furtl Meets Idiocracy Meets TheUS Presidential Election KIRKUS REVIEWS BEST OF THE YEAR SELECTION In A Dumbed Down, Dystopic Near Future America, High Tech Tycoon Manny Kahn Fights To Save The Nation From Political Pathologies Brought About By His Own Creation, A Ubiquitous Online Search EngineWitherspoon Keeps The Narrative As Lean As An IPad And Resists The Gimmick Of Writing The Thing In Text Message Shorthand Though Characterizations Are Often Tweet Deep, The Nonstop Invention And Wit Spare Neither The Left Nor The Right Sharp Toothed And Bluetoothed Gigabyte Size Political And Social Satire For The Wired Generation KIRKUS REVIEWS As Page Turning As It Was Satirical And Allegorical It Simultaneously Pokes Fun And Offers Commentary On Privacy And The Negative Effects Of Social Networks Buy It In Paperback Form, Or Enjoy The Irony Of Downloading The Ebook PEOPLE S WORLD TopBooks Of OTHER REVIEWS Paranoid Nonsense The Author Creates An Absurd World Where The Government Is Dysfunctional, Extreme Partisan Politics Is The Norm, And Privacy Is No Longer Possible Witherspoon Sounds Like An Out Of Touch Luddite With A Superiority Complex And I Have Deep Concern For His Mental State Mitch Witherspoon, Strobe S Son Almost As Good As My First Novel Horace Witherspoon, Strobe S Uncle And Author Of Are There Chicken Nuggets In Heaven Serious And Silly, Earnest And Cynical The Struggle To Balance National Security And Personal Privacy Comes Alive In This Heart Pounding Debut Novel A Clarion Call To All Who Think Clearing Their Internet History Is Enough As Politics, Technology, And Commerce Continue On Their Collision Course, This Book Asks, Are We Ready Amber Witherspoon, Strobe S Cousin And Founder, Bookjacketquotes I Have No Son Richard Tricky Witherspoon, Strobe S Dad Furtl, America S Once Dominant Technology Conglomerate Is Bleeding Money Holospace Machines Out Of China Have Transformed The Way People Do Business On The Internet And Furtl Can T Keep Up But There Is Hope If Furtl Can Get The US Government To Outlaw Holospace Machines, Their Search Algorithms, Social Networks, And Proximity Payment Systems Will Live To See Another Day All The Government Wants In Return Is Unrestricted Access To Furtl S User Information So It Can Squash Its Political Opponents It S The Perfect Plan Issues Pertaining To Privacy, Innovation, And Democracy Notwithstandingdium Strobewitherspooninstagram Strobewitherspoontwitter Strobewither

Born on the bleak, hardscrabble paths of northern Maine, Strobe Witherspoon s writing is a testament to fortitude, perseverance, and the American dream Blessed with an IQ that his parents describe as not good and a vocabulary that is not good , Witherspoon is excited to bring his unique perspective to readers of books.

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  • 01 February 2017

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    How can a book with a recommendation from the authors mum on the front cover be anything but good Strobes d but novel hits the ball out of the park In this world full of technology, driven by social media and the desire to be connected at all time Strobe with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, takes aim and fires an intelligent and insightful satirical broadside at the world today and what it might become.The story is set in the distant future were the American internet company Furtl, which has integrated itself into every aspect of Americans life, is starting to lose the battle against the Chinese alternative Holospace machines Without giving the stories away lets just say this is a story of private business taking over the country by using politicians as their puppets The few control the masses through fear thus increasing their profits lines It is a story of one man trying to make amends and give power back to the people.As a techno freak I had a big grin on my face through most of this book There is one frightening aspect of this book, and that is the story is not that much a stretch of the imagination I believe the author has given birth to a new genre, Dystopian Militant Buddhism Political Satire.

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    I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.Firstly, you need to read the endorsements at the start of this book, one from nearly every member of the author s family, and so hilarious It really did set a nice tone to my initial reading This book is part 1984, part A Clockwork Orange, and part reality While I felt that the book tried too hard initially to create its own language and speech, about halfway through it really found its stride and no longer felt so jarring Manny s story is one which everyone should read The reality is that companies and governments have been given control by consumers in exchange for convenience and apathy The America that Manny returns to in this book is reminiscent of North Korean detachment from the wider world, and extreme control over the lives of its citizens I found the political perspectives that we saw to demonstrate exactly what any sort of extremism can do to people and their world For example, the Lefteas bombing an anti abortion group, while that group was out bombing an abortion clinic, I mean it is so stupid but also the kind of thing you can see people actually doing It also brought up the dangers of corporate control, as companies have political agendas too and will use their power to strong arm where they can.The book is far optimistic than 1984, and had a sense of hope that I never thought the other did The HCC polls and Zines completely won me over I love the idea of history repeating itself in that way, with a new generation seeking a way away from the control of the internet I loved how all the little parts of the book came together at the end too, it all made sense and not a single sentence in the story was wasted.I definitely had questions that weren t answered about the book though I didn t understand how it was so easy for Manny to get back into America after 6 years, given the extremity of detachment that the country had taken from rest of the world It also strongly bothered me how easily Manny found and was accepted into the Lefteas, it really was too convenient and I didn t believe it I also wished that Manny had a clear goal when returning, as we kind of watched him stumble around for a while and it made the book slow down substantially at one point in the middle Having said that, I loved the last half of the book so much and nothing was wasted Fiona was a great character and I do wish we had met her earlier than we did This book did justice to its influences and I would recommend it to anyone interested in politics or fans of 1984 or A Clockwork Orange.

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    In these times of NSA spying on American citizens all in the name or making us safer It is not unlikely to find a book that turns a comic eye on such events Furtl does just that It is a quick satirical look at what is currently happening in our world today The book is set in the not too distant future 2026 and proceeds to follow a line that eerily sounds way to familiar to our everyday lives This book is a combination of Politicians and Big corporations trying to blend everything into something that only suits themselves and their bottom line While reading this book I constantly found myself asking if this was happening to us in real life.The book starts off slow, but if you stick with it you quickly get drawn in and turning pages I found myself laughing on almost every page Sadly, though this book is not going to appeal to everybody If you are looking for a funny and insightful tale about civilization I would whole heartedly recommend this book.

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    This is the techno version of Idiocracy Between the two this is even enjoyable and closer to what we see happening in lives and our fascination with technology In addition to lambasting our technological dependencies Strobe uses satire to lampoon both sides of the political field American politics that is One reviewer said that the premises was too far fetched and over the top I have to disagree While the extremes in Furtl are ludicrous I feel that level of ridiculousness only highlights just how silly we are in the real world.Overall a fun quick read with plenty of wit.

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    furtl is funny and insightful, a tightly wound tale with pop references than I probably picked up Its political commentary was scathing, and its humor made me laugh out loud than once This is what 1984 would have been if written in 2013 by a guy with a funnybone furtl chronicles the unceremonious unseating of the founder of the book s namesake company, a timid and weaselly fellow who has been swept away by people politically attuned and financially motivated than he After being ousted, he heads off into the Bhutanian wilderness to sulk, only to be reawakened by the intrusion of technology into his isolated haven He plunges back into the political reality of the 2030 s America, where he works to overthrow the stranglehold his previous company has on the government.I can hardly do this book justice in this short review, but parodies and parallels abound One group he runs into, the Lefteas plays off both the term leftie, a derogatory term for a left leaning idealist and this sorry band of miscreants takes those beliefs to hilarious extremes and the Tea Party grassroots movement currently underway But the satire doesn t stop with the groups themselves The entire culture of the country a short couple decades in the future is a logical progression from where we are today I would go so far as to call this a scathing but hilarious critique of current Western society, if I were prone to sound bites in these reviews.Mr Witherspoon has done his homework, binding the story together with details and nuances that struck me as apropos, sad, and silly all at once I found it confusing to get into the book because with first chapter is actually a prologue since the main character isn t in it It took several scenes before I realized Manny was the protagonist I enjoyed his hard put upon demeanor, though it didn t quite reach the hilarious extremes that, say, Arthur Dent in Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy did.This book appeals to readers of satirical humor, conspiracy theorists who believe the government is tracking our every move Hint They are , and anyone who appreciates a light hearted look at the consequences of the choices we as a society are making.Also posted on my blog, Magic Mayhem Book Reviews.

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    Wow, a quick and easy read The book did start off on a few tangents that leave you wondering what s going on and then seem dropped, but don t let that bother you as they are relevant to the story.I, personally, do not care for long drawn out boring reviews of a book I m about to read So, how would I describe this book in just a few words furtl is something akin to 1984 fused with the movie Idiocracy however, with a bit of a technology angle Don t get me wrong, I love Idiocracy and think it was a hilarious, yet telling movie, and the way we keep relinquishing our freedom of privacy, a large 1984, so easily and companies keep finding clever ways of convincing us to not worry about it and choosing popular, yet not smart people, into elected positions or the people with the most money or offering the most free handouts the ideas easily wind together through this novel.So, how about the story I love reading any type of scifi, fantasy or technology oriented fiction This one fit the bill for a tech thriller and had my interest after the first few chapters The pacing picked up fairly quickly and while not all characters were fully developed, they didn t need to be as the main character was, as well as the story itself Some things were skipped over at the beginning, but semi revealed later in the story.Oh yeah, one thing some people complained about the use of language and how difficulty strange silly it was when spoken by many of the characters in the book Quite simply, if we continue to allow netspeak insinuate itself into our language, you will be speaking like the characters in this book in 10 15 years So that in itself is quite telling about our society Is it silly and makes you want to slap someone Yes, but unfortunately that is what happens when you let kids drive linguistics.

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    As usual I received this book free in exchange for a review This time the author contacted me directly Despite that kindness I give my scrupulously honest opinion below.The nutshell sketch of this is that it paints a portrait of a world decades in the future that has gone mad under the influence of technology run amok Everything in the book has a close modern parallel Furtl is probable Google There s a close relative of the Patriot Act The NSA is now the DCS Department of Cultural Security You get the idea The book represents our modern world and government taken to absurd lengths.In most cases this is the part of the review where I give positives and negatives but I find myself ill equipped to do so this time as I found the book just too thinly drawn to the insane I enjoy a good farce as much as the proverbial next person but this just struck me like a gent with too much time on his hands plopping down the most absurd thing that came to mind Good humor mixes the absurd with the real and this was just too absurd It wasn t funny it was just insane.In summary, do I recommend this book Not really It has an intensely liberal lean to it which I m fine with but it just plows a furrow too outside the bounds of reality As the Brits might put it, this one is over the top Give it a go if you insist, but don t get your hopes up.

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    Check out my blog to see Reviews of Book and Movies, and check out some Recipes Furtl is definitely a unique book The witty humor of the book definitely lasts throughout the entire story, while the satire hides a darker human nature that we have seen and continue to see unfolding in front of our eyes in the world The author took a unique approach to blast the political and social networking community The ideas and the delivery of this story were entertaining to read, but some of the lingo definitely got in the way of the flow for me personally I appreciate the lingo and the nicknames and their added satire for the story, but I do feel as though it could have been cut down a bit to add weight to each one, rather than to bombard the reader with so much This could have a negative affect on a reader who was possibly not as versed on current affairs, thus eliminating a large possible audience base Overall, I do recommend furtl, for its unique language and the amount of times it made me laugh A solid 3.5 stars for me I received a copy of this book for free with For Love of a Book s Read Review Opportunity Program

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    This book became relevant as I read it due the issue with Apple and the FBI Satire, in my estimation, can be tough to pull off It is easy, it seems, to become to clownish with the jokes An author can spend so much time evolving current trends to an absurd state that the story suffers Strobe Witherspoon is careful to avoid this and tells a pretty good tale The book starts with a bang, and you are immediately in a world with its own language something that takes l33t to an extreme I found this all so believable and even suffered through being an old fuddy duddy because I didn t always know what was being said I like to call these furtl isms because Witherspoon was very crafty with them The recipes incorporating bacon were funny in and of themselves My favorite was ROF reversal of fortune , and like a practiced comedian, Witherspoon knew when to do a call back to get a good laugh I plan on using ROF in my life when appropriate.My one critique would be that things get wrapped up very quickly at the end, but this is minor The story was complete I would like to know what happened to some of the characters from the one political group, but again, this is minor.Very enjoyable

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    Imagine a future with the extreme political ends of the spectrum gone wild This is like a girls gone wild story with tech companies wielding control over leaders and society itself It s 2026 and our worst nightmares about loss of privacy and individualism have been realized People are oblivious to their role as lemmings being blindly led Witherspoon has cleverly manufactured a future that s outrageous and yet within the scope of possibility He skews both the political right and the left while simultaneously delivering up a world driven by corporate greed and manipulation It s clever satire that demonstrates how technology could get even dangerous than it is today, in the hands of greedy, power hungry people If that reminds one of some recent headlines, all the reason to be afraid of this frightening look at a bizarre yet possibly real future.

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