Looking Through Blind Eyes

Looking Through Blind EyesThis is the first book about JanieHer brother Daniel and Janie moved to a lovely new place together, Janie took the attic space as her own place,She did not know what work her brother did but sadly he got killed, Janie turn to his friend Rico and fells in love with him,She has a Boyfriend Scott but he beats her and than he kidnap her,Janie goes to live with the MOB but does not know itI was given this book to read by the author and I would love to put in the review but it will spoil it for you I was given this book by the author in return for an honest review.I found this book to be completely gripping, I couldn t put it down The author draws you into the story right from the start.I really enjoyed following Janie s story, especially the little twists and turns that you just don t see coming.I can t wait to read from this author Looking Through Blind EyesBy Reyna HawkI have to say that I am in total awe right now, sonrisa When I started to read this novel, I delved into it with only one expectation.let it be a good read Well it turned out to be an excellent read, sonrisa.Author Reyna Hawk truly brought her A Game If this is first novel than I can t wait for her second one Her novel takes you into the lives of Janie and Daniel.a brother and sister starting a new life in a new city Would be a great move if not for the little fact that Daniel s new life for him and his sister Janie is paid for by his new Italian Mob Boss..The plots, storylines and characters are creatively constructed throughout this truly talented and excellent write You will feel as though you are right in the middle of The Godfather with a side order of Spellbound meets a little bit of Scarface And the steamy love scenes are a welcoming desert topping that completely adds panache to an already exciting well written and brilliantly put together novel.Kudos to Author Reyna Hawk for her amazingly wonderful 5 Star read Reviewed By De Ann Native Townes Jr Author of Peer Inside My Soul and See Me Note I was given a copy for reviewing purposes only WaAr I received this book from the author to give an honest review.Can you say Suspense When I first started reading Looking Through Blind Eyes I knew it would be a good book, it started off with action at the first chapter Now after that everything died down it went into the lives of Janie and Daniel Daniel is very secretive about his work, and of course he doesn t tell his sister Janie about his work instead he keeps her in the dark Daniel will always protect his sister, even when she meets and starts an on and off relationship with a man named Scott Who is no good for her Janie is one of the main characters in the book and has a gift in which, when she touches people she normally will get a vision about them And she can tell if they are good or bad She normally keeps to herself so no one will know about her gift Now I have to say her gift of visions does not play a big role in this book While Daniel tries to keep her from finding out what he does for a living, his bosses want to meet his sister Of course Janie ends up meeting Daniel s bosses and gets a vibe and vision from them She knows they are men you do not want to cross all of them but one Rico When something tragic happens to Daniel, Janie is lost She does not know what she is going to do so she turns to Rico She starts falling in love with him and their story starts Janie knows that things are being hiding from her Now the author had me through the whole story thinking certain things and towards the end I was so surprised I totally did not see any of that coming I am leaving it very vague there because I do not want to spoil anything at all for future readers I am hoping there is a second book because I sure want to read it I want to read of Janie and the other characters Many times, when a new author publishes their first book, it leaves a lot to be desired This was not the case with the first book in the Valentine Petrilo series by Reyna Hawk Looking Through Blind Eyes starts out in a fury and does not let up This fast paced read is one that will take you on a journey of all emotions You will feel fear, excitement, sorrow, suspense, and love This Journey introduces you to a cast of characters who are so life like, they literally could be someone you meet in everyday life Janie Valentine will walk you through her life, including finding new love with Rico Battaglia and the painful loss of her brother Daniel Valentine But it doesn t stop there, how does a small town girl end up in the big city and in bed with the mob How does a couple rouge FBI agents help protect her and how does the love and support of good friend and gorgeous body Malachi Wolfe help save her life These are all questions you will ask yourself while reading Although the book is 249 pages, it is a quick read because you can t put it town I was drawn into the story line and fell in the love with the characters Reyna Hawk has done an amazing job at inserting the traits and personalities of real people into her characters and the twist and turns that the reader goes on is an awesome experience that can pull in even a skeptical reader I give Looking Through Blind Eyes by Reyna Hawk 5 Flowers For great read by Reyna Hawk check her out here www.reynahawk.com This is a wonderful book I m looking forward to the next Looking through Blind Eyes is the first of three books in the Janie Valentine series by Reyna Hawk When the author contacted me about taking part in this blog tour, I was excited to get my hands on this book, it sounded action packed and suspenseful Definitely my kind of book The story starts in Los Angeles and spans the US, following Janie s journey The action starts at the beginning and doesn t ever really let up it s packed with twists and suspense that really help to move the story along.The main character, Janie, is my only real complaint about this book She knows her brother and pretty much every other man in her life is hiding something from her and she chooses not to ask questions Instead she seems to just bury her head in the sand and ignore the glaring hints and warning signs that are flashing at her from every direction Also, whenever something happens to her, her first instinct is to hide or let a man take care of things for her It made it hard for me to like her I think my favorite part of the book was Rico, even though I was 98% sure he was a mobster, lol There was something very intriguing about his character to me He really made the book for me I will definitely be reading the second installment to see what happens next This book is absolutely amazing I agree with the above, however it still has a hold of me waiting to see what happens next This author is very good with details, Looking Through Blind Eyes never has a dull moment, or a moment you would want to skip I am so into this book, feeling the feelings of JANIE, feeling her sorrow, love, scare and anger If you enjoy reading something that plays out in your mind as a movie, you will enjoy this book MUST READ DID I MENTION TEAM RICOOOOOOO 333 Thanks for sharing and creating these characters I love that i can read this book, and reread it again You know a good author when she can make you feel as the character does Places the pictures in your mind I sure hope this becomes a movie I will be the first to buy a ticket.TEAM RICOOOO I m giving this book one star because the story had a lot of potential Unfortunately the author doesn t know how to write First and foremost, the amount of grammar mistakes were absurd At first I thought it was because the female lead character was from the South and kinda countrybut since the book is almost entirely written in third person even the author s voice was rife with grammatical error It was do distracting I started to correct the grammar as I read it so I could keep focused Not good The author has an annoying habit of telling us what s about to happen instead of showing us That s how the entire book is written, and that leads to characters and declared feelings that ring hollow or forced Rico and Janie were already in love before we even got to get to know either of them I m not certain we ever, even by the last page, got to know ANY of the characters really well And while we re on the topic of lovewhat s with all the characters falling for Janie Seriously Scott, Rico, William, Malachi not to mention a few others who tried to catch her eye It was hard to believed since she seemed pretty shallow Yet everyone is declaring their love As for Ricoperhaps if he says I love you so much enough times we the readers would believe it.nahnot happening Also the sentences in Italian were really annoying If you re going to translate every single Italian conversation verbatim why do we have to read it all in Italian first I felt like the author was trying to show off her ability to write in Italian It added very little to the actual story I could go on, but really this was such a poorly written story I m not going to botherjust like I won t bother to read the additional books in this series Waste of time when the substance is missing from an otherwise good idea I had to force myself to give it a chance and finish it Not happy with the outcome Not because of plot or storyline Because the writing never got better Not sure how this book got such high stars on Good Reads It s really very bad. Janie And Daniel Wanted To Escape The Monotony Of Small Town Life In Louisiana, So They Packed Up And Head For The City Of Angels, Los Angeles, In Search Of Opportunities What This Sister And Brother Find Is Organized Crime And A Dark Path That Leads To Death, Suspicion, Lies, Betrayal And Love Who Will Survive On The Wrong Side Of A Gun

I am a 47 yr old mother of one son and grandmother to one beautiful little girl I ve loved telling stories since I was a teenager and finally decided to publish some of the stories I have an Associate of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology and will pursue my Master s in Education in 2013 Valentine Petrilo Series The saga of Janie Valentine and her terrifying and hear

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