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Killing JFK November Nd, Marks The Th Anniversary Of The Assassination Of John F Kennedy And At Last We Have The Unbiased Facts, Concisely Presented By A Skilled, Acclaimed Author Who Is Also A Credible Voice An Ordained Methodist Minister Dr Moore Presents Over Source Notes Supporting A Compelling Case That The Death Of President Kennedy Involved Than A Lone Nut Assassin He Marshals Old And New Evidence To Prove That There Was Indeed A Second Sniper, Positioned In Front Of The Presidential Limousine, Who Fired The Fatal Head Shot Moore Points Up Scores Of Glaring Contradictions In The Government S Own Warren Commission Report As He Explains The Greatest Crime Mystery Of The Last Fifty Years With Riveting, Engaging Prose

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  • Killing JFK
  • Lance Moore
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  • 09 August 2018
  • 9781492248170

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    Fifty years after the fact, the interest in JFK s murder and blatant cover up has remained a very hot topic and a highly questionable issue Debunkers have done their job in that anyone denying Oswald acted alone and who thinks the official findings of the Warren Commission was a sham are either nuts or stupid The only ones who are stupid are the folks who still think their Government is 100% honest with nothing to hide from the public WMD in Iraq If you re not with us you are against us Bush and Cheney lied Nixon lied Why not LBJ, Hoover, Allen Dulles The complacency of the gullible with possessing a closed mind is a folly to injustice To quote a section of this book If the Kennedys had not been shot, it is almost certain that LBJ and J Edgar Hoover would had been out of a job by 1964 and likely facing criminal investigations The CIA would had been reduced in size, scope and secrecy The mega contractors and tycoons of Texas would had been poorer, and in jail The Mafia would have been harassed further The defense industry would had been shrinking It was the perfect storm The very people who had the most to gain by Kennedy s death are the very people who left their fingerprints at the scene Oswald, however, had nothing to gain Fifty years later, fifty lies later, we have found the Patsy, the Sucker and he is us And sadly we are all still being led down this path Even with the US Government s later created House Special Committee on Assassinations, their findings were that a Conspiracy did take place in Dallas, but did not bother or attempt made to take this finding any further with a through investigation.Too many discrepancies has followed that fateful day in 1963 This book lists 50 to study and investigate on your own Read with a very open mind.5 STARS

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    Lance Moore in his examination of the 50 lies reveal the Oswald didn t do the killing ,there were than 5 shots fired, and there was a massive cover up by LBJ and Hoover and others A must read.

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    I was not impressed with this book and definitely not with the author I did learn a few interesting tidbits but nothing substantial For such a cocky and egotistical man he really should have hired better editor s because at times the book is a real mess.He loves the word obfuscation It s called a thesauruslook into getting one.My biggest issue is the constant sarcasm of the author I don t mind sarcasm and quite enjoy it in the right setting but to me, this book is not that setting.

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    Another of the hundreds of books on the JFK killing This one raises some solid issues that have not been adequately addressed and because they suggest that there is, was and will be a government cover up, they will probably never be answered If this bit of history is of interest, then reading this collection of information is a worthy exercise Now if only we could get some answers that could be confirmed Still I recommend this one completely.

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    Lance Moore is a prominent member of a research e mail group that I am also a contributor to Lance kindly sent me a copy of this Kindle book as a gift on Apart from that, this review is completely impartial Killing JFK 50 Years, 50 Lies is completely in tune with my verdict on the coup d tat of 1963 50 years is a sad indictment of U.S government responsibility for Dallas 50 lies has now become a very conservative estimate Dr Moore writes with passion and has a long interest in the case A quick scan of the Notes section shows his wide range of references that have contributed to the text As kindle books go, this isn t a huge tome, although I did take my time in reading over a few days As noted above, I found that I was very much in agreement with the vast majority of the authors evidence A few typos and one or two statements that I can question does not reduce the value of Moore s assassination almanac.We all know the freeway sign is the Stemmons and not the Simmons I can question the statement, Hosty also destroyed the note from Oswald days before the shooting There s also the odd contradiction, Remember Oswald never asserted he was innocent instead he announced he was a patsy Yet deeper into the book we get If he wanted glory notoriety, why claim innocence after being arrested Another incorrect statement made is No notes or recordings have ever been found of his two days of interrogation While not being the finest piece of police procedure, we did eventually discover the so called Fritz notes Which when deciphered prove even lies and cover up I do have some minor points to raise regarding Oswald, particularly regarding his location during the shooting, but with such a multi faceted murder mystery that is no condemnation of the final verdict that Killing JFK pronounces loud and clear.It is tragic that after 50 years Lance has to produce his indictment of the Warren Commission, decades after Sylvia Meagher s Accessories After the Fact , yet such is the need to reply to the continuing deceit propagated by government and media However, Lance s wish for the exhumation of the true body of evidence under the ground of Arlington may have to wait another 50 years.A significant publication, certainly one of the better choices from the many books that arrived around the 50th anniversary of the killing of the most liberal, eloquent and hopeful world leader there has been in my lifetime.

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    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.Just got this in the mail yesterday After I finish a couple of books that I am into right now I will start it Going by the back cover and by what I saw flipping through the pagesI am really looking forward to this one.I am now starting the book and it looks good Update I am about halfway through this book and it is very good I like the author s sense of humor and his dry sarcasm I am also enjoying the footnotes as well as the main text This was a well thought out and written book that should sell well Second and final update It took me a little longer to read this book than it normal Not because it was hard to pick up because it wasn t but because of all of the references to other materials to go along with the author s ideas I would check out a reference on youtube and before I knew it, I had watched an hour s worth of the Zapruder film or I would check out the released autopsy photos of JFK and be led down another path with many different sites offering up said photos All of this is was fascinating.I didn t need Lance Moore to tell me that we couldn t trust the government regardless of what administation had the majority I already knew that What I did enjoy about this book was the revealing of the extent of the cover up I must use the word cover up loosely because at times it appears that the WC wasn t even trying to cover anything Specific chapters lies that I enjoyed dealt with the odd fact that so many witnesses have died, Ruby s ties to organized crime, the dismissal of key eye witnesses, and for some reason the magic bullet I read the description of the path the magic bullet had to take to do the destruction the WC said it did and I had to laugh.Long story short although it s to late for that this was a good book and I really enjoyed it.

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    As we march closer to the 50th Anniversary of the murder of John Kennedy, and questions are raised What author Dr Lance Moore sets out to do is to discuss 50 lies that have been brought to the light through the past 50 years And, remarkably, Moore accomplishes this task very well If you consider yourself an assassination buff or amateur historian, many of the lies presented are a lot like preaching to the choir no pun intended as Dr Moore is a pastor However, Moore does a wonderful job of presenting the case in layman s terms He takes a very down to earth approach as he discusses each lie and presents a well researched case for each Also of note is the fact that Moore has researched the book extremely well including well over 200 footnotes from various sources to back up his claims Moore concludes with a piece of scripture to sum up his case There is nothing hidden that won t be revealed, and there is nothing secret that won t become known and come to light Luke 8 17 ISV It is the perfect summation of a well written book about one of the darkest days in American history.

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    Great Read Great Read Moore laid his book out simply and was an easy read Logic will find the reader emotionally involved in the fifty lies I couldn t put this book down after number forty it had me digging deeper into the evidence via the internet Moore had me talking about the JFK assassination to everyone I knew All Americans should read this book, and demand action to find the truth.

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    I have been chosen by Dr Moore through GoodReads to be fortunate enough to have received a copy of this book I have been interested in this topic since grade school and have read several books on it I must say that this is one of the best books on the subject Very well researched and gives plenty sources for you to check out on the facts of the case Thank you Dr Moore for this book.

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    A very well done summary of the major deceptions involved in the official stories of the JFK assassination.

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