When Love Intrudes (When the Mission Ends, #4)

When Love Intrudes (When the Mission Ends, #4) I was so pleased to see that Christi Snow gave Brian Barnes a happily ever after of his own Readers have seen how caring he is in every single one of the When the Mission Ends books He is the detective that has worked with Robertson family and the troubles that have seemed to find them Trouble also appears to be following Toni Readers will remember her as Julie s friend from the previous book and also as fellow victim and assistant rescuer That will make sense if you ve read Operation Endurance and won t reveal spoilers to those who have not Toni is still the same caring woman This time her compassionate nature lands her in a bit of trouble when she finds her neighbor and friend Nathan severely beaten Toni and Brian find themselves spending time together again even though both believed it would never happen Thrown together under horrible circumstances they find that they are in serious danger still Brian vows to be the protector he believes he failed to be five months ago Toni and Nathan are in danger than they imagined possible and Brian is certainly the only one who can protect them When Love Intrudes is full of non stop action Just when I thought Toni and Brian were going to have a tiny reprieve something else is thrown at them The danger causing problems that seemed obvious at first glance turn out completely different than expected on multiple occasions Snow definitely kept me guessing with this one Christi also introduces fans to several new characters that will leave you wanting her to write faster just so you can see their happily ever after I m excited about a new series that she has planned for some of these new characters February 2014 will not get here soon enough. Compelling from start to finish.Book 4 of When the Mission Ends Series.Brian Barnes a Detective on the police force is back at work after being shot and having a long recovery He goes on a call that puts him face to face with the one person who tried helping him during his recovery, Toni Vincent She s not entirely happy seing him after he basically told her to go away and the feelings she had for him that she thought she was finally getting over, is not over.Toni does know that Brian will protect her neighbor Nathan and will do everything to find out who assaulted him Unfortunately for Brian he is being pushed back at every turn by the higher ups in the police department Not knowing who he can trust he does the one thing he never thought he would do, he quits the force.Taking Toni and Nathan away to a moutain cabin trying to keep them both safe, he finds the one thing he never thought he would ever have A family Brian realizes his feelings for Toni are still as strong as ever and he enjoys Nathan s company He just needs to find out who is pulling the strings and keep all three of them alive Brian has been a factor in the Mission Ends series I didn t really think I would like him so much As usual Christi has you pulling for him, and hoping that he finally gets to have what he s wanted all along.Non stop suspense that will keep you up all night reading. Toni Vincent S Last Relationship Ended With Violence Since Then, She S Decided She S Better Off Without Men But When She Finds Her Young Seventeen Year Old Neighbor, Nathan, Unconscious And Beaten, This Is One Man She Can T Abandon But Helping Nathan Means Trusting Detective Brian Barnes, Another Man Who Hurt Her In The Past It S Something She S Just Not Sure She Can DoDetective Brian Barnes Has Seen One Too Many Criminals Beat The System He S Burned Out And Regretting A Lot About His Life At The Top Of That List Is How He Dealt With Toni Vincent When He Was Wounded At The Time, He Couldn T Stand To Look At Himself, Much Less Have Someone He Failed Care For Him Now She Needs His Help And He Refuses To Fail Her Again But Keeping Her Alive Requires Keeping His Heart Out Of It Something Not Easy To Do When Trapped In A Romantic Mountain Retreat, Even If It Is The Safest Place For Toni And Her Unexpected ChargeWith Danger Around Every Corner, It S Hard To Know Who Can Be Trusted, Especially For Three People Who Have Been Burned Before But They May Just Find The Best Family Is The One Not Tied Together By Blood This is the fourth book in When the Mission Ends series, but you could read it as a stand alone The author does a nice job of catching the reader up from past events Brian and Toni have a history The last time they saw each other, they were in a life or death situation, that didn t end how either of them would have wished Brian, feeling as if he failed Toni in the past, is keeping his distance and a definite guard up, especially when Toni re enters his life Toni, trying to move on, has basically sworn off men, but cannot sit idly by when her young neighbor, Nathan, needs her help She takes him and his problems under her wing Toni soon finds that she can t handle the intense situation on her own She and Nathan need protection Brian Barnes is the man who will go to any length to keep them safe Escaping to a cozy cabin in the mountains sets the stage for a re connection between Brian and Toni I really loved the characters They were well developed and I could definitely feel for their situations The author did a wonderful job of weaving their pasts into the present story, bringing it all together and helping the reader understand how they mesh together There really weren t any things I disliked about this book The story line was interesting and action packed with the right touch of romance The story flowed freely and it was well edited If you like interesting characters, a story that will keep you guessing and a bit of romance, this is a book you would enjoy. Review copy provided by author4 starsDisclaimer I know Christi as a fellow reader and book blogger in addition to being an author That said, my review is completely my honest and unbiased opinion of this book.Why I Read this Book After reading Operation Endurance, I ve been anxiously awaiting the book that would give Toni the HEA she most certainly deserved After what that woman went through in the previous book, and trust me when I say that she was put through hell and back, she needed to find some happiness in her life And I knew Brian would be the perfect candidate Even he went through some tough times during this series.What I Liked Since When Love Intrudes takes place a few months after Operation Endurance ended, I was grateful for the prologue Not only did I get a bit of a recap of the events that took place in the last book, I also got it from Brian s POV.The suspense story arc went in a different direction than what I was expecting, and I liked that I like being kept on my toes I prefer the suspense aspect to be unpredictable, something I don t find often enough in romantic suspense Just when I thought I knew where the author was going with the story, it flipped What I had thought was going on was in actuality only just the tip of the iceberg It was a clever plot, one I didn t see coming.This story wasn t just Toni and Brian s Nathan and even Toni s dog, Sam, for that matter played an intricate part in this book It was this trio of characters that I enjoyed reading about.There were some new characters introduced in When Love Intrudes, and potential for new material, which was a bit surprising as this book is the last in this series as far as I know I want to follow these new characters and read their stories But this was addressed at the end of the book in the author s note You see, there s going to be a spinoff series, the Snowcroft series, which will be a m m romantic suspense series The first book will feature Jamie and Trevor, Brian s friends from high school I could sense a sort of tension between Jamie and Trevor and there s definitely a story to be told there I would also like to see that Nathan gets his own HEA This author loves to put her characters through hell Christi Snow has grown as a writer and it shows in this series There were some things that didn t mesh well in the earlier books but with When Love Intrudes, I didn t stumble on anything She s honing in on her craft She also got her feet wet in the m m romance genre in When Love Intrudes.What I Didn t Like I m still not sure how I feel about Toni trusting Brian so soon after what transpired in the the previous book Granted, it has been a good 5 months since what went down in the previous book but I feel conflicted Part of me wonders if she should have had some trust issues to sort through.The cover If only the guy s arm wasn t squishing her boob.Memorable MomentDamn, Alpha, you need to go without clothes often Who knew what was hiding under those tacky suitsOverall Impression When Love Intrudes was my favorite book in this series I ve said this before but I ll mention it again you can tell how much I enjoy a book based on how long it takes me to read I read this book within 24 hours I didn t want to put it down and when I did, I was anxious to pick it up again. WOW WOW W.O.W.This is the fourth book in the When The Mission Ends Series and the author brought her A game for sure You don t have to read the first three to understand what s going on in this one, but I recommend you do because they are great reading Toni and Brian weren t doing so great the last time we saw them Actually, Brian was almost dead, but sorry you ll have to read the first three books if you want those details Let s just say that between Endurance and When Love Intrudes, Brian had some healing to do and things between he and Toni became a little strained.When Toni s young neighbor is attacked, Toni s protective instincts kick in Being a victim of violence herself, she can t stand by and let Nathan fend for himself Toni turns to Brian for help and despite trying to keep his distance, he still has feelings for her Suspense and Romance my favorite combination and this book has it in spades The romance is interwoven into the story perfectly, and the sex is as always Hot Hot Hot The action and suspense part of the story is done so well I loved that Brian and Toni got their own story, and you will not be disappointed This book also introduced a few characters that I hope we can look forward to hearing about.You definitely do not want to miss this book I received When Love Intrudes in exchange for a fair and honest review.Another un put downable read by Christi Snow yes, her books really do make me make up words I loved this series To be honest, I was sad to see it come to an end, but I could accept that Operation Endurance was the last book and I was happy with where things were left However, that doesn t mean that I was any less than ecstatic when I found out that Christi Snow had one book left for her When the Mission Ends series.Brian Barnes played a pretty big role in Operation Endurance, especially at the end With everything that he and Toni went through, I m glad that they got their chance at an HEA It definitely wasn t easy to come by though When Love Intrudes takes place a while after Operation Endurance ends Enough time has passed that both Tony and Brian should have had enough time to get over each other That is if they both didn t have stronger feelings for each other than they were both willing to admit If not for an attack on Toni s neighbor they could have probably kept avoiding each other, than goodness fate stepped in I love fate I loved getting to know these two characters better Toni was beyond strong, given everything she went through in her past relationship I really wanted to be mad at Brian for the way he treated Toni, but when you get the whole story, he was so easy to forgive and fall in love with.As with all the books in this series, Texas turned out to be a pretty dangerous place to be In When Love Intrudes the action and danger took a road trip There was plenty of mystery, drama, tears, humor and romance to keep just about everyone happy And just like all the other books, the characters made this story I absolutely loved Nathan He was broken, but strong, witty, adorable and his love for Toni was obvious I loved how the three of these characters four if you include Toni s dog and he definitely needs to be included for than a few reasons just fit together Yes, family is than blood and sometimes the family that chooses each other can be just as stronger, if not so than families that are tied with blood.Even though When Love Intrudes is part of the When the Mission Ends series, the Robertson clan isn t really a part of this one Colton has a short appearance, but Toni and Brian are the definite focus in When Love Intrudes That s okay though because their story was great Turns out it was also a perfect segue That s a good thing because Christi Snow left me wanting to know about the rest of the supporting characters as well and I m really glad that readers will get that chance There was than one character introduced in When Love Intrudes that we will be seeing from in future books This reader, for one, can t wait until Nathan is old enough to have his own HEA If you haven t picked up any of the books in When the Mission Ends, start with Operation End Game This series has had me hooked since the Prologue in the first book and I ve enjoyed every minute of it. I have to say when I started this book I thought I knew what to expect, not in a bad way at all Like when you come home with a cold as a kid you know your mom will make that delicious chicken soup and put a comfy blanket over you I ve been following this series and have loved every bit of it The great suspense, the romance and attraction that starts to build from page one, and the crazy little twists Snow manages to sneak in are always a comfort because I know when I sit down to read one of her books I m going to enjoy it.So when I settled down to read this one I was fully prepared or so I thought to see Toni and Brian again and watch their relationship blossom after the ending of the last book But when I started reading I quickly realized I was sadly mistaken and instead felt a confused and sad Something happened and they hadn t seen each other in months, one equally as broken as the other Nooo Whyyyy What happened Of course that just made me read though.And the feels didn t stop there As soon as Nathan, Toni s younger neighbor appears in the stories you just want to hold this kid in your arms He s been through so much in his young life andunfortunately it s about to get a hell of a lot worse.I have to say I felt like I shouldn t be surprised, expecting great suspense from Christi, but I still found myself guessing how everything was tied together in this book until the moment she wanted me to know And while the romance between Brian and Toni didn t start how I thought it would, it was, as usual, a satisfying, sexy, fun read that will leave you wanting.Another thing I loved was seeing new characters pop up When Trevor and Jamie appeared while they were in Snowcroft, it only made me excited to read their story, which will be out soon just not soon enough I love the cross over and seeing series springing from this one like these character s worlds are just building themselves Thanks again Ms Snow for yet another great read and when I think I know what s going to happen, flipping everything upside down It was a a fun ride. From the moment I met Brian in the When the Mission Ends Series something about him made me root for him Overworked and under appreciated, poor Brian needed sometime to go home to I talked to Christi about this and not only did she listen, but she wrote Brian s story Thank you, Christi I m not going to summarize the story for you You can read the author s above summary for that What I will tell you is that Brian and Toni s story is everything I hoped it to be.and MORE Full of angst and suspense, Christi Snow delivers a story worthy of Brian The best part is that they interact with some of Brian s friends that will lead into another new series I can t even begin to tell you how excited I am about that If you loved the rest of the series, you definitely need to read this book I hope you all love Brian and his story just as much as I do. releasing October, 2013

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