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Big Fat Disaster Insecure, Shy, And Way Overweight, Colby Hates The Limelight As Much As Her Pageant Pretty Mom And Sisters Love It It S Her Life Dad S A Superstar, Running For Office On A Family Values Platform Then Suddenly, He Ditches His Marriage For A Younger Woman And Gets Caught Stealing Money From The Campaign Everyone Hates Colby For Finding Out And Blowing The Whistle On Him From A Mansion, They End Up In A Poor Relative S Trailer, Where Her Mom S Contempt Swells Right Along With Colby S Supersized Jeans Then, A Cruel Video Of Colby Half Dressed, Made By Her Cousin Ryan, Finds Its Way Onto The Internet Colby Plans Her Own Death A Tragic Family Accident Intervenes, And Colby S Role In It Seems To Paint Her As A Hero, But She S Only A Fraud Finally, Threatened With Exposure, Colby Must Face Facts About Her Selfish Mother And Her Own Shame Harrowing And Hopeful, Proof That The Truth That Saves Us Can Come With A Fierce And Terrible Price, Big Fat Disaster Is That Rare Thing, A Story That Is Authentically New, on Facebook, and on

➳ [Reading] ➶ Big Fat Disaster  By Beth Fehlbaum ➩ –
  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Big Fat Disaster
  • Beth Fehlbaum
  • 05 October 2017
  • 9781440570483

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    Absolutely horrible and trigger inducing I understand that the author was saying these characters were wrong, but since 95% of the characters acted like this behavior was perfectly a okay I am disgusted If you are triggered by rape, suicide, body image, or dealing with an eating disorder please avoid.To see full rant click on one of the below links My BlogBooklikes

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    This book was like riding a roller coaster of emotions There were highs when I was so angry I could spit, lows when sadness and pity brought tears to my eyes, and times when the ride made me feel flat because I couldn t even imagine the tremendous evil that motivates some people This book had me talking to the characters and sometimes wanting to throw my shoe at them If you want to feel involved and invested in a book, pick up BIG FAT DISASTER by Beth Fehlbaum.Colby s life has just exploded, and she believes it is entirely her fault She discovers evidence of her beloved father s affair with another woman, and this inadvertently leads to the discovery that he has been misusing campaign funds from his run for senator The result is that Colby and her mother and two sisters find themselves homeless and forced to move into a rundown trailer behind her aunt s house in a place called Piney Creek.Complicating matters is the fact that Colby is nothing like her beauty pageant mother and beautiful blond sisters She takes after her soon to be in prison father She is overweight and seems to gain every day Colby s mother doesn t understand how her daughter can be so out of control when it comes to food and makes it a point to berate her every chance she gets Moving to Piney Creek is Colby s worst nightmare She is taunted and teased not only because of her weight, but also because of her father s indiscretions and because of an incident the previous year involving her cousin Ryan She finds herself in the middle of angry, hurtful people at a time when what she needs is love and support.Author Beth Fehlbaum doesn t hold back as she drags readers right into the middle of Colby s chaotic life Filled with gut wrenching honesty, BIG FAT DISASTER takes readers to the lowest of the low and yet is able to inspire at the same time Thank you to the author for sharing an ARC of this incredible book

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    I have issues with food I don t talk about them often or ever, really But they lurk under the surface, and even when I m working really really hard to overcome them and build healthy habits they can derail me Today was one of those days And today was the day I read about Colby.I didn t expect her story to end up the way it did, but it didn t surprise me I did spend a bit of time thinking that there s no way anyone s mom would ever treat their daughter the way Colby s mom treated her but yes they do And even without her mom as a motivating factor, everything else Colby was dealing with would have been enough to trigger the depression and self loathing.I have a mom who loves me very much and I still struggle at 31 with self loathing There are times I self medicate with food There have been many days where I didn t want to be on this earth any because the pain I felt inside was so bad.When I read Colby s story, I felt very connected to her.At the end, the author reveals that she s struggled with binge eating and knows exactly what kinds of emotions can come with it.Big Fat Disaster wasn t easy to read, but I m glad I did It was authentic, painful, yet still uplifting Though I ll warn you most of the characters are unlikable and have zero redeeming qualities If you or someone you know are having thoughts of self harm, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 800 273 8255.

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    At First Sight Colby is the odd girl out in her family, she s overweight and, unlike her sisters, she takes after her father a former football player rather than her mother a former Miss Texas Yet, Colby is often pushed into the spotlight as part of her father s senatorial camping which is running on a family values platform Until the day Colby finds out a big secret about her father that he s having an affair with another woman and the Feds come knocking around, inquiring about where the money for the campaign is actually coming from In one day, Colby s life is turned upside down with her father leaving and her mother deciding to move them to a small town, where they are taken in by Colby s Aunt and her son Ryan who really doesn t want them there There, Colby s size swells even , along with her mother s contempt for her She gets blamed for everything the changes in their situation, going from a mansion to a trailer, the lack of money and her father s indifference And even when Ryan makes a cruel video of Colby struggling to get dressed and said video ends up online, she gets blamed for that too Second Glance Big Fat Disaster is a mess The tone of the book is all over the place, at first I thought it was going to be about a fat chick getting her groove back and finding her self respect It wasn t , then I thought it was about Colby finally being accepted by her mother and sisters Not It , then I thought it was going to be about Colby finding her self and her inner strength in Pine Creek with the help of her cool Bakery owner aunt, and her cousin Ryan This calls for a Hell to the No then it turned dark bullying, suicides and death, oh my and then it was just meh Not a single person in this book was likable or even two dimensional, everyone came off as cruel, annoying, bitter or just stupid Colby didn t fare any better even though this story was from her perspective We were supposed to care she had an eating disorder Binge Eating and feel for her because her mom was a psycho, but really she was just as annoying as the rest of them Yet, the worse thing about this book is that EVERYONE FREAKING GETS AWAY WITH IT After all the stuff that goes down, things pretty much end where they started, Colby is supposed to be getting some help by then but that was TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, everyone is still sticking to the status quo, and the main relationship dynamics haven t changed one bit Colby s mom still hates her, her sisters still think she s a waste of space and Colby still cares that they think that Bottom Line There was one way for this book to work out For Colby to come out of it triumphantly, or at least with a bit of strength or hope, but this just doesn t happen I m not convinced she s going to be OK by the end, either I don t mean question or demean the author s intent or her experiences from the author s note I gather some of the stuff or at least the inspiration for the book came from real life events but her execution does harm than good.

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    Initial Thoughts As someone who has battled the bulge for most of my life I found it so easy to relate to Colby the 15 year old voice of My Big Fat Disaster It s so hard to be different from your friends, especially during high school and it certainly doesn t help to have an unsupportive family Colby s voice showed how difficult it is to live with a serious eating disorder Kudos for supportive friends like Tina, Anna, and Becca and especially Aunt Leah The Review Being a teenager is difficult Being an obese teenager is horrible I could so relate to Colby, the main character of Big Fat Disaster When you are a teenager, all you want to do is to fit in with the crowd It s very difficult to do so with a weight problem Colby s weight problem is obvious she s a morbidly obese teenager living with her ex pageant queen mother and her normal sized sisters in an affluent neighborhood Colby experiences a lot of disapproval from her family, especially from her mother who, despite her good intentions, continually puts Colby down at every opportunity Colby eats to numb herself, binging on junk food that she stashes in her room I m just Colby, The Fat Girl I live in the school library, shop in the XXL section when I m forced to buy clothes, and stay in my bedroom with my door closed And I have my own snack stash that nobody knows about Colby s life takes a 180 turn when she discovers that her father has been having an affair At the same time, it is discovered that he has embezzled money from his senatorial campaign He s also destroyed the family finances so Colby s family is forced to move from their family home Their home is seized by the authorities, her parents separate, and Colby and her mother and youngest sister move to the small town of Piney Creek, to a trailer behind their Aunt Leah s and Cousin Ryan s home This is quite the fall from their upper middle class existence And yes, this is the same Aunt Leah that the family shunned only 6 months earlier at a family picnic because she separated from her husband because he was abusive The story is told through Colby s point of view and her voice is poignant This is one sad little girl who is treated like a doormat by her mother She is screaming for help and her mother is in serious denial Her mother believes that Colby is the way she is on purpose and that all she needs to do is to stop eating Meanwhile Colby is thinking It s like two people inside me are fighting to control what I eat, and the one thing in common is hatred of me for what I look like and how it feels to be in my body for my inability to stop once I start A chain of events is set in place when a video of Colby attempting to get into her jeans is posted on the internet Colby becomes despondent and plans her death As she jumps in front of a truck, she is pushed out of the way and survives Her rescuer does not Colby then becomes a part of a deception when her mother insists that Colby was trying to push her rescuer out of the way Colby is lucky to have some very good friends around her They force her to make some important choices and to come clean about the accident I loved how Colby was able to make friends with the group of weird kids, even swapping horrible mom stories.The adults in this book are horrible with a few exceptions Colby s mother Sonya is one of the poorest excuses for a mother that I ve encountered in a long time She is shallow and self absorbed, making everything about herself Sonya fails to see that she is the source of Colby s problems Colby s father is an ass for breaking up his family and refusing to help his family with any kind of finances Colby s grandparents are just awful, suggesting that Sonya should go back and try to get her marriage on track They were even worse to Aunt Leah, insisting that she was making up the physical abuse that she endured from their son and her husband The football coach and the police chief were absolutely horrible condoning the rape of a young woman at a football party, not believing that it was a rape, despite having a witness who reported the crime I absolutely loved Aunt Leah Even after enduring Colby s family for years, she still had the grace to take Sonya and the girls in, despite all the hardship Sonya had caused her This is a woman with class Aunt Leah remained supportive of Colby throughout everything and that says a lot Big Fat Disaster was a fascinating read about a girl s struggle with weight, body image issues, and self worth It s not only about food, it s about life, friendship, and relationships I look forward to reading books by this author in the future Triggers This book contains a few triggers that may affect enjoyment of this book Eating disorders, binge eating, bulimia, suicide, physical abuse, rape aftermath only Thank you to NetGalley and Adams Media Merit Press for a review copy of this book Review posted on Badass Book Reviews Check it out

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    It s taken me a good week and a half to sort out my thoughts and actually sit down to write this review Big Fat Disaster had a heaping pile of potential, a fantastic start, and a heartbreaking message, but the last 10% of the book threw that all away This book left me sobbing and not in the good way I was so angry at the ending that I had to take a good ten minutes to let it all out I ll try to sum it up in a few bullet points, and I will have one spoiler, but it s going to be whited out so just highlight it if you want to read it Here s what was great The focus on Binge Eating Disorder instead of Anorexia or Bulimia Colby is never officially diagnosed with BED, and I may be wrong, but she has all the markers of the disorder I think it s really important that Fehlbaum chose that specific ED, because most attention on EDs goes to anorexia or bulimia Fehlbaum wrote all the characters in a way that you can easily connect with them from page one I felt immediately attached to every single character I felt the emotions so strongly, like they were my own.Fehlbaum doesn t shy away from the painful, dirty parts of the story It s raw, open, and beyond compelling Her brutal honesty is the shining part of the book All of this was the first 90% of the book, and I was ready to give it 5 stars, but then The Bad This book can be very triggering I had horrible body hate and low self esteem all through high school, and even though I ve made some really big leaps forward in my confidence, reading this opened all those old feelings I was able to push it back and separate myself, but everyone is different Disaster is written in a way that it s so easy to connect with Colby, so anyone with any of these issues I really recommend they read slowly and understand that it s kind of like walking through a mine field Here s my spoilery rant view spoiler Ryan, Colby s cousin, dies And it s not so much that he dies, it s how and when he dies I m all for the death makes a character realize what s important trope, but not this way Ryan had so much baggage that s barely unpacked, and at surface level he s one of those guys you just want to punch repeatedly, but underneath I think he had a lot of potential But we never found that out, because before any of that can happen, he saves Colby from her suicide attempt and is killed in the process I can t pinpoint exactly why this makes me so angry, but to kill this character when he had only started to truly present himself I just had so much hope for him I wanted to see him work through all of his past and heal along with Colby And maybe I m so angry because it s just so realistic some people don t get the chance to recover But even if this was truly the way it was going to happen, I could have worked past it However, Ryan s death is passed over far too quickly, and he s all but forgotten by the end of the book I know he s not real, but the mistreatment of Ryan s character is probably the main reason why Big Fat Disaster turned so sour for me hide spoiler

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    I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Well where to start Let s say this book was a mess I came for the whole overweight eating disorder story, but I got a whole lot than that Embezzlement, adultery, bullying, family problems, rape, violence, suicide and various other things.I really had to drag myself through the book I am sorry to say, but all the other stuff was just too much I felt like I was watching one of those tv drama soap opera things, that I only watched a few times and hated It wasn t even real any I only got confused, since every time we had gone through one thing, POP there was another problem Dear Lord, I can imagine why Colby just kept eating and eating Everyone was just bitching about her fatness, but no one actually tried to help her.The family, the teachers, everyone was seriously messed up in their heads Not willing to listen to each other, blaming each other for things, even just bluntly ignoring things even when proof is stuffed in their eyeballs Rape Ah I am sure it was the girl s fault After all she was drunk and she should have watched out with that And hey, who says it wasn t consensual rolls eyes Sorry but that just pissed me off Sure, the girl is stupid for drinking so much, that she is practically unconscious, but that doesn t mean you can just do what the hell you want with her And then we also got Drew God I wanted to smack that kid I can imagine, she is a little kid, so much is changing But come on, that kid never understood anything, was just whining, begging, crying, acting like a spoilt brat.Then you also have Ryan, aka the sad misunderstood and pissed off teenager who just does everything to make Colby s life a fricking hell Seriously bro, maybe you should be angry at the adults and not shove the blame on the kids as well Luckily it seems he isn t a total prick since he saves Colby around 2 3 in the book But still, if he didn t do all those things, he wouldn t have needed to save Colby.In short, I didn t like the book I felt it would have been better if it only handed one or two topics, not like 10 or in one go So hereby 1 star out of 5 for this book.

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    I always feel bad hating a book and there are not many that I truly hate, but this book was such a hot mess that I can t recommend it in any way.The author tried to tackle way too many issues in this book Instead of focusing on her platform of eating disorder awareness and suicide prevention as she expresses at the end in the note to readers, she decides to toss in every possible thematic element she has ever heard of In a mere 288 pages we read about adultery, embezzlement, body shaming parents, domestic violence, date rape, underage drinking, bullying, cyber bullying, weight issues, suicide attempts, death, bulimia, academic cheating, oh and a token orphaned character The only issues not addressed are teen pregnancy, homosexuality, and drug abuse, but that s kind of a stretch on the latter one because Colby does contemplate abusing her pain pills.With so much drama happening on every page, the story just gets muddled and loses focus It was like watching a really bad daytime soap or Degrassi episode.And the characters are just awful The whole family is so infuriating The good ole boys mentality may still exist in some southern communities but the book makes everyone in Texas seem like a conservative, self centered jerk And the whole trying to tie her life into the events of The Scarlet Letter for a school assignment just added to the unbelievablity of this book.I received a free review copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley but the opinions expressed here are my own.

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    I read this book in one day I couldn t put it down Though many of the characters were absolutely horrible not the writing of them, but their personalities it was hard to read at points because I was furious but that actually helped me have even compassion and a sense of what the narrator was going through It was refreshing to see a book tackle such an important subject and from the other perspective of eating disorders eating too much It is a side you don t often hear about and one that was in need of being addressed for the YA crowd The story moved at a great pace and I was drawn in to the story from the beginning to the very end loved the book and glad to read about the author sharing her own experiences at the end.

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