Tears of War (Dragons Call #2)

Tears of War (Dragons Call #2) the best Since reading Embers at Galdrilene when it came out last year, I ve been waiting impatiently for the second book in this series Tears of War was worth the wait In Embers, author A.D Trosper gathered together characters with one thing in common they were users of magic in a world that had been taught to believe that anyone who used magic would go insane Quite the contrary, these magic users were called to not only use magic but also to a higher call as dragon riders who battle evil.In Tears of War, these trained dragon riders are sent out to the nations they came from to convince the people that only black dragons are evil and that they will need to work with the colorful dragons and their riders to fight the epic battle of good against evil.One of the things I particularly liked about Tears of War is that both good and evil are complex We see schisms developing in the ranks of the evil black dragon riders We see that evil can become even worse We see that good does not always prevail.Trosper is masterful at creating a believable world of dragons and magic Returning to Galdrilene after waiting these many months, I felt as though I was reconnecting with friends I cared about deeply There s always the question with a series about whether the second book will be as good as the first This second book was even better than the first And now I m waiting eagerly for book three. Old Things Come Again And New Things Surface Faced With A Looming War, The Riders Have No Choice But To Leave The Safety Of Galdrilene And Reach Out To The Nations For Help But The Shadow Riders Are Doing The Same And Not All Nations Are Opposed To Their Rule New Discoveries Are Made, Old Wounds Are Reopened And Betrayal Hides Among Welcoming Smiles As One Nation Begins To Unravel It S Clear That Some Choices, Even Those Made With The Best Of Intentions, Can Have Devastating Consequences I absolutely loved Embers at Galdrilene, and was excited but apprehensive for Tears of War, Trosper proved my apprehension wrong with this book She takes you in depth with the characters both the naughty ones and our heroes , and introduces new characters that simply make it hard to choose a favorite Trosper has a very unique writing style that makes you turn the page, no matter how early in the morning it is, you simply can t stop reading With such a great story, most people would think that it would be hard to remember every character in each point of view, but Trosper writes in such a way that every person s actions are burned into your memory.Tears was most definitely worth waiting for The world Trosper has created is inviting, terrifying, and fantastical The Shadow Riders and their dragons are terrible, the malevolence of some just twist your stomach and truly make you feel that you are in their presence The good Riders and their dragons fill you with such love and caring it can nearly bring you to tears.Tears of War is a WONDERFUL book, in my opinion even better than Embers With the characters trying to save or, in the case of the baddies, destroy control the world, there s plenty of love, loyalty, betrayal, surprise, and of course with any book with a title of war , fighting, Tears has something for all fantasy readers I highly recommend it for the lost fantasy novel lover. After just a few sentences I was reminded of how much I loved the first Dragon s Call book and, apologies for the clich , but it really was like slipping on an old glove As I was hoping, the sequel expands on the first book, going into even depth about the relationship between the riders and their dragons and the world as a whole.I particularly loved the insight into the treatment and perception of women it truly is an escape from our accepted reality and it is nice to see the world as it could be through Trosper s eyes As expected Tears is a highly detailed novel and it is clear that Trosper knows the world and its characters inside and out It is certainly a safe place to get lost in, despite the turmoil within the story.Reviewed by Elizabeth Wright on behalf of BestChickLit.com As I remember the first story, now that I have finished this one, I think the sequel was neither greater nor lesser than the first in the first book, the story was very well told, and to try and better it would have left it feeling overstated simply put, all the author needed to do was tell it, and that is how it went with the sequel I think the focus of the writing was a quiet understated elegance as opposed to being overblown.it was very important to learn about the backstory of the main characters and the land they are trying to save from the shadow dragons there is an epic sized battle building up since the first meeting of good and evil but they need the support of the nations to win in the end the plot takes us around the land and the homes the dragon riders came from we get to find out about where they came from and why everything is worth fighting for a very clear distinction is made about the motivation for the good and the evil forces.as the title suggests, the whole thing didn t close with a fairy tale ending we have a steady build up while you get attached to everyone, come to know their histories and what they struggle to protect and then in the endnot giving anything away, you just have to read it but you will be glad you did. My review This second book in the Dragon s Call series does not disappoint Filled with the rich details of the world we came to love in the first book The riders develop as they grow in responsibility The coming war weighs heavy on everyone and you can feel their worry The battle scenes certainly do not fall flat either I was on the edge on my seat many times and could not find a good stopping point so I could turn out the light late at night There is heartbreak and joy fear and valor I can not wait for the final one in the series to come out However I will surely have to come back and visit Galdrilene again in future reads to see old friends Well done Ms Trosper The book is beautifully written, designed and edited I could give it no less than a 5 star rating. This is a well written book and one of the better fantasy books that I have read in awhile. Tears of War is the second book in the Dragon s Call series The first edition, Embers At Galdrilene, was so amazing I actually began counting down the days until the second installment would come out I waited, and waited, and waited It felt as though the book would never come out When it did, I was not disappointed in the slightest If possible, this book is even better than the first What I so love about A.D Trosper s writing style is that her characters seem so alive it is as though they have been lifelong friends The places in her books are so realistic I am sure I have been there Her books play out like a movie screen inside my head My heart sang with happiness at parts, and in others my very soul mourned Exaggeration Hardly It s hard to NOT be sucked straight into the world created in this series I dare you to try and stay in the real world while reading it Go ahead and try Without giving too much away, I will say that there is a part in the book that killed me It ripped out my very soul Seriously I cried, and I cried, and I cried It was the kind of crying jag that leaves you nauseous and breathless, with your face aching and your eyes refusing to see clearly That s all I can say, however Now, do I recommend this book I would think the answer would obviously be yes I believe everyone should read this awe inspiring, thrilling read I simply can not praise it enough Just be prepared for an attachment to the story and the characters Be prepared for plenty of raw emotion and vivid detailing Be prepared to be swept away into the world which A.D Trosper has created for us. have been waiting for Tears of War ever since I finished the last page of Embers at Galdrilene, and I was certainly not disappointed Well, I was disappointed when it ended because I just wanted it to go on and on I am already looking forward to the next book in this epic fantasy series.In Embers, we read about a a world where magic is outlawed and people believe that dragons are extinct, although there are characters with special powers and those who ride dragons to battle both Good and Evil In Tears of War, the saga continues as the dragon riders at Galdrilene hope to convince other nations of the world that dragons are real, that magic won t make a person insane and that those nations need to be allies in the battle against the black dragons and their incredibly cruel riders.Characters introduced in Embers are developed well in Tears of War, with some surprises along the way On the Evil Side, some are More Evil than others On the Good Side, some are mischievous than others, too.The author gifted me a copy of this book in return for an honest review Again, for me, switching the point of view of the storyteller from one character to another is sometimes confusing, especially when there are multiple characters telling the story From time to time, I went back to previous chapters to remember the story line with regard to that character.Nonetheless, I still gave this book 5 stars because the story is just fabulous, and I m eagerly awaiting the next one

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