All I Ever Need Is You

All I Ever Need Is YouThe rating on this one is not so much to say I didn t like it Adam and Kerry were good together There just wasn t anything that made them unique or interesting to me It was a regular dude falling in love with a regular chick in a plot that was pretty regular They start off with sex, no strings They end up with a lotLove the Sullivans, but none have really sparked for me since Sophie I ve missed a few in between so maybe there were other hits, but for me Adam was not it. I have been reading Bella Andre s books for a long timeespecially her Sullivan series There is just something about the Sullivan family that just reels you in..whether they are the San Francisco Sullivans or the Seattle Sullivans Honestly, I have been waiting on Adam Sullivan s book since he appeared in The Way You Look Tonight Yes, I got the idea that he was a love them and leave them type of guy, but there was a tiny glimpse of the real him when he was talking about Brooke to Rafei could see there was something in him that wanted real love Of course, he had to be a stubborn man and resist all the way But, like all Sullivan men, when he finally figured it out, he was all in I love the characters in this story Both Adam and Kerry were so guarded and so sure they had everything figured out LOL, that s when love puts you in a hurricane and you don t know which way is up I also liked that Bella veered away a little bit with their story line Not that I didn t love all of her previous stories, but this one just seemed original to the couple and it worked fabulously These two are so in love and I think they are from the minute they met, but both had walls and issues that had to be worked out for their real love to shine through.I was so thrilled for this book to come out and I can say I was not at all disappointed When it appeared on my Kindle, I inhaled it lol I know it will be a favorite reread as most of Bella Andre s books are I cannot wait to meet the East Coast Sullivanssomething tells me Drake Sullivan is going to go down hard Thank you Bella Andre for staying true to yourself and writing such beautiful steamy stories That s one thing I forgot to say the steam factor is definitely there, but the love that goes along with it is amazing Congratulations Bella Review originally posted on April 20th, 20154.5This love story wasall I ever neededin my life.Adam didn t believe the words love and forever were for him, and then he meets Kerry, whose business is planning weddings and whom different from him, believes in love and forever.Both start an arrangement of just sex because they re obviously attracted to each other, but then it turns into friends with benefits and then both fall in love but only one of them is ready to admit it and it all resulted in one of the most incredible, delightful, wonderful, adorable, sexiest and best journeys I ve read of two people falling in love.I laughed I grinned I squealed I fangirled like crazy through every page.Adam is one of the best heroes I ve read in a long time He s so adorable and sweet and sexy and handsome and intelligent and adorable and respectful and sweet and determined I want to have one delivered to my door ASAP I LOVE HIM.Kerry was also adorable, kind, willing to help those she loves and scared of falling in love with the wrong guy but also ready to recognize when she s made a mistake I really liked her.Adam and Kerry together PERFECTION Just like Adam said You and I, we re good alone But together Together we re unstoppable OVERALL Bella Andre became my favorite author as soon as she introduced me to the wonderful family that the Sullivans are I m glad that after 14 books I m still here and I am ready forSullivans Even though I m going to miss the West bunch All I Ever Need is You is a wonderful addition you cannot miss I loved catching up with the other members Although I do wish there could ve beeninteraction like it happened in Mia s story.Anyway, just go buy and read it so you can too know how amazing this love story isThe Sullivans seriesThe San Francisco Sullivans Book 1 The Look of Love Chase and Chloe Book 2 From This Moment On Marcus and Nicola Book 3 Can t Help Falling in Love Gabe and Megan Book 4 I Only Have Eyes for You Sophie and Jake Book 5 If You Were Mine Zach and Heather Book 6 Let Me Be The One Ryan and Vicki Book 7 Come A Little Bit Closer Smith and Valentina Book 8 Always on My Mind Lori and Grayson Book 9 Kissing Under the Mistletoe Jack and Mary Sullivan The Seattle Sullivans Book 10 The Way You Look Tonight Rafe and Brooke Book 11 It Must Be Your Love Mia and Ford Book 12 Just to Be With You Ian and Tatiana Book 13 I Love How You Love Me Dylan and Grace Book 14 All I Ever Need Is You Adam and Kerry San Francisco Seattle Sullivans reunite for Zach Heather, and Ryan Vicki s wedding Book 14.5 Every Beat Of My Heart The New York Sullivans Book 15 Now That I ve Found You Drake and Rosa Book 16 Since I Fell For You Suzanne and Roman Book 17 You Do Something to Me Alec and Cordelia Book 18 Every Time We Fall in Love Harry and Molly WARNING This review will probably list all the things I love about Adam Sullivan So be prepared Adam Sullivan is an accomplished Seattle architect As the last of the Seattle Sullivans to not fall prey to love yet, he is also the most determined to stay single However when he meets his brother s wedding planner, Kerry Dromoland Adam throws his plans of bachelorhood out of window and jumps straight into bed with Kerry.As someone who believes in the idea of forever and true love, Kerry is the last person someone like Adam should get involved with However it is IMPOSSIBLE not to fall for someone like Adam I say this all the time with Bella Andre books but I will risk sounding like a broken record because it s the truth she writes some of the best Contemporary heroes you will find There s something so very dreamy about each of them, but Adam has this bad boy thing going on that makes him utterly irresistible.First of all, he s persistent and determined and even though Kerry declines him the first time they meet each other, he s right there the next morning, charming her with his gifts and the way he listens Where can I find a man like him He s also very considerate as well, never judging when Kerry runs off in the middle of the night to take care of her drunk sister who gets herself into trouble a lot Further, there s this one scene that in the scale of the entire book probably doesn t mean a lot but it was a scene that resonated with me because it was so simple yet so effective in showing how Adam respects Kerry.In the scene, Kerry is working at a wedding, doing her thing until she bumps into Adam Neither of them knew that they would be seeing each other but before they can really get into a conversation, Kerry is pulled away by work, answering all the calls for help while Adam awkwardly stands there waiting for her to finish So absorbed in her work, Kerry forgets Adam is there and she apologizes for being so rude and all Adam says is a simple, No need to apologize for doing your job I don t know why but when I read those words on my Kindle, I just took a moment to pause and say, wow What a fabulous guy It proves that he is comfortable standing by her while she does what she needs to do and also that he respects and understands how important her job is to her To me that isromantic than flowers, midnight excursions or even smoking hot sex which by the way, this book has by the bucketload And it once again proves why Bella Andre is an excellent storyteller because she writes those intimate, romantic scenes that show their love.Bella has announced that the series will continue with the New York Sullivans I mean, there is literally nothing I can complain about because I feel like I can read this series forever Andre does such a great job of giving each character their own personality and epic love story, but also manages to maintain the lovely familial aspects of the series that make this series a must read ARC provided by author Seattle Architect Adam Sullivan Is Well Known For His Brilliant Historic Building Restorations And For Having Absolutely No Interest In Love And Marriage He S Happy For His Siblings And Cousins Who Have Found True Love, But Though They Re Clearly Hellbent On Seeing Him Settled, His Family Is Just Going To Have To Accept That Cupid S Arrow Will Be Skipping This Sullivan That Is, Until He Meets Kerry Dromoland And Suddenly Adam Starts To Question Everything He Once Believed To Be True About Falling In LoveAs One Of The Top Wedding Planners In Seattle, Kerry Has Been Waiting Her Whole Life To Find Her Own True Love So Even Though Adam Makes Her Heart Race And Her Body Heat Up Every Time They Re Together, She Knows Better Than To Think He Could Be The One Still, Knowing He S Seattle S Biggest Player Doesn T Make It Any Easier To Resist His Breathtaking Kisses And Wicked Caresses Or The Fact That He Makes Her Smile Than Any Man Ever HasBut When Kerry Desperately Needs Adam S Help And He Comes Through For Her Without The Slightest Hesitation She Begins To Realize That There Just Might Be To The Man She Can T Resist Than She D Previously Thought Can The Bad Boy With No Interest In Being Reformed And The Woman Who Has No Interest In Reforming A Bad Boy Find Forever Together I love this series Adam Sullivan is yet another swoon worthy Sullivan cousin Kerry was a wonderful heroine The chemistry between these two jumped off my kindle and their story was just wonderful Equal parts charming and very sexy I m always left all happy and giddy after reading this series Bring on Drake If my rating for a Bella Andre book is 3 stars, it s time I let this series go I ve read, and highly enjoyed every book in the Sullivan collection With that said, 14 booksI m thinking it s time the author let the Sullivan s go as well My poor Sullivan family is beginning to read like a season of The Duggars. Love the Sullivans Awesome as expected This installment of what is truly my favorite series doesn t disappoint at all This story is fantastic as Adam, the last single Seattle Sullivan, tumbles head first into love Adored Kerry s character and thought she fit with Adam perfectly So nice to meet the New York Sullivan s and can t wait for those stories.I highly recommend this one. My blog review of All I Ever Need Is You by Bella Andre

Bella Andre is the New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of The Sullivans and The Morrisons series.Having sold than 8 million books, Bella Andre s novels have been 1 bestsellers around the world and have appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists 84 times She has been the 1 Ranked Author at on a top 10 list that included Nora Robe

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