A Thousand Beauties

A Thousand Beauties Let me see if I can verbalize my feelings about this book.Thank you Mark for such a marvelous read and thank you David Rollins for your expert reading of it.Such a topic is never a welcome one You allowed me to reflect on my feelings and they haven t changed I adored the book and only have one reason to make it a 4 star instead of a 5 star read You didn t need the sex the book was substantial without it Because Mark made this a free book I moved it to read next and hoped it was good It was So glad I read it. I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway I thought this book was so well written It gave me a clear picture of what a codependent relationship looks like When Rupert s ex wife Elaine shows back up in his life with news, he wants to make things better for her, but it s always at a cost Through the whole book, I felt like I was right there with Rupert and Elaine Mr Kaplan writes in such a clear, vivid detail, I could see the blue sky, I could feel the wind on my face, i could feel the blisters on Rupert s feet as he walked I thought it was a great story A THOUSAND BEAUTIES is a richly depicted, character driven novel of two people caught in an endless and dangerous dance of obsessive, addictive love Illuminated by the search for the thousand beauties and its lyrical writing, A THOUSAND BEAUTIES propels the reader on a journey filled with both hope and despair as the main character searches desperately for a way to bring peace and beauty to his dying ex wife The tumultuous climax will leave you wondering whether or not Rupert did the right thing , the wrong thing or the only thing And, as I was, you may be unable to put A THOUSAND BEAUTIES down until its final moments, begin a search for your own thousand beauties or regard your personal relationships in a very different light Bravo to Mark Adam Kaplan for this enlightening debut novel.Rhoda Pierce My recent reading habits have pointed me mostly towards books that are fiction and are relatively easy to digest This could get kind of monotonous though, so when I got the opportunity to review the audiobook version of A Thousand Beauties I thought to myself Huh, that looks a little different from what I usually read Why not, it might be good Read I am having a problem finding the words for this review I thought this book was excellent The characters seemed to be so well developed that they became like real characters in my life I had a very strong emotional relationship with the book, and as I read it was like riding a roller coaster One minute I was cheering on the protagonist, the next I wanted to get up and shake him and tell him he was being a gosh darned fool The novel is perplexing and compelling as two characters seem to struggle to come to terms with love, life and death.Ruskin is a man who is trying to find a thousand beauties in his life and he is noting many of the little things in life and appreciating them It seems to make him happy And then his ex comes back into his life and things change.After a night of mind blowing sex, Elaine informs him that she has cancer and is dying Ruskin sees himself as still in love with her and becomes obsessed with trying to make Elaine happy, and to be there for her He is there in a sense but the problem is he never really listens to her He is so focused on doing something wonderful for her, convinced that his plans will brighten her last days Elaine s health continues to fail as she takes and morphine for the pain and continues to have the emotional fits she had while married to Ruskin These fits seem to be a part of Elaine s life, a mental condition and her failing health only makes them worse She is fighting and is definitely a character who is responding too Do not go gently from this life She sure doesn t go gently She even gives a party as a way of saying goodbye to her everyone she knows Ruskin plans a very special trip for them, sure that if he can t save her physically, he is still her savior by giving her a wonderful emotional ending to her life It all comes to a head and Elaine points out that he wasn t doing this for her but for himself Ruskin s memory of his own mother s misery before her death and difficulties obtaining the perfect piece of jewelry for Elaine, serve as foreshadowing that he is going to fail miserably, bringing much pain on himself.By the end of the novel Ruskin has come back to observing, looking for a thousand beauties. A masterpiece from begining to end A difficult, sometimes disturbing, dark, uncomfortable and ultimately heartbreaking and excellent read Quite an accomplishment kudos to Mr Kaplan Some Love Affairs Are Not The Storybook Kind Not Even The Second Time AroundRupert Ruskin Clings To An Obsessive Belief That If He Can Witness A Thousand Beautiful Sights In A Single Day, His Shattered And Sordid Existence Will Turn To BlissBut His Dreamquest For A Thousand Beauties Is Stalled When Beloved And Eccentric Ex Wife, Elaine, Bursts Back Into His Life With Disturbing News Ruskin Now Has To Make Room For A Immediate And Secret Plan But Should It Be For A Wedding Or A Funeral

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  • Audiobook
  • 220 pages
  • A Thousand Beauties
  • Mark Adam Kaplan
  • English
  • 24 June 2019

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