothing in common with Harper, the heroine Except that we both have in common a deceased parent who died of cancer Harper is lost in love, drowning it it The love of her life that spanned a decade leaves her and the hollow that is left is lost She finds comfort in his best friend I found Harper a bit naive She s 26 and it felt like I should be reading about am 18 19 year old girl What You Leave Behind is about the after math of her great love leaving her and what happens when he returns It s about finding friendship in unlikely places It s about finding yourself in the rubble that s been left I really did like the story The writing is descriptive and forthcoming The story is engaging to the point that I wanted to know what happens and who she would choose It provoked feeling in me even though it wasn t all positive For that, it s worth reading I just didn t love it I found myself having a hard time connecting with Harper She is so confused and back forth that I found nothing relatable The story is angsty, which I don t mind But the main character herself is a constant state of angst, which I did mind That s where experience comes into play I ve never been in Harper s situation and without that experience it s harder for me to understand her I loved Austin s character, a lot He s a broken man who has lost his support system He s found his great love and wants to commit to it Liam is a train wreck Not even he understand why he let go of the love he held in the palm of his hand Although his story is a bit under developed, it s tragic My heart broke for him I wish we would have gotten a little bit of his story when he left because it seemed as though there was so much to him than what we got All three, Harper, Liam, and Austin have been each other s support for most of their adolescent lives When one third of their whole disappears, emotional chaos ensues Harper s mom, Hilary, was a breath of fresh air She s spunky, honest, and real I d love to read her story of healing Personally, I was disappointed in the ending I thought it would go a totally different way but again, it provoked feeling from me so for that alone I have to say I liked the book Overall, it s a good read and I d suggest it It s just not the type of story I d read all the time.

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    to you by OBS reviewer AndraWell I was almost in tears from the break up in the prologue Have we not all been through one bad break up And the first is the most devastating My heart went out to Harper in droves But it this story is not just about her loss, but also about the loss of Austin s best friend he was dumped as well by Liam when he just up and left Harper The three good friends were no .and Harper and Austin had to come to terms with this.The progression of life after devastation was so well told One survives a break up little by little and the time frame is different for each individual and each break up The writing was so good in my opinion that one could not help but feel gut wrenching hurt for Harper and being uplifted when Harper began to accept and move on.I must say though, I don t know anyone who has the luxury of essentially NOT going into work for a month.even if it was a family run business So this part was a bit unrealistic in my opinion We all need time to grieve, but life must go on.I enjoyed Hilary Harper s mother , with her love of knives when protecting her daughter Her jabs at Liam made me chuckle..serves him right for messing with her daughter.Clare and Dylan were great on many levels They provided much needed comic relief while encouraging Harper to think about each decision she made I loved how Clare just spoke her mind And when they all moved in together.giggles abounded.The changing relationship of Harper and Austin post breakup was very stirring and relatable I found Austin s sensitivity to Harper s feeling very moving He was not a perfect suitor but throughout the story he held what was best for Harper in the forefront of his feelings and actions It spoke volumes to me about what a solid character he was, regardless of his checkered upbringing.The whole journey and I shall not say as I feel you must read the story and thus I cannot include anything that would spoil the read was thought provoking and heart wrenching but well worth the journey You won t be disappointed at least in this readers opinion OBS would like to thank the author for supplying a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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