Death by the Riverside

Death by the RiversideBrooding, a hol3, quarter half 3 quarter 1 night stander leads are not my type so I was reluctant to read this in the first place but Scribd has Book 1 Book 8 and if I don t like it then I can just chuck it and move on without crying me a river over 5 dollars Right after finishing it, I bought the book from BSB Private Detective Michele Knight Micky, I have never come across this kind of character before Maybe I m still a Lesfic virgin Nope, I lost it to Amanda Clover a few books ago but Micky is truly special Brooding, hell no The things that come out of her mouth are 77.7% hilarious even during tense and dangerous scenes Facing a murder charge Micky But he was shot with a.38 and my gun is a.45Officer How did you know Micky Oh, women s intuition A h0l , only to herself with legit reasons and to crooks Sexy Times Fan, hell yes She gives as much as she takes and in this One scene Perhaps I m not that familiar with wlw sex scenes but Micky and she who shall not be named talked about what they wanted to do to each other as they were doing it Bloody hot Smooth Operator, move over Sade Perhaps I could find some lovely lesbian and impress her with my 13.O5 in my checking account Retirement usually means floating downstream The crime thriller elements were exceptionally written as well, Ms.Redmann managed to increase my suspense level to an alarming rate a few times She must belong in the same Let s torture our leads group with Cari Hunter Amazing secondary characters, they were loyal to Micky and vise versa Some of them were given backstories so plenty of emotional moments that hit me quite hard because I was invested not only in Micky but her merry friends and a few others Authors who are planning to write a series should take lessons from Ms.Redmann, this woman can write Thank you, Lex You started the book chain, once again Lex Bathany Corrie Pretty please with whatever toppings you want on top, YOU. I had not planned to start this book almost exactly 3 years after I first read it A trick of fate, in a way, had me start the reread on February 13 2017 I had started reading the book the first time February 12 2014 and ended it on the same day, different year February 14 2014 vs February 14 2017 Weird how things like that can happen.I initially rated this book something near 3.75 out of 5.00 It s been three years, but I ve a vague idea why all that sex Coming from a history of reading Robert B Parker, Dick Francis, Lillian Jackson Braun, Agatha Christie, Beverly Connor, Aaron Elkins, Erle Stanley Gardner, Dashiell Hammett, Peter Lovesey, Carol O Connell, and others, I was used to a certain type of mystery it could be cozy, it could be hard hitting violent and some downright abusive to their lead characters looking at you Connor , but it hadn t exactly been drenched with sex with sexual innuendo, yes, but not actual sex It s not that I hadn t read that type of work, or that I didn t have some favorites that were drenched with sex , but not in my mysteries So, in its way, I was confronted with a book that seemed quite well written, right along the line of some of the better written mysteries I d read, but for two differences the graphic sex, and the lesbian or bisexual nature of many of the characters And no, I did not down rate the book because of the lesbian nature though I was aware that its existence among the traits of the characters would cut down on the readership , no, it was for the sex.Imagine my surprise, in its way, when I reread the book Yes the book has much sex in it, but it was handled a lot better than I had recalled I never thought it was the main theme, reason for the books existence, or other, that I d initially saw it as a distraction But it isn t really It s important to the story.Ah, but I m just babbling here You want to know about the book The story involves a rich family with an older dying grandfather type And some kids running around trying to keep themselves in the will Against the backdrop of a rather conservative grandfather So no gay stuff There are three main contenders for the money, one already took herself out of the running by bluntly telling her grandfather that she was a lesbian this would be Cordelia , while the other two lied and tried to play it straight while secretly living a much gayer life So that s how the story starts off someone hires Micky to search for a runaway fianc some pictures are taken, some wills are changed and other such stuff occurs along this plot line.Meanwhile, somewhere along the way a detective sergeant friend adds Micky to go undercover to investigate a company that is suspected as having big ties to drug running as in, they a drug dealers which leads to some connections to the earlier plotline and others.Meanwhile Micky drinks a lot, is a dick to her friends, has some emotional issues based on her disrupted early life, and some old history resurfaces Oh, and she has sex And solves mysteries Also spends a lot of time accidentally destroying clothing.Long and short, this was altogether a very interesting and good book My only regret is that I initially gave this book such a low rating.Rating 5.0ETA Micky ages from 29 to 30 during the course of the book no, the book isn t a year in Micky s life, she was just close to 30 when the book started I mention because the book is on both the age 20s and age 30s shelf.February 14 2017 For my Fallback Friday read this past week, I picked a goodie Thanks to Lex for the recommendation I totally felt like I was back at college at LSU, and am totally craving some beignets from Cafe Du Monde nowDeath by the Riverside is the first installment in the Micky Knight series Micky is a private investigator in New Orleans, and this had all the hallmarks of great mystery series Micky drinks too much, treats her friends like shit, sleeps around, but somehow you ll find yourself totally rooting for her, pantyhose and all There were touches of this that seemed outdated, mainly the clothing and attitudes towards women in the workplace, but I loved this book and will definitely be reading on in the series Can t wait to see what happens next If you re looking for a great mystery from a gruff, no holds barred PI, look no further 4 stars. This was wonderfully written Wow quite a ride I have heard good things about this series One friend told me Redmann writes the lesbian mystery equivalent of Sue Grafton I can see it, Mickey is that hard nosed private eye, like Kinsey Both authors write beautifully I was so immersed in this book, I felt like I was right there in Louisiana It s funny, at first I didn t think I was going to like Mickey She drinks too much, sleeps around, can be crappy to her friends but as the book continues, Mickey grows on you like a fungus, and you are powerless to do anything but believe in and root for her.This is an oldie, but a goodie and anyone who can enjoy a good mystery crime police thriller, don t pass this up I will eagerly be reading as many books in this series that I can get my hands on. Sucked in right from the start I liked Micky from the beginning, she was who she was, she was honest about it Although she has a tough outer shell, underneath is a big heart and all of her friends could see it The plot kept be gripped throughout and hoping to see a little romance in the next book. This book is in my recommended books of the monthhttps recommendeThis is the start of the series of 9 books so far written by Ms Redmann along three decades following the adventures of Private detective Micky Knight in the city of New Orleans In this book, Micky attempts to expose a dangerous drug ring and meets the enigmatic Dr Cordelia James 4.5 stars. WOW What a main character Michele Micky Knight is old school , she drinks too much, has her life together but not really and she sort of knows what she wants You will either enjoy her character as the story unfolds or you will not What I like is her persistence, care for others and not stopping until the job is complete I look forward to reading the next book in the series Over the last couple of years I have started this book several times I have put it down just as many times Somehow I couldn t get into it and I started to doubt if this book was any good How wrong I was.I just needed the right time and frame of mind to read this book because this is an amazing book and could easily become one of my favourite series.Micky Knight is a self absorbed, drinking womanizer and is a straight up ass Maybe this is why I couldn t get into the book at first I couldn t really relate to Micky But the further I read the better the book got and the you got to know about Mickeys backstory And suddenly you kind of understand her behaviour a bit and you understand why she keeps her emotions and feelings hidden The side character s are amazing and help to create an in depth view of both Micky and her life Even though the story is told in a first person view I did not feel that this was a disadvantage to the side characters through Mickys interaction with them we get to know them pretty well.The romance was only a small part of the story and was defenitly a slow burn Maybe this will continue in the other books of the series.I loved this book and even though it took me a while and several tries to get really into it, I would definitly recommend I rate the book 4,5 stars with a round up to 5. Among The Moss Covered Trees And Wrought Iron Balustrades Of Southern Louisiana, Detective Michele Knight Micky To Her Friends Takes On The Seemingly Simple Job Of Shooting A Few Photos For A Client, But The Going Gets Rough As Micky Finds Herself Slugging Through Thugs And Slogging Through Swamps In An Attempt To Expose A Dangerous Drug Ring The Trail Leads To The Hundred Oaks Plantation, A Transvestite Named Eddie, A Beautiful Doctor Named Cordelia, And Memories Micky Thought She Had Buried Twenty Years AgoHard Hitting Prose In The Style Of Sam Spade And Mike Hammer With A Lesbian TwistThe First Micky Knight Mystery I struggled to get through this book, I don t think it was the book itself I think it was my expectations of it, I wanted it to have a good old romance intertwined in it and when I got halfway through and didn t get it I wanted to give up but thanks to a GR,s friend who gave me an incentive I carried on and I m so glad I did.Micky really did get on my tits for a good 50% of the book, she was a total ass, but as I got through the pages I did read good reason for her being that way.I found this book had a lot of humour as well, this did turn out to be a good adventure with a maybe underlying romance, I will be reading the second in this series, some say it s better than the first.

R Jean Reid.Jean Marie Redmann is an American novelist best known for her mystery series featuring New Orleans private investigator Micky Knight.Main themes of Redmann s novels are the protagonist s troubled childhood and how it affects her adult life, discrimination based on sexual orientation and alcoholism Her novels follow the tradition of hardboiled fiction Redmann s third book The Intersection of Law and Desire won the Lambda Literary Award for lesbian mystery.Jean M Redmann is a gay rights activist and works as the Director of Prevention at NO AIDS Task Force.

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