The Fiercest Joy (The Sweetest Dark, #3)

The Fiercest Joy (The Sweetest Dark, #3) 4.5 stars Lovely that s how I would describe this trilogy RTC The third book in the spinoff trilogy from Shana Abe s Drakon series that I love Taking place during WWII in Britain, the world of the Drakon appears to be gone and yet there are three young people who have found out they were not what they thought they were One is Eleanor who is an orphan who attends an exclusive private school as a charity student and the other two are brothers, the sons of the Duke who supports the school Since this is the third book, I am not going to go into the story except to say it is a totally unique one combining the stars, dragons who shape shift into humans, music from gemstones and love Love of Jesse who died and is a star in the heavens, love of Lora for both of the brothers and all that ties them together I did miss all the world of the Drakon series and it came back like a cold icy wind in the second half of this book.I think I will read this again soon, because in thinking about it there is to the story than what is on the surface This is definitely not a religous book, but is the boy that is now a star in a way an angel When Lora makes a huge decision sacrifice was her destiny preordained and now she has changed it There is a time when she realizes that is true Is the future set to happen, but we do have the freedom of choice to change that future Beautiful writing wonderful descriptions of flying as smoke and flying as a dragon GOING TO SMOKE is just as it sounds You lose your human body, all it s human weight and all of your human problems You become something and something less than what you were, because you are the sinuous mystical vapor of DRAKON, and you soar where you want to, and you se and hear and even feel a very little but not much.Dragon smoke, sheer and twisting Swifter than birds, wilder than the wind All that may catch you now is yet another dragon. Update 8 26 17HOW DID I MISS THE RELEASE OF THIS Just ordered on AHHUpdate 9 13 16A title A cover Yess C mon synopsis and date The GIF below still stands Yay There s gonna be a third one Update So, sometime ago I wrote to Shana Abe on Facebook and considering that she hadn t really active online in the recent past, I wasn t very optimistic about getting a reply But the most awesome thing happened, she did reply and said categorically that there will be a third book in the Sweetest Dark series So that was a huge relief but there still might be some waiting before we get it So happy she replies DWhen will there be updates There isn t even a definitive release date yet, only that it will release in 2014 Well 2014 just started so there s still a long way to go, for all we know, it could release in December Although, I seriously hope that s not the case It s been close to 4 years since the previous book of the Sweetest Dark Series was released in 2013, and I had a feeling where the book was going Being a fan of Ms Abe s works I kept reading and re reading her series whenever I was in a book stump and nothing would hold my interest And I was surprised to find that every single time I re read the books I always found something new I hadn t paid much attention to This goes the same for Time Weaver, it ties things up with her adult Drakon series very well, and I was saddened to find out the fates of the protagonists of that book There were a few things that tied up very well, but I wish there was a bit explanation for some of the things, maybe it was my language barrier that didn t allow me to see beyond what the written words said, or perhaps it simply wasn t made clear view spoiler I wanted to know about Jesse s background, and what was it that a Star such as him would even find in Drakon in the first place, since it was understood on my part that Drakon were drawn to diamonds and stones Second, drawing a little on Armand s power, I wish it would ve shown how much of an impact his powers really were because of the effect it had on Drakon in The Smoke Thief and Draumur the stone that controlled the Drakon , could he have eventually controlled the Langfords And speaking of special power, what was Eleanore s Wasn t her abilities as a Drakon stronger than Armand s and Aubrey s Shouldn t she have developed something like that before Perhaps it could ve been her connection to the stars themselves And Jesse how would he have been able to keep Eleanore with him with both not having their human bodies hide spoiler FINALLY FINALLY, after YEARS waiting for the conclusion of the spectacular Drakon series, finally I have answers This was a great conclusion to the series, it wrapped up everything perfectly and answered so many questions I had The only issues I had are minor a love triangle in Sweetest Dark, betwee Lora, Jesse and Armand, made sense, and in the Deepest Night, you could sense the love and trust building up between Armand and Lora, and I was so excited for this book to build on their love, a book where they can finally be together That is why the beginning confused me, with the strange awkwardness concerning Aubrey they rescued him at the end of the second book, why now is Lora conflicted about her feelings concerning the two brothers I just felt it took away from the romantic conclusion I have been waiting for between Lora and Armand, but in the end, that complaint is small, I love how Shana connected this book back to Time Weaver, I was so excited to see Honor again, and a snippet of Rue and Kit I know it is farfetched, but I would love for SHana to someday write a book explaining about Rue and Kit s time in Japan, and to expand on their son s condition I also could not for the life of me remember why the Langford family was hunting Honor and what her betrayal was, I might have to revisit some of the older books to see if I can answer that I know Shana probably wants to move on to other things, but I still feel like there are avenues to be explored in this series, I am excited to see what she comes up with next. In The Autumn Of , Eleanore Jones Is On The Verge Of Becoming Who She Was Always Meant To Be A Dr Kon Of Stunning Beauty And Strength She Has Discovered She Is Not The Last Dragon In The World, As She D Long Thought Not One But Two Dr Kon Brothers Vie For Her Heart And Just As Lora Begins To Embrace Her Destiny, Yet Another Dr Kon Enters Her Life Another Female Who, Like Her, Has Disguised Herself As A Student At The Prestigious Iverson School For Girls It S No Coincidence Secrets Come Unraveled Time Comes Undone Soon All Four Of The Dr Kon Caught In Iverson S Mysterious, Enchanted World Are Going To Have To Confront A New Enemy An Army Of Dragons, Come To Steal Lora Away And Destroy Anyone Who Attempts To Stop Them FUCKING FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYY I have waited four fucking YEARS for this conclusion FOUR YEARS In that time I read literally ever Drakon book I could get my hands on even the ones that weren t even all that great or the kind of book I m into Because I HAD TO KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED to Lora and Mandy I HAD TO KNOW Welp, now I fuckin know.I also know what happened to a lot of Drakons from the other books, and that s cool too I literally can t even review this shit because I am so fucking glad i finally got to read it It doesn t matter if it was good, bad, weird, confusing, or sappy at all It scratched a four year itch and that satisfaction alone earns 5 stars.THANK YOU Maybe it s because I just finished Shana Abe s original Drakon adult series, which I ve just realized are far superior to this spin off series no matter how much I ve enjoyed following Lora s story, but this book turned out to be my least favorite book not only in her backlist, but in the Lora trilogy as a whole I think this series really peaked in book two The first book in this series was focused on Lora discovering her powers and um Jesse, who was boring as toast I always have a soft spot for the bad boy, so Armand was my favorite character in this romance series and I was glad in the second book when he got his spotlight This book however, made Armand as a romantic interest also boring as toast The guys in the Drakon Series are always good guys ehhhhhh for the most part lol , but they are also dragons, so they have an edge of danger to them that Armand severely lacks now His complexity kind of disappeared in this book and so the romance really suffered for I loved the gutsy plot twist that connected Lora to Honor and Sandu from the previous book It was totally heartbreaking But while the writing was good, and some scenes were emotive, this didn t prove memorable like I needed it to. A tender conclusion to a beautiful series After such a long wait for the release of THE FIERCEST JOY, I took my time and reread through the previous two books before diving in to read straight through to the early morning hours It s a strong personal belief that coffee was founded for just such causes as a good book immersion morning after medication Shana Abe has this beautiful ability to form a connection with her readers to the beauty, truth, and whit of her characters The true ingeniousness of this story is how easy the reader can slip into a full immersion of the world I did have one small complaint and that was the lack of storyline with Aubrey It felt like his character had so much potential for life and then fell flat I doubt that it would happen, but a short novella focused on Aubrey would quickly solve this issue Overall it was a beautifully written conclusion to an enchanting series that I m proud to have shelved in my book collection.

Shana Ab was born in Texas She spent much of her childhood living in Colorado, with a brief stint in Mexico as a foreign exchange student, and, at age seventeen, lived in Japan as a model Throughout her childhood, Ab wrote, completing what she calls The Silliest Romance Novel Ever during her free time during modeling shoots Her writing focused on romance, as those were the types of books th

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  • The Fiercest Joy (The Sweetest Dark, #3)
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