The Fire (Northwest Passage #4)

The Fire (Northwest Passage #4)Full disclosure John Heldt gave me an ARC of his latest novel in exchange for an honest review John Heldt is probably the only man that can make me consistently cry And that s a good thing Kevin Johnston is the son of Shelly Preston, our protagonist from The Journey As you may recall, an older Michelle had time travelled back to see her younger self and her story did not end well So you could say time travelling is in the family and that Kevin can t get away from it, especially when you learn a certain character from The Mine is his university professor.Once again I thought I had Kevin s journey pretty well predicted Yet he surprised me at every turn He knew it was a bad idea to go back to 1910 and that it was a bad idea to get so involved in people s lives in Wallace and yet I understand his motives for wanting to go back there Yet whatever mysteriously causes time travel is not going to forgive Kevin for messing with history and the conclusion of the novel is absolutely heart breaking and at the same time, joy inducing The Fire is such an emotional roller coaster that I m having a hard time putting my thoughts down to write this review.I was so connected to the characters, perhaps so than I have been in John Heldt s previous three novels Kevin really did speak to me He was a good person if a little flawed because of that chip on his shoulder when it came to women Still, he got over that eventually and at the end of the novel you can really tell he s a better person His relationship with Sarah, his confused feelings for Sadie and his friendship with Andy all made him realistic and much easier to sympathize with Yet these characters weren t put there for the sole purpose of providing opportunities to show what a nice guy Kevin is No, they re excellent, well developed characters in their own right.I liked how the pacing was generally consistent throughout The Fire and that although it definitely sped up at the end, it wasn t as rushed as the ending of The Show John Heldt definitely took time to build up the historical town of Wallace in order to build up the tension for the coming fire that would level most of the town His descriptions were much vivid in this installment of the Northwest Passage series and I think The Fire was a better book for it.John Heldt s writing just keeps getting better and better with each book Although the theme of time travel features in all four, he has created very different characters to tell the story of America and each achieves happiness in their own, unique way Even if you haven t read the first three books of the series, The Fire can certainly stand on its own, which is why I recommend you pick it up right this instant Yes, it s that good.I give this book 5 5 stars. John Heldt is a great Author.This is the fourth book I ve read from him The 4th in this series.John not only captures your attention with his writing, but he really personifies his characters Especially with this book.I really felt a connection with Kevin, Sadie, Andy, Maude, and Sarah By the end I felt like a close friend People I ve known for ages.I felt a connection to the era, so much in fact that I looked up the places and people mentioned I discovered and appreciated music of the first decade of the 20th century.John Heldt not only writes great novels, but he actually takes you back through time to relive it Great storyThis is the only book I have read of this series but I was able to follow the story without a problem An entertaining, captivating story. So much was of interest in this time travel novelthe setting in Wallace, ID the state of my birth , the time period where there were modern conveniences mixing in with the horse and buggy days , the historic fire that leveled much of Wallace in 1910 loved how the author gave Kevin memories from his grandfather to guide him during the fire The author made me think I could just find this old stone building in Wallace and travel to another time in Wallace Some things concerned melike teaching his students scientific concepts unknown to science of the timequestionable Ethical All in all it was an interesting, exciting, book addressing real problems, and using real life events as a backdrop to the story.I have put The Big Fire on my TBR list How interesting that Kevin could live in one time period for months, but return to the other time period having lost no time at all Think of the possibilities Recently graduated from college, twenty two year old Kevin Johnson is visiting the small town of Wallace, Idaho with his family when he stumbles across a hidden diary and a cache of early 20th century gold coins in his late grandfather s home Kevin s plans for a quiet summer change drastically when he discovers that the home s old wood shed is a portal to the 1900s and the treasure was hidden away by his great great grandfather Asa Johnson, ancestral patriarch and apparent time traveler As Kevin experiments with this newfound contradiction to his years of scientific teachings, he can t deny the reality that he s somehow managed to set foot in Wallace circa 1910 Before he can retreat to the familiar mayhem of the twenty first century, Kevin crosses paths with local schoolteacher Sarah Thompson and finds that he s unable to stop thinking about the beautiful woman who lived over a century before him Determined to find her again, Kevin puts his trust in the time portal s consistency and travels back and forth between the centuries But as he integrates himself in Sarah s life and the lives of Wallace s 20th century inhabitants, he starts to wonder if time travel is dangerous than it first appeared There s the miserable Preston Pierce, a mean spirited banker and the most powerful man in town, who s taken an interest in taking Kevin down Then there s beautiful young Sadie Hawkins, a down on her luck orphan who might be willing to challenge Kevin s attachment to Sarah Hovering ominously over his complicated escapade into the past is history itself and the knowledge that Wallace in 1910 was the victim of one of the greatest, most destructive wildfires known to man As Kevin balances his friends and enemies in a remarkable new time he ll have to decide how much of history he can rewrite, and what the consequences will be if he tries.The Fire, the fourth book in author John A Heldt s Northwest Passage series, boasts all of the imagination and charm of its predecessors Heldt s approach to this series has been impressive Rather than following a predictable format, his novels have alternated to feature two different families and their time traveling adventures that of Joel Smith in The Mine and Shelly Preston in The Journey I ve enjoyed each of the four novels in this series immensely, but The Journey struck me with its emotional power and daring Being its sequel, The Fire carried the same emotional pull with yet warmth and sentiment Here again Heldt shows his ability to not only tell stories of heartwarming friendships and romances, but of strength during incredible struggle and endurance after tragedy What has become another hallmark for me in this series is the near guarantee of a strong cast rendered in crystal clarity through Heldt s engaging storytelling The Fire achieves that beautifully, with perhaps some of my favorite characters in the series making their debuts Not only are we met with a smart, effervescent female character in beautiful schoolteacher Sarah, but also in the resourceful orphan Sadie One is confident and self assured while the other is plagued by the weight of her own crippling self doubt, but strength alights in both women that carries them off the page and into the hearts of their readers Additional characters like Irish newspaperman Andy O Connell and wealthy widow Maude Duvalier bring an extra dose of warmth and wit, while other villainous folks carry just the right amount of drama Meanwhile, the hero of the story and center of its love triangle, time traveler Kevin, is immensely likable and charismatic as he finds his footing over a century in the past.Much as the Northwest Passage books stand on their own, seeing their stories intertwine as almost the entire cast made appearances in The Fire was very entertaining, and pure fun Read alone or as part of the series, The Fire is a welcome addition to a dependable and imaginative collection of novels It s a story that will delight readers in the magic of the world in several eras and bring them to both laughter and tears with its inspiring illustration of man s timeless qualities love, courage, and devotion Review Casee Marie, originally published on October 1, 2013 at A copy of the book was provided for the purpose of review. Great read A solid read with enough twists to keep interest and an ending that is fulfilling Recommend to all who like a good tale What would you do if you found yourself with the unique ability to travel back through time Would you take a risk and do it That is just where Kevin Johnson finds himself after joining his family to go through his grandparents house in Wallace, Idaho Kevin just recently graduated from college with two majors in Earth Science and Physics Now while attempting to kill a spider in his room, he spills an ice tea and discovers the tell tale marks of a hidden storage space beneath the wooden floor What he uncovers is a stash of diamonds, double eagle gold coins, and along with his great great grandfather s leather journal In it he discovers that the rock shed in the back yard can be accessed through a solstice sun or a full moon and when using the gold coins to spell out the year you want to travel back to, the shed becomes a time travel portal Since following his great great grandfather, Asa Johnson s journal he discovers that Asa himself has been time traveling quite a bit and thus the need for money that can be spent in 1910 as well as 2013 Kevin decides to take his own journey back to 1910 as life in the current year hasn t brought him much in the way of love and believes an adventure is just the thing to get his mind off things, especially being left alone in the house while his family takes a weekend side trip What Kevin uncovers is that while he is in 1910, his place in the current year of 2013 is just as he left it As though he hadn t been gone at all So he takes another journey and this time finds there is quite a bit to uncover in the town his great great grandfather was a part of Now if he can only convince others there, that he truly belongs in the year 1910 However Kevin knows that on August 20, 1910, a great fire will come to the town and virtually wipe out most of the town as well as left 85 people dead due to multiple fires caused by months of drought and high winds What he doesn t expect to find is not only a love of becoming a teacher in the high school, but also in falling head over heels in love with not one lovely young lady, but two There is quite a difference in the standards of courting women in the 1910 s from the fast paced romance of 2013 and all Kevin knows is that as much as he wants to go back to the present time, his heart won t let him go Will he be able to convince Sarah Thompson, the woman he first laid eyes on when he arrived in town that he really is who he claims to be, a time traveler from the future I received The Fire from John A Heldt compliments of the author himself and I ve been delighted to read John s previous novels in the Northwest Passage Series, with this one being Book 4 in the series Each one of them feels so historically rich in detail I can not only vividly picture the events and people but also feel like I am truly there This is such a great series for readers who enjoy a novel on time travel and historical fiction with some amazing romance thrown in for good measure I d rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars in my opinion This was a well researched novel that showcases the 1910 Great Fire which you can read about through the many references he includes in this novel. Once again, author John Heldt blends history, time travel and romance Once again he has created another warm and wonderful read with his signature brand of writing The Fire, at first glance, seemed to be a little lighter than his previous time travel romances, there seemed to be of an adventurous spirit in his young hero, who makes a few trips back, knowing he may be interfering with history, but unable to avoid the pull Over 100 years in the past, Kevin s heart tells him he has found the girl of his dreams, he finds responsibility, he learns to care deeply about the people around him and what happens to them, and he becomes the man of another girl s dreams Does Mr Heldt know something we don t about time travel I felt I was stepping back, physically and mentally, as if I was really there The Fire has his same high quality writing style, smooth pace and that in the moment feel without using over the top drama and shock value Kevin is one of those characters I just connected with, I liked him, I felt like I understood what made him tick I got that same solid feel for Sadie, while Sarah and Andy, while great characters, seemed almost lightly veiled and dreamlike, like a fond memory already I was even able to revisit characters from previous books as they made cameo appearances bringing back fond memories as I thought of their unique time travel tales The best part It all flowed seamlessly and enhanced the fantasy After reading The Mine by John Heldt, I said, Who says men can t write paranormal romantic Chick Lit The Mine by John A.Heldt has funny moments, sweet moments, sad moments, inspirational moments, and yes, sigh worthy moments I m not trying to have the author s man card revoked, but, wow That comment still stands with The Fire, because once again, I felt ALL of those emotional moments, and once again, I had to reach for the Kleenex while reminding myself this is fiction, I m not really there I definitely need to thank John Heldt for providing me with a review copy of this wonderful read Publication Date August 31, 2013Publisher John A HeldtSeries The Northwest Passage, 4Number of Pages 367Genre Adult Fantasy RomanceAvailable from For reviews check out Tome Tender s Book Blog or find us on Facebook. This time traveling adventure was inspired by major historical events the great fire of 1910, caused by the Halley s Comet which led to a huge wildfire This science fiction novel weaves romance with time travel Throw in an adventurous twenty two year old, who can t help but to meddle with with history, and you have yourself a great read I really liked Kevin because of his chivalrous nature His character won my heart when he paid the debt of a prostitute s father so that she no longer had to sell herself, to pay off her father s debt He further endeared himself to me when he concerned himself with the female students of 1910, wanting them to be than miner s wives whose greatest challenges would ve been to stretch laundry detergent so that they could keep their families clothes clean in a cost effective manner.Overall, a great read If you enjoy time travel or science fiction, you will like the Northwest Passage Series.Full Book Review When Kevin Johnson Goes To Wallace, Idaho, Days After His College Graduation, He Expects To Find Rest And Relaxation As His Family Prepares His Deceased Grandfather S House For Sale Then He Discovers A Hidden Diary And A Time Portal That Can Take Him To , The Year Of Halley S Comet And The Largest Wildfire In US History Within Hours, Kevin Finds Himself In The Era Of Horse Drawn Wagons, Straw Hats, And Ankle Length Dresses Returning To The Same Time And Place, He Decides To Travel Again And Again And Make The Portal His Gateway To Summer Fun The Adventure Takes A Serious Turn, However, When The Luckless In Love Science Major Falls For Pretty English Teacher Sarah Thompson And Integrates Himself In A Community Headed For Tragedy Filled With Humor, Romance, And Heartbreak, THE FIRE, The Sequel To THE JOURNEY, Follows A Conflicted Soul Through A Life Changing Journey As He Makes His Mark On A World He Was Never Meant To See

John A Heldt is the author of the critically acclaimed Northwest Passage, American Journey, and Carson Chronicles series The former reference librarian and award winning sportswriter has loved getting subjects and verbs to agree since writing book reports on baseball heroes in grade school A graduate of the University of Oregon and the University of Iowa, Heldt is an avid fisherman, sports fan,

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