The Devil's Bones

The Devil's Bones A Woman S Charred Body Has Been Found Inside A Burned Car Perched Atop A Hill In Knoxville Is It Accidental Death, Or Murder Followed By Arson Forensic Anthropologist Bill Brockton S Quest For Answers Prompts An Experiment Straight From Dante S Inferno In The Dark Of Night, He Puts Bodies To The Torch, Researching How Fire Consumes Flesh And Bone In The Meantime, Brockton Is Sent A Mysterious Package A Set Of Cremated Remains That Looks Entirely Unreal With The Help Of A Local Crematorium, He Investigates And Discovers A Truth Too Horrifying To Believe A Facility In Another State Has Not Been Disposing Of Bodies Properly, Instead Scattering Them All Around The Grounds Little Does Brockton Know That His Research Is About To Collide With Reality With The Force Of A Lit Match Meeting Spilled Gasoline En Route To Trial, His Nemesis, Medical Examiner Garland Hamilton, Has Escaped From Custody What Follows Is A Deadly Game Of Cat And Mouse, Played For The Ultimate Stakes Brockton S Own Life With Help From His Loyal Graduate Assistant, Miranda, And Ace Criminalist Art Bohanan, Brockton Eventually Tracks Hamilton, But When The Police Arrive, They Find Only A Smoldering Ruin Sifting Through The Ashes, Brockton Finds The Incinerated Remains Of Hamilton Or Does He The Answer Along With Brockton S Ultimate Test Comes In A Searing Moment Of Truth


➩ The Devil's Bones Ebook ➯ Author Jefferson Bass –
  • Hardcover
  • 309 pages
  • The Devil's Bones
  • Jefferson Bass
  • English
  • 07 March 2017
  • 9780060759858

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    The Devil s Bones is the third book in Body Farm series Dr Bill Brockton is due to testify in the trial of Garland Hamilton And he s not looking forward to it Not at all Then a week before the trial Hamilton fakes a seizure in prison and escapes from the Emergency Room at UT hospital It s a terrifying development as he s already tried to murder Bill once before Further Hamilton knows all the halls below the hospitals main floor When Dr Brockton hears the news his thoughts go in several different directions What I didn t know was where d he go and what he d do lie low, slip away, or try again to kill me While trying to put his fears of Hamilton s escape in the back of his mind Bill tries to keep his mind on the job at hand He s been asked to help find answers in the case of a woman found charred in a burned out car Bill needs to use forensic science to find out if the women was alive or dead prior to the car catching fire The woman s husband is strongly suspected of killing her but he has a solid alibi Many questions surround the case and Dr B s going to need all his knowledge of forensics to find the evidence necessary to give him the answers If he fails, someone guilty of murder will go free A second case turns up when Bill is asked to look at cremains that are supposed to be Burt DeVress s, aunt When Bill discovers that the cremains are fake he starts asking questions about the mortuary where the aunt s body was sent following her death While trying to find answers for his friend, he uncovers a harrowing, unfathomable scene behind the mortuary The mortuary hasn t been in business for quite some time and has been falsifying cremains for hundreds of customers The plots in this series are partly based from true crimes and are the real deal As in reality, the crime scenes are gruesome, the bad guys are deadly, not just to the victims but to those who are trying to catch them I find myself glued to the chair, clenching the book tightly in both hands, and trying to remember to breathe Especially when it feels like my heart is trying to break out from it s prison of rib bones Dr Bill Brockton, his research assistant Miranda Lovelady, and his KPD cop friend Art Bohanan are just a few of the regular characters that make up the series They are smart, funny, are good friends, and are not above being terrified at one time or another Working together they try to solve cases that only real life would make up It is highly recommended that the Body Farm series be read in order as the subsequent books follow the story s from previous novels You will get enjoyment if read in order The first one is Carved in Bone The Body Farm novels by Jefferson Bass have taken true crime and weaved it into a masterful, first rate fictional mystery crime series It has landed firmly on the top of my favorite book list and the characters have become like family If you are into forensics, love a great crime mystery full of action and suspense, with brilliant and likable characters this series should be on your must read pile Dr Bill Bass is a world renowned forensic anthropologist who founded the University of Tennessee s Anthropology Research Center, informally nicknamed the Body Farm.Groundbreaking research from the Body Farm has revolutionized forensics, helping to solve seemingly unsolvable crimes and has been breaking cold cases wide open, bringing justice to the victims and their families by finding the one s responsible who would otherwise continue to be free Forensic science has also been used to absolve people who have been wrongly convicted I have great respect for Dr Bass and all who helped create the data bases we now use in crime detection today.

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    The Devil s bones by Jefferson Bass.A car accident with a woman s body inside is discovered in Knoxville Dr Bill Brockton starts experiments with corpses to find how a fire may destroy flesh and bone At the same time an acquaintance has a problem with the cremains of his aunt and asks Dr Brockton s assistance in uncovering the reason why there is such a discrepancy in her cremains compared to the average person.Dr Brockton starts to unravel the mystery behind his friend s aunt s cremains by investigating the crematorium where all this took place First he visits an above board crematorium and learns the acceptable way of the procedure There is even to this marvelous mystery that brings up a presence of evil from Bill s past that he would rather never come face to face with again The author s detail in outlining each character and their relationship to Dr Bill helps to bring us into the scene of each day The comprehensive and elaborated details of the environment and settings leaves nothing to our imagination This is one of the most enjoyable mystery series and educational as well.

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    I know it gets tiresome to continually hawk the benefits of one author over and over for three posts now But technically Jefferson Bass is TWO authors So does that make it different Probably not, but I don t care The Body Farm series is continuing to entertain and amaze me, now three books in.The third novel in the series, The Devil s Bones, continues the story of Dr Bill Brockton, University of Tennessee professor and Body Farm founder You need to read the first two novels to really appreciate this one, as it delves deeper into a storyline about a former colleague turned murderer who still has a bone to pick with Brockton pun intended.Forensically, the novel discusses the affect of fire on bones The book begins with a case of a woman who died in an automobile fire There are reasons to suspect foul play, but the main suspect the woman s husband was thousands of miles away in Las Vegas at the time of her demise Brockton conducts experiments to study the affect burning bones has on new and old bones New, or green , bones burn in a spiral pattern that develops from the moisture in them being released quickly, so that the layers of bone are almost steamed Older, dry bones burn in a linear, heavily patterned way, much like old logs in a fire Think about the end of logs burned in a fireplace or bonfire a crosshatch pattern That s how you can tell the difference in new and old bones, therefore also being able to tell the difference between whether a body was burned soon after death or a lengthy amount of time after death.To go along with the burning bones experiments, Jefferson Bass a team of both Dr Bill Bass, the actual Body Farm founder from UT, and journalist Jon Jefferson also addresses a real life case that I remember from my college years in Chattanooga In 2002, a Georgia crematorium was discovered to have been not performing its duties as advertised and as it was paid for During a search of the property that resulted from anonymous tips to the GBI, than 300 bodies were found buried and piled up on the property The crematorium had been sending back to families a mixture of human and animal bones, concrete mix, and filler materials rather than the remains of their loved ones Bass places Brockton thick in the middle of this case, one that was extremely interesting to me, as I remember vividly watching CNN s 24 hour coverage of the property search and ongoing investigation Real life Body Farm professor and author Dr Bill Bass worked some of the cases, which gave him an inside view and factual representation of the story in this novel.I think I ve gone on enough Go get these books My mom has them in hand and has already started the first one, soon to be followed by my other family members.

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    Not the best body farm book I ve read It took me a long time to finish this one not because the storyline was bad However, this one didn t leave me with wanting to run to my bookstore and grab another body farm book It was just ok for me.

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    Good book certainly not one of my favorites I admit to getting wholly tired of the whole disgruntled ME gone crazy it was intriguing the first time, exciting the second time, but this time it s entirely over done Hopefully, the madness is over.I m finally starting to get accustom to this author s writing style I have to say that this book, the 3rd in the series, just wasn t my favorite It seemed like the author just had to stretch to get what he was looking for I m also getting a little tired of the wishy washy way Dr Brockton is with Miranda, his grad student Pardon the expression, but he needs to Pee or get off the Pot.I was glad to see Big Jim O Connor and Waylon they re two of my favorite characters and have been since they were introduced I liked their involvement and really loved learning about them then I knew the first time I think that the author should consider expanding their involvement in the stories .

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    3.5 StarsI really love this series This book is like a continuation of Book 2 with Dr Brockton having to deal with the fallout from Garland Hamilton It was still good, but not nearly as crazy Just trying to figure out where all the pieces fit.

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    3.5 estrelasO Dr Bill Brockton divide se em 2 casos, mas nenhum deles seguiu realmente uma investiga o ao g nero policial, foi mesmo ver as coisas a acontecerem N o foi mau, mas tamb m n o foi uma coisa extraordin ria Valeu muito foi pelos personagens, n o me canso de dizer como s o nicos e engra ados, especialmente Bill, Miranda, Art adoro e Grease quem diria que este advogado dos maiores criminosos podia mudar tanto.Foi muito interessante ler sobre os cremat rios, o seu trabalho e, especialmente, aquele cremat rio que n o cremava os cad veres Ai que cen rioFoi timo rever personagens do primeiro livro, Waylon e o esqueci me do nome dele, o novo xerife, amigo de Waylon Tamb m foi engra ado aquele rev s ainda com Hamilton mas, sinceramente, era um lado da coisa que dispensava Mas, pronto, agora parece que est mesmo terminado view spoiler Ser que vai haver alguma coisa rom ntica entre Bill e Miranda Ele t o mais velho que ela, o filho dele mais velho que Miranda hide spoiler

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    Last night as I was finishing it up there was this whole paragraph or two about an oil lamp I could have been in an impatient mood or perhaps it was an attempt at foreshadowing, but I found myself saying aloud Enough with the lamp This book was really really descriptive on the roads taken to get places This would probably be fun if I lived in Tennessee, but I do not so I found it boring By the end, I was frustrated I ll still read in the series and see how they turn out.Note The bit about the crematorium that just dumped bodies on their property and gave loved ones bogus cremains is based on a true story Suggested reading Death s Acre.

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    edge of my seat made me laugh, made me cringe, made me mad.all this as i was reading throughout the book i loved it

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    Synopsis a woman s charred body has been found inside a burned car Accidental death or murder Brockton conducts an experiment.

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