Rockstars Angel (Decoy, #3)

Rockstars Angel (Decoy, #3) 3.5 stars I liked this but I wasn t a fan of Tanya at all She took the UME out of the word ASSume, WAY too many times to count Seriously, she pissed me off most of the book I liked Leo though He seemed very sweet, once he started fighting for Tanya, but before that he was an sshole Truth is, I loved the moments between Kendal and Jax the mostgood thing there was a lot of them P To be completely honest, even though I enjoyed seeing of Kendal and Jax, it really did take away a lot from Tanya and Leo s story This story just didn t make me fall in like with them like I did with Kendal and Jax The plot of the book was also repetitive and way too close to Kendal and Jax s story So, it s definitely not a must read but it is nice if you were interested in a tiny bit Kendal and Jax and Finley. Reviewed for Fallen for BooksKendal and Jax were happily moving forward in their relationship and Sophie and Rhys were eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child Amidst all the joy within their tight circle of friends, everyone noticed that there was definitely something going on between Tanya and Leo Silences, angry looks and unexpected behavior between the two were not going unnoticed What their friends didn t know was that there was a romantic history between the two They had a secret relationship that ended abruptly years before but both realized they still had feelings for each other Could they resolve their differences and find their own happily ever after I really enjoyed this third installment of the Decoy series The tension between Leo and Tanya was tangible as they tried to reconcile their past and find out if they had any hope of salvaging a friendship let alone a romantic future They were definitely attracted to each other and the love scenes were hot but they just couldn t seem to talk to each other It was at times frustrating when they ping ponged back and forth again and again through the same misunderstandings and issues When they actually talked to each other and got to the root of their problems I wanted to cheer Not everything was hearts and flowers, old wounds still needed to be revealed and healed, but the ending when it came was satisfying indeed.A great addition to the series A battle of wills between drummer Leo and Tanya for a second chance of happiness.Leo and Tanya hooked up previously but whilst Leo wanted it to become serious, Tanya kept it light as she felt he couldn t give up the groupies They separated the same time as Jax and Kendal but their meeting again doesn t go as smoothly Leo wants to build their relationship again but Tanya wants none of it, still angry at him for reasons he can t work out Whilst there were some similarities to Jax and Kendal s story, it had a completely different feel to it with the feisty and hot headed Tanya giving the hot Leo a run for his money in holding out on him Who will cave first LBM Book Blog Nope 2.5 Reunited Stars I I have no idea why you hate me, Tanya, I need to know whyTanya and Leo have secretly hooked up in the past, but when Kenda left jax, Tanya walked away from Leo too Now, Tanya hates Leo and he doesn t know why All he knows is that he wants to win his angel back and for good this time But Tanya wants no part of him He doesn t understand until he forces her to talk to him and what he learns devastates him This is a better read than the first two books There are less errors but still too damn wordyOk Read . 2.5 disappointing starsI swear I was really excited about this book, but after finishing this book I was like The story is about Tanya Kendal s friend and Leo Decoy s drummer and how they were before, when Kendal and Jax were together, and why they broke up The reason of their break up is so stupidly ridiculous that I had to laugh Let s talk about terrible interpretation and the problem with couples in these books Really Leo said XXXX and she understood yeah, because I did not understand that and I know that if you read this book you won t know either how she understood that Well, years later they are reunited and they try to hurt each other without hurting themselves in the meanwhile Really I liked that we could see part of Jax and Kendal s POV throughout the book However, IT ENDS with Jax s POV Come on This book is supposed to be about Tanya and Leo, but felt that a great part of it was about Jax and Kendal I expected , but I don t know how, because the other three where OK ones I guess I m always hopping the story will get better Silly me Since The Day Tanya And Leo Met They Have Held An Intense Attraction For Each Other After A Hot And Passionate Night Together Tanya Is Scared That Her Feelings For Leo Are Changing From Lust And Into Something She Doesn T Want To Fall In Love With The Playboy Drummer, That S Just Begging For Her To Get HurtLeo Loves Tanya S No Nonsense Attitude, She S Different To All The Other Girls That Surround Him And He Wants Her After Their Explosive Nights Together He Knows It Goes Deeper Than Just Sex But Tanya Wants To Keep Quiet About Them From Their Friends And That Secretly Pisses Him Of Tanya Leaves Leo S After An Argument And They Don T See Each Other For Four Years That Time Apart Has Left Tanya Feeling And Angry With Leo And Leo Craving Beautiful And Sexy Blonde Women They Just Don T Compare To His Beautiful Angel And He Wants Her Again, Tanya Just Won T Give Him A Chance To Explain When is this book being released Pretty sure I finished this book, lol It was actually good, don t worry I m glad the author made a book for these two because I could tell they had some unresolved lust and they seemed really good together in Decoy 1, Rockstar Daddy I really wanted to find out the rest of their love story. 4.5 Crown StarsThis is the 3rd book in K.T Fisher s Decoy series I would highly recommend reading previous 2 books before embarking on this book.I love this series and the characters that K.T has created Unlike the previous 2 books which centred around Jax and Kendal, book 3 moves onto the Drummer Leo s story I was looking forward to this book after reading Rockstar s Girl and I wasn t disappointed.Told from alternating POV s, this story really starts 5 years previously Decoy are still trying to make it and Jax and Kendal are a couple Kendal often brings her friend and co worker Tanya to gigs and soon she finds herself hooking up with Leo the playboy drummer and all round groupie magnet Worried about what her friends might say and not wanting things to effect Kendal s relationship with Jax, she convinces Leo to keep things on the down low from everyone Although they continue to hook up over months, Tanya also watches Leo hook up with a variety of groupies as well When 1 morning they overhear Kendal breaking up with Jax Leo sounds relieved and he tells Tanya how cool it is that they don t need to worry about there relationship and it upsetting there friends any Having fallen for Leo, Tanya takes this as a brush off and walks away heartbroken that Leo doesn t feel for her as she does for him 5 years later and as we all know, Decoy are huge and are back in the UK Jax and Kendal have found each other again but that also means Tanya has to face Leo still a playboy and old feelings of betrayal and hurt resurface Leo Has never forgotten Tanya, infact every girl he has been with over the last 5 years have been carbon copies of her He cannot understand Tanya s reaction to him and why she left him high and dry 5 years ago What is worse is that she wont even speak to him and treats him with absolute contempt How can he get her back, when she hates him so much Make her understand that he has never stopped loving her Will Tanya be able to bury years of heartbreak to reconnect with the love of her life And when a buried secret that she has never shared with anybody comes to light, will it be the final nail in their coffin So we have seen quite a bit of these 2 characters in the previous books but you get much in this story Tanya is a happy go lucky, straight taking and fun loving girl I have really liked her in all the books and in this book you get to see of what makes her tick Leo truly is the love of her life and she honestly believes she was a casual fling for him This has turned her into bitch mode whenever he s around and she point blank refuses to so much as breath in his direction They say the line between love and hate is a fine one and the author captures this perfectly with Tanya Your heart will go out to her, even when you are pissed at her treatment of Leo Deep down, she believes a certain thing and for this reason you understand why she acts out and feels the way she does LeoWOW I had idea s on him from the 1st 2 books, and to be honest I couldn t have been wrong I assumed he was a man whore only after 1 thing yes on the most part he is, but he also has his reasons and they centre around Tanya He was equally broken hearted when they went their separate ways, but in some ways for him it was worse because he could never understand what happened and all he wants is answers In his mind, he wanted a full blown relationship with Tanya and she just wasn t interested Okay, so he has made some wrong choices in his lifestyle and he is pretty hot and heavy with some of his early exchanges with Tanya but I like it no scratch that, I LOVED IT sorry he can do no wrong in my eyes, I am seriously fangirling all over Leo This is a story of love gone wrong It shows that by taking words and listening to what you think is being said and twisting them, ultimately leads to heartbreak Never make assumptions on someone else s feelings and be honest and open with your own.Another great instalment, centred on Leo and Kendal but with the whole Decoy crew along for the ride as well I look forward to Max s book, he takes naughty to a whole different level

K.T Fisher is a British romance author.Her books are packed with suspense and thrilling dangers, add her signature erotic scenes and you have a steaming romance that you have to read.Ever since K.T Fisher released her first book, She loves to hear from you, so feel free to contact her.

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