Recalculating Route (Choices #6)

Recalculating Route (Choices #6) Sweet, CLEAN, romantic, and fun This story was very nice, probably not exciting enough for a teen reader, but a nice comfortable, clean romance I like this author She is new for me, and I have read several this week from her I like them all Very clean. This is the last book in the Choices series I was very impressed by how the main characters in Detour on Route 66 continued their story here I am so happy with this delightful story where both the choices that Marsha and Ben made and the consequences of them were explored Marsha and Ben are at retirement age, yet are very interesting, lively and delightful people I feel that I really was a part of the lives of her characters and just love how Beth writes about their them, their families and friends and wraps you up in a wonderful sense of community I still can t stop smiling as I am thinking about how true to life this delightful and outstanding story is I just loved it and highly recommend it Recalculating Route, by Beth Carpenter, is a well written, nice story, harkening back to the days when nice was a positive adjective Two single people with adult children are introduced by a mutual friend and ex wife , finding an instant sympathy with one another They decide to test the waters by going on a road trip together from Arizona to California.Ben, the ex husband is not just an ex one time he has six ex wives and has lived a wildcatter s life Marsha was widowed two years earlier She and her husband were childhood sweethearts who had a truly blessed marriage So on the surface, these two have nothing in common, and both families are concerned.But off they go on their first road trip They enjoy every minute of the trip, especially each other s company They plan a second road trip, and drop by Ben s feisty mother, and all of their children.There are plenty of familial issues, and the relationship becomes strained But I very much enjoyed traveling with these two on their road trips, especially the trip to Seattle, one of my very favorite places I was also anxious to find out whether or not there was a happy ending.This book contains no foul language, no gratuitous sex, and no evil deeds This cleanliness may not appeal to everyone, but I give this book 5 coffee beans, and a personal recommendation Java Davis, Recalculating Route is the love story of Marsha, a widow, and Ben, a rich several times divorcee They start out as travel companions with an agreement of no funny business , yet both start to wonder if things could work out when the vacation is over The romance felt natural and believable As a reader I felt protective of Marsha and suspicious of Ben as the story unfolded Ben has to earn the trust of both the characters and the reader, which makes the reader feel invested At 430 pages, it was a bit overlong, but it wasn t repetitious or boring Ben and Marsha have a lifetime of knowledge and experience and it comes through in the book through little anecdotes about cooking, travel, horseback riding, gardening, ranching, parenting, quilting etc This is not the usual book I read, as the main characters are 59 and 60, but I enjoyed it I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Traveling Companions That S How It Began She Was A Widow, Alone After A Long And Happy Marriage, Struggling To Rebuild Around The Hole In The Center Of Her Life He Was At Loose Ends After Retiring From A Successful Business And A String Of Unsuccessful Marriages All They Had In Common Were Empty Days To Fill And An Urge To Tour The Open Road, But As They Travel Side By Side, Their Feelings Grow Serendipity Brought Them Together, But Every Journey Has To End What Happens When They Reach The End Of The Road This Is Story Six In The Choices Series I D Recommend Reading Story Five, Detour On Route First, But It S Not Necessary To Read From The Beginning To Enjoy Recalculating Route 3.5 5.0Ms Carpenter is such a detailed writer Each scene and character is described in such great length that a true visual is painted for readers.Read full review in the

Beth Carpenter believes that life is brighter in the company of a dog, that love and laughter are inseparable, and that there is no such thing as too many books.

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