Reflection of Secrets (Valentine/Petrilo #2)

Reflection of Secrets (Valentine/Petrilo #2) Janie Had High Hopes Of Getting Her Life On The Right Path And Freedom From The Petrilo Crime Family, But Tragedies And Startling Revelations Send Her Plans Right Out The Window Janie S Past Trouble And Sadness Lurk Back From The Shadows The Beautiful Life Janie Has Come To Love Takes A Turn Leading Her Right Back To Where She Started In The Clutches Of The Petrilos Will Janie Survive Another Go Around With The Organized Crime Family After I read the first book in this series I was hooked and had to get this one and see what happened This book is just as good as the first It has drama and I actually feel sorry for the characters that are going through so much Janie can be quite funny and quirky But I can t decide which male character I d rather see her with I love them both and feel connected to all the characters.This author does a great job of making you feel a part of the scene It s like a movie in my head and I can totally relate Now when is book three coming out I was given this book to read by the author but I have read this book before the first one, which i should have read the first one first,Daniel had been away a few weeks and could not get hold of his sister Janie and her daughter, he know where she is so he goes to get her,Janie hubby has died and so she is missing him, Daniel finds her at Malachi s house.Malachi love the daughter very much and helps care for her when Janie is down and needs a restThis about the love of brother and sister and Janie Daughter, her dead hubby shows up a lot as a ghost,The daughter can see him and starts calling him dadaJanie falling in love with Malachi, Janie gift that she has about reading people,the book has a good plot to it as you will find out near the end with a cliffhanger Ehmehm I don t know what to say about this The first book in this series was incredible, this one was.confusing It was like two books in one Everything was going swimmingly and then someone hit the breaks and took a sharp turn and I had no clue why or how I even went back to check that I hadn t missed a whole section of the book which held some sort of explanation for this sudden change in story and events Each book within this book were good but the lack of transition has reduced my initial enthusiasm Having said that, the last line has set my heart racing so I hope the next instalment will explain what happened. This is book two of the Valentine Petrilo series The first being Looking Through Blind Eyes This book is just as good as the first one It has so many twists to the story it will leave you anxious for book three I think so far this is my favorite one of the series. I loved this book, talk about surprises way to go Reyna once again you have hit a home run, cant wait for the third book to come out.this is clearly a must read Wow what a movie these books would make. Awesome read This author has done it again I couldn t put it down once I started reading it This is a great series and I am anxiously awaiting book three This series really needs to be read by everyone A great series from a little known author. Reyna, you did it again I loved this book Can t wait to read Shattered. I received this novel by the author for an honest review After reading the first book in the series I couldn t say no See our dual review for the first book Looking through Blind Eyes here Welllet me explain my rating right away because as I go on in this review you are going to be confused as to why I didn t rate this one higherI have to say my rating is a 3.5 out of 5 I really liked it, and the only reason I didn t give it a 4 is because I was SOOOOO confused towards the endThe storyline was great, it was action packed and kept me on my toes And of course if you have read my reviews before you know how much I enjoy character development You really got to know and love Janie and Malachi both as individuals and as a couple There was a lot mentioned about Malachi s family and situation in this second book, and all of the relationships you have learned about really grow on you as you read onor at least you think it does.This is where it changes and gets really confusing, the story shifts and changes completely out of nowhere I don t think I missed something as I was so wrapped up in the story I am thinking the author did this on purposebecause I couldn t stop reading at the endI put this book down and had to immediately continue on with the third installment in this series Definitely a way to keep your readers interested in what is going to happen I really hope that the third book Shattered Visions, Haunted Memories helps to clear up some of this confusion, and wraps the story of Janie s life up nicely.I do highly recommend reading this series, but definitely do so from the first book. I m sure the story has great promise, especially given the other reviews I just can t handle the depressing theme and reliance on crime family antagonists Been there done that.

I am a 47 yr old mother of one son and grandmother to one beautiful little girl I ve loved telling stories since I was a teenager and finally decided to publish some of the stories I have an Associate of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and will pursue my Master s in Education in 2013 Valentine Petrilo Series The saga of Janie Valentine and her terrifying and hear

❰EPUB❯ ✸ Reflection of Secrets (Valentine/Petrilo #2)  Author Reyna Hawk –
  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • Reflection of Secrets (Valentine/Petrilo #2)
  • Reyna Hawk
  • English
  • 10 November 2018

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