Worth Dying For (Slaughter Creek, #3)

Worth Dying For (Slaughter Creek, #3) One Man Wants To Kill Her The Other Will Die To Protect HerJust When The Residents Of Slaughter Creek Think They Re Safe, A Sadistic Serial Killer Strikes Someone They Re Calling The Dissector Someone Who Keeps His Victims Body Parts As Gruesome TrophiesSpecial Agent Liz Lucas Has Been On Leave, Recovering From The Trauma Of Her Last Case But Returning To Find The Dissector Will Demand Extra Caution Especially With Her Former Lover Special Agent Rafe Hood Leading The Investigation The Last Time The Two Worked Together, Passions Ran High And Liz Nearly Lost Her LifeNow, Even Though Their Attraction Is Magnetic Than Ever, Liz And Rafe Must Resist Getting Involved Again And Focus On Stopping This Crazed Killer But As The Body Count Rises And The Dissector S Kills Become Personal, Rafe Soon Realizes That Liz May Be His Next Victim

USA Today Bestselling and award winning author Rita Herron fell in love with books at the ripe age of eight when she read her first Trixie Belden mystery Although she wanted to be a writer then and actually scrawled her first novel at age twelve, she didn t think real people grew up to be writers, so she became a kindergarten teacher instead Ten years ago, she traded her classroom storytelling a

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  • Paperback
  • 302 pages
  • Worth Dying For (Slaughter Creek, #3)
  • Rita Herron
  • English
  • 27 April 2017
  • 9781477820056

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    Not as good as the previous two books 2.5 stars Great 5 star Narration audible whispersync review While I am enjoying this series, this is my least favorite so far It just seemed like a filler book to continue on the series I wasn t bad, it was just okay This book in Slaughter Creek series continues with the same story line and plot One of the kids in the experiment goes crazy and gets revenge on the people in charge And goes on a killing spree However, we did get an extra killer in this book so there is that.The romance portion seemed a bit forced and not real genuine The chemistry between Rafe and Liz just sort of fell flat There is a sex scene that was nicely written, not erotica.Also, another thing I notice in the book is there sure are a lot of government officials in this small town of Slaughter Creek I mean there is a sheriff, the FBI and serial killer profilers Just seems unrealistic they all live there LOLThere is lots of great dialogue, which did help the book immensely.As for the narration It was great I would have not finished this book if I was just reading it So Tanya Eby made this book 10 times better that it was She does a great job of giving everyone their own distinct voice The men sound like men and she reads with emotion I really like her narrations It also seems like she gets better with every book I listen to that she has narrated I highly recommend this narrator I would move if I lived in that town LOLAnyway, this book was a free read free listen whispersync with my KU subscription so it was worth it for sure.

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    Two haiku review They re both state agentsSeeking serial killerHistory between themDidn t love this chickShe s just too stupid to liveContinuing plot

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    SORRY, BUT A REALLY BAD BOOK This is the second book in a series, and I hoped it would be better than the first Unfortunately, it wasn t The premise is interesting similar to the 2007 action thriller movie Hitman about an evil group of fanatics who create soldiers assassins from children But the book is a jumble of unrealistic events involving really stupid, stereotypical characters in a plot that lacks anything that resembles development I hate to be unkind to the author, but there are better mystery romance novels to spend your money on maybe something by Laura Griffin or a really terrific writer, Nora Roberts If had a hand in editing this disaster, then shame on you And the really bad news is that the ultimate bad guy, the Commander, will probably return in a sequel because his body was identified by the ring he was wearing And everyone except the police, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the author knows that someone who has just escaped from prison doesn t escape wearing his jewelry.

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    I was hoping that we wouldn t see Brenda at all in this book but to my dismay, she still presented a pretty active role in this new one I get that her prominent role in the last one was supposedly because the killer interacted with her and she made herself part of the investigation even though she had no right to be involved and so close to the case In this one, she s still out for her damn story and still interfering in the investigations While Liz and Rafe do a much better job in keeping the investigation details quiet, they still are allowing her too much presence she s not entitled to I m glad that they aren t answering every single question she has because it encourages her unprofessional behavior, but they need to tell Nick that she s interfering and possibly jeopardizing the murder investigations by asking too many questions the media and people don t need to know yet, showing up at their crime scenes and trying to interview them as they re literally doing their job, and also by stupidly announcing their full names and occupation status that could put their own lives at risk At one point Rafe says he does like her, but a person like Rafe wouldn t like or respect someone like Brenda in real life, because she s making it harder to do their jobs and only cares about getting her name out there in the spotlight Someone please put this bitch on a leash in the next book, better yet, kill her off completely for putting her nose where it doesn t belong I did like Liz enough much better than Sadie and Brenda but there was just something missing about her, to where I didn t love her I think it was most likely that she was a pushover and very much a doormat for Rafe She blamed herself for everything and was supposed to be this tough agent who could hold her own but I didn t see it She seemed like a rookie and didn t use her head when her instinct told her not to go alone but was determined to prove herself to the men on the team She made rookie mistakes and I guess that s an effect of her kidnapping and torture with Harlan, in that case she should have never been cleared to go back to work Just because she thought she was ready didn t mean she actually was and regardless if they were short handed you don t put an agent that hasn t dealt with her issues back in the field just because she says she can That not only endangers her own life and potential victims for the killer still on the loose but importantly, her co workers who depend on her to back them up and have her head in the game She just didn t seem like she was the trained, quick thinking, focused agent she was supposed to be She even managed to get abducted twice I think it was, so easily She let Rafe blame her for something that wasn t her fault and even heartbreaking for her than it was for him She didn t have to tell him because he practically abandoned her when she needed him the most If he had stayed he might have known, but he left and as far as she knew didn t look back What would have been the point of telling him when he made no effort to visit and check up on her She didn t stand up for herself or call him out on leaving her to fend for herself which was weak and showed that she let him walk all over her Rafe was someone I initially liked at the beginning but once the story really got rolling, I started to lose respect for him and resent him for how he treated Liz He got angry over something that he shouldn t have, offered no explanation to her for why he left, and regarded her with indifferent professionalism which she didn t hold against him He treated her like they were nothing but co workers and doubted her ability to do her job I also didn t feel like he felt what she felt for him It was very bland and mild at best I had fun and interest in reading the short yet sweet and flirty meetings between Six and Seven than the romance of Rafe and Liz in the entire book Like the other books, the main characters seemed thrown together at most with very little effort in creating a relationship or a bond I liked the story but it didn t meet my expectations as much as the first did I was curious to figure out who Six was, why Harlan killed Liz s mother, but it didn t give me the same excitement in trying to figure out what happened and who was involved like the first book It might have been because there was too much going on in one story because you had Harlan, Six, the commander, his followersTowards the end you had everything happening back to back to back and there was no break, it sort of clumped together and overwhelmed me I think all the events should have been spread out to give us time to process what was happening especially because from what I ve seen, there isn t really a police force The only ones we ve seen in action are Jake as the sheriff, Waterstone as his deputy, Nick as a Special Agent who I guess now is working locally but still with the FBI, and then Rafe and Liz as Special Agents on hand for the Slaughter Creek cases They re got multiple things going on and only five people to handle it all it seems I was glad that they gave a name to Seven aka Gemma That was one of the things I addressed in the review for book 2 and was glad to see it come up in this book I m nervous to read the last book now because I didn t enjoy book two and this one as much as the first but I ve always enjoyed and looked forward to Amelia s snippets of her pov s in all the books Out of all the female characters we ve come across, she s been my favorite and most likable, I ll even go as far as to say she s the only one I ve come to love, respect, and care for out of all our heroines I m worried that my image of her will be ruined or won t live up to the pedestal I ve put her on I was confused at the end about her dream and what we re in for in the next book which I expected her to be a book about her and Six I m kind of disappointed it s going in a different direction because I liked the chemistry between them and just figured they were darker characters than the others so their behavior would be a little different or rather scary as Amelia felt sometimes with Six Fingers crossed, the author won t let me down.

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    Decent sequel to the other books I m interested to see where the next book will lead.

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    If there is one thing I can count on, it s that the Slaughter Creek series will be a spooky and twisted read This book was no exception to that There are quite a few surprises in this, but I couldn t really understand why Rafe was there, let alone Liz In the prior books, I don t remember Rafe being boots on the ground in Slaughter Creek, just Nick Liz just felt too damaged to be effective as an agent, and I never really saw her build an actual profile of Six, just do suppositions The attraction they felt together felt forced to me, especially with how much they tried to deny it and claimed it messed things up on their last case together It was a good read, but only barely made great status.

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    Flop for the SeriesThis one is definitely not as good as the others The plot seemed somewhat choppy at times and I found myself having to reread certain chapters to remember the order of events and stay pm track A LOT of characters and situations made it confusing at times I m still gonna read through the series, but, this one could be improved.

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    this is truly a very disturbing and dark series about torturing fragile children to turn them into killers as part of a government plot there is a pair of lovers who find each other but the plot is very dark and disturbing well written.

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    Worth Dying For A Slaughter Creek Novel book 3 is by Rita Herron This is the third in the series about the serial killer in Slaughter Creek It is just as hard to put down as the others Rita Herron does an excellent job of adding twists and surprises to her novels One is never sure who is the killer or who is the next victim Two teenagers found a severed hand floating in Slaughter Creek Thus, begins the investigation with Special Agent Rafe Hood and Special Agent Nick Blackwood In some way, this crime ties in with the work of trying to prove Nick s father, Commander Arthur Blackwood, had been in charge of the CHIMES program which used children as guinea pigs in mind control They had located six of the seven children involved in the program Only the subject known as Six was missing Was Six now killing people Who was Six Who would be the next victim and why

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    This was a new author for me, but I will be looking for all her books I read them out of order, however that did not change my enjoyment of Rita s work.Special Agent Liz Lucas is in Slaughter Creek along with her former lover Special Agent Rafe Hood They have a history, and still the attraction is strong Maybe too strong.They will need their wits about them to deal with The Dissector A serial killer moving closer to Liz, his killings are personal for her Still she and Rafe attempt to deny their attraction will taking on this clever killer How strong are Rafe s feelings Is he willing to die for Liz Will he be put to the test Rita Herron s thrilling ook Worth Dying For , is definitely worth reading.

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