Hero Complex (Keaton School, #2)

Hero Complex (Keaton School, #2) Less Than A Month Has Passed Since Devon Mackintosh Uncovered The Truth About The Apparent Suicide Of Keaton S Golden Boy And Her Unrequited Love, Hutch But That Doesn T Mean The Danger Is Over Her Own Life Has Been Threatened Solving Hutch S Case Only Unearthed Questions What Lies Beneath The Keaton Land That Could Be So Valuable As To Tear The Hutchins Family Apart Hutch S Grandfather, Reed Hutchins, Knows The Answer But Reed Is Dying Of Cancer, And This Dark Family Secret Might Die With Him Faced With No Other Option, Devon Swipes Reed S Diary And Plunges Into His Life As An Year Old Science Prodigy In The Immediate Aftermath Of Pearl Harbor Through His Adolescent Eyes And His Role In Biological Weapons Research, Still Classified To This Day Devon Fights To Piece Together The Final Clues To What Haunts The Keaton Hillsides, The Truth Reed S Enemies Are Still Willing To Kill For Devon is back at school following the holiday break, but she hasn t been able to extricate herself from the repercussions of her first case That task might be easier if she hadn t been knocked out cold in the sole security blind spot on a yacht on New Year s Eve Devon is convinced it was no accident, but the lack of evidence to support her claim brings an end to the police investigation and leads the new school psychiatrist to believe that Devon is struggling with PTSD triggered paranoia Determined to learn the identity of her attacker and his her motive, Devon starts her own investigation, one that has consequences far beyond what Devon can imagine Fans of the first Keaton School book Escape Theory are sure to enjoy Hero Complex Devon is still the sharp, tenacious, and resourceful protagonist we first met, and readers will root for her as she follows every lead while trying to repair old friendships and navigate new ones Rachel H Marathon County Public Library Find this book in our library catalog. It s spring semester, Devon s back at Keaton, and somebody s trying to kill her.The first book had Devon up against a prescription drug ring on campus I wasn t a big fan, mostly because so much of it seemed implausible to me Most of the issues I had there are no longer applicable Devon isn t a the peer counsellor to whom students spill all while also calling her a narc , and things feel a lot darker to her now She doesn t trust in the process so much, given everything that happened in Escape Theory.But the book feels kind oflike filler I m not sure what word I m looking for, but it feels like a warm up to the next book Devon doesn t solve a mystery here so much as she spends the book trying to figure out what the mystery is She doesn t go to boarding school or school at all so much as it s the vague background for the book showing my bias here, though I picked up the first book precisely because it was set at boarding school The recurring characters get very little introduction, presumably because we re supposed to remember them from the previous book whichnope , so they can be a little hard to get behind.Meanwhile, a lot happens action wise, but not so much plot wise I sort of wonder whether the entire book could have been condensed into a couple of chapters that made up the premise of whatever book comes next Again, I m probably showing my bias here I have no idea how many books are planned for this series or if this is the last one, for that matter but I get frustrated by trilogies, in particular, where it feels like the second book is only there to get to the third book I was in the minority on Escape Theory, and I expect I ll be in the minority here as well but again, not really one that worked for me I received a free copy of this book via a Goodreads giveaway. Hero ComplexByMargaux FroleyWhat it s all aboutCan I just say Nancy Drew only smart and sassy and a hundred times better Devonin the midst of the action while still a student at Keaton and dealing with so much stuff I loved this book My only issue is with myself I had no clue that a book came before itI would have read it prior to reading this one This book is a stand alone but there were some unclear incidences that related to the first book I was confused about some issuesHutch and EricDevon s past relationship with Hutchand a few other thingsso I would urge readers to read Escape Theory first I just think that I would have a better grasp of the characters and their relationships if I had done that I loved Bodhi and Raven without really knowing how they came to be key characters in this book Enough saidreaders will be fine without reading the first book but reading the first book would have made this book much better for meeven though it was still really a good book.Where it all takes placeAt Keaton School, the beach and in and around San FranciscoI loved the settings of this book.When much of it happensMost of this book happens while Eric Hutchins is waiting for his trialfor his involvement in the death of his brother.Which character had the most impact on meI totally loved Devonsmart , sassy and cleverly sleuthy.What made me truly enjoy this bookI loved reading Reed Hutchins ailing, dying grandfather to Hutch and Eric journalhe entrusted it to Devon to figure things out Someone is really trying to get rid of Devonand she and Brodhi and Raven have to figure out why Why you should read this book, tooSnappy writing, great characters, and a cleverly written fast pace made this book a delight for meand although it was wrapped up nicely I get the feeling that there will be a book three Language PG 13 64 swears, 3 f , Sexual Content PG 13 Violence PGAs if dealing with her love, Hutch s, murder wasn t enough, now Devon has to worry about being killed herself And no one will believe her Devon s counselor insists that Devon is simply paranoid after the death of Hutch, but that won t deter Devon She s determined to figure this mystery out, just like last time.I imagine that this book would have been enjoyable if I had read its prequel first, because I ended up just being confused for a lot of it When I got past that, though, and just went along with Devon s search for truth, it was an okay read Nevertheless, it isn t a book that I will remember tomorrow because Hero Complex is not as engaging as I thought it would be due in part to lack of action and having to read someone else read a diary I find that very cumbersome Reviewed for The Keaton School series is one of the only current choices for teens looking for a mystery series these days, but thankfully it s a good choice Devon is a smart and relatable character who solves mysteries while trying to navigate complicated relationships with friends Raven is my favorite The mysteries themselves are interesting and the writing fast paced And the setting will interest many readers who like myself did not attend a 40,000 year boarding school, and Froley does a nice job depicting this world Devon herself is a fairly strong character who rarely takes on the role of damsel in distress, and only occasionally needs a shoulder to cry on.If I had any complaint about this book, it s that I wish the journal flashbacks had been delved into a little deeper and that the background dealing with the Japanese internment camps during WWII had worked into the mystery s solution than it did Hero Complex is a sequel to the previous and first book in the series, Escape Theory, and I would strongly suggest reading that book first Both are enjoyable reads, and I hope Froley continues the series. What can I say I am a sucker for high school drama Only, something about Devon just draws me in than most Escape theory was such a roller coaster ride, and Hero Complex is of the same There is action, adventure, romance, and even a bit of family drama The auther once again managed to capture the essence of high school life, along with the drama that goes with some family dynamics that will hit home for a lot of people reading it This is a fun, fast read that will keep the readers on their toes and guessing until the very end I never saw the plot twists in this one coming While some of the sequences and scenes will seem to the less discerning reader as just filler, once you reach the end you will realize that it was all necessary It all played into the suspense that made this such a good read I highly recommend this series, and cannot wait to see what comes next I really hope there is another book. Read as digital ARC.I admit, when I started reading Hero Complex, I realized I didn t remember anything from first book this is not a reflection on Escape Theory, I read a LOT of books , but the second book still read like a glove There s something about the way Margaux Froley writes that just clicks with me, and I m always up for tagging along for some Nancy Drewing Amazingly, everything that happened in the first book is still very much at play in the second Expect to see the aftermath of being a meddling kid, school politics, counseling and even sleuthing Can t wait to read what happens next. Definitely not as good as the first book But it s an easy, quick read, so I guess it was worth it to kind of tie up some loose ends. Scholarship girl investigates the secret, probably dastardly doings of her prep school classmates and their super rich families Veronica Marsy I didn t read the first installment, so I probably didn t appreciate it as much as I could have, but I can say fairly assuredly that it you should probably read the first one to figure out who s who and what s at stake.Also, here s a thing I don t like detectives who find secret, bizarrely expository diaries that obviously contain very important mystery clues annoying enough and then NOT READING IT ALL AT ONCE Gah.

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  • Hardcover
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  • Hero Complex (Keaton School, #2)
  • Margaux Froley
  • 21 October 2018
  • 9781616953201

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