An Artists Eye (The Dica Series, #5)

An Artists Eye (The Dica Series, #5) Every instalment of this series is a surprise to me I started with the first volume by chance a couple of years ago and it was destined to be the only one Now a sixth one is in the works Congrats to its author, the richness of the prose and of the plot, the characters so well described that are by now familiar to me, make me wish this series would never end. People aren t what they seem to be, even in the Realm of Dica An Artist s Eye By Clive JohnsonPrescinda is leaving Grayden and her marriage She s looking forward to going home to Blisteraising to be with her sister and Falmeard Nephril surprises Prescinda with his arrival, he tells her of talk of a new distant city Prescinda doesn t believe him until he says Falmeard has heard of this distant city also and is meeting up with them on their way there Prescinda is curious and joins Nephril instead of taking the coach ride home What I love about this book is the characters are stronger and stay true to themselves throughout the journey Nephril knows they need to find out about the distant city and what it could mean to the Realm of Dica We find out about different nationalities within the Realm that Prescinda has strong opinions about, she surprises me with her attitude, but she s still one of my favorite characters This book shows a different side to the Realm of Dica One of my favorite lines is Telling time by the sun s celestial arch.The ending is one of my favorite ones of all 5 books The sisters surprise me There s so many twist and turns that only Clive can tell with his poetic way of story telling You can tell Clive lived in the Realm during writing this story It s a very well written series You ll need to use his awesome maps and a dictionary to help you through this different language that only Clive can write and get you excited about reading I recommend you read this series The book covers bring you in and the writing blows you away Take the journey Mr Johnson forwarded me an advance copy to give an honest review This I have done, and its as good a review as I have given before for other Titles in the Dica Series I was surprised in some ways, as there are only a few Authors that have been as consistent as this, and what could the Dica world offer Well I was very pleasantly surprised.The characters are as good as ever, well described, with individual personalities which keep surprising As with all of the previous books, the writing just leaps off the page, the intricate story addictive, characters both old and new absorbing This story shows areas of Dica previously undiscovered to us the reader, and some that I would never have thought of It s as though a microscope has been used to show layers previously not thought of, and to great effect I find it hard to say anything that I haven t said before, so just to say highly recommended, a series that should be a must to read, and I look forward to whatever springs from this Authors imagination. Aptly NamedEvery time I enter Dica it is a slightly different world This time I felt as if I were looking in at a very ancient science project, but through the eyes of someone who didn t understand what they were looking at odd, for previously many of the characters just accepted what they saw, without the why What is this all about Not every character of course, for someone knows exactly what Dica is, although sometimes you feel unease that over time they have changed, and with it their reasoning What are their thoughts I will find out something later of course not everything, some mystery must be left or my musings will come to a sudden stop I still have to fathom out what Dica actually is Oh, I ve ideas of course, but far importantly, why was it created Obviously, the possible destruction of the way we used to live first comes to mind however you can t be sure in Dica, and that s why I keep coming back, eager to find out.This time, however, we didn t stay long in Dica, and I must admit I do love the somehow familiar sanctuary of the original huge fortress for a few books now we have been venturing into some very dubious places, where frankly I feel less comfortable Even the strange and orderly places fill me with disquiet At times we venture even further and discover Well, I m not saying.Now we have an Artist s Eye, portraying such ageless, dark images of ruin that the descriptions flittered through my mind, as we entered its decaying world, so beautifully described that I saw the early work of Jeffrey Smart in the narrative In fact, in our GP s rooms there is one of his brown and uncomfortable landscapes that has been staring down at me for many a year, and it seemed to sum up beautifully the landscape that the author now takes us to And not surprisingly in fact nothing is surprising for the author so subtly and delicately gives hints along the way as to what we might find next I say might for you can never be sure what is coming next in Dica.If you like your sci fi mysterious and full of shades of light and dark, but there again you can t be too sure what is really light and dark then you ll enjoy how the beautiful prose misleads you into thinking that this is another kind of book entirely In other words, there is to this series than the obvious battles for survival that we usually find in the genre This time we can t even be sure who s the hero and who the villain Even better, I again don t agree with the author s final premise about order being survival and nature the destroyer I am always looking to confirm my own view at some point, that Dica must fall and learn to survive on its own I don t somehow think that this will happen, though, at least not yet.Scrumptious stuff However you read it, at a slow pace or a quick one, it really doesn t matter It is entirely up to you what you want to make of it, all of which makes this series a must read. An Epic Mystery Set Within The Exquisitely Realised Created World Realm Of Dica At Its Heart Is A Story Spanning The Millennia From Ancient Myth And Legend To The Realm S Turbulent Present All Seen Through The Intimate Vision Of Its Idiosyncratic Characters These Are Folk Who Ll Become As Real To You As Friends Or Family, And Whose Revealing And Somehow Contemporary Story Will Stay With You For EverThis Is The Kind Of Fantasy You Might Have Expected To Have Come From The Pen Of Mervyn Peake, Peopled With Fully Fleshed Out Characters Reminiscent Of Those So Joyously Created By Terry Pratchett The Story At Times, Though, May Seem To Owe To CS Lewis As It Weaves Its Way Through A Rich, Deep And Multi Threaded Tapestry Of A Plot That Would Have Pleased The Science Fiction Master Olaf Stapledon And Of Course, There S One Character Who Mustn T Be Overlooked, And That S Dica Itself So Real, Immediate And All Embracing That You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking It Had Sprung From JRR Tolkien S Own HandDon T Be Misled, Though, For This Series Is Entirely Clive S Johnson The Author, The Poet, The Artist Unique, Inventive, Idiosyncratic And Thought Provoking, This Series Will Push You Away From The Shores Of The Everyday And Into A Delightful Voyage Of Discovery You Will Find Wonder, Surprise, Dry Humour And Some Gritty Truths As You Re Inexorably Drawn Into The Pure Joy Of Such A Rich, Poetic And Deep Tale, So Well And Beautifully ToldOn The Day Prescinda Leaves The Fishing Village Of Grayden, And Her Marriage To A Man She S Never Loved, Her Return To The Old Family Home Of Blisteraising Farm Is Interrupted A Surprise Visit By Nephril Brings With It A Strange Request That He Seems Reluctant To Explain I Know Thou Hath Heard Talk Of A Distant City, Was How He Broached It, Which Seemed Benign Than His Last Request That She Scare Someone Almost To Death This Time She Was Asked To Help Falmeard Spy Out A Rare Sight, But One That Could Very Well Foretell The End Of The Realm Of Dica, And Thereby Of Existence ItselfThere Begins A Most Strange Journey That Turns Into A Race To A Discovery Which Should Never Have Been Possible What Finally Comes To Light Places Dica And Its People In Their True Perspective, And Reveals An Enemy Within, An Enemy They Must DefeatBut Even If Prescinda And Her Friends Succeed, Has Dica Already Been Taken Too Far Awry For The Damage To Be Undone Can They Find A Way To Bring The Realm Back Onto The Path To A Safe New Future, And So Keep True To The Artist S Eye

British author.

❮Epub❯ ➥ An Artists Eye (The Dica Series, #5)  ➤ Author Clive S. Johnson –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 462 pages
  • An Artists Eye (The Dica Series, #5)
  • Clive S. Johnson
  • English
  • 01 October 2018

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