Hitting the Wall

Hitting the Wall A Funny, Uplifting Debut About Running, Romance And Dealing With College Rejection And Other HurdlesOn New Year S Day, Alice Davis Goes For A Run Her First Ever It S Painful And Embarrassing, But So Was Getting Denied By The Only College She Cares About Alice Knows She Has To Stop Sitting Around And Complaining To Her Best Friend, Jenni, And Her Pet Rat, Walter, About What A Loser She Is But What Doesn T Know Is That By Taking Those First Steps Out The Door, She Is Setting Off Down A Road Filled With New Challenges Including Vicious Side Stitches, Chafing In Unmentionable Places, And Race Paced First Love And Strengthening Herself To Endure When The Going Suddenly Gets Tougher Than She Ever Imagined

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  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Hitting the Wall
  • Rachel Toor
  • 09 July 2019
  • 9780374300142

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    Overall, I liked On The Road To Find Out at least by the end of it Throughout most of the book I found Alice to be fairly annoying with her negativity and anti socialness, and her relationship with her rat, Walter, was really uncomfortable, but in the end I felt like Alice redeemed herself for the most part It s good to see a character work through a difficult time, in this case that she didn t get into Yale when that was all she d ever wanted in life, which she does through discovering running It s also good to se a character wake up and realize what a complete ass they ve been to their family and friends throughout that difficult time, which Alice does through a few events in the book It s just weird, though, that she would have been so completely focused on Yale but wouldn t have done anything throughout high school to realize she needed than good grades to get in It left me wondering about her parents, her teachers, and her firends and also why her best friend, Jenni, would have stuck by her.

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    Alice is a pampered teen both parents are high powered and wealthy she describes her posh room in great detail who does well in school but just can t be bothered to do extra curriculars She does decide, rather randomly, to start running on New Year s Day, and keeps it up After running for a while, she asks her mother to take her to get shoes that fit, and she ends up at a running store owned by Joan Joan asks Alice to help out with a race, and while there, Alice meets the very cute Miles Alice continues to run and hang out with her friend Jenni, whose mother died of cancer, and her pet rat, Walter, who is the most important person in her life When Alice s dream school, Yale, rejects her, she spirals into depression She and Miles meet up a time or two, and she keeps running and working at the store, where she gets in with a group of runners and is encouraged When things go further south in her life, it s hard for her to run, but eventually she breaks out of her depression to notice that other people in her life are cutting her a lot of slack, and if she really wants to accomplish anything, she needs to get her act together.Strengths This had a lot of good information about running, and Alice s progress is enviable Other reviewers asked if teens could really go from not running to a half marathon in the course of several months unfortunately, I think they can The college application experience is somewhat interesting, and the supporting characters are well developed I liked Joan and Jenni a lot, and thought that Alice s mother was actually fairly awesome and supportive.Weaknesses Alice had a very high slappage factor She was totally self absorbed and not likeable It was amazing to me that Jenni stuck with her and that Miles was interested at all Her relationship with Walter the rat, as well as family friend Walter the Man, seemed a bit odd to me I m debating whether this is of a high school book, with the interest in college applications Debating.

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    On The Road To Find Out is about Alice Davis, a senior in high school that just got rejected from her dream college YALE and believes her world is over Alice spends most of her time now being Debby downer calling herself a failure, shutting out the ones that mean the most to her, also loosing a loved one, but overcomes her negativity by running Jenni, Alices best friend suggests she finds a new hobby that focuses her mind on something she likes and stays positive in At fist not knowing what she was getting herself into Alice meets lots of new people from running and learns new tips for running, along with learning herself and what running really means to her I suggest this book to someone that is going through a hard time thinking nothing is ever going to turn out right for them, and finding a new way to make your mind positive and find new ways to succeed.

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    2.5 stars I got pulled into this book because I run I subsequently learned that I am not actually a runner, as a runner is someone who runs 13 or miles every day and is snobbishly disdainful of anyone who runs casually and is not obsessed with how fast they go or is not sufficiently prideful of their bloody toenails I am sad to say that the only likable character in this book is Joan, someone who has experienced personal tragedy, has still learned how to make running pleasurable for herself, and brings a community of runners together through her running store and the races she organizes This same community routinely talks trash behind her back because she messed up her Olympic trial run 20 years prior, and looks down upon her for not treating her running seriously any.Anyway, this concludes my rant about the overall theme of superiority that runs rampant through this book Actually I m not done, since I haven t mentioned Alice, the main character, who is a sad slice of humanity criticizing everyone around her, harsh and caustic to everyone she loves, and completely clueless about her effect on people and her place in the world Her outlook and prospects improve over the course of the book, but I can t say I was really cheering for her at that point In many ways, things came too easy to her parents and friends willing to tolerate her vile attitude, able to run with elite runners after just a few weeks is couch to 20K a normal ability for teenagers , gets a nice normal boyfriend who doesn t seem to mind her insecurities, awkwardness, or lack of personality, and so on Just not believable enough Still, there were some witty lines and good philosophical digressions, so this book had enough going for it that it wasn t hard for me to finish.

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    DNFThis was one of my most anticipated reads of 2014 and as much as I want to say I want to eventually give it another chance I just don t think it s going to happen The first chapter starts out with the main character running, but then running seemed to take a backseat The main character is devastated because she didn t get in to Yale, but from what I learned in the 15 20% I read, I wasn t clear why she even expected to get into Yale in the first place Most of what I read, in chapters that read like short vignettes, was about a spoiled, bratty main character bragging about how rich her family is, how much her mother loves Botox, and how badly she treats her best friend Oh and how much she loves her pet rat I ll admit that rats aren t really my animal, but her obsession with her rat was insanely creepy My anticipation makes me want to revisit this one, but common sense tells me it s probably better not to torture myself any further I received an electronic review copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley I tried to finish it, but sadly it didn t happen All opinions are obviously my own.

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    Read this after hearing Rachel Toor on Another Mother Runner podcast and about her again through a favorite company of mine, Skirt Sports She sounded like a cool lady and I wanted to read her book.I enjoyed her writing about the experience of learning how to run I found some of the exposition about running tedious but that s because I ve been running for a dozen years, non runners would need to exposition, I think The information about Walter the Rat was both interesting and strange I understand how it contributed to the story of Alice but I still found it a bit irritating Must be my anti rat bias The lessons about learning to be wrong and choosing a college wisely are good lessons as is the one about paying attention to the people you love although delivered in a somewhat heavy handed manner Overall it was enjoyable but not spectacular I might share it with my friend s daughter who recently started to run cross country in high school.

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    Uber competitive academically, but highly introverted, Alice stews over being rejected at her first college of choice, Yale Her closest confidantes are her best friend, Jenni, and her pet rat, Walter It is upon Jenni s advice that she take up running as a New Year s resolution Alice finds she really likes the sport, and soon lands a job in Joan s running store As Alice discovers a kindered spirit in Miles, homeschool student and fellow runner, something happens that upsets Alice s world Her family and friends, most notably Joan, who once tried out for the Olympics, help Alice eventually realize that she may be focusing on the wrong things and to think about what really matters in life Found this book to be introspective not a heavy handed romance per se but Alice s relationship with Miles was very charming.

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    This book frustrated me to no end The main character was insufferable and had no redeeming qualities She was a bad friend and daughter, and while she improved a little bit at the end, it didn t feel like the natural character development she so badly needed She felt like a caricature of a bland, overachieving student who finds out that there are a million others like her She s over dramatic, a know it all and she looks down on the people in her life The SAT word definitions throughout the book irked me, as did the general narrative voice I knew from the start that this book would have to do a lot to redeem itself, but aside from a good supporting cast, this falls into the category of books I love to hate.

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    This book is so different from other YA titles It s part coming of age, reacting to loss, and love story The narrator Alice attempts to bounce back after being rejected by Yale Oh, and she tries to become a runner As someone who also randomly decided to become a runner, I could relate to Alice s frustrations and successes in her journey There s also a powerful message in this story about how we bounce back from rejection and the pressures that our society puts on college admissions I truly enjoyed this book, and I m so grateful that it was recommended to me by a fabulous librarian

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    The story is about a high school student focused on attending Yale and how her life is turned upside down by her rejected application The book is about finding yourself and finding what makes you happy Helped me relate to the main character that she was happy spending time with her pet, reading books, and running I read this book too fast It is an easy read and before I knew it I had read 245 pages While it is written as a YA book, that is only because of the age of the main character The themes of loss and self discovery can be applied no matter what your age.

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