Rowan's Lady (Clan Graham #1)

Rowan's Lady (Clan Graham #1)Scotland, He Built Impenetrable Walls Around His Heart The Black Death Showed No Mercy When It Took Rowan Graham S Beautiful Wife Left To Raise Their Daughter Alone, Rowan Fully Intends To Keep The Promises He Made To Kate On Her Deathbed Save For One He Will Not Give His Heart To Another Woman She Will Bring Them Tumbling Down Lady Arline Has Been Unlucky In Love And In Marriage Her First Husband Was Old Enough To Be Her Great Grandfather And Her Last Was Simply Cruel Once Her Marriage To Garrick Blackthorn Is Annulled, Lady Arline Is Determined To Live The Rest Of Her Life In Peace And Harmony And She Ll Live Out Her Days Alone Fate Has Another Plan When His Daughter Is Kidnapped And Held For Ransom By Garrick Blackthorn, Rowan Calls On The Bond Of The Seven Clans To Help Rescue His Daughter Little Does He Know That His Enemy S Wife Has Been Caring For His Child, Risking Her Own Life In The Process Lady Arline Does Not Realize The Kidnapped Child Belongs To The Man From Her Past, A Man Who Has Invaded Her Dreams For Years, Until The Night He Comes For His Daughter Fate Brings Them Together But Men Might Just Pull Them Apart On Facebook

[Epub] ➞ Rowan's Lady (Clan Graham #1) ➣ Suzan Tisdale –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 292 pages
  • Rowan's Lady (Clan Graham #1)
  • Suzan Tisdale
  • English
  • 13 May 2017

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceRowan s Lady is the first book in the duo series of Clan Graham I was first introduced to Rowan in Frederick s Queen which was my first book to read from this author and we see this pair after they find their HEA, and I just fell hard for them both And of course we have the delightful narration that Brad Wills always tends to delivers for us And he did a superb job in telling this beautiful love tale.This wonderful love story, starts with out hero, Rowan The black death has been sweeping through the country, and it has swept through his clan killing than 30 of his people including his wife They have a baby daughter, and he makes a promise to her as she is dying, that he will open his heart to another one day Now it is four years later, and Rowan hasn t been able to forget his wife and the love he had for her until he meets a strong willed woman full of courage Lady Arline, has entered another arranged marriage This is her third arranged marriage and she still has a hope that it could be a love match one day But on her wedding day, she learns the true nature of her husband Who only wants a year, and then will anul their marriage so he can marry another So for the past year, Arline has been kept locked in her room, with only herself for company But then when her husband kidnaps a young child for ransom, she risks her life to go below and protect the child Her husband informs her that she will take care of the child until her father gives him the ransom And soon Arline falls in love with this precious four year old, who is precocious and endearing She plans very carefully, because she knows that as soon her her marriage is anulled in less than two weeks, that her life will be at risk from her husband who is cruel But on the night that her marriage is anulled, her husband beats her horribly when she tries to see to the care of the child, Lilly, and as she is sent to her room to pack her things, she runs into three highlanders, one of them.Lilly s fatherRowan What shocks them all is that they know each other Years previous we learn that Arline saved the lives of two of their closest friends who had been framed for treason and turned in her own stepson and grandson who were the real traitors We also get a hint of the Shadow walkers who were a secret team that followed the orders of Robert the Bruce Which was an interesting twist for sure.As Rowan, Arline and Lily and the men with them travel back to Rowan s keep and home, it gives Rowan and Arline a chance to reconnect slowly Arline is finally free to live her life and free her sisters of their father who has only used her as a pawn all of her life But when she gets an invitation to live at Rowan s home for a time and work as Lily s governess, she leaps at the opportunity, not wanting to say goodbye to either Rowan or Lily But when they return, there comes into the story a complication of a jealous woman, Beatrice Beatrice, wants Rowan for herself, so she gets the servants to help her and deceived both Rowan and Arline in an effort to drive a wedge between them But they both learn the truth when Arline confronts Rowan about his treatment when it was really Beatrice Arline at this moment, only wants to leave She doesn t feel wanted or needed but Rowan is falling in love with Arline and wants a chance to win her heart.I found this book to be a whirlwind of emotion in only the way that Suzan Tisdale can write a story I was swept away by this story, especially upon meeting Lily I know not everyone likes seeing children in romance, but I do like it especially when they are written well into the story I did find this book to be heartbreaking at times Especially with seeing how Arline s father has used her for his own purposes and using the love and affection she holds for her sisters against her We also get some true villains in the story that add some intensity to the plot The romance is sweet and warm and very light in the steam Most books I have found from this author are, but I love them I loved seeing the focus being the emotional intimacy and there is still some great sexual tension but the actual love scenes are hot or steamy at allsuper light just as a warning for those that prefer steam in their romances.I found this to be another delightful romance that Tisdale has written, and I couldn t put this one down, its a romance that is packed with emotion, great variety in characters, a perfect narration, and a love story that sweeps you off your feet PURE DELIGHT foogallery id 57643

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    This book wasn t terrible, but I found my thoughts wandering during most of it I appreciated a non manho H who had been celibate for four years Love it I didn t like the h as much though She cried a lot and was too gullible The drama caused by be wannabe OW was also annoying and the lack of urgency to figure out who the real culprit was was a bit strange The h also did some tstl things that made me want to DNF And the widower vibe reminded me of why I avoid deceased spouse books Too depressing and angsty All in all, this book was ok The historical details, including the dialect, was just ok I d probably really enjoy a historical fiction book on this period of Scottish history It s really fascinating Unfortunately, this book is not it If you love Julie Garwood, you might enjoy this author s work As it is, I don t enjoy Julie Garwood s books, so it s not a surprise that this author probably isn t for me.

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    3.5 stars.I m so happy I kept reading Tisdale Cheers Liked the story, liked Arline even though she was immature sometimes , really liked Rowan Again, Tisdale managed to create the perfect non jerk alpha male Also, there were some very funny moments especially regarding Rowan s cute baby daughter Lily AKA Willy.Cute Historical Romance.

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    I love Rowan I loved the fact that he was so manly and wasn t afraid about anyone knowing how much he had loved his first wife Historical Scottish romances have always been my favorite and this is right at the top of the list.

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    This story started in 1350, went forward 4 years, but felt too slow in places.This featured Graham clan chief, Scotsman Rowan And Irish Lady Arline who cared for helped rescue his 4 yr old daughter Lily I ll refer to the couple as R A I felt the trust and love grow between R A However these issues prevented total enjoyment of the story 1 Arline came across as too meek apologetic criedtoo often She had spurts of assertiveness 2 Arline had 3 arranged marriages, whereby her father used her as a political pawn Believable 3 Why wasn t Rowan straight forward in telling a certain woman when why to leave his castle 4 Story had too many baddies However a few of H s menappeared to have ambiguous loyalty, which added to the story 5 Story had too much violence or threat of violence Yes it may be era appropriate, but I don t have to condone it 6 Rowan took too long to discover who ordered Lily s abduction Not his 1 priority after he retrieved her 7 R A did not question falsehoods supposedly said RE each other, in order to separate them This happened before the midway point.

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    This review is from Rowan s Lady The Clan Graham Series Kindle Edition I have been reading books from this author since she was a debut author starting with Laiden s Daughter, then have followed each book that followed Findley s Lass, Wee Willie s Woman, and Mc Kenna s Honor which were all under Clan MacDougal and have loved each and everyone very much some I have read then once Something I rarely do but Ms Tisdale s books are that good Now is the start of a new series which I alway find exciting new characters, settings, stories etc As Rowan s Lady is the first in the series Clan Graham but you can actually read any of Ms Tisdale s book s alone as well I have loved every single book this multi talented author has written but I have to sat Rowan s Lady is my favorite so far truly a masterpiece in her collection of books in my opinion.Rowan s Lady starts off four years in the past as Black Death plague has hit Clan Graham hard loosing a good majority of the Clan the hero of this book Laird Rowan Graham is beyond grief when his wife Kate through an arranged marriage succumbs to Black Death as many of his clan members Even though theirs was an arranged marriage they fell deeply in love and profoundly with each other Rowan is completely broken and devastated by death which leaves him with their three month old daughter Lily the only light in his life Kate made Rowan make two deathbed promises 1 Lily would always know about Kate and how much she loved Lily which if course Rowan would honor gladly The second promise was the tough one that he would open his heart and love another woman He of course told her yes but he knew he could never as only Kate was the love of his life Maybe on forty it fifty years he thought.The heroine of this book is Lady Arline who is about to get married for the third time to the handsome Laird Garrick Blackthorn she was hopeful since he was young and virile as her past husbands all arranged by her cold father are dead and she still is pure as well All Arline wants is someone to love her and have a family with Shortly after her marriage she finds out her husband loves another and plans to annul the marriage after a year Also he keeps her as a prisoner and beats and starves her for reasons he is just evil but you need to read the book to find out the why and how Also Garrick blames Rowan s for his mothers death and kidnaps his four year old daughter Arline is prisoner with 4 year old Lily who is so scared Arline takes beatings meant for Lily knowing it would kill the child during their captivity both become attached as a Mother and Daughter. Lily knows her Dad is going to rescue them from the bad man as she calls him Of course she is right If you think that is how the story ends not at all like when it begins The attraction between Rowan and Arline is adorable both keeping it to themselves thinking the other can t be feeling the same Plus Arline had met him previously briefly with a bit of a crush There is an evil woman named Beatrice and a traitor that is a guest at Castle Graham with the help of a few others who wants to get rid of Arline and Lily as well Poor Arline life is not easy and it seems whenever happiness is in her grasp some evil force hangs over her head.This book is like three or four stories in one yet all are connected it really keeps you hanging on to the edge of your highlander s kilt Every time I thought the book was coming to a climax another major catastrophe would happen and I would gasp and my heart would skip a beat I actually love when that happens not knowing what to expect when reading a really wonderful books too The secondary good guy character are wonderful hopefully will get their own books in the future too I loved that Lily couldn t pronounce her R s very well as a mother I could relate and remember those days very clearly.If you love you beautiful Scottish setting, a sexy kilted highlander and a bit of history, adventur, mayhem, and love story then this is definitely book for you This book was a joy and pleasure to read as always I look forward to Suzan Tisdale s next wonderful book she releases as I loved them all I definitely recommend Rowan s Lady by Suzan Tisdale I loved it

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    I highly suggest reading McKenna s Honor before reading Rowan s Lady since a good portion of Arline s story is begun there If you don t you ll feel a bit lost but not terribly so.Arline is an interesting woman She was raised by the tenets of a woman who was rather prudish This does not detract from Arline s intrinsic thoughtfulness, her loving nature, and an intractable need to do the right thing.Rowan Graham is clan chief who has been working hard raising his four year old daughter, and keeping his clan together as they all recover from the devastation of Black Plague.Rowan s daughter, Lily, is the first to encounter Arline, and it is a good thing she does One can only guess that after the child was deftly liberated from her home, her father s side, and kidnapped, what could happen to her Arline, who has studiously stayed out of her current husband s way since their wedding, suffers a grievous beating in order to keep Lily out of the hands of cruel men.Before Rowan realises it he not only rescues his daughter from Arline s terrible husband but he rescues Arline as well He falls nearly in love with Arline as he watches the young woman take care of his daughter during the return to the Graham castle Ait na Siochan I spelled that terribly Still grieving the loss of his wife to the Black Plague Rowan tries to ignore his heart but Arline, by just being herself, has already captured it.Arline suffers from rather low self esteem but there is a fire, and a courage in her that endears her to all around her but most especially Rowan.Rowan and Arline s romance is not an easy one, a lot of mud, rain, snow, and blood stand in the way, but once their love is declared neither is willing to let it go.

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    Suzan has become one of my new favorite authors since I bought my Kindle I can t wait to read the next book and eagerly anticipate her newest endeavor.Rowan s Lady is part of a series but a great standalone book If you are like me you find a book you like and it s not the first of a series so you have to go back and read the rest Do it It is worth it.I truly enjoy the men and women in her stories and it s all the characters not just the ones in the lead of the story They love deeply and protect the ones they love.Rowan and Arline meet in McKenna s Honor briefly but she remembers him and his smile thereafter Arline s father is a greedy man and keeps marrying her off Rowan loses his first love Kate but gains a beautiful daughter I can t wait for her story I hope Suzan writes one for her Tomboy of my heart They all deserve happiness.A wonderful book to escape into The Clan MacDougall Series1 Laiden s Daughter2 Findley s Lass3 Wee William s Woman4 McKenna s HonorGraham Clan5 Rowan s Lady

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    The Black Death showed no mercy to Rowan Graham when it decimated his clan and took his young wife Kate Leaving Rowan to raise his newborn daughter alone and rebuild his clan Rowan tries to keep all the promises that he made to Kate on her deathbed All but one Rowan is unable to give his heart to another lady Arline is forced into yet another arranged marriage, lonely and unloved Behind Garrick blackthorn s good looks lies a cruel, vindictive man Arline wants nothing than for her marriage to end so that she might gain the freedom that she has longed for Just before her marriage comes to a bitter and ugly end, her cruel husband kidnaps a sweet innocent child Arline does not realize the child belongs to a man from her past, a man who has haunted her dreams for than seven years until the night he comes to rescue his daughter Rowan is surprised to learn that his enemy s wife is a woman he met seven years earlier when dark times had fallen across Scotland, she saved the lives of his foster father and brother, also Arline has been risking her life to care and save his daughter fates bring them together, but others are determined to pull them apart Will Rowan be able to open his heart to the woman his daughter has come to love as a mother

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    Simply put.I loved this book Once I started reading it, I could barely put it down until I finished it, it kept my interest right through Absolutely loved Lily, the hero s little girl, what a darling poppet Rowan and Arline s story is one filled with so much emotion, my heart just went out to them There are so many twists and turns right until the end.very well written Definitely would recommend this book.

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