Black Water Creek

Black Water Creek Absolutely brilliantTo me a good book is something I enjoy over time, in between the things that I do regularly eat, sleep, work, etc A great book carries me away in its pages, keeps me from being able to put it down including having to force myself to put it down in order to get sleep when I realize it is 3am , it takes over my life and does not allow me to get distracted by my other hobbies in a sense it holds me hostage until I have read the last word.Black Water Creek is a great book, it was a thrilling read, keeping me on the edge of my seat and holding me hostage the entire time I was immersed within it s pages I didn t want to put it down even to sleep and I found myself wishing that I had started it earlier in the day instead of 11pm , so that I could have finished it without stopping I cannot wait to read from Mr Brumm, based on this first experience with this author I am going to need an entire shelf in my personal library just for his work. Couldn t put it down.This story had a little bit of everything in it and then some It was unlike any other book I have read and as a plus it had a bookstore in it. Kelly Raney Ends Her Relationship With Her Abusive Boyfriend The Day She Leaves Him Bleeding On The Bedroom Floor After An Exceptionally Violent Fight She Grabs Their Toddler Son Keegan, And The Two Flee Town With A Few Dollars And The Clothes On Their BacksHer Car Breaks Down Outside The Small Village Of Black Water Creek She Reluctantly Stays With The Local Auto Mechanic Ed Sheridan And His Wife Until She Can Get Back On Her Feet She Lands A Job, Moves Into An Isolated Cottage By The River, And Dreams Of A Fresh Start And Stable Life For Her SonJust When It Seems Like Kelly Is Getting Her Life Together, Visions Of Torture, Rape, And Murder, Taking Place In Her Own Quaint Cottage, Plague Her Nights And Haunt Her Days To Make Matters Worse, She Suspects Her Ex Has Tracked Her Down, Looking For Revenge And Threatening To Destroy Her New Life I wish I could give this 10 stars Black Water Creek has action, mystery, suspense, supernatural goings on, and a dash of romance All of these awesome things are combined with fantastic characterization and Brumm s easy writing style I can t wait to read by this author. This was a very intense story I loved the characters of Ed and Sue What wonderful people they were I also loved the whole serial killer story line I kept waiting for Don to show up and cause trouble I very much enjoyed this book I look forward to reading by Robert Brumm. Great book Would recommend this author and I will be looking at this other books Well done Truly enjoyed this from start to finish Loved the sense of possibility and had to questioned if it was fiction or autobiographical before reminding myself that the author is male Not bad but just to predictableIt wasn t a bad story just to predictable for me.I like to be surprised somewhere at least in a story but could tell exactly where this book was going at every point Just had been done to many times before. Excellent reading I really enjoyed this book It defies easy labeling and does not fit neatly into a single genre There is mystery, romance, a bit of horror, and a touch of the paranormal No one element dominates the story, and the combining of those elements is well done The plot is fast paced and full of suspense I had to forgo my usual second book and read only this one I like it when that happens.The subject of abuse is a difficult one, too often portrayed in fiction with stereotypical characters Here it is treated with sensitivity and tact, without downplaying the danger and the emotional damage involved While Kelly is victimized, she is not a hapless victim She is a well developed and realistic character, one that I found easy to like I thought all of the characters were interesting people Ed and Sue are almost too good to be true, just missing that category because there really are good people in this world They tend to not get a lot of press, but they do exist The abusive Don was all too believable as well Unfortunately, those people also exist.A few subtle elements that I appreciated can t be discussed without spoilers I ll just have to say that there is than one layer to this story, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of it I hope that Robert Brumm has plans for books like this one This one is a winner.Note Five stars on , four stars here As always, this reflects only the difference in the two rating systems. This was a genuinely enjoyable read, with a great story line I loved the characters in this book as they were so well written I am definitely going to pick up books from the author, as if his other novels are of a similar quality then he is certainly an author to watch A 5 star read

Robert Brumm Jr lives in Southeastern Wisconsin with his wife and two children He can be found during the day slaving over a hot server as a systems administrator At night, if he s not drinking beer in front of the television or taking his puggle for a walk, you just might find him writing in the basement.

[PDF / Epub] ★ Black Water Creek  ✈ Robert Brumm –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 252 pages
  • Black Water Creek
  • Robert Brumm
  • English
  • 10 May 2019

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