How to Reprimand Your Rock Star (DommeNation, #2)

How to Reprimand Your Rock Star (DommeNation, #2) A staggeringly hot, fun, swoony and different story about two people who find themselves and each other It s humorous, sexy and outrageous and I loved it This audacious romance tells the story about Thea, a college A list basketball player who not only knows her way around a hoop she s also learning how dominate Keaton, a mysterious, hot and determined rock star.This is a relatively quick read, full of wit and steaminess, but also playful with a twist, having Thea as the female Domme and Keaton happily savoring the submissive role.I loved the pace Mina set, giving the story a lightness at broaching the taboo BDSM subject, and keeping it that wayI could start a kinky sorority Beta Delta Sigma Mu I d be curious to watch faces as they walked by a sorority house that read BDSMIt sweird but nice , not really a BDSM book,like two people trusting each other and benefiting from their newfound dominant and submissive roles by pushing the limits of a very adventurous and strong girl while letting a hot guy who is very selective with who to trust feel free and safe with herWas he doing this to earn a spanking I mean, clever way to get some sexy punishment, but seriouslyEven though I found myself reading something very different than what I am used to and feeling it a bit over the top at first, I loved the way she pulled me into the story and making the characters so endearing Thea is really charismatic This arguably conservative girl is trying out her sexual boundaries and starting off in a very big way But she s also very smart with agood head on her shoulders,choosingwhat was right for her life, not what would feel good momentarilyShe stuck to her guns and I just loved it Keaton is totally sexylicous He is a knight in submissive rock star armor He was thoughtful, sweet and swoony in his caring hotnessMy internal organs liquefying It was sexy rocker induced EbolaAnd between thekinky persuasionand the open, honest communication, love found its way in their unique relationship.The secondary characters just added to the story and made it richer They were supportive, gave good advice, and had interesting personalities Especially Scarlet, Thea s self appointed coach in this new secretive world Not a coach More like a mentor A kinky Obi Wan , if you will May the tawse be with you I m not sure how I decided to this read this book The title and cover are certainly eye catching, but completely different from anything I ve read, and I m really glad I did I m certainly going to add Mina to my writer radar from now on.Warning This book does contain some light BDSM I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review from Netgalley The excerpts are from that copy Forof my reviews and those of my best book buds, and updates Visit our blogStalk us on FaceBookAs well as Twitter Really enjoyed this Love the dominant female submissive male spin on itit was nice to see a change from the typical of late roles The funny thing is, I wasn t sure what I d feel about the role reversalturns out, it was fantastic by fantastic I mean hot.Keaton Thea were really greatloved their interactions Cute funny, I couldn t put it down.If I had any criticism it would be that Keaton was a little instalove y with Theabut then, Thea was pretty insta lust y with him and THAT I didn t mind Overall, it didn t bug me the way it would have in a LOT of other books. Just letting these five stars hold my place Love this author and I m super excited about this series ARC provided by NetgalleyThis book was well written and flowed smoothly However, I had a hard time connecting to the characters I guess was my problem with it The role reversal, while awesome love the idea , came off a tad awkward in my opinion I just didn t feel it Considering the title I was expectingrock star and less sports than what I got That could be another fault I had I was kind of geared up for the musician lifestyle and instead got a lot of sport talk Another thing I had trouble with was Thea and Keaton s connection, to me it just didn Seemed a little forced The story was original and I loved the premise of it I just had a hard time connecting with it and the characters. As soon as I found out the release date for HOW TO REPRIMAND YOUR ROCK STAR and that I could get an eARC, I added the review to the schedule and booked Mina to come hang on the blog with us Hopefully you caught her Feaure Friday post yesterday Anyway, before I get to the full review of the book, I just have to say Mina and her books are right up there with Loki at SDCC in my book She fucking owns the entire kink with a wink thing Love of Mina and anticipation of this book s release aside, HOW TO REPRIMAND YOUR ROCK STAR had to make it through the PsychocatReads criteria just like every other book Let s see how it stacked up The Characters The book is told from Thea s perspective Yes, she s a college basketball player, but don t worry Even if you couldn t give a rat s ass about basketball, you can still love this book It s an important piece of who she is and how she approaches decisions, but knowledge of the game isn t required I loved Thea s character She s smart, witty, conflicted, and coming into her own just like many women her age When I found out Keaton Lowe, the rock star in HOW TO REPRIMAND YOUR ROCK STAR, was inspired by Loki I just knew this was going to be good Keaton is a well written and lively character without that piece of information, but with that little tidbit of information he jumped right out of the pages of the book and strutted his way right into my imagination Seriously, she references that rascal grin and I melt.Really though, Loki references aside, Keaton is enough to make a girl swoon, or seriously consider taking up life as a domme He s got that bad boy edge, but he s constantly surprising you.Outside of the two of them, Mina brought in some fun secondary characters Thea s teammates, including her roommate Cassie, and coach help keep the story grounded in the college setting where she lives The members of her family lend additional dimension to her character, and the relationshiplater Then there s Scarlett I won t give away anythingon here, but DAMN The Relationship I hate books where the author seems to whisk the romantic couple off into a bubble where they can forget everyone and everything outside of their budding romance Thankfully, Mina is entirely too smart to do something like that Thea and Keaton may have enough sexual tension to set an entire college campus on fire, but Mina makes them figure it all out while dealing with the world around them The pair is forced to deal with all the realities of hectic schedules, travel, and the rules they re expected to live by All that helps take HOW TO REPRIMAND YOUR ROCK STAR up a notch from hot as Hades, kinky romance to a well thought out story of life and love that will leave you needing that aforementioned vodka and cold shower Of course, let s not forget the story of Thea and Keaton is heavily laced with Mina s own brand of kink with a wink Thank you More please Still on the relationship front, I said there would beon those secondary relationships I loved that Mina gave Thea a strong family background Not that I don t enjoy all the stories with the characters struggling with some sort of family drama or troubled past, but the family element here adds another strong element to her story She s not some troubled girl looking to the rock star to fix her life, she s got a solid family behind her and those relationships matter as the story progresses.The Smut If you haven t guessed already, there s a healthy dose of heated moments in HOW TO REPRIMAND YOUR ROCK STAR I m not kidding For me they came with an added bonus of inducing visions of a certain someone and his penchant for looking like he s having a bit too much fun Since I m feeling generous, I ll share Mina is one of the best writer s I ve found for the ability to make you hot and bothered whether it s writing a single kiss or sliding into the world of BDSM She s got skills, and she puts them to amazingly good use throughout the book Too Perfect or Perfectly Flawed The path to happiness would be boring if everything went smoothly It s muchfun to read when things hit some bumps and snags along the way Crazy schedules, basketball coaches, NDA obsessed managers, and social media all factor in to the chaos that Thea and Keaton have to figure out.Jen s Final Rating 6 STARS What do you mean that s not allowed It s my book review, I ll damn well do what I want Fine, I ll give it 5 STARS on Goodreads and , but know that it s under protest Seriously the only thing I didn t like about HOW TO REPRIMAND YOUR ROCK STAR was that it ended You read that right, I had no objections to the ending, I simply objected that it actually had to end Psychocat s Final Rating 5 CLAWS She was rather fond of Thea, Keaton, and Scarlett I m a bit worried about the things she s learning from books like this though. Leather covering ink.On stage he performs for them.There s a reason he s waiting for you.To perform for you Behind closed doors Tied down He wants you to use him for your pleasure He s desperate to give it all to you Take it Your pleasure Take it Take him There s never been a better time to Reprimand Your Rockstar Mina brings the humour and heat in this wonderfully light romance between a world touring musician and an elite college basketball player Sweet, quick read that s well worth the time. My Saucy, Sexy, Hilarious, Fun 5 Star Review Oh Ms Vaughn, you are quite the trickster.I really thought I had you figured out I was sure I knew what the story would be all about But no, you reached deep in to your bag of fun and pulled out a story line that was just a gah A gah story because it was simply pure fun No crazy drama No I can t be with you because shenanigans No cringe worthy sexy scenes A flow that will have you turning page after page because you are so completely entertained You like the characters You like the story line You like the pace You just like the story for what it is.A tell me a story kind of storya fun read.Thea is a college student at UConn on her way to Rookie of the Year in the NCAA Now I know nothing about basketball, nor do I pay any attention to it, but the author blended this bit of the story line in so well it held my interest and gave me a real sense of who Thea is.Keaton Lowe is the epitome of a rock star, including a British accent Nothing like a book boyfriend whispering naughtiness in your ear in an accent, thank you Mina Vaughn for that little added touch Their initial meeting was quite odd, in Thea s college locker room Their banter was hysterical and sarcastic This pretty much set the tone for their budding relationship Which was instalust Yep, lust lust lust.Thea also starts discovering and exploring her dominant tenancies with the help of dorm Mom, Scarlett, who is quite the supporting character herself.The author s telling and exploring of newbies in the world of BDSM was refreshing too Nothing over the top, just some light bondage with a few interesting toys thrown in Nice to see Thea not waking up as a full blown Domme one morning It was a really good progression and exploration of sexuality.Thea and Keaton s relationship is truly a fun and saucy one I was doing a bit of swooning, laughing, snickering, and eye bugging through the entire read.Fantastic follow up to the author s debut How to Discipline Your Vampire, which I really liked but How to Reprimand Your Rock Star was sooooo much better You can really see the growth in the author s writing I am super excited for her and her next story, How to Punish Your Playboy which arrives Spring 2015 A definitely recommended fun read Stop by Books and Fandom forreviews. I didn t quite see how this would play out in my head A basketball star and a rock star quite the combination She s on the top of her game, well, almost He s on the top of the charts but can the two of them find a fit in this crazy world Thea is a basketball star on the rise But after a bad, bad game she knows she needs to step it up a notch It was a bad game But what made it worse was the experience in the locker room when she went back to retrieve her lucky tape But once she finally made it into the locker room, she wanted a shower So she stepped in and took one But what she wasn t expecting when she got out of the shower is exactly what she got.Keaton just needed a quick smoke before he went on stage that night But when he snuck into that locker room, he gotthan a quick smoke He saw , he wantedHe was sharp, cunning and ready to go after what he wanted But he is a rock star with a reputation But she caught his eye there is something that he sees in her that he hasn t seen in anyone, ever.But seriously How is a basketball player ever going to be enough for a rock star He has a crowd of adoring fans waiting for him night after night she has a basketball scholarship that she needs to keep can the two of them possibly find something to keep them together despite the odds Well I guess there s always a baby Domme in the making to keep things interesting Ahh self discovering Finding out what it is you want and learning the tricks of the trade it s so much , but it is a big balancing act.This book was interesting It wasn t a typical D s relationship that we tend to find in most books It s the process of discovering that you are someone that needs control Finding out that you are someone that wants control but can you fully have control when two crazy worlds collide I enjoyed this book but for me it lacked a little on the angst that I have come to crave in my books There weren t a lot of oh my moments that I have come to expect There wasn t anything too over the top crazy It was young and flirty and hot The moments when these two were together you caught the chemistry immediately When they weren t you felt the loss that they felt It was a great change of pace from the traditional D s relationship without being too over the top.It was a good book, I think I just expected a littlefrom the relationship There were a few unanswered questions that lingered through the end of the book, but I felt it told the story of two people from opposite worlds trying to make things work in a very unconventional way. In This Fun And Saucy Romance Novel, All Star College Basketball Player Thea Dominates On The Courts And Off With A Rock Star Who Is Determined To Win Her OverThea Is A Star Basketball Player At UConn On Track To Be Rookie Of The Year That Is, If She Can Stay Focused On The Game Lately That Hasn T Been Going So Well, As Her Knee Has Been Bothering Her But That S Not The Only Thing On Her MindEver Since Rock Star Keaton Lowe Surprised Her In The Girl S Locker Room, Thea Can T Stop Thinking About Him On Top Of His Status And Enticing Ways, He Seems To Know Everything About Her But Some Of His Actions Cross The Line, And Keaton Needs To Be Punished Will Thea Keep Her Head In The Game, Or Get Distracted By Her Other Favorite Pastime Reprimanding Her Rock Star Find this review andat kimberlyfaye reads.I participated in the cover reveal for Mina Vaughn s How to Reprimand Your Rockstar a couple months ago and since I read the blurb, I ve been looking forward to reading the book I was dying to find out what happens when a dedicated and straight laced college basketball phenom meets a hot rock star who wants nothingthan to be dominated by her I won t get into all the details because I don t want to spoil the very sexy ride for you, but let s just say I wasn t disappointed Thea is a college basketball player well on her way to becoming the Rookie of the Year in the NCAA Her team is on a path to the NCAA Championship Life can t get much better, right Well, one night during a concert being held in the arena where they play, she runs into a hot, mysterious man in the locker room and they click immediately That man Keaton Lowe, rock god They flirt and exchange numbers and it doesn t take long before Keaton comes clean about what he wants someone to dominate him More specifically, Thea to dominate him They make a plan to meet up in the spots where her playoff games and his concerts have them in the same city After several steamy texting sessions, Thea knows it s time to dip into the BDSM world and learn a few things Thankfully her landlord Scarlett is happy to oblige and becomes a kinky mentor, of sorts, for her Now Thea s juggling Keaton and their kinky relationship and basketball I liked the characters in this book Thea was a strong, determined girl who was really trying to find her place inthan just basketball There are a lot of layers to her character and they re explored pretty fully in this book Keaton was sexy and swoon worthy So often, the rock star is the alpha character, so I enjoyed reading a little different perspective in this book Don t get me wrong, he still had alpha tendencies, but he also knew when to let Thea be the dominant one And in those moments Holy Hotness Side note I read this on a plane surrounded by coworkers I felt a little awkward and know I blushed a few times I also had to kick up the fan on me because I was overheating This was a good, if predictable story Not that I mind predictable Can the girl win the National Championship, find herself and keep the guy Thea just might You ll have to read it and find out I received a copy of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

Kink with a wink Author of DommeNation series with Simon Schuster How to Discipline Your Vampire and How to Reprimand Your Rock Star available now How to Punish Your Playboy drops Spring 2015.

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