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Dream Weaver Vampires Sparkled Through The Spotlight Then, The Zombies Shambled Through Now, It S Time For New Immortals DREAM WEAVER A Beautiful, Atmospheric Love Story That Is Dark Science Fiction Meets Teen Fantasy Nickolas Benedetti Is A Dream Weaver, An Ancient, Arcane And Almost Immortal Race With The Power To Cull And Control Memories And Dreams Nick Plunges Heart First Into Tragedy Torn Emari Sweet S Dark And Nebulous Life To Save Her From HerselfAnd Finds His Heart Irretrievably Entangled With Hers Nick Leads Emari Out Of Her Darkness, But Can He Save Her From The Real, Living, Breathing Nightmares Have Followed Him To Her DoorstepStar Review By Anne Boling For Readers FavoriteIf I Could Only Use One Word To Describe Dream Weaver By Su Williams It Would Be SUPERB Luckily I Get To Use Than One Dream Weaver Is An Unusual Tale, Part YA Fantasy, Part Paranormal, Part Romance, Part Horror And Part Supernatural When You Roll All Those Genres Into One You Have A Book You Can T Put Down I Started Reading This Book Yesterday Afternoon And Finished It AroundThis Morning I M Usually A Very Fast Reader But I Found I Wanted To Read Slowly To Savor The Exquisite Moments Of Pleasure This Book Offers Dream Weaver Is Su Williams First Novel I Certainly Hope It Is Not Her Last Dream Weaver Could Easily Be Expanded Into A Whole Series Of Books The Ending Is A Bit Of A Cliffhanger, Leading Me To Believe She Has Books In Mind I Ve Always Been Curious About The Nephilim, The Descendants Of Angels And Love The Idea Of An Expanded Series Of Books On The Topic, Even If It Is All Fiction This Is A Series Fans Of Fantasy Will Not Want To Miss

I confessI m a bit of a dork, with a quirky and sometimes dark personality, though not as dark as some I love the outdoors and nature, and photographing normal, everyday things from different and abnormal angles One of my photos has been published in the political humor book Red Dog Blue Dog by Chuck Sambuchino.Legally, my name is Susan Barton, but I write under the pen name Su Williams my m

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  • Dream Weaver
  • Su Williams
  • English
  • 28 June 2019

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    LOL Does it really count if an author gives herself 5 stars Dream Weaver was inspired by a novel that inspired It went global Four books Five movies Gobs of swag Yeah, you guessed it I was inspired to write after reading Twilight Wait I know some of you are Twilight haters, but I hope you ll give me a chance I loved the way Stephenie Meyers wove the vampire culture into modern life She made them contemporary And originally, my characters were going to be vampires, too But my daughter, Sarah, doth protest I knew I wanted an immortal, a super human Thus were born Onar Caphar or Dream Weavers They don t sparkle like vampiresat least not in their corporeal form, but they can touch your memories and dreams Imagine the ability to manipulate, delete or add a memory or guide nightmares into tranquil dreams.I wandered through my days at work, daydreaming about my Edward How handsome he would be what color his eyes would be the gentleness of his touch and the passion of his heart I didn t even know what to call him So I went to the cemetery to find him And there he was, at rest next towell, someone else I visit often And my immortal was named Nickolas Anton Benedetti Of course, then I had to have a girl, and a story Once again at work, I sat in the break room doodling names on piece of paper Jewel came to mind, but I needed I knew I wanted her last name to be Sweet, but I didn t want any gag me sweet names like Candy or Sugar And somehow, Emari spilled out of the mix It wasn t until months later I realized that Emari is my middle name with the E from the end moved to the beginning Figure that one out The Story Wow, how do I explain that without sounding completely psycho OK So writing instructors tell you to do the most horrible things you can think of to your characters And for a woman, or girl, what could be worse than rape OK a few other things maybe, but it s definitely up there I was worried about using the subject of rape in a young adult book It s been done But I never wanted anyone to think I take the issue of rape lightly It s a serious matter I researched fictional books on the subject and stats and medical examsI researched PTSD and sleep stages and lucid dreaming and electrical impulses of the brain With each new piece of knowledge, I added to my story.As a side note I hate history But I found myself delving into the past to create believable characters in Nick, who is from the early 1900s and Sabre Nick s mentor and best friend who hails from the 1750s So, there s a few teasers about Dream Weaver Thanks for reading I hope you love it as much as I do.

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    Dare to dream, for in the daring there is defiance to live beyond your circumstances I received this book free through the Goodreads First Reads Program 3.7 stars yeah I m that specific Dream Weaver is the story of 17 year old Emari Sweet, an orphaned heiress dealing with the horrific deaths of her parents in a car crash months earlier When terror strikes and rips her fragile world apart again, she is left in her nightmares until a strange angel appears and nothing is the same The Writing Style Dream Weaver, though it can easily be classified as paranormal, read s like a fantasy novel than anything The heavy use of descriptive writing and intense sentence building has created an ornate, sometimes unnecessarily wordy read It s something that I ve noticed before in first time novelists, the tendency to overcompensate for inexperience by developing an adjective heavy writing style Did it get tedious Sometimes, yes. I m sorry, but I do not require 4 sentences to fully comprehend the brilliance of snow It s snow It s pretty I get it But then again there were times, as the book progressed, that this detailed description came in handy This is a really emotion heavy book and the style provided a clear view of what Emari was feeling at the times So really I m 50 50 on the subject The Plot The plot is honestly not that intricate, but in this instance I think that s okay Emari s emotional trauma and her just generally dealing with things takes a big chunk of the storyline After the first initial scene to get the basic setup in place, things move generally slowly I feel like in the beginning especially after that scene there is a huge lull where nothing was really there to grip me After it was over and things got moving again it was all good though This, however, is not an action novel If all you like is zombie apocalypse and fantasy, this is not something I d recommend BUT it is still a good book for those willing to bear through the occasional lull The entire concept of Caphar Dream Weavers and their detailed abilities to create, erase, and alter memories was interesting and engrossing I do have to point out that the insta love was rampant Nick and Emari knew eachother for what, maybe a week And they re already in love , smooching and snuggling in the comfort of each other s arms and whatnot No This is not how real lyf beez homies.That doesn t mean I m not absolutely in love with Nick but whatever DON T JUDGE ME OKAY Themes Wow, this novel was ALOT deeper than I anticipated It s heavy with themes of rape, suicide, good and evil, Christianity it was alot to swallow than what I expected from a paranormal romance novel I commend the author for daring to broach the subject of rape, and importantly, it s aftermath and the terror it leaves behind It s a tough, controversial subject, and I found it downright awesome that Williams incorporated it as such a heavy influence in this novel For me is made it stand out from other YA romances out there today It was raw, disturbing, and importantly, I felt like Emari s pain was real Was I upset Yeah, it s tough subject matter I d be worried if I wasn t upset, especially being that I m female Another thing that I m sure will get a lot of attention are the obvious Christian themes int his novel My view on this I ve read many books with a Christian influence I ve read many without All in all, if an author is bold enough and willing to share their religious view whether I agree with it or not that author has the right to do so, in my opinion, so long as those views don t support the harm or hatred of anyone Basically, I was okay with it I even found it easy to relate to, being that I m Christian as well Characters sighs Well, Nick and Emari have just about the most unhealthy relationship I ve seen in a LONG time like, since I read the Hunger Games long Yeah, Katniss and Peeta were def unhealthy I sometimes wondered if Emari actually loved Nick, or if she just needed him She used him as kind of a crutch WHICH IS WHY NICK SHOULD BE MY BOYFRIEND Just sayin I liked Nick His name is hot Nikolas Benedetti His powers are hot His eyes are hot He s just hot I wish Emari were a stronger character I mean, I understand what she s been through A LOT , but she cried SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much And not just crying, what was with the whimpering Every 5 seconds she s either whimpering, groaning, or sniffling I don t even know.smh The End I expected it, there s alot of foreshadowing right before it happens so it s not a huge shocker I ll admit that while I wasn t entirely happy about it, it did accomplisht he goal of making me want to read the next book I don t understand the epilogue though, and I may email the author for clarification on that Other Stuff Mindless Comments The Chapter titles are the names of songs A lot of them were songs by Evanescence one of my fav bands I just wanted to say that Also, there s alot of culture references that I really related to My taste is so similar to Emari s well not the monster thing that I actually got kinda freaked out There is a poem or two in this book, so consider that a bonus All in all, I enjoyed Dream Weaver, it was on the heavy side of paranormal romance, which I found refreshing Though there are many faults, it you can get through them it makes for an enjoyable, intense read JennTheAwesum P.S To the author If you read this, I want you to know that I absolutely LOVE Criminal Minds And Reid is amazing.

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    The Eyes Have It This book is a clear case of the eyes have it You are drawn in immediately by the cover image The imagery of a young girl asleep with the mesmerizing eyes overlooking her bed instantly gets your brain working on numerous levels Are the eyes evil or they good These are just a few of the things that go through your head It is always good if you can get someone s brain working before they even open the cover of the book Once Su gets you inside the book, the fun really begins The young sleeping girl becomes a tragic figure in her own life So many horrible things happen to her in such a short amount of time she begins to think she cannot make it and looks to over means of comfort The dream weaver, Nick is painfully aware of her plight and does all he can to end her pain I don t want to ruin the story line, but as the story continues Nick and Emari must face many decisions that will affect both of them together an individually There are many twists in this story that no one really sees coming until you are in the middle of them The story is exciting and suspenseful Ms Williams does an excellent job of handling some very delicate social issues that affect many of our young adults today Her characters are developed well and the plight of the young Emari is most believable Emari suffers from an actual condition well known among our young people and Ms Williams works hard in her story line to let those young people know that there is to life than pain She gives them a choice and a way out of their misery Not only is this a fabulous fantasy read, it is a social commentary that lends help and support to a number of afflicted young people Ms Williams has written the story with the compassion of one that understands and knows the pain that they feel The helpful message is there and clearly stated for those that need it, for the rest of us, it is just a mesmerizing story full of beautiful imagery and fabulous characters The book is well worth the price in entertainment alone.

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads From the beginning, the words in this story pulled me in Poetically written, and when I say poetically I m not referring to poems I m referring to the way that the words grip you The way this story was woven was pretty f ing awesome Emari has lived a tragic life, the loss of her parents took a great toll on her But from the beginning their was someone in her dreams that was slowly taking away the worst of her dreams After an attack at work, her life once again is forever changed The darkness of her life shines through her dreams In walks the dreamweaver He is cute and mysterious Emari is sure she has seen him beforebut has she Of coarse she has He s only been manipulating her dreams for the last year Lol Anyway, this was a good dark YA read It also escalated pretty quickly The only ONLY bad thing that got to me with this book, was how fast Emari and the dreamweaver fell for the other My pet peeve is rushed relationships Instalove I guess you would call it But that doesn t really matter to a lot of people so Happy Four Stars

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    Finished the book in just a few days and am already excited about the possibility of The characters will keep you engaged and the story is masterfully written The author has done a beautiful job from start to finish Sequel please, soon

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    This book is absolutely amazing It combines just the right mix of fantasy and reality Such Williams has written a story that is totally engrossing and has a well developed plot This is the first is what is definitely an awesome series.

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    This book was amazing, captivates you from chapter one I could not put it down, characters and plot were riveting, can t wait for the author to come out with novels, Number one book of the year

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    I loved this book..I was capativated by the characters..I was drawn in and had a hard time putting the book down..I can t wait until the rest of the series so I can find out what happensWell done Su

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    Wow I have to say that Su has a very compelling way to capture one s attention with her imagination, and ability to bring words to life I wasn t certain, if this was a book that I would enjoy reading, but it only took a few pages to recognize Su s talent, and ability to captivate her audience Another unexpected surprise in this book, is how dark it is We re invited into this dark world that Emari is living First we learn the sad circumstances of her parents death, a few months earlier, and then we re thrown into a downward spiral with her, as she s attacked by a stalker It seems that her life keeps getting thrown in the dumps, and she s barely able to survive, if not for her best friends, and protectors, Ivy and Jesse.Enter Nick, the Dream Weaver He seems sensitive by nature, and protective of Emari There is nothing he won t do to help and protect her, and save her from her own nightmares.You learn that Nick and Emari have in common than one would ve thought, in their tragic pasts As their lives become intwined with one another, you get a chance to learn about Nicks abilities, how he came to be, and the powers he possess You also get a chance to learn about his best friend Sabre, a slightly frightening individual.I also thoroughly enjoyed the mentions of some of my favourite pop culture classics, being mentioned in the book like the references to Princess Bride and Harry Potter I found that the manner in which they were mentioned helped connect with the characters and their feelings in a different manner.Overall, I found that this book takes you on a roller coaster ride in both mystery adventure and emotionally You see both the dark and the light in this book You get a chance to see true fears and loves blossom, and can t do anything but be engulfed in this world I truly enjoyed reading this book

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    Firstly I d like to Ms Williams for the opportunity to read her debut novel In my opinion Su Williams is definitely an Author to watch, she truly has a unique and different way with words I do however feel that Dream Weaver is not for the the young adult reader, but in the eighteen and over age area I loved the story line, it s so fascinating, it takes you into a very different area of paranormal, a very dark one.Once you dive into the story you will find yourself engulfed in the story line, as it pulls you in getting carried away on the wave When Emari encountered her deceased parents for the first time in her dreams, it was a part that I found myself reaching for a tissue as I cried along with her All the dream scenes felt so real, just as though you were there, going through each and every dream nightmare experiencing Emari s turmoil with her, and she most definitely has quite a few of them I found that all the characters were wonderful and so beautifully written, each one of them having their own unique voice.EDYYSON is by far a fav of mine, I loved his charater I m not going to say any , or tell you in depth on what this book is aboutSorry,no spoiler here.I do highly reccomend Dream Weaver as a must read, take the chance on this deep and wild, dark novel you won t be disappointed.Thank you once Ms Williams for this amazing read Reccomend 18 and upRating 5 5 angel starsAngel Anne Reviews

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