Boomerang The First Book In A Sensational New Adult Trilogy From Noelle AugustWelcome To Boomerang, The Dating Site For The Millennial Gen With Its No Fuss, No Commitments Matchups, And Where Work Is Steamier Than Any Random Hook UpMia Galliano Is An Aspiring Filmmaker Ethan Vance Has Just Played His Last Game As A Collegiate Soccer Star They Re Sharp, Hungry For Success, And They Share A SecretLast Night, Ethan And Mia Met At A Bar, And, Well One Thing Led To Another, Which Led To Them Waking Up The Next Morning Together Things Turned Awkward In A Hurry When They Found Themselves Sharing A Post Hookup Taxi To The Same Place Boomerang HeadquartersWhat Began As A Powerful Connection Between Them Is Treated To A Cold Shower Courtesy Of Two Major Complications First, Boomerang Has A Strict Policy Against Co Worker Dating And Second, They Re Now Competitors For Only One Job At The End Of SummerAs Their Internships Come To An End, Will They Manage To Keep Their Eyes On The Future And Their Hands Off Each Other, Or Will The Pull Of Attraction Put Them Right Back Where They Started

NOELLE AUGUST is an anagram for Veronica Rossi and Lorin Oberweger Just kidding, it s a pen name VERONICA ROSSI is the author of the New York Times Best selling UNDER THE NEVER SKY trilogy for young adults The books are available in than thirty countries and the film rights have been optioned by Warner Bros.Veronica completed undergraduate studies at UCLA and lives in Northern California wi

[EPUB] ✰ Boomerang By Noelle August –
  • Paperback
  • 325 pages
  • Boomerang
  • Noelle August
  • English
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9780062331069

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    Rebound ReviewBounce ReviewI m astounded by this book of awesomeness For reals A show of hands for those who are tired of NA leads with a tragic past.A show of hands for those who are bored with the the manwhore and the virgin trope.A show of hands for those who are fed up with the weird healing sex.A show of hands for those who are sick and tired of the constant slut shamming just to make the female lead look better.A show of hands for those who are tired of never seeing any real friendship between girls in all these NAAnd finally, a show of hands for those who can remember the last NA they read that wasn t plagued to the brim with cliches.I m starting to think I ll read anything Veronica Rossi writes Seriously, anything that s she s written and I ve read, I ve enjoyed it to no end And this was no different People, this book is funny And not in the telling jokes kind of way but in the everything they think makes me giggle like an idiot way I absolutely adored being in the mind of Mia and Ethan and severely enjoyed every second of it And not just them, every characters has their own magnetism that pulls you in They re great characters that you guys need to meet It s a sexy and light read, never bogging you down with over the top drama or anything of the sort The banter and character dynamics is just AH MAH ZING Rainbows and unicorns amazing Now, I won t rate it higher cause, IMO, it tended to drag towards the middle and it was a tad bit predictable with a rushed ending But guys, seriously, it s so worth the try Also, I feel I should mention that while there isn t insta love there is insta lust butthat s a real thing folks for those of you who find it hard to believe I mean, have you never met a person and been instantly attracted to them that you felt compelled to rip off their shirts No one yeahme neither

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    Boomerang is a very enjoyable and adorable NA read It s the perfect choice for the Holidays It s something I was completely able to enjoy and I finished it in a day It s fun and light and the premise is really hilarious One night stand turns to internship job competition turns to romance turns eventually to love It s definitely my kind of NA, NA without the A for Angst Lol It was like watching a rom com movie and I was pretty much entertained It was the perfect past time while I was waiting for the beef I was cooking to tender Plus, I earned my first book boyfriend for 2017 Welcome to the never ending list, Ethan And though no normal guy would say the following lines but a girl could dream Lol It sounds possessive and psychotic, but that s not how it feels How it feels is like I want to become a human force field around her Like I want to give her anything I can everything, to keep her happy and safe The truth isn t so much that she s mine as it is that I m hers

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    Edit after reading several crappy NA, I m bumping up my rating of this one It may have dragged a little in the middle, I don t care So, so much better Just look at the cover Have you seen the cover See the colors Well, now that I look at it, there re not that much color but you know what To read this book was like flying through colorful bubbles and yes, absolutely, I m sure that would be an awesome experience No The only thing that prevented me from giving it 5 stars is the fact that I felt the story drag at some point Nothing insurmountable, but I must confess that I felt the urge to skim a page or two in the middle Oh, and maybe you want to know if they ll finally remember their night together Oh yes they will. And let me tell you that was hot For once I m not adding any quote I guess you ll have to discover Ethan, Mia, their friends and families by yourself For of my reviews, please visit

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    4.5 Sweet, Refreshing, Funny stars Wow, I can t believe it I just read a book in the N A genre that wasn t filled with clich s or annoying, immature characters It s a miracle I first heard about this book a few days ago when a glowing friend review went through my newsfeed, thanks, Francesca When I looked up the book, I saw that Veronica Rossi co wrote the book under a pen name which further convinced me to give it a try, and I m so glad I did It was a very enjoyable, well written romance with great characters I had a cheesy smile on my face for half of the book In a nutshell, Mia and Ethan meet in a bar and have an impressive night together, wink wink , only to find out the next morning they are competing for the same job at a dating website called They are still very attracted to each other, but conflicted about it because of the job situation I thought they had great chemistry, and the sexual tension and build up was a lot of fun I loved both characters, but especially Ethan His POV was my favorite I know most girls love the alpha bad boy type, but in my opinion it s fun to see the sweet guy get the girl sometimes too I also loved that the book had interesting, relatable side characters and both Mia and Ethan had supportive families I didn t roll my eyes even once while reading this book Favorite quote The minute you put my panties in the toaster oven, I knew you were the one A new addition to my favorite shelf

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    id rather swallow a tide pod than ever read this again

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    Veronica Rossi writing NA It s like Christmas.

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    If you want to get somewhere, you accept it Successful people live their lives in a damn hurry After seeing all the positive reviews for this one on my various feeds, I just had to try it out for myself Now that I m done reading it I can see what all the fuss is about, but personally, it wasn t my cup of tea Fans of the new adult genre and maybe even cheesy romantic films will clearly enjoy this one than I did, since I m not a fan of either.If there was one thing I appreciated about this book, it was the fact that both Mia and Ethan acted and talked the way people their age would There are so many immature characters and even characters who are too mature who we bookworms rant about, but these two had real and raw voices.Boomerang could have been a real hit with me Realistic sounding main characters make it so much easier for me to relate to the characters, to laugh along with their jokes and to be frustrated and tired when they are While I did find it very easy to chuckle whenever someone cracked a joke, it was hard for me to get into the characters minds, maybe because they were thinking too much about each other Really, I should have counted how many times I wanted to duct tape these people s mouths or fry their brains so that they d stop thinking It could also be due to the fact that, let s face it, I m a young teen, and this book is meant for new adults.The characters were all pretty likable, actually Mia was a very laid back and down to earth heroine, which is pretty uncommon in the few NA novels I ve read I think she d be a fun friend to have in real life, but since we got a look into her thoughts of Ethan , I was definitely rolling my eyes a lot Ethan was, well, not an ass He was competitive, but he was still nice and respectful to his competition.See, the story revolved around these two and how they were competing for a position at Boomerang They had a one night stand on the night before the first day of their internships Everything was definitely way too convenient for them, and how they suddenly realized they would be working at the same company It was a bit bothersome I wished there was at least some parts of the novel that wasn t centered around just the romance.Again, the main thing that got my eyes twitching was how often both characters thought about how gorgeous the other was and how attracted they were to each other Too much monologues about each other I got it the first few times, okay No need to mention it every chapter.I didn t get the point of the story What s the lesson The essence of the book Is there even one There probably is, but I personally can t figure it out This was basically a book about two almost adults who pined for each other throughout the entire book, but not wanting to risk other things for their possible relationship Very cliche, and definitely like a corny romantic movie.Fans of the new adult age group will definitely be able to enjoy this one than I did If you re looking for a book with depth, then this isn t it If you re okay with a shallow but fun story, give this a shot

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    Well, this was fun I had heard such great things about this book from my friend Karen at FWIW, but I approached this with some trepidation since I wasn t a huge fan of UNDER THE NEVER SKY This turned out to be such a flirty and sexy story, though, and a really enjoyable addition to the NA genre Plus it s actually about that age post college when you re embarking on your career There s some escapist strains credibility rom com type stuff, but I didn t really mind that And big, big points for elements of the Los Angeles art entertainment corporate settings and intern job experience being handled with a lot of authenticity.One quibble after such great build up with sexual chemistry tension, I think the actual sex could have been a little better, and maybe of it Still, a really fun romanceand I ll definitely be reading books from these authors in the future.

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    I do not read much New Adult NA , usually it is just a Young Adult YA with sex and tragic childhoods thrown in But if Boomerang is indicative of what the NA genre is evolving into I will be reading in the future.This was a super fun romantic comedy with interesting characters that are just starting out in life in their very first internship It is the slot in life right after college when you are trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life and you are sure at some point you are supposed to feel like a grown up but most of the time it still feels like you are pretending to be grown up We meet Mia and Ethan the morning after A morning in which the very hung over pair are trying to remember what exactly happened the night before as they are searching through the apartment for Mia s very scattered clothing It is hurried as they are both starting new jobs The opening scene is extremely funny and a great intro into the book.It s easy to like them both immediately They joke and have a great natural banter, there is definite chemistry between them that is put to an abrupt halt It seems they are both working the same internship that will result in only one position and to make things worse there is a no dating policy at Boomerang.But, they just met and can t even remember how far things went the night before so it shouldn t really be that hard.right What ensues is great sexual tension as both try to fight of the attraction between them What makes it even worse is Boomerang is a new dating site for people looking for something that might not be an eHarmony love match but of a date with possibilities wink wink Mia and Ethan are working in marketing and are assigned to go on Dates as field research Ethan dreads watching Mia on a Date with someone from the site Time did not fly Today time broke a wing and had to be put down I ve just spent four hundred and eighty minutes thinking about Mia, looking at Mia, and actively not thinking about and looking at Mia. I flew through these pages The shifting PoV between Mia and Ethan kept the story moving along very quickly and gave insight in the lives and thoughts of both characters which I totally loved Mia has a great group of female roommates and a slightly crazy but adorable family Those are some of the funniest scenes But her girls are also there to tell her when she is screwing up You don t wait around for anyone or anything But with boys, you act like goddamn Sleeping Beauty Like they re the only ones with choices to make Ethan has a great family, roommates and a budding bromance with Rhette did I mention I love bromances Ethan also has a little baggage from his past in the form of an ex girlfriend, but who doesn t We ve accepted each other in a new way We put the past where it belongs Rhett s scowl deepens She has you speaking in greeting card, bro You can t reduce life to a pithy statement You sound a lot smarter when you re pissed You commit to stupid shit when you go to sushi with your ex But not to worry this is not a love triangle quadrangle, it is just hard enough figuring out what you want and what you are supposed to want at this age Ethan and Mia both make some mistakes along the way while trying to do the right thing but you are always rooting for them There is angst, some situational some emotional but it was a good balance and I just wanted to continue reading and never became overly upset with the characters.Overall I liked all of the characters and the situations I flew through the pages and dialogue and couldn t wait for the two to remember what actually happened the first night they met As portions of the evening are slowly remembered even tension builds between them I enjoyed the family interactions and felt like these could be real people just starting out in life.Definitely recommended for just a general good time read.

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    This is a great example of new adult being at its best.I loved this one It had actual plot It had blushing moments Attraction between two people, it wasn t just lust It was romantic, cute adorable.When Mia Galliano wakes up at the house of a complete stranger, she cannot remember a single thing about the things she the stranger, Ethan Vance, did None of them seems to remember a thing It s not actually like them to do one night stands This morning they woke up they left together, they both seemed to be in a hurry What they didn t know though was that they were both going at the same place for the same thing The internship of Boomerang which is a dating site Arriving there, they learn that only one of them is going to be getting the job after the internship s done that means they ll have to compete against each other There s also a strict policy of no relationships between co workers But why should they care They ve already had one night stand, so, they shouldn t care.While the entire not remembering thing is certainly itching them both, they get to know each other the become friends, not friends in a way friendship is born but friends that eventually end up in a relationship This book was surprisingly well written I loved it The characters were very well detailed, it wasn t just about the two of them having wild monkey sex, it had an actual storyline Mia s obsessed with the arts, she is making a kinds of documentary for her grandmother, who she idolizes Her grandmother suffers from the Alzheimer s disease so she s doing everything in her power to remember her when she won t be able any to remember anything.Ethan is soccer maniac He loves football but now he just coaches because of an accident he had that doesn t allow him to actual become a player He coaches instead little children, takes them on excursions too.So, I recommend this heartily.This author actually knows how to write I ll be harry to read of her.

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