Beneath the Willow

Beneath the Willow Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition Of BDDJQUThomas Loves Keziah He Ll Do Anything For Herat Least He Believes That But All It Takes Is One Shattering Moment To Change A Belief A Few Nights Is Than Enough To Kill The Belief The World Thomas Knows Changes One Night When He Gets A Phone Call It S Keziah She S Hurt She S Scared She Needs Him He Gets Keziah Home, But The Horror Has Just Begun From That Moment A Darkling World Embraces Him Keziah Believes She Has Been Bitten By A Vampire Thomas Doesn T Believe It At First But When One Belief Dies, It S Because A New One Is Forming As He Fights To Discount Her Story, Thomas Tries To Nurse Her Back To Health, But It Isn T Working He Can No Longer Ignore The Truth She Isn T Solely Keziah Any Heartbroken, Maddened, And Hollow, Thomas Has To Make A Difficult Choice Accept What His Girlfriend Has Become Or Turn Against Her Both Choices Demand A High Price, But Which Is Thomas Willing To Pay

Gemma has been writing horror and psychological stories for a number of years She has had short stories published in magazines and on E zines, such as Supernatural Tales, Twisted Dreams and Micro Horror Gemma s stories can be found on her Trinity Hanging blog.

[EPUB] ✺ Beneath the Willow  ✽ Gemma Farrow –
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  • 42 pages
  • Beneath the Willow
  • Gemma Farrow
  • English
  • 09 September 2017

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    The first few paragraphs of Beneath the Willow were a little too poetically sentence structured for my tastes, perhaps to set an atmosphere through tone and description As if that sentence was any better They didn t work for me, but the rest of the story did Overall, this was a fairly standard vampire type tale What sets it apart is the mood and overall creepiness brought out by the author s well chosen words and slow paced story I mean that last bit in a good way The pacing was perfect for a tale of this length and nature That creepy feeling builds slowly but surely too an almost claustrophobic ending So, the plot is somewhat traditional vamp, but the mood is gothic greatness not found in most modern day vampire tales I would definitely read from this author.

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    A well written, intense, psychological short storyI have to say, this was a very good short story I m not a fan of short stories in general, but I was intrigued that this was a horror, and I was in need of some scary creepiness That being said, Beneath the Willow imparts a psychological bang rather than a scare shock gore tactic which I appreciated But geez, that under the bed scene made me freak a little And I enjoyed seeing a story deviate from the normal scheme of vampire zombie clich s and boy have I been seeing a lot of them , playing with the emotions of our torn protagonist We see love at its best, and love is what cost Thomas his sanity, his beliefs, and his humanity Gemma Farrow has a style that draws you in, not allowing your eyes to leave the words despite the fact that you know what this is about, what s happening, that this is all about one thing only Because this is a short story, it s really hard to write anything about it without giving the whole plot away, but I will attempt to do so that is, not give anything away.Thomas s love of his life, Keziah, is bitten by a vampire She survives but Thomas has a hard time coming to terms with the supernatural Keziah refuses to get help and instead, convinces Thomas to bury her She promises to love him forever, her feelings for him will never change but Thomas is unsure Wrecked with uncertainty, self doubt, and overwhelming love, Thomas does the unthinkable Read this story to find out The ending was good, but like many short stories, it indicated other possibilities and I hate that Your brain is left in an eternal loop of several theories trying to figure out, disclaim, or push out its own conclusion Grrrr.

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    MIND BLOWN Every time I tried reading short stories, they have always disappointed me With undeveloped characters, misleading story and fast ending, I never found something that blows me away Beneath the Willow is different From the beginning I sensed the sadness, the love and the betrayal that Thomas experienced His emotions that were mixed with terror and love were so overpowering, I couldn t stop reading I d be a mindless thing, Thomas A screaming, violent thing inside this room All things come from the earth and some need to return in order to come forth once This is a personal example of amazing writing, mystery and that feeling when you know something is going to happen but you have no idea what it is My whole body was shaking by the end of the book because what Thomas was feeling I was feeling Simple horror with a mix of awe Gemma Farrow you are my new favorite author bow down

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    Beneath the Willow is a short horror story that serves as a powerful reminder of what the genre is about Horror stories should unsettle you, give you an uncomfortable feeling in your gut, and the author successfully accomplishes that Gemma s story has all of the elements of good horror As you uncover and of the event taking place, the protagonist s feelings for what he s lost make it impossible for him to turn back, as he heads toward the inevitable So what is it about It is a vampire story returning to the roots of the legend The vampire is gritty and monstrous, haunting and alien, and most importantly unpredictable What happens when you loved the person before their inevitable demise Is it love or guilt that drives the protagonist to do what he must not With the relationship of the characters, it is easy to accept the decisions made that drives this story I could see myself making similar choices.The author needs to make of her short stories available This was a very impressive introduction to an author that understands the elements of horror and is worth reading.

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    A deft combination of short and scary Beneath the Willow is a creepy short story about a young man who loses his girlfriend to a vampire attack or does he Even though this is a short story, author Gemma Farrow manages to create an atmospheric and compelling narrative.While the very beginning may have belabored the grief of the main character, Thomas, it soon picks up and relates the events through a series of flashbacks inter cut between current events that is very effective, and strings the reader along through the mystery without losing them.There are moments of genuine creepiness and honest emotion wrapped around two very well developed characters for such a brief length.I normally don t care for short stories, because they usually force me to take too much for granted, and leave me with questions after I m done than a satisfying ending There is none of that here The world and situation is detailed, logical, and wraps up on an appropriately dark note.If you want a quick, eerie read Beneath the Willow is an excellent choice.

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    Beneath the Willow by Gemma Farrow is about the love that Thomas has for Keziah He would do anything for her But when a night out turns into a nightmare and she is bitten can he stand by her as she turns into a vampire What she asks him to do next is even horrifying, does he love her enough to do as she asks Very well written and I was entranced from page one as the authors descriptions of her characters and the story line brings you in quickly.This is not a long read but from beginning to end the story is gripping and the outcome is terrifying.I would highly recommend Beneath the Willow and hope there will be books by this author It was a fun read Be prepared to get the chills.

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    I hate the way 3 stars looks as though it s a bad rating Half way there, almost, but not quite, when really, 3 stars is a compliment It means I liked it It means it was well written and held my attention and gave an overall good impression Beneath the Willow managed to portray vivid imagery and strong emotions in a short amount of time The characters were relatable and the story believably told The only issues I had were with missing commas, which created confusing sentences and with the jumping back and forth between past and present Other than that, the story was highly enjoyable and I would gladly read of it, along with the author s other works.

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    This very entertaining short story captivated me and I will surely be reading from this author It had just the right amount of suspense and made me think on what I might do if I were in Thomas s position I feared for Thomas but at the same time I felt so bad for Kaziah It is so hard for me to speak without spoiling it for the next reader So, I leave you with this Awesome job, this is a story I would recommend to horror fans and I for one will be searching out of Miss Farrows stories If I could give it stars, that would suit me better

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    A short horror story written to keep you reading and wondering how it ends It s a story of love, horror and the ultimate test of faith in that love.Writing a short story can be difficult than you think because you have to tell a compelling story, limit any excursions or deep details, and yet propel the characters forward to a speedy ending that the reader will remember and enjoy.Some authors have an ability to do just that, and do it well Gemma is one of them I am not much of a reader for horror stories, but the reviews I read before purchasing this book lead me unable to resist reading it The other reviewers were right, it was a very well done short story that I will remember for some time, and even find myself still thinking about it from time to time days after I finished it.In the story, Thomas and Keziah were the epitome of soul mates They were deeply in love, had a wonderful future at their feet and lived their lives to make each other happy Nothing was beyond acceptable to do for each other You know the couples who finish each other s sentences They have each other so ingrained in their thoughts that even when they are not present, they hear them, feel them, know their very soul.So what could possibly ever happen that would change the direction of their lives so completely If one thing happened to one of them that drastically changed that person physically, emotionally or intellectually, how would the other one react How would they live, how would they deal with the change How would each of them deal with a mind rendering change to the dynamics of their relationship and the gut wrenching twist to their souls Before anything changed, Thomas and Keziah believed in each other They carried the umbrellas that harbored their souls, clinging to the truth that neither would do less than everything for each other to love, honor and protect them So when one did change, the need to continue carrying the torch of stalwart devotion became not only intense, but absolute than ever before There was only one question on each of their minds Did this change everything did the other one s devotion suffer a tear that would soon unravel the whole union into pieces as incohesive as grains of sand You will be wondering that question as you turn the pages, looking for the grade on the test of their souls Your thoughts will go from one to the other feeling their pain, and while you ponder what should happen, you ll be greatly thankful that this could never happen to you Or could it Get the book, and then you can decide.

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    Thomas, Keziah whispered, don t bury me deep Thomas s life has changed in a few short days, and so has his beloved Keziah After an attack one night, by a creature that shouldn t exist, Keziah tries to prepare them both for what is to come, but can Thomas do his part Can he make the right choice and live or die by the consequences I can count on my two hands the number of short stories I ve read in my life, and most of them were school curriculum selected In general, they re not my thing I always wonder how an author can cram a whole, meaningful story that requires character development into so few words But Gemma Farrow can and she does it well Beneath the Willow is a poignant tale of love, grief, moral questioning and fear With a few well chosen words, Ms Farrow has created an immediate emotional connection to characters that are four dimensional Her choice of original similes, metaphors and beautifully descriptive words pull you into the melancholy dilemma that faces Thomas as he decides what to believe, and what to do about his adored Keziah, who is changing into something else something other I m also not normally a fan of memories and flashbacks but they are so well done here, that they add an additional dimension of surreal grief to the tale The story itself is unique too, without the sexual and glamorous plotlines most vampire novels have, or the usual expected ending There is a thriller horror element, a little romance too, but for me, this story is about being human It s about having to make choices between your head and your heart and paying the consequences for those decisions.If Ms Farrow can do this in only a few words, I wonder what she can do with a full length novel I ll be keeping my eye out for work from this talented author

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