Falling into Place (Others of Edenton, #3)

Falling into Place (Others of Edenton, #3) Adult Themes Robert Would Have Done Anything For Liz, Even Let Her Go When She Claimed She Needed To Be Alone With His Life In Shambles, He Dove Into His Work As A Silver Council EnforcerLiz Never Fit In, But To Protect Her First Love, She Walked Away When A Wild Burst Of Magic Nearly Killed Him Tremaine Found Her, And Helped Her Put Her Life Back TogetherThe Man Who Tore Her World Apart Awakes From AYear Slumber With Revenge On His Mind Nothing Will Stop James From Tearing The Power From Liz S BodyAfter Learning James Is Alive, Robert Rushes To Liz And Bands Together With Tremaine To Keep Her Safe Facing Her Worst Fears Liz Realizes She Can Only Fall Apart Or Fall Into Place Spoiler Fair Warning The Romance Winds Up In A Permanent Threesome

I ve always loved books, especially about monsters and magic, so I started writing I m working on a prequel and the next few books in the Others of Edenton series, and I have a head full of stories to share.I m a stay at home mother with a wonderful husband who lets me write and write to my hearts content.

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  • Paperback
  • 326 pages
  • Falling into Place (Others of Edenton, #3)
  • Brandy L. Rivers
  • English
  • 08 February 2019
  • 9781494237301

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    ARC Review Brandy has done it again Falling into Place is another amazing book to the Others in Edenton Series I love the characters in this book, and as I was reading I felt a deep bond with Liz Her life hasn t exactly been kind but she is tough I love reading a series where there is a strong female role, even when you basically relive all the horrible things they have went through, in the end they overcome their obstacles and kick there demons, physical or mental, out of the door I love a happy ending especially when it doesn t come easy for the characters Not only has Liz had a hard time, but Robert and Trem each had their own demons to ovecome.This book was a fast paced read like the others, but Brandy threw in history about the 3 main characters You get to learn about what brought them to where they were in the present This book takes you through all the major emotions, there are parts that make you want to cry I really almost cried , parts that tick you off beyond belief and then of course the parts that make you swoon Both men in this story are the type of men most women would want in their life, even though it seems to take way to long for the happy ending, all that is revealed makes it so much sweeter.Trem, as I have named the protector is amazingly sweet His whole life changed the moment he saved Liz You know he loves Liz before he does, or at least before he is able to admit it He s a little bit hard than Robert but it suits him.Robert, as I think of as the hopeless romantic, never really gives up, never stops loving or caring for Liz even when she thinks it isn t possible Their history is long, making you wonder if they will ever be able to get over the events and make their relationship flourish He is willing to do anything to keep her and as the years pass by he is heartbroken, but doesn t try to make any changes until its time to fully put the past behind them It hits closer to home for his since it involves him family Hence the title of the book, Falling into Place.Liz is tough, but that just seems to be her outter shell, inside she is still the young girl you meet in the beginning After years of struggling she still has the same fears, but with the help of her lovers is able to finally move on from the past and prepare for their future I recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal, romance, etc It s a great read and the story is a great way to keep the series going strong.

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    Brandy tells epic stories This is no different I fell in love with this series from book one and have just continued to fall in love with them I want to live here You become immersed in the town and in the relationships in the community Brandy takes us on a journey through the history of these three and it lays out what is inevitable The trifecta of passion and devotion.I think I might be the only person who I have talked to that was excited about this new relationship triangle A lot of fellow bloggers seemed to express how worried they were about a love that goes three ways For me, it just made sense It was time to spice things up, so to speak And spicy it was WOW This book has moments that blow you away in how the relationship between Robert, Liz, Tremaine develops Liz is two very different people in one She is strong and capable, yet scared and timid in a lot of ways She holds an innocence about her that is so compelling that you are unable to turn your back on her Hence why she has two separate men in love with her I cried for her, than once.I could go on and on about Robert, the former lover, who comes back to protect our sweet Liz And Tramaine, who has helped her heal for so long Both men are insanely amazing Both have flaws and vulnerabilities But both are so perfect for her They are truly what makes Liz seem even special than she already is I love them I don t want to go into details about them too much, discovering who these characters are on my own, for me, was very important I don t want to give too much away here, but I will say that when you have two men in love with you and both are good and right for you, it only makes sense to explore with both And she does just that I had a conversation with Brandy, where she expressed that once she brought Tremaine into the story, she had to explore the threeway relationship I for one, am glad she did His presence made the story richer, fuller, bolder It was a perfect addition.You will be glued to this story If you loved Edenton before, get ready, because you will see another side of it that makes you feel like you never want to leave Hey Brandy, can I get Preston s story now Pretty please with sugar on top I give Falling Into Place 5 amazing, sexy as hell, unable to put the damn book down lipsticks

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    Rivers shines brightest when she weaves the past and present together Falling into Place delivers what many books cannot a glimpse into the full lifetime of love between three people Love manifests in many ways, and Rivers shows us each of these, while also reinforcing effectively that you don t always have to choose one.Liz is, hands down, my favorite female lead of the series She is tough, but flawed, and sensitive enough that many women will relate to her The two men in her life, Robert and Tremaine, are equally unique, and both right for her, in very different ways While I know many love the strong alpha males and the no nonsense tough girls, I always prefer the flawed, sensitive types I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite character in this book, though, if I had to, it would be Tremaine.Without spoiling the book, it is enough to say Rivers takes a very challenging message and sells it in beautiful, convincing spades.Rivers continues to grow as her series moves forward Each book is better than the last, and this one is no exception One of the best reads of 2013.

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    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review 4.5 Stars Falling Into Place by Brandy L Rivers is one of my favorite books in the series so far The back story for the characters, Liz, Robert and Tremaine is phenomenal It really gets the reader devoted to the characters and allows you to know them on their own, as well as together Liz is rescued after being neglected and abused Tremaine took her to a trusted friend, but Liz doesn t want to stay with them because she feels comfortable with her savior Liz has a hard time trusting people and people are unable to reach her no matter how hard they try Liz finally decides that she is going to try and find her place in their family Robert makes it easier for Liz because he is such gentle and sweet man which leads the two to fall for one another.One day while Robert was gone something traumatic happens to Liz and she feels like she has to leave to protect the love of her life Robert lets her go and puts his all in his work Tremaine finds Liz and helps her put her life back together The relationship between Liz, Robert and Tremaine is so solid and is developed over years Twenty years later, Robert learns that Liz and his sister are possibly in harm s way Robert and Tremaine would do anything to protect them But first they both have to deal with their own problems and overcome them to save Liz.I really liked the background story of the characters It wasn t overloaded with details, but enough to let the reader really know the characters and have a connection with them Brandy Rivers did an amazing job taking a subject of a threesome less and making it work for the story Two men who love one woman with all their heart and both are perfect for her I was unsure at first when I started reading, but it worked really well for these characters and this story I like that Liz is a strong and confident woman, but at the same time she is still that little girl that she was who is scared and unsure of herself She wasn t completely put together, but lived and survived despite all the bad things that had happened to her I also really enjoyed that characters from the previous books where present I love reading updated or getting information on characters in series Falling Into Place was well written and is a page turner It is a fast read and will keep you sucked into the story I can t wait to read from this series

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    This is definitely my favourite book in the series and centres around Robert, Liz and Tremaine Rape and abuse play a part in the story as well as an unconventional relationship, but it is tastefully done and in no way glorifies or excuses the behaviour It starts in the past when Liz is 12 years old Tremaine rescues her from a dire situation and takes her to live with a friend of his, Wilhelm Wilhelm takes her in with no questions asked and raises her as his daughter On her first day in Wilhelm s house, she meets his oldest son Robert and from Robert s point of view, it s love at first sight Growing up, she slowly falls in love with Robert and they are inseparable, much to the disdain of Robert s twin siblings Emily and James Emily dislikes Liz because she feels that Liz is taking everyone s love and attention away from her and James just wants her powers Other characters from the previous books show up including Preston who is Robert s best friend from school days Liz knows him well as the three of them went to the same Academy where they learnt about their talents Tremaine still watches over Liz and he and Robert are the only two men she completely trusts Fast forward a few years and the three of them have graduated from the Academy and now work for the Silver Council as Enforcers One day Liz has exciting news to tell Robert but before she can, she is attacked by James Robert arrives home and finds her asleep and covered in blood and tries to wake her Because she s still in shock, she lashes out and almost kills Robert Fearful that she might hurt him again, Liz runs off and fakes her own death hoping that Robert will move on.Forward 21 years and Liz is settled in Edenton where she runs a bookshop with Tremaine They are still close but Liz feelings toward Tremaine have changed She secretly lusts after him and unbeknownst to her, he feels the same way Things come to a head when they have to attend Christian s 21st birthday party Robert also turns up but to block out the pain of what she did to him all those years before, she decides to get rip roaring drunk After that night, their lives are never the same again which one, if either, does she chose I don t which characters the next book will focus around but I can t wait to read it I just hope it doesn t take too long

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    Falling Into Place is my favorite story yet for the Others of Edenton series I like all the characters but in this book I feel the story had meat Rivers took her time to really build up the back story for Liz, Robert and Tremaine without it being drawn out and without feeling like you didn t get enough information to get to know them.With the other characters you know happened but you get bits of the story as the series goes along We get to meet Liz and Robert while they are young Tremaine is much older and while I m sure he has plenty story to tell, I don t feel like I m messing much Liz is orphaned and is brought to Roberts family after an accident Robert is taken right away but Liz whats to stay with her savior She realizes that he can t take her so she just makes the best out of the time with Robert s family Liz magic shows great promise and soon she is the talk of the school and that is not always such a good thing.All lost souls seem to end up in Edenton and trouble is usually not far behind Liz is no exception She finds herself in a life or death battle several times throughout her life For all the bad that follows her she still manages to make great friends and finds love.I like that Liz was strong but not an overpowering female She is like most people, though you might seem to have it all people still find a way to try to destroy your happiness Liz was very good at putting on a front to hide all her past pains in front of friends but only one has seen her through everything and she is not letting that one go.I enjoyed this story and the only thing that really got on my nerves because it was so repetitive is Robert and his guilt I was just tired of hearing it Otherwise the story had a great plot, we got to hear from a lot of the other characters from past books and this story felt complete I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review LoP

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    Brandy know how to write great and complex paranormal stories that capture your mind, heart and can steam up any window Falling Into Place was no exception and once again I had a hard time pressing pause to get back to my regular life, instead wanting to stay immersed in her captivating mind and this very intriguing world.Falling Into Place is now the seventh story I believe that I have read by Brandy and I am still amazed as how she keeps all these intertwining characters and storylines straight This story in particular revolves around three characters I have been desperate for since I was first introduced to them, Robert, Liz and Tremaine.I am hesitant to give away any of the plot than the synopsis allows mostly because the spoilers that would involve would impact the way you read this book, and trust me going in with as little knowledge as possible will make for an incredible reading listening experience But I will say that not only does this story pass many, many years that involve heartache, loss and learning to survive alone but it also involves these three characters learning that not all great loves are made out of cookie cutter molds.Still full of the epic madness that comes with good fighting evil, Falling into Place is action packed and full of surprises But even so than her previous books this story is full of heart and even had me tearing up on multiple occasions Who would have guessed that the book that s ends in a permanent threesome would be the one packed full of emotion I highly recommend this book and series on audio, the story flows nicely and is narrated beautifully I enjoyed every moment of it and cannot wait for in the series miranda

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    Falling into Place by Brandy RiversRating 5 This book was provided by the author in exchange for honest literary review Liz has had a life no one should ever have to live through Nightmares haunt her on just how much abuse and hell she has had to live through Giving up Robert all those years ago nearly killed her, in fact in some ways it would have been a relief to have died because then she wouldn t have to remember Without Tremaine in her life, Liz would most certainly have been long gone from the land of the living His undying love and support for her has carried her through when she didn t think she could make it Now life is changing Robert is back in her life and he refuses to take no for an answer this time With his arrival, she learns that one of the causes of her nightmares is very alive It is time for Liz to face all her demons and learn how to fix her broken heart This book is freaking amazing I love the whole series, but this one is just over the top good It had conflict, action and love The pace flies by and you cannot walk away from it Liz is one lucky girl to have both of these guys vying for her attentions In typical Others style for us paranormal junkies, there is a whole group of supes that we all love that we all love that just adds to the story Due to the content, this book is intended for readers 18 I wasn t really sold on Liz in the previous books but now I understand why she acted as she did This is one of the best books I have read thus far this year Please can we have the next others book now.they are so addicting.

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    I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank the author and Carrie, the moderator of Lovers of Paranormal group of Goodreads for giving me this opportunity of reading and reviewing this book.Whoa This one is the best among all the other books in this series Just awesome sauce I loved Liz than any other heroine we met in this world and she was so mature I just admired her She knows how to cope up with your problems rather than run from it and has the courage and devotion to sacrifice your love just to keep him safe Just great The guys in this book, I mean Tremaine and Robert are just like the dream boy that every girl wants They are caring and can sacrifice their lives to save Liz, well that is just not possible to get now a days I loved the way the story flowed smoothly without any fault or mistake The plot is awesome and the writing style of the author is fab which brought life in to the plot and the characters Over all a great read guys with thick and grasping mystery, heart stopping suspense and passionate romance along with true love Enjoy the read

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    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal.This book centers on Liz, Robert and Tremaine The description of the story has a warning that the romance winds up in a permanent threesome This is a fair warning and I wasn t sure I would like this aspect but in the end it works for them I really did want to see Liz end up with just Robert though.Liz is one strong woman who has had a very tough life I didn t connect to her character as much as I did to Robert I was really hoping for a happy ending for him.I also really enjoyed that characters from the previous books where present I love reading information on characters from the previous books Falling Into Place is a well written page turner that is a little dark than the previous installments It s a fast read and will keep you sucked into the story.

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