She Owns the Knight

She Owns the Knight This is a fun, light romance that keep me reading and enjoying If, going in, one doesn t expect historical accuracy and doesn t mind the simple think YA writing style and sometimes hard to believe twists, it really is a perfect hard day escape OK so fun story and great leading man, but oh the main character was awful I could not stand her from the beginning and unfortunately right to the end If she had been 14 it would have fit her better not a grown woman with the death or her whole family in her heart She was shallow, silly, manipulative and just stupid It s hard to believe a woman wrote her The story was fun to read and I did finish it so I will give it the three stars but I don t think I could read another of her books This was ok clean but lots talk of there wedding night it was over used and got crass There was lots of kissing but no bedroom scenes. PG RATED FUN She Owns The Knight Why Does She Have To Travel Seven Hundred Years Through Time To Find A Decent Guy Brokenhearted Gillian Corbett Finally Finds The Knight Of Her Dreamsin The Past Unfortunately He S Bossy, Overbearing, Andbetrothed Fortunately, He Thinks She Is His Affianced, Which Keeps Her From Garderobe Duty Or Worse, Being Hanged As A Spy She Knows She Has To Get Back To Her Own Time Before His Real Fianc Shows Up And The Truth Is Discovered, But Until She Finds A Way, She S Going To Squeeze Every Bit Of Enjoyment She Can Out Of This Situation As Far As She S Concerned, This Is One Relationship In Which She Gets To Call The Shots, Not The Other Way Around The Dowry Provided By His Betrothed Bought Him, Lock, Stock, And Barrel She Ll Gladly Whip Him Into Shape For The Girl Who Ends Up With Him No Thanks Required In The Meantime, Jillian Owns Him, And As Every Twenty First Century Girl Knowsownership Has Its Privileges Why Can T He Find A Lady Who Is Obedient, Submissiveor At Least Not Trying To Kill Him After A Horrible First Marriage That Ended Badly, Sir Kellen Marshall Is Determined To Protect What Is Left Of His Dreams He Needs An Heir, An Alliance, And A Chaste Bride Who Has Never Loved Another Would That He D Been Choosier In His Specifications Because What He S Ended Up With Is A Loud, Bossy, Demanding Female Who Will Drive Him Daft At Every Opportunity So Why Does He Feel He D Like To Lay The World At Her Feet If She D Simply Give Him The Chance When Modern Meets Medieval, Can There Be A Happily Ever After OF PAGES Approximately Pages , Words OTHER BOOKS BY DIANE DARCY Serendipity, She S Just Right, Once In A Blue Moon, The Christmas Star, A Penny For Your Thoughts Rating 3.5 4 stars.I m not a huge fan of time travel stories nor medieval romance, but this book had me laughing out loud, especially in the first half It reminded me a little of the BBC TV miniseries Lost in Austen , but a medieval version Gillian Corbett was sketching the ruins of an old English castle when she found herself suddenly standing in front of the same castle in the 13th century Lord Kellen Marshall, the knight who owned the castle, mistakenly thought she was his betrothed sent out to him five weeks before her expected arrival Some very funny scenes erupted between Gillian and her medieval knight in shining armour as they tried to communicate and understand each other.Gillian and Kellen were cute together They had both been hurt before and so they had to wrestle with their own insecurities before learning to trust each other There were no sex scenes or foul language in this book but plenty of innuendos I did feel that the story s pace slowed down a little in the middle of the book but then picked up again once Lady Corbett s family arrived at the castle to prepare for the wedding This book was light hearted and very humorous While it may have not portrayed a historically accurate picture of medieval England, it was still a lot of fun to read. 2 22 14 re read this out of the Romance through the Ages the title really fits the book Cute, but could ve been cleaner for my taste 8 31 13 Ok, so I really, really enjoyed this book That being said, it had a bunch of innuendos in it So 4 stars instead of 5.I loved the characters, I loved the plot, I loved the banter between Gillian and Kellan I loved how she thought he made her feel feminine Why can t there be gentlemen these days I am going to start right now teaching my boys chivalry I was almost panicky when view spoiler she went back to her time I was really worried she wouldn t get back there But, of course the ending was wrapped up so nicely hide spoiler 2.5 starsI guess I did kind of enjoy reading this book Still, the lack of the fire and spark in the overall plot bothered me I just couldn t warm to any characters nor could I bring myself to care about what happens to them. February 2014 Just reread and fell in love again I so loved this novel There is a scene in the beginning where they are checking something that I didn t care for Other than that the book was one I was excited to get back to so I could read some I started this book a day before leaving on my daughter s Make a Wish trip so there was only reading done on some of the plane ride I found it a thoroughly fun book The thing that I absolutely loved the best is Kellen wanted to love and be loved I think that was the first leading male that I have read that didn t have walls placed up, or had something holding him back from loving someone For being such a burely knight he was a very lovable character and wanted love and affection I found that completely refreshing and I adored the novel because of this and many other things. I really enjoyed this book When I wasn t laughing I found myself sighing over the sweet romance story that unfolded What a great read This is definitely a book I will be rereading again in the future I decided to read this one again after reading a downer book yesterday I needed something I knew I would love and a swoony romance I really enjoy this time travel romance, a contemporary girl traveling back to find her knight in shining armor in Medieval England He literally sweeps her off her feet and doesn t let her go Gillian was a very likable heroine, as Kellen says, she s charming She seems to charm all those around her, you just can t help but like her She is visiting England and sketching an old rundown castle when some guys approach her with not the nicest intent As she runs from them she is transported 700 years back in time and ends up at Lord Kellen Marshalls castle Kellen is expecting his new bride and assumes Gillian is his betrothed who happens to be a distant relative to Gillian She knows his real fianc is on her way and only has a few weeks to figure out how to get back to the present day, but decides to make the best of the situation I mean Kellen is hot, so why not Kellen has been hurt by his first wife and has a lot of baggage It was so cute to see Gillian break down his walls, just by being kind and flirty Kellen falls for Gillian right away, it was fun to see how loyal he was to her right from the get go They are really cute together She really sees the best in him and helps bring out his caring side It s fun to see what a little genuine kindness can do I admit, the whole time I was nervous for how Kellen would react when he learned Gillian was not Edith, but was pleasantly surprised with how everything wraps up I also liked the tiny side story of Marissa and her husband Kellen s dad , thought they also had a sweet story I also loved Kellen s best friends, they added some fun humor to the story.I thought the author did a great job of tying up loose ends, even some I had forgotten about I thought this was a great lighthearted romance, with enough tension to keep things interesting I m excited to read about Lord MacGregor s story in Bewitching the Knight, which should hopefully be out this year ContentRomance Clean, kissing and flirty innuendo view spoiler There is one scene where Gillian sneaks into Kellen s room intent on seduction, but nothing happens hide spoiler DNF 66%I KNEW I should ve quit on this book when the heroine is held down by a group of women for a medieval virginity check, as per the hero s orders.This girl faces no less than four near rapings The story makes you want to keep reading and find out what ll happen, but who on earth wants to read about all this sexual harassment, in a CLEAN romance Btw, she s a virgin and this is the hero s second marriage His previous wife tried to kill him, so, naturally, when the heroine tries to seduce him, he thinks she s trying to assassinate him Ouch Even my self esteem took a hit I m frustrated and unhappy reading this, so I m moving on.

Diane Darcy loves to read and write lighthearted and funny books She s a member of the Heart of the West, and RWA She was a finalist for Romance Writers of America s Golden Heart Award She s written romantic comedies in several different genres some historical, some contemporary, all lighthearted and fun She makes her home in Utah with her family and dogs, and is hard at work on her next boo

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