Thigh High (Fortune Hunter, Book 3)

Thigh High (Fortune Hunter, Book 3)When I buy a new book by Christina Dodd, I know it s going to be an enjoyable read I like her historicals, and when she began contemporaries I was a little leery, but once I read oneI was hooked Her latest Thigh High is an exciting blend of passionate romance, humor, and a light mystery to boot Nessa is a heroine to enjoy She s always tried to do the right thing and her soft heart has really only let her down once Since the death of her parents, she s lived with her eccentric aunts in one of New Orlean s famous Garden District houses She struggles to help her aunts and try to keep up with the maintenance on the great house by working doggedly at a local bank for a real itch of a boss all the employees call Stephabeast who hates Nessa.Mac is a miserable, scarred businessman who lives for money and power He s come to New Orleans to solve the mystery of the Beaded Bandits who rob one of his New Orleans banks for minimal amounts once a year during Mardi Gras As far as he s concerned, it s not the amounts, it s the fact that it s stealing No grey area here He s also sure that Nessa MUST be involved.Seeing these two together is like waiting and watching for the train wreck You know it s gonna happen, it s just a matter of time And manis it sizzling once it does They re both lying to each other and each is trying to negotiate their way through a relationship I enjoyed Nessa and Mac I loved the Beaded Bandits The live in transvestite was a hoot and I could almost feel the electricity of Mardi Gras The ending left the probability of a follow on book and I can hardly wait Nessa Dahl Always Had The Good Sense To Steer Clear Of Trouble Then Jeremiah MacNaught Showed Up In New Orleans, Determined To Get To The Bottom Of A String Of Bank Robberies By Two Women Wearing Mardi Gras Masks Little Does Nessa Realize That The Handsome Investigator Is Convinced She S Involved With The Crimes Or That He S Willing To Do Anything To Get The Truth Even If It Means Taking The Beautiful Woman He S Convinced Is A Liar And A Thief Straight To Bed I really liked this book It had some good page turning scenes I also liked twisting turns towards the end and how everything is solved I get both sides and like the spunk and humor The aunts are great too This book had emotions, suspense, humor, twists and turns, and some great characters I would definitely read this book again It s staying on the shelf Enjoy I really enjoyed this book and look forward to any stories about Mac s brothers And as usual I never figure the mystery aspect I can t even solve a Scooby Doo mystery so it s a good thing I m not a PI or something.I loved Nessa s extended family and friends I hope Georgia gets her own story too. 3.5 Thigh High Fortune Hunter, 3 by Christina DoddIn Philadelphia, Jeremiah Mac MacNaught is stunned by the behavior of his professional investigator appointed to investigate the bank robberies happening during Mardi Gras in his New Orleans bank branches by the Beaded Bandids The staid Reed seems totally entranced as he explains how he danced with Ionessa Nessa Dahl, who works at the bank and who happens to be one of the prime suspects behind these robberies Mac decide its time to go to New Orleans himself and find out who is robbing his banks every year Mac suspects that Nessa is behind the crimes and in order to prove his theory, he will go undercover masquerading as an insurance investigator But he has another purpose he s obesessed with Nessa.Nessa Dahl works at the bank She made one error many years ago, but she hopes that her hard work, dedication, and success will overcome that indiscretion and she will finally get a promotion she s been waiting for She will be appointed to assist Mac and we get to learn about Nessa and her two eccentric elderly aunts.I generally liked the story and it was well written but I had some issues with the plot 1 Turns out that the Beaded Bandids are two women who rob a bank, so they could help people who need money Justifying robbing banks for good causes just does not sit well with me It still is a crime, no matter how cute the author tried to make the robberies Couldn t they find better honest way to help the people in their community 2 The hero, Mac is the least appealing hero you can think of He was cold and just plain mean He tell lies and hides his identity most of the time He blackmails the heroine He treats her badly He thought Nessa was a liar and thief but still lusting after her I didn t buy his I have been betrayed and can t trust anyone attitude The I had to read hero s pov, the sicker it got He was a jerk and I was hoping Nessa would tell him where to go and not look back This is a good romance, but not 5 stars worth Dodd is an enjoyable author and I have read many of her books Some are better than others In this one, Jeremiah MacNaught owns the bank that Nessa Dahl works in There are several branches of the bank in New Orleans and many of them have been robbed one of them, once a year during Mardi Gras The amount of money is low, the most was around 1200 Yet, Mac is determined to find out who the Beaded Bandits are He sends a private investigator to New Orleans but he comes back half in love with Nessa and sure that she is completely innocent Mac however is sure that she s guilty not sure why and goes to New Orleans to investigate her himself Mac and Nessa are instantly aware of each other and when the jealous bank manager locks them in the bank vault over night, all passion breaks loose for too many pages SPOILER ALERT DON T READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU DON T WANT TO KNOW THE ENDING Everything becomes much difficult for Nessa when she realizes that the Beaded Bandits are really her great aunts Another complication is that one of her aunts borders hates Mac and wants to kill him All is resolved happily when Mac gets shot and he and Nessa confess their love for each other. 5 stars Absolutely a wonderful book Set in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, romance than suspense with a horrid wicked boss that will have you heaping voodoo curses on her head Nessa is trying to get her two great aunts and their elderly cook to slow down Since Nessa went to college they have turned their Garden District historical home into a boarding house Nessa has slaved as assistant manager at a bank for seven years since graduation in the hopes of a promotion to get the borders out of their home For the last 4 years the Beaded Bandits have robbed a branch of Nessa s bank during Mardi Gras and the owner of the bank has decided that Nessa is involved Mac is tried of it and is taking matters into his own hands He shows up as insurance investigator, Jeremiah, to do his own investigation and nail Nessa for the robberies Of course, they fall in lust and it is wonderful to read how they make their way to true love and solve the mystery of the Beaded Bandits. I ve really enjoyed all of Christina Dodd s contemps but I think this is one of her best Not only are Nessa and Mac a lot of fun but the cast of secondary characters including the eccentric aunts and boarders especially Pootie are just delightful They don t interrupt the romance or the suspense but actually enhance it I also liked the theme of setting the book in New Orleans during the time of its rebirth because that theme echoes through the story and its characters, giving everyone the hope of a happy ending Nessa and Mac are a very sexy duo Nessa is essentially a decent woman you could truly relate to as a heroine and I loved Mac as the perfect wounded billionaire hero who needs someone to thaw his icy heart The action scenes are also amazing and very cinematic Overall, this is a wonderful effort and I highly recommend it The scrooge of this story is painted in black strokes and the hero That is pretty much the reason why the happily ever after doesn t work for me this time I can handle a certain amount of being a jerk, out of awkwardness see Jane Austen s Darcy but Mac is pretty solidly a power hungry, paranoid jerk Oh well The New Orleans aspect of the story was engaging, and I felt for the downtrodden heroine, as well as the indomitable great aunts who rally support from their boarders and friends But it d be a lot happier if Mac was kicked to the curb, and someone better earned Nessa s heart.

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