Drive Me Crazy

Drive Me CrazyI love reading books about small towns I m not sure why but I do Carter I loved him, this man does Then he said the worst thing possible In fact I d like to see if you have freckles in other places And when he gets jealous he s not a force to be reckoned with, jealousy, hot and lethal to his state of mind, coursed through Carter, surprising him with it s intensity He pulled her to him Her eyes grew wide, then heavy lidded Oh yeah, she cared So, he leaned down, hovering his mouth mere inches from hers Baby, I m your man Carter apologizes a lot he s always messing up but at least he wants to do his best and make up for it, I m a sure thing, baby And I m sorry for not doing whatever you needed me to Maybe I need some lessons I m a fast learner He s also horny, and only one girl will do the job for him, can t wait to get you alone, he whispered in her ear That modest little dress of yours is driving me crazy. It s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Marquita Valentine I simply adore her I am always looking forward to her next release and I was so excited for Drive Me Crazy as Melanie and Carter captured my interest in Twice Tempted I had a feeling that I would love their story and I was so not wrong Drive Me Crazy hooked from the start it was filled with everything that I love in a romance book and look forward to in Marquita s writing This book is a perfect example of why I continue to be such a HUGE fan of her She has such a way of telling a story that just pulls you in and makes the characters come to life plus she loves a HEA as much as I do Melanie was such a great character and quickly became a favorite heroine of mine Carter sigh His character was so much than I thought he was going to be and I just loved him Although, Carter did have his moments that I wanted to smack him but he did make up for them I loved that Melanie had a theme to the way she dressed and she was so funny and sweet and quirky and feisty She was so much fun to read I did feel bad for her over the way she was treated It broke my heart to read how her father continued to take advantage of her yet she still loved him I was so glad that he also redeemed himself in the end OhApril was such a bitch I wanted her to get what was coming to her so bad lol Carter s mom cracked me up she was bitchy and nice to Melanie all at the same time Another character that I loved was Beau I thought he was so funny, especially when Carter kept telling Melanie that him being so sweet and polite was just an act lol Carter being a dirty talker definitely got my attention and the sex scenes with him and Melanie were definitely HOT especially the one in the front seat of the car Whew I was so involved in Melanie and Carter getting their HEA that even though I knew what their future held because of Twice Tempted, I found myself still a little nervous because I just knew that Carter was going to do something stupid and break Melanie s heart lolReading Drive Me Crazy made me want to go back and reread Twice Tempted to refresh my memory as to where some of the characters were 4 years later Drive Me Crazy is definitely my favorite book of Marquita s so far I just loved it so much and I didn t want it to end and have to leave Carter and Melanie I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this epilogue and is another example of why I adore Marquita s books as well She always gives me that HEA that I long for I am so looking forward to Jake s book after reading the short part in the back of Drive Me Crazy Sounds like it is going to be another good one Such a fun read that definitely left me smiling at the end Great start to this new series.Best of the Best ARC provided by Marquita Valentine Thank you so much Twenty Four Year Old Troublemaker Extraordinaire, Melanie Ann Smith, Isn T Asking For Much Out Of Life A House Without Wheels, To Travel Further Than Her Home State And Her Best Friend S Older Brother, Carter Ambrose Only Three Things Stand In Her Way Juggling All Of Her Odd Jobs, Keeping Her Daddy From Gambling Away All Of Their Money And Getting Carter To See Her As A Woman NASCAR Racer, Carter Ambrose, Has Finally Decided To Take His Doctor S Advice And Find A New Occupation Before Another Wreck On The Track Kills Him Only His Doctor Hadn T Counted On His Little Sister S Best Friend, Melanie Ann Smith, Crashing His Weeks Of Solitude With Her Short Skirts And Platform Heels And That S Not The Least Of His Problems His Mother Has Decided That She Wants Grandchildren And The Only Woman That S Good Enough For The Job His Ex Fiance Soon Melanie And Carter Agree To A Temporary Relationship One With Benefits That Is Mutually Satisfying In Every Way, Or So Each Believes And Just When They Are Ready Admit Their Feelings, Family Secrets Are Exposed, Threatening Melanie And Carter S Fragile Relationship Will Carter Risk It All For Love, Or Will Melanie Be Left Holding The Trophy For Second Place Sounded promising turned out it wasn t.I read up to 32% before calling it a day The writing was fine but the characters lacked depth and the story was boring Rating 4.5 StarsOriginally posted on What I m Reading Ok, I m super excited to bring to you a new book from Marquita Valentine flailing arms If y all know me, I love Marquita s writing, and I love when she has a new book to read This is no exception Just this morning I finished Drive Me Crazy which happens to be the first book in her new series Going the Distance Series I don t know how many of you had read the Holland Springs Series, if you have then you would know that Melanie and Carter have been married for sometime If you haven t, they will marry and sorry to spoil it for you.However, this story focuses on how Carter and Melanie and how they got together You would think since she s Zoe s best friend she would magically marry Zoe s older brother I guess that only happens in dreams.Talk about two people who grew up in totally different backgrounds Melanie basically grew up in a very unstable home and it s amazing how well she came out of the situation While Carter grew up in a stable environment The only stable thing is Melanie s life was her friendship with Zoe.Well, Melanie was able to get a job working for Carter The perfect situation to make her way into his life and become Mrs Carter Ambrose However, there is only one problem standing in her way, April Billingsworth Darn those exes With Melanie background she doesn t have a chance, not when she s compared to the Governor s daughter Could there be hope Of course there is, but it s the uphill battles ahead.I love Melanie s sassiness She would be the opposite of what you would take home to momma I mean she is brash, mouthy, saucy and whatever other synonyms you can find Then you have Carter, by the way, LOVE HIM Although there are times I just wanted to smack the boy upside his head, seriously The boy obviously doesn t have his brain connected to the mouth with some of the things he says However, I found this series entertaining and fun Plus, who doesn t love a boy who make dirtiest thing sound so hot.Nothing like having a book that makes you want Seriously can t wait for the next installment of Going the Distance series However, I would say have your fan ready, because Carter sure does bring in the heat Plus, Melanie is a lot of fun So, I hope y all get a chance to check this story out when it goes live on Tuesday.Copy provided by author Originally posted on TBQ s Book Palace Check out my full review, I ve highlighted a few quotes passages there D A die hard fan, if Marquita Valentine s name is on the cover, I already know I m going to love the book Drive Me Crazy is no exception I was thrilled to receive an eARC of this book, and I couldn t wait to dive into it, even though I had other books already lined up Welcome back to Holland Springs, this time a few years before Valentine s previous books took place Carter Ambrose and Melanie Ann Smith have known each other since childhood, but in many ways they re nothing alike Melanie thinks she s not good enough for Carter, plus what man would fall in love with his sister s best friend But she can t help her feelings for him, and when he comes back to town to start his own shop, she decides it s time to show him how she feels at least a little bit He s crazy for her, but is it just lust or something Carter was a flawed hero, I ll admit, but I still loved him He was a jerk at times, and often opened his mouth without first engaging his brain and admits it But then again, what guy doesn t at some point or another What I did like was the fact that he often knew where he had made the mistake, and wanted to fix things with Melanie He d say something in one chapter that would make me want to slap him, but as soon as his dirty talking startedoh, I was a goner I melted for him all over again, just like Melanie Melanie was a great heroine She knew what she wanted from life, and she was set on working for it, even with her father s gambling and troubles always getting in her way, and other people s judgment of her pushing her back down She was strong, but not too strong, and she had, as Carter would say, a sassy mouth, which I enjoyed 4.5 STARS Wow, with ever new book Marquita Valentine writes, I think that I have found my new favoriteuntil the next one comes out I ve yet to be disappointed by one of her books, and I don t think it s possible, to be honest If you want a sexy, fun, and slightly addicting contemporary read, be sure to pick up Valentine s books all of them Trust me, you ll thank me later Drive Me Crazy had me smiling and blushing, and just having a great time while reading it I loved Carter s dirty talk, couldn t get enough of it, really, and I can t wait to see how Valentine s next book turns out Impatiently waiting, and in the meantime I ll revisit all her other books For Carter s story, I think all my bookmarks will be around the smexy scenes Nothing wrong with that Weeeeeell It was a nice book, it intrigued me, made me wanna know what s gonna become of the hero and heroine, but the heroine especially I liked both the hero and heroine, they were good people, the hero was nice and protective but has a bad habit of spouting crap when he can t control his emotions The heroine was amazing, sweet and sexy, strong and resilient, kind and forgiving, even if the asshole community doesn t know it One thing I hated about this book his how people were talking crap about the heroine, like she s not good enough, like she s trash, or worthless than a dog, plus the most common insult a whore, which she definitely wasn t In many intervals I hated many people for that reason, the ex fiance throughout, the mother when she didn t like her with the hero and was supporting the ex fiancee, even the hero when he has these stupid moments where he talks shit to her, and when it s too late he s like oh shit what did I just say I felt sorry for her with such a dad, and I understood her embarrassment, but for that reason I knew how strong she was, it s kinda rare in books were I like a heroine much than the hero, usually the hero is my fav or both in equal measures, but here I loved her.Overall, thumbs up 1.5 StarsI didn t really enjoy it Again Sorry There were a lot of scenes that were confusing and didn t really seem to add up to the story.If I hadn t read book 0.5, I would probably have stopped after reading this.Or maybe it would have been effective as a novella, instead. Free at today I picked it up because the first negative review caught my eye It said Cheap Porn 1 Further on down the line I see Sass mouth girl and Dirty mouth boy Oh boy Well these things do not bother me and I grabbed it Who again says negative comments reviews hurt books 3 starsThink I can give ole B.O.B a run for his money He began to move his hips and dipped his head, brushing her lips I don t require replacement batteriesRetired from racing Carter finds himself back home, opening up a small automotive repair shop, trying to stay away from the one girl who tempts every bone in his body Melanie is the best friend of Carter s younger sister, which makes her in his mind off limits, but a man can only take so much and this lil she devilI want to be treated like a woman, with needs and wants that only a certain kind of man can satisfyCarter and Melanie, have many obstacles in their way, his psycho ex fianc is there to cause trouble, his mother, her father, her self confidence, his desire to jump into another relationship and the possibility that coming home wasn t a permanent decision Drive Me Crazy was a cute quick easy read, there is no major angst, had some steamy moments and moments where you wanted to jump in and smack someone I liked it well enough

Marquita Valentine is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of contemporary romance.When she s not writing sexy heroes who adore their sassy heroines, she enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her family and friends Married to her high school sweetheart, Marquita lives in a seriously small town in the south.Her next release Seducing the Billionaire s Brother is coming Spri

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