Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty: Everything You Need to Look Pretty, Natural, Sexy and Awesome

Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty: Everything You Need to Look Pretty, Natural, Sexy and Awesome Bobbi Brown Teenage BeautyBobbi Brown Teenage Beauty Is The Ultimate Beauty Guide For Young Women It Takes The Mystery Out Of All Those Confusing Rituals So That You Can Figure Out How To Feel Happier And Relaxed About Your Looks You Ll Look Your Prettiest Your Teen Years Are The Most Emotionally Charged Of Your Life Your Body S Developing At A Rapid Pace, Your Skin Changes From Day To Day, And Your Hormones Are Raging In Case You Didn T Notice Everything In Your Life Is In Total Flux Bobbi S Mission Is To Help Boost Your Self Esteem And Confidence By Listening To Bobbi S Straightforward And Useful Beauty Principles, You Ll Gain A Sense Of Control Over Your Body, Your Looks, And Your Life Bobbi S Hip, No Nonsense, And Timeless Advice Covers Such Real Teen Problems And Issues As Zits Being Overweight Braces Beauty SchoolEight Simple Steps To A Pretty, Natural Makeup Look Preteen Basics Prom Beauty Global Beauty Mother Daughter Beauty Rock N Roll Babes Hip Beauty Style Go For It Experimental BeautyWritten With Sensitivity To Help You Navigate The Difficult Self Image Issues That You Face, Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty Empowers You To Discover And Celebrate Your Own Unique, Natural Beauty This Fresh And Honest Makeup Guide Is Your Ultimate Source For Advice, Tips, And Lessons For Achieving Beauty Inside And Out

In addition to running her company, Bobbi continues to pursue her craft by creating the runway looks for New York Fashion Week A permanent fixture backstage, she works with the industry s best designers including Rachel Roy, J Mendel, Erin Fetherston, Tory Burch and Cynthia Rowley.Bobbi often does how to segments on The Today Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show, and her advice can be found in syndic

[Ebook] ➦ Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty: Everything You Need to Look Pretty, Natural, Sexy and Awesome By Bobbi Brown –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty: Everything You Need to Look Pretty, Natural, Sexy and Awesome
  • Bobbi Brown
  • English
  • 03 June 2018
  • 9780060957247

10 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty: Everything You Need to Look Pretty, Natural, Sexy and Awesome

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    Rating 3.5I am keeping in mind that I am no longer the audience for this book at the time that this book was published some 17 years ago I was, but I didn t read it then lol.Over all I think this book is a decent make up primer I did find her advice a bit too conservative, because honestly, the only time you get to heavily experiment with your looks is when you are a teenager Try to get away with having pink hair, even pink streaked hair at most jobs Enjoy it, kids P Disclaimer Make sure your parents are okay with it, I am not responsible for your grounding lol.Also black is a totally awesome nail polish color Fight me lol I didn t realize I still had the teenage rebellious streak in me Every time I read a part I didn t agree with, I was like Cartman on the Maury show which is depressing btw hahaha What bumped this up to 3.5, was that she also had advice to various ethnicities, not just white If you are a baby goth, you probably won t get a lot from this one You will break a lot of her actual make up rules PI was also irked on some of the emphasis placed on what boys think Most of us don t wear make up to impress boys tbh.

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    A great beginner book about makeup and beauty A bit of the info was a bit outdated, though, since it s a 2000 book Also, some of the info parts are a little shorter than necessary ex there s a reference later on to how to apply eyeliner, which sends you to a page that has only one sentence about eyeliner , but the pictures are very helpful.

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    This book emphasizes on natural beauty Living in the UK and the US when I was younger, and given the fact that I was a regular dumbass kid, I had probably really bought into that looking white was what ultimate beauty was about back then This book encourages differences It teaches you how to be proud to be a girl whatever your sexuality or gender or race was It celebrates being athletic, being a good person to others and developing your own personality It s a great message to young pre teens Plus, really good tips on how to stay healthy.When I was 14, I remember walking out of Harrods reading this book still in my hand cos I had thought this book was free The alarm went off, and I d ignored it I think as a result of my genuine aloofness, I didn t get caught with stealing, intentional or otherwise I m so glad that I unwittingly stole this book.I hate wearing make up but I like experimenting The make up here isn t scary like ladies in make up stores So I still find the tips here useful

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    This book tells you lots of things you may be wondering about all about eye makeup, lips, hairstyles, coverups and , but it also sends a much important massage be who you are, be your best and have confidence, when you do that, nothing else will seem to matter only excepting yourself as you are The main thing that Bobbie Brown hints on is that no matter how much makeup you have on, nothing can cover up what s inside Makeup should show your best qualities not make a fake cover up of who you are, I agree I gave this book 4 stars, only because of the cover that I didn t really like I know, I m big on things like that , because the models inside are much beautiful and natural than the one on the front cover For a makeup artist Bobbie Brown sure goes a long way to say that makeup isn t that important I praise her for that This was a good book and made a point of showing a lot of what is real and not what is fake When I looked at the pictures inside of when she was young, I couldn t believe that she thought there was anything not pretty about her she says a couple of times about that through the book, again hinting on how self confidence is the key , she was one of the most beautiful girls I ve ever seen I d recommend not only for a beauty lesson from a very famous and talented make up artist but also for a life lesson that you ll never forget Grade level 5th 12th could be useful even to women

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    This book was okay I guess my rating is 2.5 5.When I picked up this book at the library, I thought it looked great and that I would learn a lot When I brought it home, I realized it was most of the stuff I already knew Also there was a lot of stuff in this book which is different to just about every other book I read on makeup hair beauty etc e.g I m so used to Don t wash your hair everyday Bobbi Its okay to wash your hair everyday That kinda thing, just for an example I think I m going to go with the majority.I expected a lot from this book, considering there was a big name like Bobbi Brown on the cover I suppose that s the problem with all these books, they sell copies because of the name not necessarily the quality of the book or the amount of facts inside.I suppose there was a good message behind the book, about how to stay natural and how everyone is gorgeous, makeup doesn t make you pretty it enhances your features and all I liked the tips on going natural and I think A LOT of people need to be reminded on that matter Short review but I don t have much to say about this book I learned a little bit from it but I was mainly disappointed.

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    Ever wonder what the best way to wear YOUR hair is Or what colors to choose Or if anyone else thinks that supermodels are way too skinny and unreal Bobbi Brown the famous professional make up artist is your woman Find out the tricks of the trade in a way that you can wear everyday in the style that s best for YOU whether you re a girly girl, a sporty girl, a goth girl, or I admit that I hate beauty books No one should tell you how to look like the best you But even I thought this book was awesome The tips are down to earth and the make up stuff was cool colors, application, etc She totally encourages experimentating with your look and just letting YOU shine through, not pounds of make up and hairspray Read this if you always wanted to try something new with your look, but didn t know who to ask for good advice Courtney

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    I think that this book is somewhat opinionated, this book is writted by Bobbi Brown whom is a makeup artist It talks about the ways she thinks how teenagers are supposed to put makeup on The way of how Bobbi think that teenagers should put makeup on is supposed to look fresh and young but not too overly dramatic In a way I also like this book because one of Bobbi s message is to like our selves and our features One thing that I find is repetative is that she say to not over puck your eyebrows.

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    Very much geared for teens Along with beauty topics it also covers self esteem, weight loss, braces, relationship with your mother, etc, with a huge emphasis on healthy role models and self acceptance Just like her first book she has small sections on different races I do like that she encourages experimentation with makeup because her other books are all about natural neutral colors Great instructions but without visual aids No specific product recs.Nice for teens but can be difficult to relate to if you re older.

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    The only real issue that I had with this book is that Bobbi Brown, over and over, describes blonde hair and blue eyes as boring Listen, I understand that blonde hair blue eyes has had a good run as the epitome of beauty in recent history I understand and support the movement to celebrate other types of beauty, especially that of women of color.But I don t think that the right way to lift someone up is by putting someone else down.And I think it s in incredibly poor taste to do so in a book written for and marketed to young women.

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    I love all of Bobbi Browns books This one is wonderful to give to your pre teen or teenage daughter Especially nowadays with the advent of beauty gurus and youtube self taught makeup artists My mother taught me to keep very good care of my skin, wash my face daily, and how to enhance my features with makeup, not cover it up Bobbi s book for teenagers does exactly that It s a great book to help young girls navigate their teenage years I d buy this for my daughter if I had one.

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