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Play Me BackwardsActual rating 3.5 Play Me Backwards is about Leon, a high school senior and slacker who has amounted to nothing and might not even graduate His friend, Stan, who sometimes goes by Satan, gives him a list of tasks to do in order to help him win back the girl of his dreams who might be coming back to Iowa after living in England for years Play Me Backwards is a funny, and lighthearted read There are tons of outrageous scenes, and I love how memorable Leon s friends and family are Usually books with high schoolers have unmemorable, mostly absent parents, but Leon s parents are atypical parents who have a role to play The only thing I didn t like about this book was that the plot was kind of hazy at times, and it seemed kind of ridiculous that Leon would be so obsessed with a girl he knew in middle school. This was an okay book It really didn t have much going on in it but that s what you get when it s about slackers Plus I didn t particularly care much for any of the characters The ending was a let down too. This was so much better than I thought it would be I almost want to give it 5 stars just because of how much I enjoyed it I picked this up while I was at the library I was studying for finals and when I took a break, I saw this and thought it looked funny, so i picked it up and started reading it and didn t put it down So if I fail my finals, thanks a lot, book Other than a few missing words typos I have no real complaints about this It was fun and enjoyable and hilarious I laughed out loud quite a few times I loved how realistic it felt even with Stan quite possibly being Satan Everything that happened with Paige just seemed real, and not super cliche And the ending was perfect I especially loved everything about freedom of religion, and how there should be freedom for all religions, not just your own Also, bonus there were no real douche bag guys as main characters, no insta love, and only some minor girl on girl hate view spoiler And I think the way Paige handled knowing Leon wasn t completely over Anna was well done hide spoiler 3.5 Interesting Clouds Always assume that a person named Stan is actually named Satan That s probably the first thing I picked up from this book Oh, and that the Dark Lord is a complete ass Play Me Backwards is a fun book about love, friendship, and knowing the difference between being a teen and an adult I had a lot of fun reading this, and I really really REALLY want to go on a slushee adventure now Definitely going on my high school grad bucket list to do This book actually made me look back to what I was like when I was fourteen and all of my goals and expectations I ve changed a lot in those almost four short years but not in the way that I would have thought This is one of the reasons why I could connect with Leon and why I think a lot of other people will be able to as well Right off the bat though, the book jumps into an albeit humorous, very long info dump on the relationship between Leon and Stan Satan and how they became friends in the first place And it s not the only time that readers are forced to chew down a lot of information in one bite It happens kind of a lot but I liked that even though Adam Selzer had a has a hard time expertly putting in some of the characters pasts into the story without boring readers, he at least makes it funny If it weren t for the humour, I really do believe that I would have skimmed through just about all of the references to the past Another thing that I didn t like is the middle of the book where everything just seems to kind of stand still Things happen, sure, but it s not things that matter I truly did not care about Leon s relationship with Paige though it took up a huge chunk of the story Play Me backwards is still a fun novel I loved the writing I know I say this a lot, but I usually love reading books in a male perspective better than a female solely because the writing is a hell of a lot relaxed with a dash of humour in it The random but awesome assignments that Stan gives Leon are great I loved how much fun Leon has going around doing them Moreover, the relationship between Leon and Stan is well done I loved the journey that Leon goes through to improve himself and just how willing Stan is to help him The characters are full of personality and enthusiasm or lack of that s really realistic in teens Adding onto this, Stan is amazing He s mysterious and plays his part well as the Devil If you don t have a bucket list already, I suggest that you start one Especially if you re not a teenager You must go on a slushee adventure and do at least one disaster dinner from an old cookbook This book inspires random, weird, and awkward but in a way that s relatable to most, if not all teens concerning their parents, friends, and grades It was easy for me to love the book and laugh along with it I recommend this one to everyone to read even if it s just to pass the time It s kind of a jem, guys. Nicely entertaining read with satanic tendencies Play Me Backwards follows smartie turned slacker Leon as he finds out his first love Anna might be moving back to town Leon upon learning that awesome Anna is heading to Iowa realizes that his life isn t where he wants it to be Leon enlists the help of his friend Stan better known as Satan who sends him on random adventures that might or might not help him get his life in order.I loved Leon, his voice felt so natural I couldn t put the book down because I wanted to know what task Stan was going to give Leon and how Leon was going to handle it Having Leon as a narrator I learned to expect the unexpected because he was always surprising me.Stan or rather Satan was probably my favorite character I loved the morally ambiguous grey area he operated in and the fact that I was never sure if he really was Satan or not He was just a fun character and, despite some hairy moments, a good friend to Leon.While I loved the characters in Play Me Backwards I think my absolute favorite thing was the setting One of my best friends in Law School was from Iowa so I ended up driving all over the state and I have been to Des Moines a few times Selzer really captured the feel of the city I am also so freaking excited that someone is finally discussing the fact that Kum Go is a terrible hilarious name for a gas station The author is right, the day I stop laughing at that gas station is the day my soul has died a little Overall, Play Me Backwards was a novel with strong voice, fun characters and an excellent setting I really enjoyed following Leon and Satan and will definitely be reading whatever Adam Selzer writes next The rating of this book was changed from 4 to 5 stars are part of my post In Which I Reconsider Book Ratings OMG Can I even say OMG about a book with this subject matterI picked this up because it was on an If you like, try list about one of my favorite books But I didn t expect to enjoy it nearly as much as I did It was darkly hilarious we re talking UGLY laughing, complete with tears and snot and laughing so hard you snort , oddly heartwarming, and kind of read like a fractured fairy tale version of an after school special REALLY fractued.Turns out this is Book 3 in a sort of trilogy about the misadventures of a boy named Leon Harris Much like Neil Shusterman s Antsy books, you probably don t need to read them in order to get what s going on Like, it s not one continuous storyline Maybe I would have enjoyed it even MORE had I read the other two first Regardless, I plan to remedy this hole in my Read list as soon as possible If I have to sell my soul to get the first two books any fasterAnyway, in this book we catch up with former Gifted Pool kid Leon after he drops out of said pool and begins hanging out with the freaks, slackers, stoners, and losers at the other local ice cream parlor You know, the one no one really goes to and is probably really a front for some sort of illegal operation like drugs or gambling or the covert smuggling of House Elves across the border Or something Leon doesn t really care He gets paid to do nothing and can help himself to as many candy toppings as he can eat It s the American Dream Leon himself has become one of said losers, but he doesn t really feel bad about it until he gets a message from his old girlfriend Anna, who moved overseas a few years back and whom Leon never really got over ok, he s still bonkers over her Turns out Anna is returning to the states When Leon gets this news, he freaks What if Anna returns and sees what he s become He ll never have a chance with her Especially since she s probably become even worldly in the years since her move And he swell Enter Stan, who is probably the closest thing to a best friend Leon has But Stan is no ordinary teen He claims to be none other than the Dark Lord Himself No, not THAT Dark Lord, as in He Who Must Not Be Named We re talking the other dark lord The one with the fire and brimstone and pitchforks Of course he shortened his name to Stan taking out the first A so he could get into Catholic school without too many raised eyebrows Do you see the irony Leon isn t sure if he really believes Stan s supernatural identity claim But he s witnessed experienced some pretty impossible things when Stan is around Anyway, Stan intercepts Leon mid freakout and calmly tells him the solution to his problem is simple Go to the library and check out the unabridged audiobook of Moby Dick insert immature snicker about the title here and actually listen to it Yes The whole thing All 20 discs Like I said, Leon has experienced the method to Stan s madness before, so he does as he is commanded He figures it can t hurt Along the way, Stan gives Leon other strange and ramdom missions Find a rare slushy flavorsneak a poem with a hidden message into the yearbookstart dating the semi popular, semi preppy Paige If Leon does all this, Stan claims, he will turn his life around The payment if it works One soul, of course.And this begins one of the wildest coming of age adventures I ve encourntered in a very long time There s dark humor, sick humor, cringeworthy situations, and as Leon journeys from loser to someone he can actually look into the mirror and be sort of happy about But will Leon be ready for Anna when she finally returns Will it even matter any Ok, so this book was awesome and exactly what I was looking for at the time I couldn t put it down and read every chance I got I ll go as far as to say I think I ve discovered a new favorite author certainly Top 5 I can t wait to read of his bookschokengtitiktitikchokengs Everyone needs a BFF like Stan Review years ago, Leon s girlfriend Anna moved to England with her parents Leon s ambition for life left that same day, and he s been a slacker ever since, despite his potential Leon works at a crappy ice cream parlor one where he s convinced his boss is using the store only as a front for illegal activities and has no concrete plans to achieve anything after high school graduation.But Leon s best friend, Stan, claims to be Satan After Leon asks Stan for advice, Stan gives Leon some random tips and tasks that may turn Stan s life around after all date popular girl, Paige listen to the Moby Dick audiobook while finding the white grape flavored slushee join the yearbook committee.Fulfilled with a new sense of purpose even if unsure where the path is supposed to lead Leon starts turning his life around and rediscovering his potential.Though Stan may or may not be Satan, there are no paranormal or supernatural elements in Play Me Backwards instead, it s an honest, modern coming of age tale There are, however, references to Satanism Satanism, an atheist movement, is often confused with Satan worship this mistake is one that Leon makes as well, as he opines Most of the metal bands who sang about worshipping Satan in the 1980s weren t really Satanists any than Michael Jackson was really a zombie, but some of the bands in Norway actually went around burning churches, killing each other, and eating bits of each others brains in stews, like they didn t realize they were just supposed to pretend they did shit like that to sell records.But, as the book progresses, Leon addresses his own Satanic sins that are indeed associated with Satanism For example, he addresses his past pretentiousness with Anna i.e., being who he thought Anna wanted him to be and tries to discover his own identity His past obsession with Anna also led him to lose all perspective, which he slowly gains back as he completes the tasks Stan or Satan assigns him Play Me Backwards captures both the confusion and sometimes misguided certainty of being a teenager Although I picked up this book hoping there would be supernatural elements, I was pleasantly surprised at its honesty, sincerity, and humor.Review Love is getting a lecture from someone who could fart right on your bare arm at any second.things you need to know about play me backwards 1 anna is not a main feature in this story.2 there is satanism hell, this book could be name a fun frolic guide to satanism 3 leon is the poop guy 4 you keep expecting it to blow up yet it doesn t and then you are unsure IF you want it to blow but how could you not a muddle if there ever was the story starts with satan arriving an hour late for work on valentine s day.if that ain t the best pick up line you ve ever heard, you re out of my league and in the inter galactic pee wee football for shrunk geezers with various assorted appendages leon used to be the guy who hassled his school to divulge the extra money they made off of him and the gifted pool, the class of intelligent kids, the kid who kissed the girl of his dreams and could have gone for the ivy league now he works if you can call it that in the ice cave, with an years old whale in the cooler serving three customers a day and not even sure he s going to graduate he is literally the minion of satan who happens to be his best friend and manager.but less of thisand of this, because satan stan is pretty fucking awesomethis was hard and time consuming.that s a pretty big fall and don t think there was the facility of a slide nope, siree, mamsies and lilypads, it was heartbreak and gone, anna, gone anna, who basically made him the best shit ever anna, who was basically the nest shit ever herself of course, being the girl of a boy s dreams is never that easy and boy, did she have to spend hours practicing to be classy and move around while shorts beneath a long dress shirt so it looked like she wasn t actually wearing shorts but you know, or so jenny says she was still awesome anna, upon whose leaving, he regressed to slacker ways.anna, who might or might not be coming back.anna, who isn t that big a part of the story.instead let s not talk about paige, who is play me backwards has turned out to be one of the funniest, honest stories i ve read this side of summer besides slacker, weirdo, teenage shenanigans that i dig like i m mary fucking leakey on an expedition, leon s voice was relatable, and his story position at times tough to swallow for that precise reason yet his humor and lack of self pity, the situations he creates or gets stuck in, and the distinct lack of forced preaching, life lessons and ultra sweetness that make one haven t showered on a indian summer day icky, which i know firsthand because ahem this book and reasons and procrastination and a verrrry engrossing read beget unintentional acts of water conservation after a while, you just start to look like a ball or not of fur and not that cleanoh but look there it s a bird it s a plane it s words of wisdom While we went through suit after suit, each of which looked alike to me, I developed a theory that we think of shopping as a women s activity because it s got to be fun to shop for women s clothes than men s.beyond all that s said, what really deserves a mention and extra rating is the challenge, not outright but in subtle ways, of all that is expected of boys of all that is not expected of boys because there are guys who send girls pictures of their scrotum to reel them in because leon has performance anxiety when it comes to sex and because there are wayward non existential lessons for those who seek like i now understand that the way of moby dick will never be a happy life of me i m never picking up that book i sure hope college doesn t make me eat my words Just because something is classier than something else doesn t make it automatically better.unless we re talking audrey hepburn or marilyn hepburn or courtney summers or you get the gist.and if that s not enough dudes, remember how rejuvenating a feeling it is to read the last words whilst clapping and cheering for the main character NOT because it s a fairy tale, gold glitter ending but kind of a realistic, well journeyed conclusion and that kicks ass but a perfect book it is not there are characters whose portrayal i wish hadn t been so off hand, and there are lulls in the book when it gets slow over, as much i condone the decision to keep s a tan mysterious and all, most of leon and his conversations were nothing but the former having troubles and the latter giving him some inane job that, in a convoluted fashion, helps leon out most of their talks were leon, leon, leon when they re not playing messing with others, that is how this makes a lasting friendship, i don t know but there have been cases before, so who am i to talk LOVE LOVE LOVE to Simon Schuster Books for Young Readersnow, about that shower A Committed Slacker Enlists The Help Of His Best Friend Who May Or May Not Be The Devil To Get His Act Together In This Novel Filled With Humor, Awkwardness, And Honesty, Ideal For Fans Of The Perks Of Being A WallflowerLeon Harris Isn T Exceptional And He Isn T Popular He S The Kind Of Guy That Peaked In Middle School, When Once Upon A Time He Was In The Gifted Program And On The Fast Track To Ivy League GloryNow, A High School Senior, He S A Complete Slacker Who Spends His Time Hanging Out In A Third Rate Ice Cream Parlor With His Best Friend, Stan, A Guy Who Jokingly, Leon Thinks Claims To Be Satan Committed To His Sloth, Leon Panics When He Finds Out That Anna, The Love Of His Life Aka Middle School Girlfriend, Might Be Moving Back To TownDetermined To Get His Act Together, Leon Asks Stan For Help Stan Gives Him A Few Seemingly Random And Mysterious Assignments Date A Popular Girl Listen To Moby Dick, The Audiobook Find The Elusive White Grape Slushee Join The Yearbook CommitteeAs Each Task Brings Leon One Step Away From Slacker City And One Step Closer To Anna, He Starts To Wonder If Maybe He Shouldn T Have Promised Stan His Soul After All

Adam Selzer blocked Goodreads on his computer for years but now he s on here, so let him have it His first book was HOW TO GET SUSPENDED AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE now available in a Now With More Swearing edition, his next one is PLAY ME BACKWARDS for satanic young adults , and his best known is probably I KISSED A ZOMBIE AND I LIKED IT, a Twilight satire that was not marketed as a satire.He also

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  • Hardcover
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  • Play Me Backwards
  • Adam Selzer
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  • 19 July 2018
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