The House on the Strand

The House on the Strand Dick Young Is Lent A House In Cornwall By His Friend Professor Magnus Lane During His Stay He Agrees To Serve As A Guinea Pig For A New Drug That Magnus Has Discovered In His Scientific Research When Dick Samples Magnus S Potion, He Finds Himself Doing The Impossible Traveling Through Time While Staying In Place, Thrown All The Way Back Into Medieval Cornwall The Concoction Wear Off After Several Hours, But Its Effects Are Intoxicating And Dick Cannot Resist His Newfound Powers As His Journeys Increase, Dick Begins To Resent The Days He Must Spend In The Modern World, Longing Ever Fervently To Get Back Into His World Of Centuries Before, And The Home Of The Beautiful Lady Isolda

If Daphne du Maurier had written only Rebecca, she would still be one of the great shapers of popular culture and the modern imagination Few writers have created magical and mysterious places than Jamaica Inn and Manderley, buildings invested with a rich character that gives them a memorable life of their own.In many ways the life of Daphne du Maurier resembles a fairy tale Born into a fami

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    Quite a few of Daphne du Maurier s novels and short stories have been made into films, and this is how many people have come to discover her work The House on the Strand is one of her lesser known novels the penultimate novel by Daphne du Maurier from 1969 It is an unusual work about time travel and mind expanding drugs themes which could be thought of as apposite for the time.The author thrusts us straight into the action with a beautifully written and vividly descriptive episode The viewpoint character, Dick, is in the middle of a trip to use the popular vernacular of that period After a few pages it becomes evident that Dick has been transported back to 14th Century Cornwall, where the people and events are far exciting than Dick s life in the present The reader quickly perceives that this novel is going to alternate between these two contrasting scenarios.A nice touch in this novel is that for most of the time it is not clear whether this is due to artificially heightened perception mental time travel or an actual dislocation in time Neither Dick nor his friend Professor Magnus Lane, who has formulated the drug, are sure And the reader has an extra level of doubt because Dick feels trapped in his life He has recently resigned from a stressful job, he feels he is being pushed to accept another similar job, and his marriage is turning sour Naturally this colourful fantasy life seems far attractive than his real one, which is humdrum and stressful by turns So which is real It is typical of Daphne du Maurier to make the sympathetic main character male She famously claimed that she wished she were a man, and certainly her portrayals of male characters are almost always fully rounded His wife, Vita, comes across as a rather unpleasant and very brittle upper class American a shallow depiction of a shallow character Her friends who visit are equally unlikeable through Dick s eyes, although they and the children are not nearly so well fleshed out.By contrast we get a strong sense of the earlier historical characters, and du Mauriers s love of history, and of her beloved Cornwall, is given full rein here We follow a swashbuckling tale of intrigues, feuds and dastardly deeds through Dick s eyes with his experimental drug taking The locations are unpredictable, as is the duration of each episode there are jumps in time although they do occur chronologically There is a family tree and a map, for readers who want to become equally involved Each episode described is quite lengthy, so that these historical chronicles take up quite a large proportion of the novel.As Dick becomes enmeshed in the events of the 14th Century, and fixated on knowing what will happen, he begins to view spoiler develop loyalties, and to confuse the two worlds The fantasy world begins to seem far real to him, although he also begins to realise that each time he travels he is not only ill afterwards, but in danger too With help from historical records produced by Magnus, he identifies some of the locations and realises that whenever he regains consciousness he could be anywhere, and therefore at mortal risk The pace steps up nicely with the imminent arrival of Magnus, and the reader has been well prepared for a tragedy about two thirds of the way through leaving the main character completely isolated Nobody save Dick would be able to understand what was happening or why Dick himself is becoming increasingly confused, and his loyalties and perceptions of reality alter as he becomes addicted to the experience He says, about the 20th Century world with his wife, I felt revolted by the puppet world in which I found myself, and desired no part of it, neither now, nor tomorrow, nor at any time And then there is a further crisis as Dick in his confusion tries to actually kill his wife in this world, mistaking her for the power crazy cruel Joanna in the fantasy world He is mortified by this act, summoning help immediately, yet he still yearns for the other, exciting world of the past I had lost not only Magnus but the other world It lay here, all around me, but out of reach The people of that world would travel on in time without me, and I must keep to my own course, fulfilling God only knew what monotonous day by day The link between the centuries had gone hide spoiler

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    I read a CRAZY GOOD BOOK years ago called Blinding Light , by Paul Theroux that The House on the Strand , reminded me of at times CRAZY.but addicting IIn both books we get drawn into the main characters experience on a hallucinogenic drug The tension suspense fantasy is C R A Z Y and GOOD I admit I liked Paul Theroux s book better a little better than Ms Maurier as this book was a sloggy slow start and got confusing in parts but then got WILD FUN again to the ending Blinding Light grabbed ya by the balls immediately. but it did get repetitive towards the end so it had some flaws too The House on the Strand had some very unique time travel twists characters that come alive and interesting medieval history drug trips Richard the drug user haha is no DICK he just idolizes his scientist friend Magnus danger ahead Worth reading but not my 1st choice du Maurier novel.

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    Who would have thought that the words time travel and Daphne du Maurier would go together in one sentence Nevertheless this is exactly what she has written in The House on the Strand and she does it very well indeed I loved the Cornish setting, all those places I have been and seen and which Du Maurier loved so much The main character time travels or does he back to the fourteenth century to a place where he can observe events but cannot participate in any way His biggest problem is that while he is away mentally his body is still in the present time and this presents a whole heap of dangers.I found the book slow going to start with and in fact the 14th century parts never really become gripping However the current day story gets better and better and eventually ends in typical Du Maurier fashion.I enjoyed it very much indeed

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    Daphne du Maurier and time travel Sure, let s give it a shot.That was my entire thought process when I decided to buy this from a secondhand bookstore last summer Rebecca is terrifying and brilliant, and I figured that if du Maurier applied even a portion of her talent to this story, it wouldn t be half bad And it wasn t I still prefer Rebecca, but who doesn t.Our protagonist is Dick Young, and he s agreed to be part of an experiment done by his college friend, Professor Magnus Lane Dick will live in Magnus s house in Cornwall and take the prescribed doses of a substance the professor has created, which will enable him to time travel What is this substance, and how precisely does it work ShhhhhhhNot only does the substance transport Dick into the past, it transports him to a very specific past when he takes the dose, he witnesses events that happened in the exact location he happens to be except in the 14th century We, and Dick, learn that the land around Magnus s house used to be owned by the Carminowe family, a group of nobles who, in addition to their own inter family drama, were also involved in some skullduggery involving the throne of England Dick s unknowing guide is Roger, a steward working for the family For reasons that are, unfortunately, never explained, Dick always ends up near Roger when he travels back in time, and doesn t seem capable of wandering too far away from him when he s in the past By following Roger, Dick meets the extended Carminowe clan, which includes a very bad man named Oilver Carminowe and his very pretty wife Isolda the family is all siblings and in laws and even with the family tree provided at the beginning of the book, I could never quite keep the characters straight in my head You can probably guess where this is going Dick becomes interested in his trips to the past than his life in the present, and this has a disastrous effect on his own family The drug has its downsides, obviously first, when Dick is in the 14th century, touching anyone or anything will instantly send him back to the present which, at least, means that we don t have to worry about Dick accidentally going Terminator on his own future Also the aftereffects of the drug include nausea, temporary paralysis, and severe disorientation While under the influence of the drug, Dick continues to walk around in a kind of stupor, and wakes up having no idea where he is And on top of all that, the drug is extremely addictive So it s a bad time all around As you can see from my rating, overall I was meh on this one, but I ll admit that there were plenty of parts that had me engrossed Like Dick, who gets only little bits of information at a time while he ping pongs around in time, I was interested in learning just what Isolda s husband was up to, and what the consequences would be for her Daphne du Maurier does dramatic tension and shady secrets like nobody s business, so Dick s obsession with the exploits of people who died centuries ago was understandable to me, because she made it fascinating But still three stars only First, Dick is wait for it a dick RIMSHOT He s clearly supposed to be unlikeable the way he treats his wife and stepsons with either indifference or contempt was particularly charming but that didn t make it easy to root for him The trips to the past, while fun and interesting, are serious info dumps and require the historical characters to keep doing that thing where they ll be talking to someone and say, Well, as you know and then proceed to explain in detail exactly what this other person supposedly knows already Ugh But altogether, this ended up being a lot engrossing and creepy than I expected the fact that Dick can t touch anything while watching the Carminowe s makes him begin to believe that he s becoming some kind of ghost, and that the people in the 14th century are the ones who are really alive, while Dick and his family are only a kind of memory At its best, The House on the Strand is a dark, Gothic story of a man slowly losing his grip on reality.

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    Nu m a surprins convingerea lui Magnus c voi continua s i fiu cobai Acest lucru caracterizase prietenia noastr de a lungul anilor, at t la Cambridge c t i mai apoi Jucasem cum mi c nta el, nu numai n escapadele compromi toare din timpul anilor de studen ie, ci i mai t rziu, c nd drumurile noastre s au desp r it, el urm ndu i cariera, de biofizician i apoi de profesor la Universitatea din Londra, iar eu intr nd n rutina searb d a vie ii de editur St team treaz i m g ndeam ce scandal o s i fac lui Magnus c nd o s vin Gre uri, ame eli, confuzie, un ochi injectat, i acum sudoarea acr , i toate astea pentru ce Pentru o clip din trecutul ndep rtat care nu avea nicio leg tur cu prezentul, nu ajuta cu nimic vie ii lui sau vie ii mele i era tot at t de folositoare pentru lumea n care tr iam ca un album cu t ieturi din ziare, aruncat n vreun sertar pr fuit.

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    I was one of them, and they did not know it I belonged amongst them, and they did not know it This, I think, was the essence of what it meant to me To be bound, yet free to be alone, yet in their company to be born in my own time yet living, unknown, in theirs. du Maurier s tale of morbid obsession is several things a gloomy treatise on addiction and how it disintegrates the world of the addicted a romantic paean to Tywardreath in Cornwall, close to where the author herself lived a surreal story of time travel and remote viewing and most surprisingly, a sharp smack in the face for any who prefer dreaming to actual life The novel is both fascinating and off putting An experience rich and sour, similar to her collection of short stories, Don t Look Now.Our protagonist Dick has gained a new love the past Or precisely, he loves a narrative he has discovered in the past He is fascinated by the players he watches in 14th century Cornwall Watches. He cannot impact this story of love, murder, deception, and unraveling lives He watches it as he would a film, views it as he would a book, identifying and not identifying with his audience stand in, picking favorite characters and loathing the villains, falling in love with a beautiful woman Sadly, his real life love can only watch, confused and dismayed, as he descends into apathy, aggravation, and bizarre behavior in his deepening need to enjoy this play at the expense of the reality around him.The novel plays an interesting trick on the reader Dick is at first fairly sympathetic, and his wife Vita is portrayed as shallow and overbearing especially when compared to his long dead lady of the distant past But slowly, as Dick s obsession takes over, the reader sees the reality of the situation Vita s actions and responses are entirely normal , rooted in her love of her husband and the life they are supposed to be building together, and it is that dick Dick who is unreasonable, unable to see that no real human can ever compare to a dream love.du Maurier is a coldblooded author of great skill I was unnerved by her hallucinatory transitions between present and past I loved her descriptions of Cornwall And I was impressed by how she did not let that story of archaic Cornwall overwhelm her plot, and the point of the whole book It s clear that she loves the setting, and just as clear that much research went into making everything feel real This is an impressive book of many layers It gave me a lot to think about, and many of those thoughts were uncomfortable ones regarding my own love of books and films, my frequent disinterest and irritation in engaging with the real world for prolonged periods of time I was reminded of different comments that friends, lovers, and family have made about this side of me However I did not particularly enjoy the reminder The novel scolds du Maurier certainly gets me, but she doesn t appear to empathize That s fine I will just read another book The trouble was, some inner core within had been untouched, lain dormant, waiting to be stirred I could not share with her or anyone the secrets of my dangerous new world.

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    Daphne du Maurier writes very deep books that masquerade as mystery romances No two are alike, and in this novel she steps into the world of time travel or maybe she doesn t After all, have you ever read a du Maurier that didn t pose questions than it answered We are taken into the world of Richard Young, a man who has reached a crossroads in life and is contemplating what his next step is going to be His best friend, Magnus, a bit of a mad scientist, has loaned Richard his home in Cornwall for vacation Magnus is experimenting with a drug he has developed, and he is not above using Richard as his guinea pig to test its effects Just as we have stepped into Richard s world by opening this book, when Richard takes the drug he steps into another world as well, the world of 14th Century Cornwall and the previous owner of Magnus house, a squire named Roger.To tell of Richard s or Roger s adventures would be to ruin the plot surprises, and this book if full of them But some of the questions posed here are subtle but profound Are we attached to the past through our genetic material Do we have stored in our brains every memory of our ancestors, if we knew how to access them What is the cost of addiction Of escape into any reality that is not our own What price does it cost us when we ignore our present lives to live in the past, the future, or just dreams I find this quite relevant in view of how many people escape into virtual reality these days, but it could be as easy asked of those who bury themselves in books, I suppose I had read this book many years ago, but found it was mostly new to me after so many years It was as good as I remembered and no doubt meaningful to me this go around Nice to end the year with an old friend.

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    Fill the GapsWhen it takes to time traveling stories I always prefer the ones that lead us into the pastWhy the past and not the future Well the roots of present belong to the past and sometimes I just wish I could go there to sort some things out However, I m allowing some intrusive wandering thoughts sneak into this text, cos apart from time traveling, this line of thinking has nothing to do with this plot So, what s this book all about In vague and general terms, I shall say it s a visit to a Medieval Cornwall caused by an hallucinogenic drug where you ll be rewarded with Du Maurier s Holly Trinity Mystery, Dramatic Tension and an Ambiguous Ending Now that I gave you the headlines, it s up to you to fill the gaps Happy Reading

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    We are all bound, one to the other, through time and eternity While vacationing at the Cornwall home of old chum Magnus, Richard Young is convinced to act as guinea pig for his friend s latest experiment a drug that enables the mind to travel into the past although the body stays in the present Richard s trips take him to the 14C where he is soon so wrapped up in the past that it becomes as addictive to him as a drug or is it the drug itself that is addictive Are the lives of those in the past so much important that his wife and step sons become a hindrance to his journeys Did these people really exist or do they only exist in Richard s mind Although Richard s mind is in the 14C while on the drug, his body is not and as he walks in the footsteps of those in the past it leads him into some very close calls when his mind returns to the present He could be standing anywhere the middle of a road, on private property or in the path of an oncoming.Nope, I m not telling and to say much gives the whole thing away half the fun is the guessing and unexpected twists in the story Although the segments in the 14C were well written they were a bit confusing to me at times, but don t spend too much time trying to sort those relationships out IMO they were mostly background and the main focus were the parts in the present day Du Maurier is superb and understated as always, and this one will definitely leave you guessing all the way to the very last page and beyond 5 5 stars and highly recommended.

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    I began this on an out of town trip I have been totally smitten with Daphne lately Saw this on audible I had a credit I figured it would be good listening driving down the road I wish I had gotten Frenchman s Creek instead I hate to take anything away from those who love all things Daphne I myself was thinking to set out and read all of her writings I did like the initial descriptions of the setting, the Cornish Coast, the time travel I just could not handle all the experimentation and animal slaughter references view spoiler when the guy said he killed the monkey who he was also experimenting on by giving the drug tobut he didn t want to wait any longer and killed him so he could get to his brain I just came undone sort of It was very gruesome in description hide spoiler

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