Relax, Im a Ninja (Relax, Im a Ninja, #1)

Relax, Im a Ninja (Relax, Im a Ninja, #1) A Clan Of Ninjas In San Francisco May Sound Improbable But As The Son Of A Ninja Master, Tosh Ito Knows What Lurks In The Shadows Of His City Or At Least He Thought He DidWhen A Killer With A Poisoned Blade Starts Cutting Down Teens, Tosh Enlists Amy Sato Newest Ninja Recruit And His Best Friend S Crush And Sets Out To Uncover The Killer S Identity What They Find Is Ninjutsu Evil Than They Could Have Ever ImaginedAs Amy And Tosh Grow Closer, They Discover Their Connection Unleashes A Legendary Power That Could Stop The Murders Problem Is, That Power May Be Exactly What The Killer Is Looking For, And Wielding It Could Cost Them Both Their Souls

Natalie Whipple, sadly, does not have any cool mutations like her characters Unless you count the ability to watch anime and Korean dramas for hours on end Or her uncanny knack for sushi consumption She grew up in the Bay Area and relocated to Utah for high school, which was quite the culture shock for her anime loving teen self But the Rocky Mountains eventually won her over, and she stuck ar

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  • Relax, Im a Ninja (Relax, Im a Ninja, #1)
  • Natalie Whipple
  • English
  • 07 July 2017

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    Best title ever.

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    If you think this book has Naruto like ninjutsus, taijutsus, genjutsus, etc., sorry it hasn t and probably will disappoint you which was I actually quite felt But if you are okay with typical or common ninja moves, there will be a chance that you will like it.Actually, I liked the book even my expectations weren t met because there are elements and issues family issues, friendship, lies and secrets, betrayal that I liked which gave added spices to the story The ninjas involved have the speed, the strength and the characteristics of a real ninja but I m really looking for some extraordinary technique Nonetheless, I think there is one that involves the word kami and chants which is still quite vague for me what it really means The action, however, is just okay for me since it just includes fistfight and swordfight.The characters aren t the best but they aren t annoying also I enjoyed how they grew as the story went on The main plot, preventing the Akuma and the evil ninja clan for their dark plans, was quite interesting and the flow of the story isn t confusing But there are events that bored me Of course, there is romance which is an integral part of the story It has been explained why it is important so I didn t find that insta love irritating because it made sense.So as a whole, it s a thumbs up drops smoke bomb goes away

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    This book THIS BOOK It is like a fine wine it only gets better with age.I first read NINJA about four five years ago At the time, I was working on a YA fantasy about pirates, and the ninja pirate dichotomy was fabulously tempting I was quite certain that my pirates could take Natalie s ninjas, but after reading NINJA, I was forced to concede defeat Her ninjas are too awesome for words and they can they WILL whoop your ass.Now, years later, I am tickled silly that NINJA is even awesome than it was way back when Tosh and Amy are tots adorbs, but their relationship is mere icing on the delectable cake of badassery and fighting that is this book Swords and shuriken and sai, poisons and shadows and murders, evil ninjas and not quite as evil ninjas and, of course, FOOD, as described in the mouthwatering way Natalie does so well This book is itself a ninja before you know it, you re hopelessly wrapped up in its clutches.

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    A fun and exciting melee of romance, roundhouse kicks and espionage that will keep you guessing until the end.

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    This book is very different than what I usually read I loved it Kickass characters, betrayal, intrigue, romance and twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end.

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    Opening line All I wanted was sleep, but my stomach groaned until I couldn t take it any Awesome, fun story about teen ninjas and how they kick butt and still have time to kiss and go to high school dances I was drawn into the story right from the beginning I never felt lost with all the karate, ninja talk or fight scenes It was a unique story that I had to keep reading.

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    A Clan of ninjas in San Francisco may sound improbable, but as the son of a ninja master, Tosh Ito knows what lurks in the shadows of his city Or at least he thought he did When a killer with a poisoned blade starts cutting down teens, Tosh enlists Amy Sato newest ninja recruit and his best friend s crush and sets out to uncover the killer s identity What they find is ninjutsu evil than they could have ever imagined As Amy and Tosh grow closer, they discover their connection unleashes a legendary power that could stop the murders Problem is, that power may be exactly what the killer is looking for, and wielding it could cost them both their souls Relax, I m a Ninja is exciting, mysterious, and dangerous It s a tense exploration of truth and lies, trust and secrets, good and evil, and the power to fight back.What stands out for me with Tosh is his voice It s filled with knowledge in terms of what it is to be a ninja, to train as a ninja, to keep quiet, to hide in a crowd To appear as if you don t have any secrets to hide It s also filled with the self assuredness, awkwardness, and attitude that is being a teenager Hanging out with friends, raiding in DD, playing games online Butting heads with the school jock or uptight cheerleader Trying to figure out if a girl likes you or not, or if you like her.I enjoyed this different look into ninjas, into the culture and the secrecy, the physicality and the training It s not always all black clothes, throwing stars, and deadly poisons Sure, those are present, but it s than that It s the day in day out of training that comes across in Tosh s tone of voice, in his habits and ways of thinking and observing It s the acknowledgement that, yes, they re ninjas, but that doesn t mean they re on the side of good, that the lines are rather blurred Except, in this case, when it comes to killing innocent people.A life spent hiding, surrounded by secrets and deception, always watching I imagine that kind of life would get rather lonely Tosh isn t alone, though He has his parents, his friends, the Clan, but it s still the life of a ninja Hiding in plain sight, watching your every move so you don t give away the truth about yourself.I will admit that I cringed during a scene that centered on how catty teenage girls can get, but other than that I found this book different and exciting It s fast paced with an interesting and new voice carrying the story I certainly would recommend this to anyone looking for a book that s a little different, a lot quirky, full of adventure, and the odd ninja or two Or ten.

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    Well, when I saw the title, I was like Whoa Seriously, ninja I was really excited about this books hoping that it would certainly feature the best things about ninja Then after reading, I was disappointed that the plot had concentrated about Tosh and Amy s relationship The action or fighting scenes were disappointing They weren t the fights of ninjas Just some karate moves However, this book also was quite entertaining despite being not interesting enough, except for the amazing title.

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    Natalie is officially tied with Gail Carriger as my favorite author If she writes it, I will love it And this story, which incorporates her easy writing and fun storytelling with my other love, Japan, might as well have been Natalie writing a book just for me Read my review here.Am planning a ninja sneak attack to snag a copy as soon as possible Who s with me

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    This book was absolutely amazing It has been on my to read list for forever and I was so excited to finally have a chance to snag a copy for myself In need of a break from studying I decided to take up a chapter or two To my delight I sat on my couch for five hours straight until I finished it in all of its awesome glory I was so enraptured by the plotline and underlying themes that my clutch on the novel never lessened Thank you Natalie Whipple

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