What a Lady Most Desires

What a Lady Most DesiresTrue Desire Always Finds A WayOn The Night Before The Final Battle Against Napoleon, Lady Delphine St James Finds Herself Dancing With The One Man She Has Always Wanted, Major Lord Stephen Ives He Makes It Clear He Has No Time For A Lady He Sees As Flirtatious And Silly, But As The Call To Arms Sounds, She Bids Him Farewell With A Kiss That Stirs Them Both When He Returns Gravely Injured, She Is Intent On Caring For Him, Even If His Surly Behavior Tests Her PatienceAfter The Battle, Stephen Is Not Only Wounded And Blind, But Falsely Accused Of Cowardice And Theft The Only Light In His Dark World Is Delphine, The One Woman He Never Imagined He Could Desire But She Deserves Than He Can Give HerAs Their Feelings Deepen And Hidden Enemies Conspire To Force Them To Part Forever, Can Their Love Survive The Cruelest Test Of All This story is placed at the brink of the battle at Waterloo, as the English forces march to fight the French under Napoleon Lady Delphine St James should not be anywhere near the fighting, but she cannot help it For you see, she saw Major Lord Stephen Ives glance her way at a ball and what she saw in his dark gaze captivated her However, fate is unkind to Major Ives and he is severely wounded at Waterloo Shot three times and now blind, his recovery is slow and painful Delphine, however, does not abandon him, but remains steadfastly by his side She is compassionate and tender, but she also badgers him until he begins to walk again Delphine has Major Ives best interests at heart and yearns to see him cast his eyes upon her once Even as these two star crossed lovers grow close, an evil force swirls about them, threatening to discredit Major Ives and plunge Delphine into despair Lord Rothdale will stop at little to get what he wants Taking back the vowel from Major Ives was the first step, but Rothdale fancies himself becoming a wealthy gentleman as well, a man who might take a fancy to the fair Delphine, too Major Ives and his friends struggle to find the link between the accusations against Major Ives and Rothdale s treachery It is anyone s guess whether they will be in time to prevent a tragedy. My third and perhaps final attempt at enjoying Lecia Cornwall.Stephen Ives has been present since the beginning of this trilogy, acting honorable in How to Deceive a Duke and acting shady in The Secret Life of Lady Julia Here he finally gets to be the hero in his own book.Delphine is a Earl s daughter and she has been raised to flirt, kiss ass, and marry well When she meets Stephen at a ball, she is entranced by a man for the first time, since Stephen is interested in her not because of her dowry or her connections but because he values her mind and her opinions But after he sees her flirting with a Duke, he instantly judges and labels her as a silly, flighty, shallow twit and completely dismisses her This makes Delphine so sad She spends years trying to capture his attention again.Stephen is a Major in the British army and goes off to battle Napoleon He comes back from battle severely wounded and blind He s also accused falsely of crimes like cowardice and theft Delphine dedicates herself to nursing him back to health.Most of this book consists of Delphine trying desperately to prove herself to Stephen, and Stephen snarling at her and acting like a petulant child because he s blind now He takes a long, long, long time to be convinced of her basic goodness and intelligence, because he s a moron Cornwall is inordinately fond of making women bend over backwards just to earn basic compassion and respect from men It was understandable in one novel How to Deceive a Duke but I hate it and was sick of it even then, not to mention now in the second book of this vein.ANYWAY, the ending is over the top romantic with Stephen falling to his knees in front of Delphine and begging her forgiveness and pledging his undying love It IS a very romantic scene, but frankly, after all he put her through I m just fed up I know the other males in the book are much worse then him, but Delphine deserves better Period End of story.I mean, this is a guy who is a dick to her after sex There is a special, extra nasty place in hell for men who take a woman s virginity and then make them feel like shit I mean, you CAN be lower than this, but it would be difficult I just CAN T with this What an asshole Seriously, I can t believe they end up together in the end after how he treats her I mean, sure he s not a rapist or a child abuser but you can t expect me to be happy they end up wedded after the shit he puts her through in this book It s extra sad because she adores him and goes to extra extra lengths to please him and help him ARGH How s the sex, Carmen SIGH This could have been SO erotic He s blind, she s a virgin, she s been in love with him for years, they go on a picnic together Come on Set up for super romantic super erotic love scene right here Of course, NOT, because he s an asshole No matter how Cornwall writes sex and she does a decent job here , I just CAN T be turned on by reading about sex with a man who s such a petty, petulant, hurtful child.Tl dr Sigh.ONE REAL STAR, ONE ROMANCE STAR Okay I ll admit.Secretly, in the private confines of my bedroom, I m all for this cover Bare chested Rippling Muscles Dagger on the side Oh yeah Please bring the fan while I proceed to swoon.In Public You know the situation Thoughts Infused with vivid descriptions and heart wrenching moments, this story had a way of communicating the emotions of people and the tension filled surroundings I could feel the change in atmosphere when the war started, the despair loved ones felt when their families were to be separated, the blinding agony of dying, the anxiety of being accepted by your crush and the utter hopelessness of loosing your eyesight.A short war but a million casualties No country truly winning at the end I could even understand the villain s motives, driven by a desperation and an unfeeling childhood.But yes, as most romances go, there were instances when I wanted to smack the heroine and beat the hero with a broom again and again till he would overcome his pride, propose to the heroine and actually understand that she really did like him You are a diplomat for crying out loud and how dare you lie about your eyes and for being slightly chauvinistic about the female virginity But then again, he was undergoing such a stressful period and conflicting emotions can make you a teeny ity bit hardheaded He does propose in the end, in the cutest possible manner See below Beautifully done She has refused others before you, Ainsley said Why do you wish to marry my daughter Stephen shifted It s not about money, my lord, or your title, though I m certain you would be a fine gentleman to be related to by marriage Sebastian stifled a snicker, but Delphine didn t pinch him She was staring at Stephen I, that is Say it, Nicholas prompted She loves me, Stephen blurted.There was silence I mean, I love her I love her Copy Courtesy EdelweissCheck out a full review with pictures on Buried Under Romance 4.5 stars When a book has a shirtless guy with flowing hair on the cover, I know it s a romance, but I also can t quite help the urge to pass it by I wasn t a fan of the clinch covers of old, and the modern, giant chested heroes who apparently hate shirts don t do much for me either And yet it would be a real shame to miss What a Lady Most Desires It s actually a heartfelt and quite romantic romance, one I m very glad I found On the eve of the battle of Waterloo, Lady Delphine St James has come to Belgium with her sister, a colonel s wife, and the two attend a ball in Brussels There Delphine comes face to face with Major Lord Stephen Ives, the man she has been attracted to since first meeting him as a debutante back in England Stephen also recalls meeting Delphine, but in his recollections she was nothing than an empty headed flirt, and he has no desire to be strung along by her The ball gets interrupted by a call to battle and in the excitement, Delphine and Stephen kiss and she gives him a token to take to battle.And then we get to the aftermath of battle Lecia Cornwall does a good job of showing readers the pain and mixed emotions that accompany the end of the fighting, as well as the complete confusion which can reign during and immediately after a battle After all, with limited technology, it could be hard to get accurate accountings of who was where and when, who survived, and so on Stephen gets brought to the home of Delphine s sister, gravely injured and blind Shortly thereafter, in a confusing turn of events, he finds himself accused of cowardice and theft from fellow soldiers in his regiment.Stephen returns to England, determined to fight the charges He stays in the home of a friend to recuperate and also to be kept under watch until his court martial Delphine manages to secure an invitation to the same country estate for herself and there devotes herself to Stephen s care In some tellings, the heroine s complete unwillingness to believe that the hero whom she barely knows, after all might not be innocent would seem naive Not so here Cornwall provides readers both with enough pieces of the puzzle and with enough hints to Stephen s character that Delphine s faith doesn t seem misplaced for a minute.This is a partial review You can find the complete text here

Lecia Cornwall lives and writes in Calgary, Canada, amid the beautiful foothills of the Canadian Rockies, with four cats, two teenagers, a crazy chocolate Lab, and one very patient husband She is hard at work on her next book.

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