The Cure

The Cure The story is utterly riveting Stephanie sets up a believable character in a realistic world of the future, the adds layers of despair and claustrophobia like chiffon on a wedding gown Each adding subtly to the whole until you find your heart hammering along with the heroine s.The characters are all well fleshed out, and you can almost feel the bad guys breathing down your neck I almost never cry at movies or books, but I had to take a break from this to stop myself from bawling which would have been very hard to explain to the babysitter I practically swallowed the book whole in one sitting, reading 2 chapters yesterday and the rest today.My only complaint was that it seemed to end too fast though that might just be because I wantI can t wait for the next book by this author. One Life Will Make The Difference Macey Holsinger Has Been Hearing That Promise Her Whole Life But It Hasn T Saved Anyone Yet, Not Even Her Little BrotherThe Disease Has Claimed Countless Lives In The Last Hundred Years, And The Government Is Working Hard To Find A Cure Through Human Testing Testing That Has Killed Nearly As Many People As The DiseaseAt Sixteen, Macey Has Better Things To Think About Than Saving Lives And Submitting To Any Rule Other Than Her Parents As A Budding Artist, She Has Her Whole Life Ahead Of Her, At Least Until She Faces Her Own TestingQuestions Plague Macey Questions That Make Everyone Else Nervous How Can Death Be Justified With Death What S The Point Of All This Answers Evade Her Until She S Left With Only One Question How Much Will She Sacrifice In The Name Of The Cure If You Liked The Hunger Games Or Divergent, You Ll Love The Cure I m so confused as to how I should rate this book The beginning was quite interesting, but then the story didn t seem to go anywhere I actually stopped reading for a few weeks and almost gave up I finally picked it back up and I m glad I did I feel like the story could ve been better in the sense that, being dystopian, I expected maybe a littleto the world, a littleaction The story just follows the main character with her daily life and nothing else really happens I would ve given it a lower rating, but towards the end, the book really picks up and it s really interesting And of course, the ending was really good, which saved it for me SPOILERS Ughhhhhh The important things were left unexplained What exactly is the disease What makes Macey s blood so special that it s the cure How come the cure isn t in either of her parents blood, or in Joey s blood but it s in hers WHAT MAKES HER SO SUPER SPECIAL After the faculty lies about her death to her parents, I assumed she d find out that Joey s death was also a lie becausewhy not Macey and Joey share the same blood, right It s not even like they share only one parent.This stupid girl doesn t even bother much to learnabout the disease in the book the doctor gave her How can you write a story about a disease affecting peoples lives so drastically without even giving ANY solid facts about the symptoms or origin about the disease I ve read and enjoyed both of Stephanie Erickson s books, and while I thoroughly enjoyed The Blackout, I can see her growth as a writer in The Cure Her characters are very well presented and rounded out The concept is intriguing, and the book appeals to many ages of readers The main character is a rebellious teen in a land of tight government controls Her problems are believable and thought provoking I don t usually like dystopia type books, but this one is so character driven, that I may be converted to the genre Can t wait to readfrom this budding author I really enjoyed this story and found it difficult to put down Set in a realistic but frightening time in the future, against a background of despair, with only the love of family and friends to keep you going, especially when your date is looming.The characters are very believable which brought out strong emotions as the story progressed The only reason I didn t give 5 stars is that I was a little disappointed by the ending. Awesome read Awesome read This book was not only eye opening to the way our world could be but very well written with a good story line I felt so connect with the characters and felt like I was feeling exactly what Macey was feeling If your into dystopian type books I would definitely recommend this one It was alright Started off well and I expected something to happen It didn t The ending was predictable and a little boring Pretty much no conflict When she learns to throwwrenches at her protags she ll be fine. This book had literally no point. Stephanie Erickson has a true gift I was submerged into Macey s world from chapter 1, sending me on a roller coaster ride of emotions You will laugh, cry, and cheer until the very end

Stephanie Erickson writes paranormal and fantasy 2017 is a busy year, with 5 novels, 2 novellas, and 2 audio books planned Apparently, she thought this was a good idea, while basically single parenting a preschooler while her pilot husband jets around without her She s basically a 5 ft nothing superhero Her weaknesses include sub par fast food burgers, sugary cereals, and semi plausible end o

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  • The Cure
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  • 03 July 2019

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