Young Sentinels (Wearing the Cape, #3)

Young Sentinels (Wearing the Cape, #3) Pretty good sequel, adds several new characters making up the new YS team, with 1 exception they seem likeable to some degree or another Too sick to think of anything else. The probably future histories Astra has access to indicate that supers above A class will appear and will be called ultra class The problem is they are starting to appear now, years ahead of schedule Also supers who powers were known begin to show up with greatly enhanced powers Apparently someone has gained the ability to manipulate super powers.While investigating the ultra powers mystery Astra also takes on the leadership of the Young Sentinels An impressive group of high school seniors to be trained to be superheroes One such Young Sentinel has the magic powers described in the Wizard of Oz book series These powers are so impressive they may even be able to give Julie, Astra s childhood friend whose mind was uploaded to a computer, her life back.Bottom line Worth the read. The Reward For A Job Well Done Is Another JobAfter The Sentinels Takedown Of The Second Incarnation Of Villains Inc Things Are Relatively Quiet In The Great Metropolis Of Chicago Astra, Aka Hope Corrigan, Is Able To Breathe A Little, To Hang Out With Her Friends, And Even To Attend Classes Where Her Professors Are Starting To Think She Is A Myth But Blackstone Is Loading Training And Responsibilities On Her, And Converging Events Threaten The Compromises She Has Made To Balance Her Superhero Career And Student Life And To Protect Her Family And FriendsWorse, A New Supervillain Has Come To Town, And It Will Take All Of Chicago S Capes To Defeat The Threat Of The Green Man If He Can Be Defeated At All When A New Supervillain Group Begins Targeting Anti Superhuman Groups, It Becomes Apparent That Even The Sentinels Are Going To Need HelpBecause One Thing Is Certain Chicago Is Going To Have A Very Bad Day A bunch of new, teenage heroes are introduced in this book and the author apparently discovered the issue with first person narrative His solution is to switch viewpoints at every opportunity I found that irritating to begin with, but it grew on me My only complaint by the end was that the differentiation between internal voices was kind of shallow If the characters didn t have different powers and got their names at the top of their PoV sections, I d have trouble figuring out who was speaking.Clearly a set up for things to come, this is still an enjoyable book with another fast paced, non stop action plotline. Loved it Bit disjoint as an audiobook My avg Goodreads rating is about 3.0 So I grade on a curve Nothing personal Another fantastic read Harmon delivers exactly what I want in this series I appreciate the characters and continue to be amused by them and concerned for their lives It speaks well to his prose that he can spin stories that draw me in so completely. Getting goodSo much character development through this series I ll forgive the romance of book one if we can grow up than a year in the next books. Deeper dramaThe villains and powers are as fun as ever But this one got deeper into the drama, political and personal Great superhero story. One of the many things Marion Harmon does very well is develop ultra powerful super villain threats This time the book opens with the Green Man a super powered eco terrorist with the ability to make plant life grow and spread at remarkable speed So new trees essentially charge across the parks, break up roads, grab and kill anyone in their paths, wreck property, overturn cars and basically try and turn Chicago into a forest Stopping the growth across a front than a mile wide and rescuing all the people involved would tax the abilities of the Justice League or the Avengers and it s a great challenge for Harmon s Sentinels But it s not the only difficulty they face in this story.The Wreckers, a new group of super villains, has come to Chicago where they are targeting for execution known members of the Paladins an anti supers extremist group The Wreckers powers are top notch and dangerous and they re not afraid of causing a lot of collateral damage in their attacks To make matters worse, their appears to be a connection between the Wreckers and the mysterious mass murderer called the Ascendant, further complicating the Sentinels problems.While all of this is happening, Blackstone decides to increase the fire power of the main team by recruiting a group of trainee heroes to be led by Astra Technically, these new heroes in training will be blocked from most combat operations, but in the insanity that has become Chicago that is often impossible With the city in constant danger the Sentinels are going to need all the help they can get to win this face off Enriching all the action is the growing cast of very strong characters and intriguing personal relationships that are Harmon s bread and butter One of the young Sentinels is a Merlin type super who believes she is Ozma of Oz Grendel is a shape changer who gained his powers the day he lost his family in the Ascendant s first mass homicide Megaton s family has deserted him because they re afraid of his new superpowers These backdrops create intriguing problems for Astra to deal with that can t be simply punched and kicked into submission.Finally, in my review of Villain s Inc I expressed some unhappiness with the change in narrator from K F Lim to Caitlin Kelly I still like Lim s excellent narration of Wearing the Cape, but Kelly has found her groove in the series and I was completely comfortable with her storyteller s voice She shows a lot of talent in bringing the large cast to life and I look forward to hearing her read the next book in the series.If you liked this review, you can find at reviews. What shall I do with my life now that I have finished the last current book in the series I DO NOT KNOW.This is all I could have asked for We finally got with the Young Sentinels We finally got a glimpse into the less fortunate side of breakthroughs and yay for acknowledging one s privilege, Astra We finally got Jackie back, which was lovely And Acacia I really want to see the further adventures of those two.I am very glad that the whole romance thing didn t pan out between Astra and Seven because that would have beenoff Honestly I hope that Seven turns out to be secretly gay and is just lucky enough not to have been outed yet against his will.I do like Astra and Grendel, though He seems like a sweet kid I wonder what his race is, though The Infamous Dreads would probably look terrible unless they were dark I wish we could physical description of him when he s not morphed out Unless he IS morphed out all the time OK, so I would say read this book if you re curious about in this series and don t mind being left a little hanging There s room for books but it s still a satisfying end no cliffhangers, no real unfinished business but room for finishing It s like a coffee that s got room for cream it s fine on its own, but its flavor could be expanded.PS unlike some people in the reviews, I actually LOVED the switch in point of views Astra was getting tiring, because I feel like she doesn t see the whole picture POVs I would love in the future Shelley, Ozma, and BlackstoneWHY IS THERE NOT MORE IN THIS SERIES, THO.

Marion G Harmon picked up a Masters of History degree because he likes stories He currently resides in Las Vegas, where he dabbles in various aspects of financial planning while trying to get the people in his head onto the page so they ll stop pestering him.Addendum M.G.Harmon still lives in Las Vegas, but has ceased telling other people how to invest their money to become a professional auth

[Reading] ➸ Young Sentinels (Wearing the Cape, #3)  Author Marion G. Harmon –
  • Paperback
  • 314 pages
  • Young Sentinels (Wearing the Cape, #3)
  • Marion G. Harmon
  • English
  • 09 December 2017
  • 9781492280781

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