Dirty Wings (Metamorphoses, #2)

Dirty Wings (Metamorphoses, #2) A Gorgeous Retelling Of The Persephone Myth, Sarah McCarry Brings Us The Story Of Cass And Maia The Mothers From All Our Pretty Songs And How Their Fates Became IntertwinedMaia Is A Teenage Piano Prodigy And Dutiful Daughter, Imprisoned In The Oppressive Silence Of Her Adoptive Parents House Like A Princess In An Ivory Tower Cass Is A Street Rat, Witch, And Runaway, Scraping By With Her Wits And Her Knack For A Five Fingered Discount When A Chance Encounter Brings The Two Girls Together, An Unlikely Friendship Blossoms That Will Soon Change The Course Of Both Their Lives Cass Springs Maia From The Jail Of The Only World She S Ever Known, And Maia S Only Too Happy To Make A Break For It But Cass Didn T Reckon On Jason, The Hypnotic Blue Eyed Rocker Who D Capture Maia S Heart As Soon As Cass Set Her Free And Cass Isn T The Only One Who S Noticed Maia S Extraordinary Gifts Is Cass Strong Enough To Battle The Ancient Evil She S Unwittingly Awakened Or Has She Walked Into A Trap That Will Destroy Everything She Cares About In This Time, Like In Any Time, Love Is A Dangerous Game

I m Sarah McCarry The Rejectionist is my blog I was born in Seattle and live in Brooklyn I write books and eat a lot of dumplings I like fomenting insurrection, crushed velvet, and getting in trouble.

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  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Dirty Wings (Metamorphoses, #2)
  • Sarah McCarry
  • English
  • 03 August 2017
  • 9781250049384

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    This was another book that I didn t quite get.Maia and Cass were the girls from All Our Pretty Songs mothers, and this is the story of how they met Cass starts off as a girl on the streets, whilst Maia has a wealthy family and is a piano prodigy, they get drunk, take drugs, cut their hair, and generally run a little wild Unfortunately not a lot else happened, quite similar to the first book really Although at least with this one I know that a certain person view spoiler Aurora s father hide spoiler

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    Full review to come This is a beautiful story of the first year of a friendship between Maia and Cass, two very different girls who meet by serendipity and just click with each other The plot is pretty much the development of their friendship, the ways in which they both change because of it, the forces which threaten their relationship, and their determination to stay friends I missed the obvious fantasy elements of the first book in this trilogy All Our Pretty Songs this second installment reads much like a straight up contemporary novel but the intensity and power of their friendship on these pages, the force of the emotional intimacy and vulnerability, made the story gripping and breathtaking It s a love story, but not a romance, and is deeply real and gritty and raw Usually I would call a book like this too literary for me, but I loved almost every moment of this one, even when it felt like it was scraping my emotions across a rough concrete sidewalk on a hot, hot day It s hard to read because of knowing from the first book what happens later, but in the end, it was worth the sadness and pain for me.

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    This answered a lot of questions that I didn t know I had with All Our Pretty Songs and I mean that in a really good way.Cass and Maia are incredible girls, rich and complex, and their friendship is so fascinating and dynamic and painful and REAL You can totally read this as a standalone, though it ll make you want to check out the first book or revisit it Excellent literary YA Full review here

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    Amazing, incredible, astounding Takes the series to an entirely new level and made me want to drop everything and immediately re read All Our Pretty Songs.

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    this is not a sequel but the back story of All Our Pretty Songs At first I wondered about the rationale of placement, but after reading and the shocker near the end I can see how it makes sense.That said, like the other book, this is an earnest but somehow lighthearted portrayal of growing up decadent Both books prompted a similar response I wanted to butt in at several points, to at least warn if not prevent the characters from decisions they may not live to regret.

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    I received a free ARC of Dirty Wings from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Dirty Wings is one of the strangest books I have ever read No real plot, not that much of a story, but there is a wonderful friendship between Cass and Maia.This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookviews

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    The word that comes to mind is saturated vibrant prose and complicated, messy characters I loved All Our Pretty Songs another word that comes to mind greedy as in, I gobbled this up greedily , and this is the story of the mothers of the characters of that bookhow they came to know each other and, in a sense, how they came to be.Maia is an aspiring pianist, talented, driven, and isolated sometimes pushed than driven For all that she wants to succeed, and to give herself over to music, she hasn t found either herself or her place in music Cass, meanwhile, lives on the streets she is harder to define in part because she s not interested in being defined.They wouldn t be an obvious match if this weren t YA fiction, but it works anyway The journey they take is Maia s, mostly she has layers to shed and to lose But they both change, and make mistakes, and make defining choices By the end of the book they re both different people, for better or for worse and there isn t a neat and tidy bow to tie everything up.That s a very vague review, I know I love the lushness of the writing and the knots of the characters I complain about books becoming series when they d work better as standalone stories, but this and All Our Pretty Songs do stand on their own, andand I m very much looking forward to the next book.

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    Utterly heartbreaking.

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    ALL THE STARS This is a fantastic, lyrical novel about race, gender, sexuality, culture, and finding yourselfall wrapped up in a dark and terrifying mythos.

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    I love this woman and the world she created.

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